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Boots No7 Wild Volume Lipstick

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: volumizeses,

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2011 17:43
      Very helpful
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      Dont Think Ill Be Buying Again!

      As a rule I dont normally bother with lipsticks. I tend to favour coloured glosses or balms simply because Ive found they look better on my lips whereas lipstick tends to leave my lips feeling dried out and generally feeling a bit crappy. But just before Christmas my mom stocked up a load of No7 goodies and ended up getting two free make-up bags stuffed with No7 products - one of which she gave to me and that one happened to contain one of these 'Boots No7 Wild Volume Lipstick's among other things and as Ive been trying it out since I got it I thought it might be time to write about it. To be honest if I had been browsing in Boots I doubt I would have even given this a second glance but Im very glad I got the oppurtunity to try it out - I dont think it quite lives up to its 'wild' claims but its a pretty good product anyway.

      Useful Information:
      Price: £10
      Stockists: Boots & boots.com
      Shades: Forever Cherry, Toffee Apple, Caramel, Ruby Glow, Plum Blush & Raspberry Truffle.
      Promises to make your lips appear fuller by filling out lines giving a glossy shine, full colour and an apparantly 'perfect pout'.

      *The shade I personally own is 'Toffee Apple' which is a shimmery, beige colour - probably not one I would have picked for myself but again Im very happy I got to try it out. Each lipstick also has a different scent - which is given away in the name obviously!*

      This lipstick actually has pretty nice packaging in my opinion - its very simple yet is cute and it does the job. The design is mainly navy and gold with the No7 logo imprinted on the lid. The tube has the usual twist up and down mechanism that you expect from lipstick and the lipstick itself is slightly angled at the top to ensure easier application and to make sure it should fit the shape of your lips better.

      The lipstick is very easy to apply and rather than giving a bold, block colour this offers a more subtle, shimmery tone on my lips - which for the colour I own is THE perfect look for me as it looks so natural I can wear it at any time of the day. I expected the colour to be much darker - if it had have been I dont think I would have liked it at all - but the colour this offers is amazing IMO - very neutral which when you wear a lot of eye make-up like I do is a really good thing. If you want a bold colour this might not be the lipstick for you.

      Whether this offers any extra volume for my pout though Im very unsure about. Sure this gives a really nice colour, feels very nourishing and looks great but I dont think it makes my lips look any fuller or bigger at all. If it does add any volume it is VERY minimal so again if your looking for extra volume in your pout this may not be the one for you either. Im knocking a few stars off for that as I was disappointed but apart from that this is a really nice lipstick.

      Id wont sink into your lips and exaggerate the bad parts - it just looks glossy and subtle and last a really long time - around 3-4 hours in my experience and even longer when applied with a primer which Ive found to be pretty good. I love using this and love the shade I ended up with, however I dont think Ill be buying it again when my tube runs out - its simply not THAT good.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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        19.11.2009 18:37
        Very helpful



        Poor lipstick

        Once again Boots are dishing out No7 vouchers offering £5 off any purchase. Knowing that I had this in my pocket I felt happy to indulge myself with a new lipstick so I went to look at the No7 counter.

        My eyes were drawn to a display of the "New" wild volume range. I don't know if this product is in fact new or whether I had just never seen it before. I know that sometimes things are released into the larger stores first and then they filter down to the smaller stores like my local one. I have heard about volume lipsticks and I felt that I wanted to give one a try so I made my selection from the testers. There were six shades in total and I opted for number 10- Caramel Kiss. The original selling price was £9.50 before using the voucher.

        The lipstick is presented in a dark blue, slightly sparkly tube with the middle being slightly narrower than the top and bottom. It has the usual gold No7 on the lid. The lid fits nice and tightly which I like as lids falling off in my handbag drive me mad as things get covered in lipstick and also the lipstick gets damaged. The product has a useable life of 24 months before you should consider throwing it away. Personally my lipsticks never last that long unless I don't like them in which case they are in the bin long before then anyway.

        According to the Boots website this product "instantly makes your lips look smoother by filling out lines giving a glossy shine and an eye-catching pout". Sounded good so I was looking forward to trying it out.
        On opening the tube the lipstick has hardly any smell. I like this as I am not a fan of highly perfumed cosmetics as I find them sickly. The lipstick has the usual No7 shape which is a flat slope on the top. I actually find this a little tricky to apply neatly all over my lips; I prefer something with a bit more of a point. Obviously you can apply it better with a lip brush but at work I am lazy and always apply lipstick straight from the tube.
        The lipstick glided across my lips easily and didn't feel sticky or dry which was nice. I then could feel a very slight tingle. This was really very, very slight, a lot less than using a medicated lip balm. I thought this was a good sign and that it must be doing something. I looked in the mirror and liked the colour although it wasn't as shiny as I had hoped for.

        I checked in the mirror again about half an hour later to see how my Angelina Jolie impression was going. I couldn't see any difference and if anything I felt that the lipstick looked like it was fading already. I had a cup of tea a while later and then thought I would check to see how well the lipstick had stood up to a bit of wear. There really didn't seem to be much colour left at all. I had only chosen a natural shade but I would like to be able to see it.

        I decided to go where there was better light and have a good look at my lips to see any changes properly. I was horrified by what I saw, my lips looked really dry and lined and this lipstick seemed to have caused almost a mosaic effect across the surface of my lips with lots of tiny lines that I had never seen before! I looked like I was dehydrated with blotchy dry lips. My lips felt alright but I was glad I wasn't out as I would have been embarrassed to have been seen looking that awful. I am 42 but I have never smoked and I do not have many lines in the lip area usually so this lipstick seemed to invent some of its own!

        This product is heading straight for the bin. I have always been a fan of No7 but this is the third new product of theirs that has made me think I have wasted my money. I will seriously be thinking of not trying anything else as not only do they not match their claims they are really such poor quality that they are not even useable.

        Looking at the original claim for this product there was little shine, certainly no filled lines and the only pout was the one I have got now for wasting my money!


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