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Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

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Brand: Boots / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    15 Reviews
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      25.08.2013 21:14
      Very helpful



      It's a good day time mascara

      Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara

      I received this Exceptional Definition Mascara as part of a free gift last summer, however I only chose to start using it about 4 months ago. My current bottle is 7ml, which appears to be a full sized product, and it is currently priced at £11 on the Boots website.

      I have the Brown/ black shade, which is why I have held of using it for so long. Not being the most avid user of makeup I tend to only have one bottle open at a time. The packaging that I have is a nice deep green, with a slight sparkle to it. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the mascara at first, as I just wasn't managing to get a very good coverage. This was however my own fault. The wand has four bristle sections to it. They range in size from small, medium and large, going around the brush. The fourth is a small section of 'spikes' on the end. Overall I feel that now I use the smaller bristles that are closer together I get a much better coverage. As seems to be the trend nowadays the brush is made of a silicone type brush. After figuring out that I was in fact using the brush all wrong I ave found that this gives really good coverage.

      The mascara itself goes on well, and doesn't flake off through the day. It lasts well, and although I choose to reapply if I am going out, this tends to be because I want a more dramatic effect.

      The Product itself is supposed to be 'nutrient enriched' - I can't say I've noticed that my lashes have grown or anything, but they haven't all fallen out either, so this may be having some beneficial effect.

      There is a slight scent in the product (which is only apparent of sniffing it for a review though). It is not offensive, and is very slight.

      Overall I feel this mascara is a great product to use in the day. It doesn't give a 'false lash effect' - and it isn't overly dramatic, but it provides good 'natural looking' cover for a good price. I'd recommend it to anyone, as one to try.

      As with most mascaras due to the bacteria that can build up, it should be discarded after 6 months of being opened.


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      01.05.2013 21:51
      Very helpful



      An excellent mascara - one that I cant wait to buy again

      =Exceptional Definition Mascara=

      Boots have 3 levels of own brand make up ranges, No 7, which is the most expensive of the brands, no 17 which is middle priced brand, and naturals collection, where most items are £1.99.

      =This Mascara=
      This mascara is from the Boots N0 7 range, and is the Exceptional Definition Mascara, for a tube of 7ml the normal price is £11 although there offers on at various times such as 3 4 2.

      This can be brought online or in store.

      This mascara claims that the lashes will be left with exceptional definition and volume, and the mascara also has a formula which contains vitamins and nutrients cashmere kerati and hydrolyzed soy protein, These ingredients are claimed that combined to help to condition the lashes.

      This mascara is available in 2 colours black and black/brown, the mascara is also hypo-allergenic.

      =Shelf Life=
      This has a 6 month shelf life from when you open the mascara.

      =My Experience=
      I have long lashes, so I like to show them off with mascara, and this is an excellent mascara, the wand is of a good length, and secure to hold from the handle. The brush has a 3 in 1 design, the left is designed to load the lashes with mascara to volumise them, the right is to comb the lashes and provide the definition, whilst last but not least, the top of the brush has the smallest bristles which reach any lashes that are not as long as the others.

      =One Dip=
      Although that seems a lot to come from a mascara all that comes from just one dip of mascara, and when I have done one eye, I can really see the difference immediately, my lashes look thicker, volumisied and longer.

      =Deeper Depth=
      You can add a 2nd coat of mascara if you want even more definition, but personally one coat is enough for me.

      =Removing the Mascara=
      I find that the mascara is easy to wipe with wipes.

      =My Thoughts=
      I have received compliments when wearing this mascara, one person on holiday asked me what brand of false lashed was I wearing as they looked so natural, they would there mine.
      I have really been impressed with this mascara, I use it about twice a week, and it is lasting week, and I would certainly have no problem purchasing this mascara at full price.

      A full 10/10 from me.


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      24.04.2013 16:05
      Very helpful



      a high quality mascara from No7

      ~Exceptional Definition Mascara~

      This mascara is one of many offered by Boots brand No7. This mascara offers a 3 in 1 brush and No7 claim that lashes will be left with 'exceptional definition and volume'. This mascara also has a special formula which contains vitamins and nutrients, cashmere kerati and hydrolyzed soy protein. These ingredients combined together help to condition the lashes.

      This mascara is hypo-allergenic and is available in two shades - black and black/brown. The packaging for this mascara consists of rather sleek, stylish looking green tube with gold writing. The tube can be recycled and as with other eye make up products, this mascara has a 6 month shelf life.

