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Boots Natural Collecitoon Waterproof Mascara

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Brand: Boots / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      31.10.2009 18:54
      Very helpful
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      Feel free to have a good cry!

      I've recently taken up swimming again after a 10 year break. I go with my sister 3 times a week and I love it! The problem is, on a Monday I'm at college from 6.30pm - 8.30pm and go swimming straight after. This left me with a dilemma. Do I go to college make up free or swim with panda eyes? I'm sure any woman will understand my problem!

      Waterproof mascara never even crossed my mind until I was in Boots looking for some lip gloss at their Natural Collection stand.

      One of the good things about the Natural Collection is the price! Most things are priced at just £1.95 and currently they have a 3 for £5 off running.

      Presumably to keep costs down, the packaging on everything is very plain. All white with a small brand logo. I quite like this, it's distinctive and really stands out when displayed on the stand.

      Onto the mascara.... It applied really easily with no clumps and my lashes didn't stick together. I gave it two coats and although it didn't make my lashes look longer or thicker, they still looked nice. Rather than trying it the first time I went swimming, I tried it in the shower first. Two coats before I went in and I allowed it it to dry first. After following my usual routine I checked the mirror to find that my mascara was still perfectly intact! No running or any indication that the mascara had moved at all. I'm pleased to report that the result as the same after I had been swimming!

      I would recommend this mascara to anyone looking for a good waterproof mascara.


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        27.04.2009 14:44
        Very helpful




        I bought this as I am going to Alton Towers for a nights stay at the hotel next week, in the package we also get unlimited access to the theme park and Splash Landings waterpark for 2 days :)

        I NEED mascara all the time, I just don't feel like me without it so if on holiday or swimming I wear my waterproof version.
        Rather than leave it until I'm in the swimming pool at Splash Landings to test this and realise 'oh no it doesn't work....' I thought I'd be sensible and test it at home first.

        So this morning before I got in the shower to wash my hair I applied 2 coats of this mascara, my fella thought I was cracking up but it's better to have a mascara streaked face now than in a weeks time in front of everyone!!

        So.....onto the review.

        The mascara
        As I'm sure I've mentioned before in other reviews, all Natural Collection cosmetics at Boots are under £2 each.

        For my everyday mascara, I splash out on No7 prices but as this won't be worn very often I decided to grab a cheap one!
        The mascara is a normal size, 8ml and costs £1.95.

        The packaging looks just like any other Natural Collection mascara, a white tube with black Natural Collection branding and the little flower logo. It only tells you the type of mascara (in this case 'Waterguard') in tiny lettering on the end of the tube by the colour and on the back so be careful you pick the right one up!

        The tube is pretty simple, there isn't much writing on the back; just claims about being 'waterproof and smudge proof' and 'fragrance free'.

        This particular mascara is available in either Black or Brown/Black, as my eyelashes are almost black naturally I always choose black.

        Using it
        It is important that the mascara is more than just waterproof, the smudge proof bit matters too as when I swim I often rub my eyes.

        So I applied two coats of mascara, it went on easily. No clumps or sticking together of my eyelashes. The colour is really black so makes my eyes stand out.

        But will it be waterproof?
        So in the shower I got, all mascara-ed up!

        I washed my hair, shampoo running down my face and lots of water splashing my eyes (I aimed the head special for this experiment!) I even rubbed my eyes as I think I got some shampoo in. This was the ultimate test.

        So I got out of the shower and put the towel to my eyes to dry them so I could finally open them and see the damage......

        I instantly presumed that after all that rubbing and water spray it would have smudged, BUT I couldn't see any mascara on my cheeks at all. Had it all washed off cleanly? Nope there it was still on my eyelashes.

        So will it ever come off??! Yep easily with a waterproof mascara remover.

        now that when I'm swimming my eyes won't get half as much stick as they did this morning so I'm safe with this mascara :)


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        17.04.2009 13:02
        Very helpful



        a good buy for april showers

        Witht he weather we've been having recently I was getting annoyed that my mascara began to run any time it sensed a slight bit of damp weather coming my way, and so the only way I could think to combat this problem without hoping on a plane to spain was to purchase some waterproof mascara.

        In Boots I found most waterproof mascaras more expensive then the standard ones and I didnt want to part with too much money, this was when I rembered boots own range called natural collection, and so when I found their collection (this wasnt to hard as its all white and so really stands out against the blacks from other brands!) I decided to buy it.

        On getting it home I was pleased with how the packaging looked, as said before it was white and this made a pleasent change it also gave my make up bag a more summery look! On the side is a pale yellow what I would describe as a tribal sun/flower with natural collections written across it. This is nice as its simple and instantly you know what brand its from.

        The lid screws on and off and the mascara brush is attahced to it.

        It has a good sized wand not to big or small, and as you pull it out it seems to cling onto just the right amount of mascara. Applying it is easy as it seems to smooth on well you may have to use the brush to try and seperate lashes as the mascara is slightly runnier then others and so can clump your eyelashes together slightly however this isnt too much of a big problem.

        Once dry your eyelashes are a good black colour, and after being out in the rain two or three times with this mascara and also being a constant eye rubber I am extremely pleased to report that it is indeed water and rub proof!

        For me this is an ideal bargain for these april showers were havng not only that but its also easy to get off, which is great as most waterproof mascaras are difficult!

        All in all a bargain buy!


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