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Boots No7 Lash Adapt Mascara

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14 Reviews
  • good colour
  • jojoba oil for conditioning
  • Takes too long to apply
  • Bottle leaks
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    14 Reviews
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      13.02.2015 11:22
      Very helpful


      • "Long Lasting"
      • Versatile


      • "Takes too long to apply"

      Long Lasting Versatile Mascara if you have time to put it on x

      Price and Availability
      No7 is Boot's own brand of make up and as far as I am aware it can only be purchased from Boots the Chemist stores or online. This particular mascara has an RRP of £12.95 or 1295 Boots Advantage points. You often get £5 of No7 vouchers when shopping in Boots so I would wait until you do or they have a 3 for 2 offer on. This is one of those rare products that can not be found on eBay so unusually I don't have an eBay price for you this time.
      This comes in a standard sized slim mascara tube, the bottom is curved and the lid is fluted. There is a sticker on the lid that has the colour on 'black' and the side says No7 Lash Adapt for buildable volume 7ml.
      The back states that this is :
      ' A smooth glide-on mascara that builds up to 6 coats, clump free, hypo allergenic.'
      The tube itself is a gun mental silver colour which is really nice.
      In Use
      It is not very often that any product you buy lives up to it's promises, especially make up. This is becuase they normally promise impossible results like ' makes you look like a super model in just 2 days' etc etc. This doesn't promise much just that it will glide on smoothly and that you can layer it up without clumping. It does all of the above, it is really smooth when you apply t and dries glossy so you can indeed easily apply more layers. Each layer you apply darkens the look and thickens the lashes so it is possible to get that dark OTT false lash effect or stick to subtle. This is a great quality to have in a mascara as it saves you from having to buy more than one mascara and you can experiment with different looks. I find it takes a little longer than most mascaras I have tried so actually putting on the layers can take a while but once it is done it is worth it as it lasts all day and doesn't smudge.
      Overall I will give this mascara 4 stars as it is a great versatile mascara that can be used day and night, it is long lasting and feels high quality when you apply it. It loses 1 star for taking too long to apply and being too expensive, I think £10 for a mascara is a bit steep.


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      31.12.2014 16:02
      Very helpful


      • "Good coverage"


      • "Bottle leaks"

      Creates lovely thick lashes

      Every year I am always lucky enough to receive a couple of No 7 gift sets, this was included in last years ultimate collection and I am currently using it.

      ===Price & availability===

      The mascara retails for just under £13 which I do think is quite expensive for a mascara and a lot more than I would normally like to spend. As it is part of the No 7 range, it is only available at Boots, both online and in store however the range does frequently have promotions such as 3 for 2 running, also, Boots often give out £5 off vouchers when you spend in store.

      The mascara is available in two different colours, brown and black, I always choose black mascara as my features are quite dark.

      ===The mascara===

      The mascara comes in a silvery coloured tube which has the product name and description in black lettering, I think the bottle looks quite classy and quite expensive. The wand is classic is design, I love the fact that when removing from the tube, it seems to pull just the right amount of mascara out with it. The bristles to the wand are really soft and they don't tug on my lashes when applying.

      What I really like about the mascara is that I can layer it up for a more dramatic effect and it doesn't clump at all. For the day, I normally wear one, quickly applied coat yet if I am going out, I can wear a few and it really does give the effect of false lashes. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I can definitely tell the difference in my lashes when I compare to my cheaper brand.

      There is only one downside to the product and that is that the tube seems to leak a little around the seal and I currently have a few clumps around where the lid meets the bottle.

      Another bonus of the mascara is that it doesn't wear off easily, out office at work is really hot, and when I wear cheaper brands, I notice that I start to get a bit of panda eyes, yet this stays in place all day long.


      I would definitely recommend this mascara but due to the bottle clumping issues and the high price tag, I would only give this 4 out of 5 stars.

      Thanks for reading.


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      16.08.2014 22:51
      Very helpful


      • "can layer it up"
      • "add thickness"
      • "adds length"
      • "good colour"
      • "jojoba oil for conditioning"
      • "no clumping"


      • "none for me"

      Good quality mascara and easy to remove

      I don’t wear a lot of make up but I always wear mascara as my eyes need a bit of help. My eye lashes are pathetic, thin and short so I need to add both length and colour to make them at least noticeable.

      I like No 7 products as I feel they are good quality and usually deliver on their promises. I also often buy them when Boots give their £5 off No7 products vouchers. I always make sure I stock up on No 7 products when I have these.

      The mascara comes in quite a good sized mascara package or tube container which is tapered and quite sleek in shape. It feels solid in your hand and is long enough that I feel in control of this when using it. The brush has a pretty long wand to it which I like as my hand is not in the way when I use a long wanded brush.

      The brush is not only a decent length but it has a good sized brush part too which means that all lashes are able to be covered easily with the brush without having to move it from one side of my eye to the other.

      When I load the brush enough mascara comes out to coat the lashes. I find that for day to day use one coat is sufficient but for going out I do layer a couple of layers to get a decent depth of thickness, colour and a bit of added length. You can add several layers if you want and it still does not get clumpy and lumpy.

      I find that this gives a good even coverage with no blotches and it separates my lashes too so I don’t end up with clumps of lashes stuck together.