      ~Where To Buy~

      No7 products are exclusive to Boots and www.boots.com. The full price of a 7ml tube of Exceptional Definition Mascara is £11.00. No7 products are often on a '3 for 2' offer.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I often buy No7 products and really like their make up range. When it was time to freshen up my mascara collection, I made use of a £5.00 off No7 voucher and treated myself to this mascara. I opted for this mascara in shade black as it came highly recommended by reviewers and friends. I am happy to pay a little extra for a good quality mascara and have rarely been let down by No7. I paid £6.00 for this mascara using my voucher and also received Advantage Card points.

      I wear mascara several times a week either alongside a slick of lipgloss or with a bit more make up on. I feel that my eyes are my best feature so I like to make the most of them by wearing eyeliner and mascara. This mascara is definitely one of the better mascaras I have used and even better than premium brands including Clarins and Lancome. It is very easy to use and produces excellent results. I have naturally dark lashes which are of a decent length but I favour thick and long lashes to compete with my son and fiance who have been blessed with the most gorgeous eyelashes!

      ~Define Me~

      The wand is a good length and extends right into the tube. It is also easy to grasp which makes applying this mascara a doddle. The mascara itself is quite thick but not overly so and has very little scent to it. The brush at the end of the wand is a decent size and is well designed. It is classed as being a 'flexible' brush and does bend and curve but not to the extent that it feels like it is going to snap off.

      As I said further up, the brush has a 3 in 1 design. The left side is said to load lashes with mascara to volumise them. The right side is designed to comb lashes to get rid of clumps and provide clear definition to your lashes. The top of the brush has a smaller bristle design which is designed to reach the smallest of lashes for all over coverage. I would say that No7 have designed this very well and the difference in length and texture of the bristles is evident when looking at the brush.

      One dip into the mascara tube provides sufficient mascara to coat each set of eyelashes. As the brush is flexible, it wiggles up my lashes perfectly and without any discomfort or dragging. The colour of the mascara transfers very easily and with one coat, there is a good amount of colour on my lashes. Extra coats can be added for a deeper colour but I have been impressed by how nice and natural one coat of mascara leaves my lashes looking.

      Applying the mascara and then turning the brush to comb my lashes proves to be a worthwhile experience. The comb part brushes out any potential clumps. I then catch the smaller eyelashes with the top of the brush and this is a simple task too. This mascara dries quickly and doesn't feel too heavy on my eyelashes. The finished look is excellent in my opinion. My eyelashes are enhanced and defined with a dark, fluttery appearance - no clumps, no spider leg appearance. Just pretty eyelashes. I like to add an extra coat if I am going out somewhere fancy and find that this mascara builds up well on my eyelashes without looking cheap or horrible. My sensitive eyes aren't irritated by this mascara.

      ~Take It Off!~

      No7 do not state if this mascara is waterproof or not. I find that this mascara doesn't flake or smudge very easily. My eyelashes are left feeling conditioned which is down to the nutrients in the formula. I use some eye make up remover liquid on a cotton pad to remove this and this works perfectly fine for me. I do find that this mascara lasts well on my lashes. I apply it in the morning and the definition and colour is still evident in the evening with no top up required.


      I have been impressed by how nice my eyelashes look when wearing this mascara. They have a good amount of volume and the black colour is rich and noticeable. Different finishes can be created by adding extra mascara. I have been using mine for a few months and it remains moist inside the tube. I always replace my mascaras after the 6month recommended timescale. I can recommend this mascara and will buy it again in the future.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        07.08.2012 09:36
        Very helpful



        A great mascara that's not too pricey when bought on offer or with a voucher

        Like most women I know I am on a never ending quest to find the perfect mascara. I don't think I'm that fussy really, all I want is a mascara that gives my very pale eyelashes some colour, length and definition without making them clump together, look flakey or result in me having panda eyes as the day wears on. Is that really asking too much?!

        In the past I didn't think twice about spending more money on the premium branded mascaras such as Elizabeth Arden and Yves Saint Laurent. The purchase of a house and hefty accompanying mortgage means that spending upwards of £20 on any make-up product is now no longer on my radar and my budget is now halved to around a tenner. Although one of my constant favourites (see my No17 mascara review from a few months ago) can be found for less than a fiver, bargain!

        Before going on holiday a couple of months ago I was on the lookout for a new mascara and, since I had one of their £5 off No 7 vouchers, I headed to Boots. I finally decided on the Exceptional Definition mascara from their No 7 range. The RRP for this product is £12.50 but as I said, I had a voucher so got it for £7.50 - much more acceptable to my purse! At the moment it's also on a buy one get one half price offer so if you have a voucher lurking in your purse you could grab yourself a real bargain and get two for £13.75 (or £6.88 each for the mathematically challenged out there!). For this price you get a 7ml tube of product and it is available in the (very limited) colours of either brown or black.

