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17 Pure Sheer Mineral Blusher

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Brand: Boots 17 / Type: Blushers

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2009 15:49
      Very helpful




      One real must have product for me are blushers. I do have cheekbones (fortunately) and find they don't need a lot of definition however I like a bit of blusher to warm up my skin tone generally on my face, used like a bronzer because I am incredibly pale. I own about 25 blushers in total (no lie I am totally addicted as I have fessed up lol) and it's something that I do carry around with me as it's a product with a multi load of uses in my life! I Use it as a blusher, eyeshadow, I've even used it to brush over my lips and add gloss to.... I simply love the stuff! I'm off on one now as I'm so excited to be talking about the stuff! lol. Ok I'm proper sad.... lol.

      The Packaging....

      Long and mostly clear plastic tube with a dark grey label to it's middle. On that in metallic silver and blue writing I'm told it is '17' Pure Finish Sheer Mineral Blusher and then around the back of the tube I'm told a bit about the product and my colour is stated (plum) and there is a bar-code on a white sticky removable label. On the bottom of the tube again there is a round dark grey sticky label on there and contact details for Boots are given and the recycle symbol is displayed. I think the idea of the product is great. I like being able to see the blusher powder at the bottom of the tube. i also like the way the lid slides over the brush on and off easily and I like the fact that the black brush is thick and of excellent quality and has it's own safety cover that you control so you can pull a section up over the brush that pushes back down when you put the lid back on which means the brush bristles are protected and don't get wrecked or anything. However the idea is good but in my humble opinion to the eyes and touch of the thing it is rather cheap (but to be fair a rather inexpensive product this is so what do you expect lol).

      The Product....

      Anyway it's the product itself that counts after-all! Now there is no on and off switch on this at all. It's open or closed and that's that so you can't control the amount of product dispensed at all which is really tricky because you have to angle it to the cheeks to apply it of course. Once opened the powder kind of flows out which is a bigger problem to me because the colour is far too dark for my skin tone (in this case) which means I can't simply use a small amount and create some effect because it covers me at it's own pace!

      The powder itself is soft, smooth with no smell to it at all. I won't argue that this is of decent quality because once it's on it colours the skin, it stays put with no smudging or transference and skin does appear healthy and softened. In my view it's ok in that respect. However I don't much appreciate looking like Coco the clown and for me sadly this is pointless. I've tried and tried to be light handed with it but it simply creates harsh lines on my cheeks, flies out everywhere it shouldn't to near my lips giving my face a dirty smudged look (only where it shouldn't though!) and I have to get a cosmetic sponge and work really hard to blend it in.


      Even with a lighter colour option I feel this is too hard to control and apply. It flakes speckles everywhere during application and it's incredibly hard to blend it in to get a natural flushed glow. However if you want something for a dressing up clown box...great go ahead.

      Pointless, hard to use and overpriced...in my view and I'd recommend that for the price this is you can get alot better brands of blusher than this on the market and to purchase one of them instead!

      I paid £4.49 for my tube and it's exclusive to Boots.


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        28.04.2009 16:19
        Very helpful



        A great concept for a mineral blush but the execution is poor

        Having discovered the joys of mineral foundations and the ease with which they are applied and blended my eye came to rest on a mineral blusher when browsing in Boots. Part of the 17 range of cosmetics, the "Pure Finish Sheer Mineral Blusher" seems to have it all - including a built in applicator brush!

        If there is an inconvenience surrounding mineral foundations it is the fact that you need a decent Kabuki brush to get a good effect and this means carrying one around with you if you want to "top up" during the day. With its built in applicator brush this blusher offering from 17 seemed to answer that issue and provide a product that was neat, easy to apply and easy to carry about. Least that's what I thought.

        The packaging design is really rather clever. A vial of mineral blusher is topped with a reasonable blusher brush. Surrounding the brush is a retractable Perspex sleeve which, when retracted causes a cage-like structure to descend through the mineral blusher allowing it to be eased through the brush ready for application. When you pull the sleeve back up the cage-like thing rises through the blusher meaning that it can no longer get out of the vial and into the brush. The whole is capped with a clear Perspex cap. It sounds so easy. Reality is different!

        My first blusher went back to Boots as the cage/sleeve mechanism was faulty meaning that the blusher couldn't and wouldn't get into the brush no matter how hard you shook, banged or rubbed the brush. The exchanged product seemed to work and, when exposed, the brush was able to accept the blusher from the vial.

        In my opinion, loading the brush from bottom up seems perfect for a mineral product. When I use a mineral blusher I load the brush by dabbing it into the powder and then bang the base of the brush on a hard surface to let the powder distribute through the bristles. Loading from the bottom up would seem to make the distribution of the product easier. Alas, this is not the case for this blusher. I've found, no matter how hard I try and how much I swirl the bristles, the product stays concentrated in the centre of the brush and, as a result, is incredibly hard to apply. I've found it impossible to apply the blush without ending up with a concentrated spot of colour which then has to be worked quite hard to achieve the desired effect.

        The blusher doesn't seem to blend well with the brush provided nor does it sit happily atop mineral foundation. You always seem to end up with concentrated patches of colour which won't move particularly well across the skin. It's quite hard to build up an even colour or to blend edges into the skin, particularly if you manage to hit any areas with fine lines - the product seems to adhere to these areas!

        When you do get the blusher to apply in a way in which you are happy it does have staying power and will last a decent 5-6 hours under normal conditions. It is easily removed with cleanser or soap and water.

        Given the difficulty in application I have actually transferred the product to an old mineral foundation pot and I now use a regular blusher brush to apply the product straight from the pot. This is far more effective and has meant that I can use the product. It so nearly ended up in the bin!

        The blusher is available in 3 shades, rose (a light pink), nude/natural (a beige-y colour) and plum (a darker dusty pink). I have the plum which does produce quite a natural blush on my slightly olive, dark haired complexion. I wonder though, whether the depth of colour is the issue with this product and whether the lighter shades would be more effective on application.

        Although this is marketed as a mineral blusher it's important to note that it's not a pure mineral product and does contain other things so, if you're going for a mineral product for the health benefits of using minerals as opposed to other gunk then this certainly won't be the product for you.

        Retailing at just over £4 this is not an expensive product and if you give it a go and find that the application is an issue you could always do as I did and transfer the product to another pot. You could even use the provided brush as a blusher brush. Don't think, however, that you could use the brush in a traditional manner whilst keeping the product in the original pot - that funny caged construction I talked of earlier will mean that the product will be pulled out of the pot every time you try to take the brush off (remember that when you go to transfer the product too!).

        The product concept is superb but unfortunately the product execution is rather lacking.


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