      I also like the fact that this mascara doesn’t weep on me. Some leave me with panda eyes after a few hours which I hate,

      This comes in black and brown/black and I usually choose the brown/ black as I am quite fair and find this looks a bit more natural.

      This mascara costs £12.95 for the pack which holds 7ml. I find that lasts for a good long time certainly as long as I am supposed to keep a mascara which is three months in case of harbouring bacteria and applying this close to your eyes could cause infection.

      This mascara has jojoba oil in it which helps to keep the lashes conditioned and also means that the mascara has a nice shiny and smooth look to it.

      The mascara is NOT waterproof so if you plan on going swimming or having a good cry at a soppy film then I suggest you don’t wear this mascara.
      I find that if I apply my make up remover on a cotton pad onto my closed eyes and let it soak in then gently wipe my lashes then this comes off pretty easily. I don’t have to rub and pull at my lashes which is good as I have few enough of them.

      I would recommend this mascara especially if you buy it with a No7 £5 off voucher. It is a good quality mascara that goes on evenly and clump free and is easy to remove with a make up remover.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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      27.09.2013 23:34
      Very helpful



      Good mascara

      I don't often wear a lot of makeup but when I do the staples for me are mascara and occasionally eyeliner. This enables me to not worry so much about how much I spend on these items as I buy them so infrequently which is quite important in this product's case as a tube of this mascara costs £12.95. If I were to buy my makeup more often I don't think I would buy this in store from Boots as this is simply too much than my budget allows for and would instead buy online as it is a product I enjoy. I quite like the Boots range as its something I can always easily pick up if ever I'm in town, or buy online, and its also one I think is quite high quality.

      Like pretty much all mascaras this comes inside a box and then a tube which is easily to carry around and can easily be popped inside a chunky purse or bag. The product is quite lightweight although you do manage to get 7ml worth. I have really bad wrists because of arthritis and I manage to twist open the cap easily even when its been closed very tightly (and believe you me, this is definitely an issue for me ordinarily when I often have to resort to biting onto one end for grip and opening things this way as my wrists are so weak, and so this is definitely a plus!) Equally important is manages to keep all the contents inside and doesn't leak out.

      When dipping the brush into the tube you manage to get quite decent coverage even in one usage and it applies very well. I find that this doesn't clump that much and manages to coat the lashes well and giving them good distinction. Its effective in making my eyelashes look thicker and fuller and gives a very pretty effect. It comes in dark black, black and brown, although I have only ever tried it in the usual black and I think it looks very nice in this colour.

      The price of this mascara though quite expensive for me, is typical for this kind of product, especially one of this quality, and so it manages to fit well within its market. At £12.95 for 7ml this is quite reasonable, although I would definitely recommend you look out for any deals on offer at the time.

      I would recommend this product as it does exactly what it claims to without clumping. The price is the thing that puts me off most for this product, but for what it does it does become a little bit more acceptable. Further, its probably around the middle price wise as there are more expensive brands on the market that though I haven't tried, I cant really see what more they could have to offer that isn't in this product. When I have used this I usually only need around two coats, although it does say you can have up to 6 without clump (although I have yet to try this!).


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      20.07.2013 22:25
      Very helpful



      The best mascara

      I never used to have a favourite mascara before trying Lash Adapt by No. 7. I used to buy what ever was on special offer and wasn't loyal to any one brand or type of mascara. That all changed when I tried Lash Adapt. I bought it from Boots and at roughly £12 it wasn't what I considered cheap. I wanted to treat myself though and I am so glad I did as I am now convinced that this is one of the best mascaras out there.

      The best thing about this mascara is that you can build volume without ending up with clumpy lashes. In fact this is one of it's selling points and in-store you will see the words 'buildable volume' written next to this product. It is suggested that you could wear up to 6 layers of this mascara, for example if you put it on in the morning, then again re-touch at lunch and then maybe again if you were going out in the evening. I've never retouched my mascara 6 times, but I have definitely done it at least 2 times in one day with this mascara and the result is a high impact set of eye lashes that do not look clumpy or like spiders legs! The truth is though that I only need to apply this once in the morning and my lashes look long and thick all day long.

      I really like the brush of this mascara. It's of medium thickness and is slightly tapered at both ends. This means that you can really grip each lash during application and then glide through to the end of your lashes.

      The packaging is also really attractive. The current picture on dooyoo must be an old one, but now this mascara comes in a rose gold tube which looks very attractive,feminine and sophisticated.

      Although this mascara is not technically waterproof, I always thought it was as I have never had any marks left on my face if in rain or if my eyes watered etc. It also always looks as fresh even after 8-10 hours of wearing it and that's without reapplication!

      I would highly recommend mascara wearers to try this one out. It's a little pricey compared to some other brands but it's still not as expensive as higher end brands and I really believe it's the best one out there as I have tried lots of different mascaras (including some more expensive ones, such as ones by Lancome). The colours available are brown, black and deepest black. I have tried both deepest black and black and I'm not sure I could tell the difference.


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      19.03.2013 09:36
      Very helpful



      Good coverage, separates lashes.

      I love no 7 beauty products and I buy them mostly when I have a £5 voucher, buying with a voucher saves me lots of money on products that I love to buy from this range. Some months ago I bought this mascara but only began using it around a month a go. I wanted to completely finish using the one I was using at the time so that I didn't forget about it and then keep on using this one.