        Like every other mascara I've ever used, this one comes in a tube around 5 inches in height with a screw off lid which also houses the "magic" wand. The tube on this one is a dark green colour and the wand itself is a bright yellow, although as this gets covered in mascara you can't see that colour after a while. What makes this particular mascara stand out from the crowd is the unusual wand. Most manufacturers nowadays claim to have invented magic wands for mascaras and you can buy them in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. This one, however, really does live up to its claims.

        The Boots website claims that their new wand is truly innovative as it has a 3 in 1 brush to give the exceptional definition of the name. "The left side of the brush loads lashes for great volume, the right side combs lashes to ensure clump-free, clean definition while the top has been designed to target even hard to reach lashes, giving you three ways to achieve exceptionally defined lashes". I actually had to look this up on the website as I had no idea of this when I bought the mascara so when I first opened it and saw the brush I was slightly mystified as to how to use it! I'm still none the wiser as to how you can tell the left side from the right side of a mascara wand, but have assumed that the side with the bristles set wider apart is the left side and the one with them much closer together and shorter is the right side! (Incidentally, the "top" which is meant to get to those hard to reach lashes looks just like the top of any other mascara wand!)

        When I first used this mascara it too quite a while to get the wand loaded up with mascara. I once read that if you pump a mascara wand in and out of the tube it lets air in and so dries the product out quicker, so I didn't really want to do that but ended up having to as there wasn't enough product on the brush to coat my lashes. The mascara itself is like any other, dark and thick, and when I did finally get enough of it onto the brush it didn't stick to the brush in clumps.

        Using the magic wand is actually very easy (once you've looked up on their website what you're meant to do with it!) and I use the side with the longer, more spaced out bristles to coat my lashes first then turned it around to use the shorter, much closer together bristles to comb through my lashes. In effect, it's basically like using a separate mascara and eyelash comb but only having to use the one thing and giving you two coats of mascara into the bargain.

        I have to say I was very impressed (and still am!) with this Exceptional Definition mascara. It coated my lashes really well making them look longer and thicker and, after using the second side of the wand, they were much more defined and separated. The colour went on well and masked my pale eyelashes really nicely and, really, the only thing I can think of that this mascara doesn't do (and doesn't claim to do) is add any curl to my lashes. If I want extra curl I still have to use eyelash curlers, but on a day to day basis that's not something I bother with, only on nights out and special occasions.

        I don't have particularly sensitive eyes so I can't really comment on Boots' claims that it is hypo-allergenic, but I am a contact lense wearer and have never found it to have any kind of reaction with these. It is also easily removed with my usual skin care routine or facewipes (if I can't be bothered with the routine!), despite being long-lasting enough to get me through the whole day and not look any different by the time evening comes around.

        Overall I am very happy with this mascara and would definitely purchase it again (but only with one of their vouchers - £12.50 is still a bit steep for me to buy it regularly at full price). It really does do exactly what it claims to do and even my husband noticed that my lashes looked different when I first started using it. So far it has lasted me around 2 months and there still seems to be plenty left in the tube, although that's impossible to tell for sure with it being a solid colour tube and so not see through. Obviously, with it being a Boots own brand product it is only available from their stores or their website, and don't forget to use your advantage card when purchasing to get those points!

        To put the cherry on top of the cake, the packaging is also recycleable after you've finished with it. Well done No 7, a great mascara that does everything I want it to!


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          17.06.2012 17:07
          Very helpful



          An excellent mascara for a wide-eyed look

          I'm always on the lookout for new mascaras to try out and after getting a £5 No7 voucher recently I decided to have a look at their mascaras. I ended up picking up this Exceptional Definition Mascara which was £12.50, making it £7.50 with the voucher. I chose to buy it in black, but it is also available in brown-black.

          The tube it comes in is quite thick compared to other mascara tubes. It's a sparkly dark green colour which looks really nice but it's not as flashy as some of their other mascaras. The lid twists off easily and the wand comes out clean, not covered in mascara.

          The brush is a bit odd looking, it has the little plastic/rubber bristles which are becoming so popular on mascara brushes these days, one side of the brush is flat with short bristles, the other is curved and has longer bristles, and there's a little ball of bristles on the end. I find the brush comes out very evenly coated in the mascara, no big globs or clumps anywhere.

          I wasn't really sure of the best way to use the brush so I looked on the Boots website which tells me that the curved side is for building volume, the flat side is for separating them, and the little ball is for getting those tiny little lashes in the corner of your eyes. So the first time I used it I used the curved side then the flat side, but that just put far too much mascara on and made my lashes stick together at the roots which looked awful!

          Using the curved side of the brush gives an amazing effect. It's very easy to brush onto the lashes and it coats them so evenly. It gives a nice bit of extra length and volume whilst still looking nice and natural. The black colour is nice and deep and my lashes look shiny and healthy, not that horrible mucky look some mascaras give. The effect it gives is a very open-eyed look, lots of definition, no fakeness and nothing over the top. I don't use the flat side for the reason already mentioned. The little ball on the end is brilliant, it really does make it easy to get into those little lashes that usually escape the mascara brush.

          I prefer to just use one coat of mascara as I don't like the over-the-top look, but this one is buildable so you can create a more dramatic evening look if you want. It doesn't start to clump or stick lashes together until the third coat so the look is less spidery than other mascaras produce.

          I've found this doesn't flake or rub off. It's not waterproof but I have been caught in the rain with it on a few times and it hasn't run. It lasts all day long with no signs of it wearing off, but when I come to take it off it comes off easier than most other mascaras I've used which results in much less rubbing at my eyes. I wear contact lenses and I haven't found this irritates.

          All in all I think this is a great mascara whcih I would definitely buy again and am happy to recommend. Well worth the money even at full price.


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          27.12.2011 20:29
          Very helpful



          I think this is a fantasic daytime mascara!

          I am HUGE fan of this mascara! In a mascara I look for both lenth AND volume along with absoloutely no clumps and this mascara provides all of that- admittedly it gives more length than volume but it does provide enough vvolume for my liking. If you want really dramatic volume this isn't the mascara for you but if you want average volume along with length then you may well love this mascara as much as I do :)

          The tube is a dark green colour which I really love, and a nice shape, it looks rather sleek and classy I think. It doesn't stand out in my make up box but I personally like the design. As for the mascara itself... I've fallen in love with it and am very glad I chose it. The brush is almost perfectly designed and tons better than a standard brush.

          Using my friends staff discount card at boots ( very bad of me I know) I bought this for cheaper than the normal £12.50 but I feel the full price is fairly reasonable for a masacra that performs as well as this.

          One side of the brush is used to apply the mascara, which gives plenty of volume and length, the other has very fine little bristles and is used to comb through the lashes preventing any clumps and seperating the lashes to provide- yep you've got it... exceptional definition. This side is also fantastic for bottom lashes if like me you want to apply mascara to them but in a much subtler way than the top lashes. It allows you to apply a small amount and you can build on this... a normal brush just makes the bottom lashes stand out too much in my opinion. The end of the brush is rounded with tiny little bristles and is ideal for reaching the smallest lashes in the corner of your eye without getting black marks on your nose- or is it just me who does that? This addition is actually genius, it makes such a difference!

          Have I found the perfect mascara?... maybe not but I do love this mascara, it ticks all the boxes for me, and is suitable for any occasion, one coat gives a lovely daytime look while two or three coats gives a great look for the evening evening. Oh and this is also a nutrient enriched mascara which earns it even more brownie points!

          This review is edited from a review posted on my personal blog.


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          26.02.2011 18:54
          Very helpful



          Great lashes

          Most of us have seen the advert with Keely Hawes advertising this new mascara with special bristles for exceptional definition but before reading two great reviews speaking very highly I just brushed (sorry!) it aside as another gimmick.

          I consider this at £12.50 from the Boots No7 range to be expensive. I have another mascara that does the same job at cheaper. But this is standard for the No7 range of mascara (range of which includes extreme length, exquisite curl, intense volume, lash 360 and dream lash). But there is likely to be an offer on when purchasing, from either a free gift, 3 for 2 or from using a £5 off voucher that bring the price down to something much more reasonable and if you are lucky you can sometimes combine these offers. It is 7ml and is available in brown or black, I have the black.

          Exceptional definition and volume thanks to its unique 3 in 1 brush are the claims here with the conditioning formula doing good to your lashes.

          What makes this brush different is it has three different sides. On the one is short close bristles to brush through the lashes. The opposite has more spaced out and longer bristles, designed to be used first to coat and then build that volume. The tip of the brush has a little sphere of bristles, designed to reach those hard to reach areas. All a good idea in theory as common complaints are that brushes do not reach smaller lashes and that the mascara clumps. So should this clever design work then they have brought out a selling formula.