      It comes inside a cardboard box, the mascara is inside a tube which is extremely light, the wand inside is a good length, the brush at the end of the wand is kind of flexible, I really like this feature because it means I find it very easy when I am dipping it back into the tube to add a little more mascara to the brush. The brush is also a good length of around an inch or so. The bristles are very fine but extremely strong. They are also quite soft bristles so they don't harm the lashes. The wand can easily dip in and out of the tube with no problems at all with it sticking etc.

      I love the way it just sweep over my lashes, I have really long eyelashes and it really does separate the lashes perfectly to help them look very even. I usually always apply 2 coats of mascara to my lashes because I like them to look much nicer. With this mascara I can get away with just one coat if I am wearing it just for around my home and when I am not going out for the day. But whenever I go outdoors, I usually just apply 2 coats to help make them look a little fuller. This is a routine I have done most of my life and so it is a habit.
      When I first begin to apply it to my lashes, I can see immediately that it is of a very good quality. It soon dries in just a couple of minutes and ready to apply a second coat if necessary. This is very easy to remove from the lashes with a cleanser. I use a hot cloth cleanser sometimes and I just pump a small amount of the cleanser onto my fingertips and work it gently onto my lashes. I find the cleaner works to dissolve the mascara perfectly without stinging my eyes. I have removed the mascara using facial wipes and also other eye cleansers. I have found all my products remove this mascara perfectly without making my eyes sore.

      I think if your lashes aren't so long as mine are, I think it is a nice one to try because I think it would work perfectly to help make them look a lot thicker and fuller. I love everything about this mascara. I am so pleased I bought it to try, I have bought many no 7 mascara's over the years but I think this one is close to being one of my favourites.

      No 7 is a very good brand, they have many mascara's available to try, this one give a lot of volume to the lashes. It helps the lashes look extremely nice against the eye shadow and I also use it on my lower lashes. When used for both the top and bottom lashes, it gives the eyes a really nice look. I am very pleased with the look it gives my lashes. It certainly doesn't clump or clog the lashes, it just separates them nicely.

      I bought the black colour because I like black mascara but it is available in a brown/black colour. I am going to purchase the brown/black colour next to see if I like that particular colour and to see how dark it actually is and compare the 2 colours.

      It is priced at just £12.50 for a 7ml tube but as I said earlier in my review I bought it using a £5 off voucher. I think even for the full price, this one is certainly worth the money in my opinion. But worth buying at the reduced price to save lots of money.

      I am very happy to recommend this mascara. I will most definitely buy it again in the future because it gives my eye lashes the perfect look from a branded mascara. Well worth the money in my opinion.

      Also on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give this mascara 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        11.03.2013 18:43
        Very helpful



        My favourite yet!

        This is a review of Lash Adapt mascara from Boots No7 range, a product I received in a set at Christmas. I've been making do with sample sized mascaras for a while so was pleased to get my hands on a 'proper' one and as I love the No7 range I had high hopes for this one.

        First impressions
        This mascara looks really expensive in its shiny metallic packaging with its sleek almost hourglass shape. The tube holds 7ml of product which is enough to last me a few months of almost daily use (I have the odd day off!). I think the packaging has been given a make over since the above picture was listed.

        They say...
        For more dramatic lashes in the evening, simply add more coats to build, define and volumise lashes to your desired look. Containing Jojoba Oil to condition and moisturise lashes to prevent them becoming brittle, lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers.

        In use
        As its name would suggest, you are in control with this mascara with regards to how you want it to look. It is buildable without becoming clumpy. I tend to wear two coats, letting each layer quickly dry before proceeding with another coat. It really does work and whilst I have not attempted the full eight layers, it's worth noting that the lashes do not go hard and spikey after two or three coats.

        I looked up the price of this as mine was in a gift set. It costs £12.95.

        Final word
        I have spent a lot of time and money trying for the best mascara and had a lot of disappointments along the way. This one is perfect for me and one of the best I have ever used. It is long lasting without smudging and looks nice and definitely lives up to its name with buildable versatility. I hope No7 continue to make this particular mascara as it's one I find very easy to use and then remove at the end of the day. Highly recommended.


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        09.01.2013 15:08
        Very helpful



        Really not worth the money paid

        Boots No.7 Lash Adapt Mascara

        Currently this product is £12.95 at Boots - however the packaging has changed to a shiny silver shapely looking tube (I have the packaging shown here)... The product is available in jet black, brown/black and black. The product I am reviewing is the black version of the mascara.

        This mascara comes in a 7ml tube, which is charcoal in colour with very small flecks of something sparkly in it... The tube gets wider at the lid end, and inside the wand has a bristled brush, which looks very much like a foxes tail... The brush tapers at the top (where it attaches to the wand) as well as at the bottom.

        The packaging works to coat the wand evenly and well, and looks black to the naked eye. Which is always a good start, however the scent is quite strong. It's not offensive, but it definitely there (it small a little kind of well like make up generally)...

        The applicator works well to coat the top and bottom lashes, however I find it a little difficult to get into the corners to get the smaller ones...

        This has been sold as 'buildable volume' which has to be said is definitely what it is good for. The first coat of the product coats the lashes well, working to define your lashes, and make your eyes pop. Then any other layer on top of that really does expand your lashes further.