          -So does it work?-
          Yes. Once you learn how to use it. The majority of mascaras are simple to use, it's not exactly rocket science but the first time I used this my lashes were a bit longer and that's about it, I hadn't really looked at the brush properly except to notice the sphere on the end which is pretty difficult not to notice!

          I then preceded to look at it and noticed the two different types of bristles. This time I used it and sort of twirled the wand round whilst taking it along my lashes, results were much better though I needed many coats and the lift wasn't all that great. I was using the longer bristles to comb through.

          For some reason I decided to see what No7 said about it on the Boots website and here I found a video with a make-up artist demonstrating how to use it. The correct way as he told us was to use the longer bristled side to really get the volume and lift from the root of the lashes and to use the shorter bristles to brush the mascara through and to define the lashes. I was surprised as I would have thought it was the other way round as I associated the longer bristles with a lash comber. But the experts are always right and this way was effective.

          So using this correctly I really zigzagged and worked the brush into the roots pulling it through to the top and then using the other side to separate the lashes. Lashes were now longer but slightly lifted. I did this again and then again when they had half dried. I find that they do have slight volume but this doesn't seem to last well but the overall effect is of lots of length and lift which open your eyes right up. They curl slightly but it is more of a lift upwards. It does mean though I do not need an eyelash curler. Product does transfer onto your eyelid doing all this but not as much as one other mascara recently reviewed. I do seem to get more mascara on the big bristles than the smaller side but this does not present much of a problem because you are using this side mainly to sweep through the mascara you have placed on your lashes.

          As for the sphere - it was handy to use for the smaller lashes but I could have used the tip on a normal brush. I tried using it on the lower lashes but it coats too much mascara onto them so it is better to just use the brush. It also carries a lot of product so you need to wipe it off on the side of the tube.

          -Other details-
          The tube is a dark green with subtle glitter. It looks sophisticated but won't stand out in your make-up case like some other bright brands. It has a good bottom so stands up well. One thing though, I find the brush is quite flexible. It is very light and bends easily so be careful if exerting too much pressure.

          This is a winner. Despite being little impressed on first attempts it really pays to learn out to get the best out of this. Apply it right and you really do get lashes with exceptional definition that last all day and it comes off easily enough with a wipe. I get a little smudging under the lower lashes but I get this with most and I think it is my eyeliner too. The only thing I would say that it does not live up to is it's volume claim. Sometimes I think it does but often it is just the product making the lashes longer and coating them in mascara that makes them look like they have more volume. So it thickens a little but I do not see volume. It's not really a problem though because the great look you can achieve is enough.
          As for the conditioning formula, I cannot tell if this is doing anything, but it's got to better than not containing it surely!
          Because it opens my lashes right up I would definitely purchase this mascara again.


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            08.02.2011 13:27
            Very helpful



            A magic mascara from No 7 Boots

            One thing in my make-up collection I would be completely lost without is my mascara, and over the years I have tried a shocking amount in order to find my match. I do have long eye lashes already which are dark but they do lack in thickness.

            Boots No 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara:
            'This amazing new mascara has a truly magic wand and unique, conditioning formula'

            What they claim - The left side of the brush loads lashes for great volume, the right side combs lashes to ensure clump-free, clean definition while the top has been designed to target even hard to reach lashes, giving you three ways to achieve exceptionally defined lashes. The formula is enriched with cashmere keratin, vitamins and hydrolyzed soy protein to care while you wear.


            My Findings:

            Over the years I have spent stupid amounts of money on mascara in order to find one that matches my lashes. I've gone from high end all the way through to the bottom ranges and none of them compare to this one from Boots.

            I first spotted this just before Christmas 2010 on the Boots web-site it also showed you a mini video of how to use and what benefits it brings to your lashes. Well from then I was hooked and had to have it! At the time of purchasing this mascara you also received a free make-up eye shadow palette which had all the colours I liked so a bonus for me.

            When I first applied to my lashes I sweeped the brush across and wow it made a massive change, it really did bring 'Exceptional Definition' to my lashes which I wasn't expecting to be so good. They looked darker, fuller and longer with a little curl to them. My mom commented as soon as she saw my eye lashes on how full and beautiful they looked, hinting then she would like this mascara too!

            They following day me and mom popped back up to Boots so she could purchase one too, the offer was no longer on for the free eye shadow palette but the three for two offer has started. My moms eye lashes are very blonde and without mascara it really looks like she has none at all, they are also rather thin and short. So a real challenge to put this mascara to the test.