        However I have to say I don't feel the product lasts very well. At the first touch of my eyes it seems to flake and crumble off. Obviously the more layers the bigger the flakes will be. Having had laser eye surgery a few months ago I am still touching my eyes, and putting in eye drops, and this mascara just doesn't manage to cope with this. This may seem unfair but I would be touching them more in hay-fever season, and other mascaras do wear better under the same circumstances.

        I can't recommend this as there are better products that will cost you less.


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          16.06.2012 13:53
          Very helpful




          I'm not a big wearer of mascara generally, tending to only wear it for nights out and special occasions. However, as I've got older, I think I've reached a stage where I'd feel a little more confident if I started wearing a bit more make-up in the daytime. One area that really lacks definition is my eyes, as I suffer from dark circles which I attempt to cover up daily before leaving the house, and so after reading a few good reviews about this mascara I decided to use my most recent Boots No 7 voucher towards one.

          **Price and Availability**

          The mascara is available from Boots only, as it's part of their No 7 brand. It costs £12.50 at full price which isn't the cheapest on the market but at the same time it isn't too expensive to price everyday people out of buying it. Especially if you use the £5 voucher towards it. I've never spent this much on a mascara before, but this probably explains why I've never really "got on" with mascara before!

          The mascara is available in three shades: black, brown/black, and deepest black. I chose the brown/black one as I'm not used to wearing mascara so I wanted something a little softer which I could wear in the daytime and build up for evening wear. The deepest black colour is a recent addition to the collection, and according to the Boots website it has had carbon added to the formulation to give it a rich intense deepest black colour that adds massive impact to the lashes.

          **The Claims**

          Boots claim that you can add up to six coats of this mascara, without any clumping. This allows you to transform your mascara from day to evening wear, without the need for different products to achieve different looks. Adding more coats to build, define and volumise your lashes, allows for a more dramatic look rather than just defining the eyes.

          The mascara contains jojoba oil which conditions and moisturises lashes, preventing them becoming brittle or breaking. The claim is that lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers (EIGHT layers? Now that's a dramatic look!).

          (Product information taken from http://www.boots.com/en/No7-Lash-Adapt-mascara_1228332/)


          I have to admit, when I first got this product I was excited to try it for the first time. I've only ever bought cheap mascaras in the past (around the £4 mark), and have never found them to be particularly successful unless the spidery eye look ever comes back into fashion.

          The mascara is really easy to apply, I noticed the difference in the quality of the brush immediately. The brush looks less cluttered than previous mascaras I've used, and the bristles are quite well spaced out which I guess is how it manages to separate your lashes as you apply, rather than you having to use a separate brush to achieve this. The amount of mascara that comes out on the wand is perfect, so you don't have to keep wiggling the wand round to dispose of excess mascara.

          The wand is comfortable to hold, and it's very easy to get into the corners of your eye to apply this to your lashes, without accidentally splodging it anywhere. The thing I love about this mascara, is that with just one application my eyes appear immediately defined but without the lashes clumping together. One or two coats on the top and lower lashes is adequate for daytime wear for me, as it just manages to open my eyes and make me look more alert.

          **Achieving Different Looks**

          For evening wear, if I'm looking for a more dramatic look, I will apply about four coats of this mascara, any more than that and I start looking a bit clown-like. I think this is due to the fact that I'm not used to wearing mascara and my skin is very pale. The brown/black colour is a little less harsh than black, and that suits my skintone perfectly as it doesn't look too severe.

          I can apply four layers of this mascara without having to separate my lashes in between with a separate brush. They do start to get stuck together ever so slightly after applying a few layers, but when I had my wedding make-up done by a professional this happened so I guess this isn't a huge issue. I just use my fingers to separate them and that seems sufficient.


          I have experienced no flaking or smearing with this mascara, including wearing it on honeymoon in Cyprus for meals out, where I was expecting the heat to make my mascara sweat and smear onto my eyelids. Amazingly though, this didn't happen. It doesn't feel heavy on the eyes either, as I hate looking overly made-up or like I'm trying too hard.

          I now wear this daily for work (one coat, two if I'm looking more tired than usual!), and it stays put all day. The product description doesn't actually state whether this product is waterproof or not, but I've never had any problems with panda's eyes in the rain. Unless you get water directly in your eyes, this mascara is reasonably waterproof and won't leave streaks running down your face. I wouldn't ever wear any mascara for anything like swimming though, and if it's pouring with rain when I wake up I tend to avoid wearing mascara, purely because I don't carry a mirror and I hate that feeling of not knowing if I look ridiculous!


          When I first tried to remove this mascara I was a little nervous that it might not come off! Although it feels light to wear, it doesn't budge all day and I was a little concerned this might mean it wasn't going to come off at all. I used my usual eye make-up remover, and although it took me a couple of extra swipes than usual, it did all come off without too much effort.

          **My Thoughts**

          This mascara was a great introduction to the world of daytime make-up, and I'm very pleased that it can be transformed to evening wear so easily. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the difference this product made to my eye area, and it just gives me a nice little confidence boost which is much needed as you develop more wrinkles!

          I will definitely be buying this product again, although there are cheaper products on the market, this is well worth paying a little extra for.

          (This review also appears on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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            29.03.2012 15:00
            Very helpful



            A wonderful mascara that gives you va va voom lashes

            Now I have never used no7 much before, but have recently become a convert after trying out a few products. There was a 3 for 2 offer on at no7 and so I invested in three experimental choices. One of the choices was the lash adapt mascara, which was more out of necessity rather than experimenting. I had run out of my last mascara, which was also disappointing so I was looking to try something new. The no7 lash adapt is created for 'buildable volume.' I always buy volumising mascara as I'm not really one for subtlety.