            The results after mom had applied her mascara where truly amazing and I was shocked at the brilliant job it had done. It gave her a full set of lashes which made them look longer and bulked them out slightly; me and my mom have fell in love with this amazing product and will be no longer looking around for others. I just hope they keep this one around forever!

            This mascara comes in a 7ml tube I purchased the black coloured mascara which comes in a metallic green tube. The brush twists off easy and when pulling it out it doesn't come loaded with mascara all over it. You get a perfect amount which easily covers lashes well without having to keep dipping in and out. I have used this more or less every day for the past three months and still have a lot left, so I think this will last me another three months yet.

            When applying on the morning it has super staying power and will last the whole day, it doesn't leave any flakey bits around your eyes either. Just that perfect look all day long! The hard part is removing the mascara, now though this one is not water-proof it sure sticks well to your lashes and a wipe simply doesn't remove it all. A good eye make-up remover is needed for this baby.

            Another thing I have noticed is when I remove my mascara my lashes seem to have a nice shine to them, looking healthier than before. I don't know if this is to do with the conditioning formula within the mascara either way another plus point for boots. One more thing I like is that it doesn't smell, some mascara's I have used in the past have an off putting smell but I'm pleased to say this one is odorless.

            Price and Availability:

            As this is a No 7 Product you can only purchase this from Boots or Boots online. If purchasing online delivery costs apply however free delivery when spending £45.00 and over.

            This Mascara right now is priced at £12.50 and is part of three for two on the promotional offer. For £12.50 this is amazing value for money considering your results.


            I could not be happier with this product I have never had results like this on my eye lashes before and I shall be sticking with this mascara for as long as I can. Not only did it do a perfect job on my lashes it also worked wonders on mom's lashes to!

            At the moment this mascara only comes in two colours black and brown/black and I do love using different colours on my lashes depending what look I'm going for. So I really do hope they bring out some more colours in this range.

            I have tried a lot of No 7 mascara's but this one beats all and all over brands I have tried in the past hands down. No matter what your lashes are like I think this will work wonders on all, I recommend you give it a go for a set of truly flirtatious lashes!

            A huge 5 stars from me

            Thanks for reading :o)

            Additional Information:


            Made in Germany


            If you're a lover of Boots like me you will know all about there advantage card and this mascara will give you 48 points on your card.


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              08.02.2011 08:07
              Very helpful



              A really good mascara

              For Christmas my friend bought me a few items of make up and one of those items was the No 7 exceptional definition mascara. I remember seeing this in Boots stores surrounded by lots of marketing and hype but it wasn't something I purchased for myself as I tend to just buy mascaras when I see them on offer and at £12.50 I felt this mascara was a little higher than what I would normally pay. Despite this I was pleased to receive this as a gift as I do like to make my eyes up daily.

              The mascara comes in a deep green tube which has a slight sparkle to it as if you look carefully there are gold flecks within the green. The tube has a slight curve to it where it meets the lid and this makes it very easy to hold. The mascara name and brand name are on the tube in a golden colour which looks really classy with the green in my opinion.

              What is meant to be special about this mascara is the unique triple effect brush which is designed to make even those hard to reach lashes accessible. When you screw off the lid of the mascara you can see this brush which does look quite strange! One side of the brush looks much like many other mascara brushes in that it is curved, however the other side of the brush features very small much closer together bristles and then the top has a few spikes meaning those hard to reach lashes are reachable!

              The curved side of the brush is designed to give your lashes lots of volume and definition whilst the other shorter side of the brush is designed to separate lashes so that you have a clump free finish.

              When applying this mascara I do find that it is really effective on the whole. My lashes look longer, fuller and much more defined. I have to say though at first I found it quite tricky working out which side of the brush I was using but now I find I can tell as obviously my lashes are coated more when using the curved brush. What I really like about this mascara is that the brush seems to be able to get really close to the root of the lashes meaning they seem longer and more defined, almost like a natural looking false lash. I don't like the big false lash look but this looks lovely and very natural.

              The mascara lasts well throughout the day and I do not re apply it during my working day because in all honesty when I have been at work since 8.15 come 10pm I don't really care what I look like, I just want to go home and go to bed! I would reapply this if I were to be going out after work. I think for a normal night out, starting in the evening there would be no need to reapply this mascara as it does last well.

              Removing the mascara is just the same as any other for me and it doesn't come off easily but as I don't like using greasy eye make up removers I tend to just use wipes so it takes quite a few wipes but I get there eventually!

              I think this is a pretty perfect mascara in all honesty and I cannot find any faults with it. It manages to coat lashes well, lengthen them and make them stand out without looking clumpy or anything like that. I think many women will think this is a wonderful mascara and I am one of them!