            The lash adapt mascara is quite a chunky specimen and it's shape tapers from narrow to wide at the top. The surface of the mascara bottle is glittery, so I'm assumed the mascara is aimed at special occasions. It has gold font over the bottle. On the bottle is written, 'a smooth glide on mascara that builds layers to create multiple lash looks.' The product is also hypo allergenic. For £12.50 you get 7ml. It also has a life of 6 months. I know people say that mascaras should really only be used for a month but I always use for a few months without any problems. This mascara is available in brown/black, black and deepest black. I brought the mascara in deepest black which is apparently new to the range.

            The wand itself is thick, but not the thickest I've seen and is a reasonable length. There is no excess residue on the wand when using which I like. The first stroke you get a hint of colour and lengthening of the lashes. I usually apply 5 strokes or more to build up the volume, depending on the occasion. I really like the fact that you can go for different looks simply by building up the mascara to your chosen stage. The mascara does give me volume and really elongates my lashes. I find it easy to reach into corners and the length of the brush is perfect. I have found that in most mascaras I always get a bit of transfer on to my eyelids when applying and this mascara has virtually no transfer! There is no clumping at all, which I am very grateful for. This mascara will allow you to layer as many times without any clumping or resulting spindly lashes.

            Overall I am liking this mascara. I would probably buy this again or try another mascara from the range. I do find the price a little expensive so I would probably only buy when it is on offer.


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            27.03.2012 20:25
            Very helpful



            Its a good Mascara, but it's not the best.

            I am on a bit of a No7 Kick, due to an abundance of Boots vouchers. I was excited to try this as it claims to be really build-able and I am always on the look out for a mascara that boosts my naturally short and straight lashes. However despite being an excellent mascara, it is not a stand out and it doesn't 'adapt' my lashes.

            Packaging -
            This comes in a classic black tube, which is made from plastic with sparkles through it for a shimmering look. It features classic gold lettering and looks elegant in its style. It is not flash packaging at all, but I like that. Less is definately more in my opinion.

            Product -
            This mascara is available in Black or Brown and claims to be a unique formula that builds up to six layers for easy day time to night time lashes. The product is a nice consistency and doesn't clump in the tube. it doesn't have that stale smell that some mascaras have which is always a plus.

            Application -
            This mascara applies nicely, for one coat. I find that it clumps on the second and third layers (have never tried six) and it does thicken lashes but in quite a fake way. I feel its excellent for 'doll' lashed is you like that look but for those who don't its a bit disappointing. This mascara claims to leave lashes soft to the touch after even eight coats - I'm afraid that this does not happen. Lashes have the same hard brittle feel after even two or three coats. It is a good mascara, due to its ease of use and its true colour, but it is not revolutionary.

            Performance -
            This mascara is not waterproof, but it does wear well in all conditions. I wore it in the rain last week and it didn't budge, despite my face getting wet. It is still on in the evening and needs removing with a wipe, so its a nice long lasting mascara. Like I have said it doesn't live up to its claims of voluminous, layering and soft to touch lashes.

            Price -
            This currently costs £12.50 and so i do think its overpriced as there are better performing cheaper mascaras. But if you have a No7 voucher, it will make this only £7.50, at which point it is definitely worth a try.

            Overall its a decent well performing mascara, but it doesn't live up to its claims.


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            17.10.2011 19:31
            Very helpful



            a decent mascara from No7

            No7 is a beauty brand from Boots the chemist. The range includes skincare, makeup, sun care products and also treats for the body.

            *~*Lash Adapt*~*

            No7 offer a wide range of mascaras which have different aims. The latest mascara release is Lash Adapt. This mascara is available in 3 shades - deepest black, black and black/brown. This mascara contains jojoba oil to condition and moisturise the eyelashes. Whilst some mascaras claim to curl or enhance the lashes, Lash Adapt has a formula which should volumise and define your lashes without clumping.

            Sound familiar? Well read on! Lash Adapt claims to be ideal for creating "buildable volume". No7 claim this mascara is ideal for wearing at work and then topped up for a night out without the need to remove the initial mascara application. One coat can be applied for a subtle colouring. Further coats up to 6 in total can be applied to enhance the look and create a false lash appearance. Lash Adapt shouldn't cause any unnecessary clumping regardless of the amount of coats used.


            Lash Adapt is presented in a traditional, mascara type tube. It is black with gold writing and pretty standard for a No7 mascara. The wand is approx. 3-4inches and sits neatly inside the lid. The brush at the end of wand is made up of uneven, black bristles (not pink as shown in the picture).


            Lash Adapt is presented in a 7ml size. It is exclusive to Boots stores and www.boots.com. It is priced at £12.50. The No7 range is currently on a 3for2 offer and regular £5.00 off coupons are given out throughout the year.

            *~*My Thoughts*~*

            As I said in a previous review, I haven't been put off trying No7 mascaras following a bad experience with Extravagant Lashes. I am all for trying new products and had my eye (get it!) on this mascara since it was released last month. My mum was purchasing a new No7 foundation and wanted this mascara. It was on 3for2 so she treated me to a mascara as well. We also received a free eye shadow palette with each mascara though I'm not sure if that is exclusive to Boots shops as opposed to online.

            I like No7 as a brand and find their products to be of a decent quality. Their range is mid priced but I rarely pay full price. We took advantage of several offers when purchasing this mascara including a 3for2, £5.00 off voucher and of course the free palettes so a considerable saving was made. I paid nothing as mine was a treat! I chose black whilst my mum opted for black/brown. I didn't know much about this mascara before purchasing but did get the sales pitch from the No7 lady!

            *~*Au Natural to Fake Peepers*~*

            I'm not one for fake lashes as I think they look rather tacky. I do however, like some additional colouring to my dark brown lashes and a bit of extension. I wasn't blessed with thick, dark lashes like my son and fiancé unfortunately. There is nothing particularly special about the tube or wand with this mascara. It is pretty standard and has a typical, short lived mascara scent. The wand is easy to grip due to being a decent length and of a decent thickness.

            Mascara finishes off my eye makeup after I have applied my eye shadow and eye liner. I would recommend using an eyelash curler before using this mascara as it doesn't offer any curling effects and I personally like my lashes to have a bit of curl. On removing the wand from the tube, I notice that the brush doesn't drag out too much mascara fluid so not much is wasted. This formula of mascara whilst liquidy, is quite a bit drier than other mascaras. It doesn't appear as runny as cheaper mascaras which changes the application method a little.

            The wand and brush design allows for a fairly easy application. The dry nature of the mascara does cause the brush to drag a little on my lashes but not to the point of being uncomfortable. It feels like I am stretching my lashes a little and the volume aspect is evident from the first stroke. The colouring transfers well and with one coat, a subtle black coating is added. The brush can be comfortably angled to reach the smaller lashes at the corner of my eye and is petite enough to give my bottom lashes (which are rather tiny) a light coating without smudging under my eye.

            With one coat, my eyelashes look good. Not outstanding, but good. The colouring is ok but not very strong compared to other mascaras but my lashes have extra length but not much thickness. The mascara feels lightweight on my lashes and dries quickly. One coating is ideal for going out shopping or if you simply have to have something on for the school run!

            *~*Build It Up!*~*

            Building this mascara on my lashes takes a bit of getting used to but the results are decent enough. The first time I used this I got a bit over enthusiastic and as soon as the first coat was dry, I started on the second. A second coat enhanced my lashes further giving a bolder colour which was much more noticeable and perfect for work. I did find my lashes felt a little sticky for a while but not too heavy. The next time I decided to wait a while before adding more mascara...

            Unless you appreciate really, really long lashes, you aren't going to need 6 coats of Lash Adapt. I did try it for reviewing purposes and found that my lashes didn't clump and felt lightweight which is surprising considering how much mascara was on my lashes! Adding additional coats to the bottom lashes is a no go as the colouring smudges under my eye. I found 4 coats sufficient to give me a done up, night out look when teamed with black eyeliner and some eye shadow. The colours in the palette compliment the mascara perfectly for a smokey eyed appearance though any colours would suit the black colouring.

            Adding extra coats of Lash Adapt adds extra length and volume. Whilst I wouldn't say this mascara is ideal for separating lashes, it doesn't clump them together or look silly. 6 coats resulted in my lashes hitting off my eyelids and causing colour smudges which I wasn't keen on but the false lash effect as obtained. I do find that the mascara thickens the base of my lashes whilst extending the individual lashes. Luckily my eyes didn't feel irritated by so much product being on them. The mascara isn't waterproof as far as I know but I haven't been caught out in the rain wearing it yet!

            The mascara doesn't flake when I am wearing it which is a decent benefit. If I touch my eyelashes once dry, they feel hydrated thanks to the jojoba oil. If I curl my lasts, the effects are more prominent and last longer than if applied to flat lashes. They remain extended and volumised for several hours if a few coats are applied. If one coat is applied, the colour doesn't last more than a few hours. You really do need to apply a few coats to get the benefit from this mascara.

            *~*Get Off My Lashes!*~*

            At the end of the day, mascara needs to be removed. If I have only applied one coat, it comes off effectively with a cosmetic wipe. Additional coats require something a little more powerful and I bring out my Clinique make up remove which is specifically for lashes, lids and lips. A soft cotton pad soaked in this remove is sufficient to pull the mascara off my eyelashes. I must admit that having used this quite a bit recently, I have noticed my eyelashes feeling less dry after removing the mascara. I can assume this is also down to the jojoba oil so top marks there!


            Lash Adapt is a decent mascara. It isn't the best mascara but it is a decent competitor and one of No7s best mascaras. I wouldn't pay full price for it as I do believe it isn't an amazing mascara. It does most of what it promises but as I find myself using more of the mascara to gain effects, it isn't as worth the cost. I do feel I will finish it prior to the 6months recommendation so there will be no wastage.

            I feel a 4 star rating is acceptable given my use of this mascara. It can be worn for work, shopping or going out at night to create various looks.

            Thanks for reading


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              15.10.2011 09:15
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              A very average mascara - does a job, but not really good enough

              Boots No. 7 Lash Adapt Mascara has recently been launched to the fanfare of a major in-store and media advertising campaign. It has been marketed as a unique tool to put you in control of your lashes, enabling you to create your very own customised look by layering the mascara until you achieve the look that you desire. To be honest, I have never been the biggest fan of the Boots No. 7 mascara range - I have tried a few of them (usually in the promotional gift bags that they do when you spend a designated amount) and none of them have struck me as being anything much more than 'average'. However, I am a big sucker for any beauty product marketed as 'new and revolutionary' and I had one of those No.7 vouchers burning a hole in my pocket, so I thought it was worth giving it a try.