              Thank you for reading my review!


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                31.01.2011 12:25



                Lovely mascara if you're willing to pay for it!

                I bought this because I had a £5 No7 voucher - I refuse to pay nearly £15 for mascara (I sound like a tight-fist, I know!) and I got a nice eyeshadow pallete with it, which was good as I payed almost £10 for it, but the offer was limited to a few days, so there probbably isn't one on at the moment.

                I couldn't wait to try it out, I had seen the adverts and thought it was a really good idea to have a brush with different sides for different functions. The brush is amazing, and I liked that the end was for the tiny lashes. The only thing you have to watch is the clumpiness you can sometimes end up with on the bottom of the brush as it makes for quite scary, squashed spider-like lashes! It definitely made my lashes look longer and thicker; I use it when going out because I do think it's over-priced.


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                21.01.2011 08:39
                Very helpful



                The magic wand

                Looking for good quality mascara isn't an easy task. I normally go for Max Factor as my first choice mascara however sometimes I like to try other brands.

                When I was at Boots I saw their new mascara, No7 Exceptional definition. I instantly remembered their ad on TV and magazines about the mascara, the good news was that I had their £5 off voucher and even better they were giving away a free eye shadow pallet to go with it which is normally sold for £9.50. I thought why not? I bought it using my voucher and I had the free gift too.

                == No 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara ==

                The mascara comes in metallic green tube that has the usual No7 curvy shape. The wand has a very interesting shape, it's made out from hard plastic but the main important thing is the brush. The bristles are definitely different; it's more like 3D mascara.

                I could see three different kinds of bristles, some were long and straight which were on the left side, others short, those were on the right side. For the first time ever, small spiky bristles on the top of the brush were introduced.

                With max factor mascara, there is some sort chemical "smell" which sometimes put me off using it however with No 7 Exceptional Definition was almost smell free.

                == Applying the mascara ==

                I routinely apply at least two layers to get the look that I want, so I first "dipped" the wand into the thick black solution and applied my first layer starting with the right side with longer bristles to give my eye lashes extra volume and length. I totally agree with their statement, my eye lashes looked longer immediately, they were thicker and darker and then I brushed it using the shorter bristles. As a result, my eyes lashes were separated and well-defined. Finally the top of the brush did the whole job of brushing and separating the lashes, it also covered the smallest lashes all that with only one dip.

                == The results ==

                My eyes looked bigger and my eye lashes were very long and well covered without feeling heavy and definitely without the spider legs look.

                I didn't need another coating, with only one intense coat; nearly all my eye lashes were covered. I was very impressed; they looked amazing, they separated and curled up perfectly without any extra effort or equipment.

                It lasted all day long, it didn't irritate my eyes as most mascaras do, I was so overwhelmed with it.

                I only used one coat to get that "subtle" look without being over the top however, if you want thicker and more definite eye lashes you should apply another layer which I did at the evening when I went out with my husband. The good thing about it is you can reapply over the old layer because it won't smudge or flake and your eyelashes won't be harden or stiffen but the bad news is it's not water proof mascara, I suppose this is the only disadvantage.

                == There are some active ingredients apart from the "magic" wand ==

                The mascara has some very active ingredients blended into the formula. The mascara is enriched with cashmere keratin, vitamins and hydrolysed soy protein to moisten your eye lashes so it can stay softer and moisturised.

                == Removing the mascara ==

                Removing the mascara has never been an easy task for me but not with this one. I removed it using eye makeup removal, it came off easily and without any effort however my lashes still looked different as if they had a thin coat of mascara

                == My final thoughts ==

                I'm very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend it because it's definitely an exceptional mascara. It covers the eye lashes immediately, the wand works like magic and the results were more than what I expected.
                My lashes looked longer, thicker and it could last all day and "night" without smudging or flaking and even better, the more you add the thicker your lashes will look.

                I'm going to give it the FULL 5 stars; it does what it says and it worth every penny.

                == Where to buy No 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara ==

                The mascara is an exclusive production for Boots so you can only find it on Boots stores also you can buy it from Boots.com. The price is normally £12 for 7 ml. I bought mine using boots voucher and I had the free pallet so it was a bargain buy for me.

                == Quick info ==

                Available in 2 colours, black and brown black

                * Hypo-allergic

                * Made in Germany

                * For more details visit thier website


                Thank you for reading

                Mistee-Dreamz 2011


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                  23.12.2010 12:54
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment




                  This mascara is one of the reasons why I love the No7 range so much. It costs £12 from Boots and will gain you 48 points on your advantage card. I think this is a very reasonable price considering that in my experience the mascara works much better than most I have tried and I think it is just as good as mascaras from some of the more expensive brands, such as Dior.