              * Packaging and Design *
              Visually, Boots No. 7 Lash Adapt mascara looks like virtually any other mascara on the market - after all, there isn't a lot you can do to make the design of a mascara tube new and different. It comes in a simple black tube with the words 'Lash Adapt - For Buildable Volume' embossed in gold on the side. Simple and stylish then, but nothing to write home about. Unscrewing the lid reveals a very conventional looking mascara wand. In comparison with the others in my current collection it looks about average - it is nowhere near as thick as Benefit's Bad Gal Lash, but it still looks like it would provide a reasonable amount of volume and definition.

              * Application and Results *
              The main appeal of this product for me was the promise that it would create multiple-layer looks. I had the idea that it would be ideal for creating a simple 'work' look in the morning and then applying extra layers to create a more dramatic, more voluminous look for evenings out.

              As a basic mascara, the effect is fairly good. It is easy to apply the initial coat of mascara and my lashes look and feel well defined. There is no feeling of clumpiness and it dries almost instantly, reducing the risk of me smudging it across my face while I am combing my fringe. During the day it is comfortable to wear and there is no flakiness, an issues that I have frequently experienced with other mascaras in the past. It is reassuring to know that it will remain on my eyelashes all day without the risk of that dreaded 'panda eye' effect. However, with just one or two coats applied for day-to-day wear, I don't feel that the look of this mascara is in any way spectacular - I look better with it than without it, but it doesn't dramatically change the appearance of my lashes, just makes them look more defined and 'finished'.

              Moving on, I have tried the multiple layer effect a few times with varying results. If I apply three or four coats at once when I'm heading out for the evening from home, I am very pleased with the results. My lashes do look longer and thicker, and it still doesn't feel clumpy. However, building up the coats in the evening on mascara applied earlier in the day is a completely different story. Firstly, it doesn't really look any different - I had to apply several additional coats to try and achieve the look I wanted, and then it did start to feel clumpy and heavy, not great when you are wearing contact lenses. I also found that it flaked off slightly during the course of the evening and I ended the night with smudges under my eyes. It was also much drier than I would expect a mascara to be and actually made my lashes feel quite brittle.
              The other issue that I have with this product is that in the six weeks that I have been using it, it seems to have dried up more than I would expect it to. This is probably another factor preventing me from achieving my desired look with it, but I wouldn't expect a mid-price mascara to only have a six week lifespan.

              * Removal *
              This mascara is not particularly easy to remove. I find that it takes a lot of eye make-up removal to get it off my lashes, particularly when I have applied multiple coats and neither skin cleansing wipes (or my back-up baby wipes) are very effective at removing it. I often end up with the residue of my mascara on my face even after showering and washing my hair the following morning, which is not something I am very happy with. It will come off with a cleansing wipe at that stage though.

              * Price *
              Boots No. 7 Lash Adapt Mascara costs £12.50 from all Boots stores.

              * Would I recommend it? *
              Not really... it is ok as a basic day to day mascara, but to be honest, £12.50 is expensive for something that doesn't perform particularly well. Reading the reviews on the Boots website gives me the impression that it might be one of those 'marmite products' that a lot of people either love or hate, but I don't feel that passionately about it either way. I am very glad that I didn't pay full price for it - for £7.50 it does a reasonable job of helping me achieve the look I want for work, but I won't be using it as an evening mascara again. If I want big, dramatic eyelashes I will be sticking to the Benefit one or resuming that ongoing mission to find my 'perfect' mascara. As far as I am concerned there is just nothing exciting or revolutionary about it - it is just yet another very average mascara from the Boots No. 7 range. To be honest, I'd like it give it a 2.5 star rating but will stick with 3 stars for now.

              * Review also posted on Ciao as Brownie_Queen


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                13.10.2011 13:19
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                I would buy this again

                MY NEW MASCARA-No 7 LASH ADAPT

                As I was in a taxi on the way to Gatwick airport I began, as I always do at this time, to wonder what I had forgotten. There's usually something, however well organised I've tried to be. I make lists but then forget about them. I looked through my make-up bag which was pretty much empty. Owing to the restrictions on liquids, gels etc. most of my make-up had been packed in my suitcase but, looking through the few remaining items I realised that I hadn't packed, in hand luggage or my suitcase, the new mascara I had bought especially for my holiday. I told my husband, who made sympathetic noises, although I knew he wasn't one bit interested in my mascara or lack of it. I remarked that I would buy a new mascara in Boots the chemist at the airport, if we arrived in time because traffic was building up; the heavy rain hadn't helped with travel, and I also had a few other bits and pieces to purchase.

                We arrived, quickly checked in and were pleased to realise that we had enough time to go around Boots and also to have a wander around the airport.
                I usually find things are pretty chaotic in the airport branch of Boots. The queues are quite lengthy and with everyone rushing around it isn't easy to manoeuvre around the narrow aisles, making a simple shop take longer than it should.

                My basket was still empty as I looked at the mascaras on offer. A sales assistant asked if I had tried this new mascara from No 7 called Lash Adapt. I responded that I hadn't and didn't want mascara that was 'over the top!' and had a false lash effect. I prefer something more subtle. The assistant told me that this mascara had a build-up effect and one coat would be very subtle, however, multiple coats could be applied for greater, more marked effect. She went on to say that she used it herself and could vouch for it being good. I asked the price and I seem to remember this was around fifteen pounds but I can't be absolutely sure as I see it is now priced at £12.50. I remarked that I didn't wish to pay this much and then the assistant, well versed in her sales pitch, and said that she would give me a five pound off voucher to use with my purchase. I thought this mascara would probably fulfil my criteria and so decided to purchase in black. I was impressed when told that if I had other purchases to make to go and do them and then return to her and she would take me to a till and I wouldn't have to queue.

                I bought a few other toiletries and returned to this lady who quickly showed me to a till, which she opened. I had my boarding pass, Boots Advantage card, voucher for double points which had been stored in my purse, and of course my debit card. The £5 voucher was used, advantage points added and a further five pound off voucher was handed to me. Paying for my shopping only took a few minutes and it was nice not having to queue.

                APPLYING AND WEARING

                I'm not particularly loyal to any brand of mascara. I usually spend less than ten pounds but will buy more expensive mascara if on offer and it works out to around this price. I do often buy from the Boots No 7 range and am usually pleased with my purchases.

                I should explain at this point that before going on holiday I usually dye my eyelashes. I don't think this makes a great difference but it means I don't feel I really need to use mascara during the day time and, as I know I'll be in and out of swimming pools (I don't like waterproof mascara)and the sea, then this seems to be the best thing for me to do . This means that during my two week holiday I only used the mascara of an evening. However, once home I continued to use the mascara both for evenings and sometimes in the daytime.

                The mascara tube feels nice. It is chunky in design and easy to hold and unscrew. Once opened I thought the wand might not be as easy to use as it doesn't look particularly tapered, but I was proven wrong as it is very easy to apply, to both upper and lower lashes.

                I think if eyelashes are dyed or you only want a subtle effect, then one coat alone can achieve this. I don't actually wear much make up on holiday as summers in the Mediterranean region are very hot and, I feel very light make up is preferable and much more comfortable. Most evenings I will only use a touch of mascara and a little lip gloss.

                And so this mascara was ideal for my holiday use; one coat was all that was necessary to coat my eyelashes, leaving a darker, more made up effect which still wasn't too much. I felt comfortable with this make up on; it certainly felt light.

                On my return home and now, a few weeks later, I am still using this mascara.

                For the sake of this review I have today applied more coats than I normally would; I wouldn't, as a rule, use more than two coats of a good performing mascara. I have found that even with several coats this particular mascara doesn't feel at all heavy on the lashes.

                Before writing this review I applied my normal one coat on the top and lower lashes of one eye. I felt this made a noticeable but subtle look which is all I usually require during daytime use. I added a further coat to both sets of lashes and this, I felt, was an ideal look for an evening out. I then added coats on my top lashes until I got to six layers. I felt that this would be too many for the lower lashes.

                Looking at the effect I would say that the mascara is noticeable as my lashes are darker and appear longer, without looking too coated. I wouldn't wear as many coats as this but even so thought it wasn't too much for an evening out. But what I really liked about No 7 Lash Adapt Mascara was the fact that, even while wearing so many layers of mascara my eyelashes on my made up eye didn't feel any different to the not made-up eye. This mascara, even after multiple layers have been applied still feels light and very comfortable. Better than most, if not all mascaras I have used.

                I didn't find it clumped at all when using four coats and even when using six I was able to apply it smoothly, although my eyelashes did start to bind together just a little. But compared to most mascaras that I have used (and I have used many!) I would say it is very good in its smooth clump free application. That's a great advantage. Who wants clumpy mascara?

                Apparently (according to the manufacturers of this product) it contains:

                " Jojoba Oil to condition and moisturise lashes to prevent them becoming brittle, lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers."

                *Above taken from www.Boots.com


                One thing I especially appreciate about Lash Adapt mascara is the fact that I found it very easy to remove. I don't use waterproof mascara but find removal even of a non-waterproof mascara can vary greatly. When on holiday and retiring late at night, I prefer to use wet wipes to remove make up, including mascara. I found this mascara came off well with just one wet wipe used over the lashes several times. It also comes off easily if just using old-fashioned soap and water.


                £12.50 from Boots either I store or online. And of course Advantage card points are available with this purchase.

                It is available in shades of:




                Yes this mascara is hypo-allergenic which a must with me is. I found no irritation at all with this mascara and have now been using it for long enough to thoroughly test on this front.


                It's good to see that this mascara doesn't use excess packaging as the mascara comes without a box or excess plastic, merely a seal.


                No 7 Lash Adapt can be used for six months once opened. I have been given a tip by an expert who tells me that if you still wish to use a mascara towards the end of this time when it may be becoming dry then, making sure the lid is secure, simply run under a warm running tap for a minute or two and this will enable more use of the mascara and more value, of course.


                All things considered I would definitely say this mascara has much to recommend it. No 7 Lash Adapt is sold at a reasonable price, is easy and mess free to apply, clump free and weightless. I really couldn't notice I was wearing it and that's unusual for me with eye make-up. Added to these facts it is also easy to remove. All things considered, I will be purchasing this one again.


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