                  It is only available in two shades; 'brown/black' and 'black'. The shade I have this in is 'brown/black', the reason for this choice being because I wanted to use this as an everyday mascara, and I always find that on my skin tone slightly browner shades look most natural.

                  The bottle is quite simple, really and doesn't really stand out to me or catch my eye. In store I wasn't drawn to this, I only really came across it because I had a No7 voucher to get money off it and as it was new out at the time the assistant showed it to me and thats why I decided to try it.

                  The wand is really helpful for having control over the brush and the bristles are all quite short and I think they definitely help to define my lashes. They seem to really separate my lashes from each other which is how I like them to be for every day wear, rather than all clumped together and really smudgy. I prefer length over volume for everyday wear an this is exactly what I get with this mascara.

                  Overall I would definitely recommend this mascara. I love it myself and also friends who have got it have told me they love it as well. I would buy it again when I run out. There is 7ml in the bottle and it lasts me about three months if I wear it every day.

                  Thanks for reading xo


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                    14.09.2010 13:49
                    Very helpful



                    Exceptionally exceptional!

                    I think most of us have seen the adverts for the new No7 'Exceptional Definition Mascara', unless you've been hiding under a rock that is. I was instantly interested by the look of the wand/brush/whateveryouwanttocallit as I have always struggled with coating my inner eyelashes without poking myself in the eye or getting mascara in places it shouldn't be.

                    So I decided that it would become my next purchase, and off I popped down to boots to buy it the next morning.

                    When I got it home, I opened it straight away to look at this wand that seems to be its main selling point from the advert! The wand on the mascara is indeed very interesting - it actually claims to be 3 brushes in 1 so it has 3 defined points that are you should note, those being; 1. The longer bristles as these give volume to your lashes, 2. The shorter bristles that you should use to comb through to give separation and definition (and removes clumps), and thirdly there's the tip which obviously coats the teeny lashes that are usually so very hard to get to.

                    Removing the wand felt different because it isn't the usual bristly kind that I have been used to, it's more plastic and with more rigid bristles. I first of all applied the mascara to my bare eyelashes, I don't think it felt much different to a normal brush in this respect but I did notice that it was easier to apply and that my lashes separated easier than with a normal wand; not to mention it was also easier to see when I needed to load the wand up with mascara again. I didn't do anything different to how I would usually apply mascara; working from the base into the ends and then doing the inner and outer small lashes, so no special techniques or jiggery pokery are needed here.

                    The first application made my lashes look longer and gave a lovely separated finish that was noticeable but not over the top - perfect for natural every day application; and the formulation actually has vitamins in, that are said to enrich the lashes so it should actually be good for your lashes to wear it every day if this is correct. I gave a second coat shortly after and was impressed to see that this seemed to make my lashes quite dramatic looking but without clumping yet again.

                    The mascara lasted all day and needed no touch ups were needed to improve the look throughout that day. I was very surprised by this as the mascara wasn't waterproof and I'd worn it from early in the morning to around midnight. I'd also had a few forgetful moments where I rubbed my eyes before realising I was wearing it, but was pleased to notice that it had not budged, or smudged.

                    My next test for this mascara was to see how well it would work with my Clinique eyelash primer, to see whether it would improve the finish of the mascara or not. Upon applying the mascara (on top of the primer) I felt that it was even easier to apply and that my lashes instantly looked hugely longer and more volumised than they had been without the primer on - although still suitable for every day wear.

                    The second coat was even more dramatic, I had been thinking that I may be pushing my luck with a second coat though as I had already put on primer and one coat of the mascara and I just had a feeling that my lashes may just start to clump. I was wrong, they looked perfectly separated and with fantastic definition.

                    This time around the mascara still lasted all day as it had previously, and I even knowingly put it to the rubbing eyes test to see how it would stand up to it; it passed with flying colours and for a mascara that isn't waterproof (so isn't as resistant to this kind of behaviour), this was a real surprise but also a very welcome one.

                    Removing the mascara both times was easy enough with my eye makeup remover; although I don't think it would have come off so easy with just water alone. This gives me confidence that if I was to have a little cry whilst wearing it that it wouldn't end up all down my face - ok it may suffer a little (since it isn't designed to be waterproof) but I don't think you'd have a clown face that needs a full reapplication of all makeup.

                    This mascara really made my eyes look amazing, my eyelashes framing them dramatically but still perfectly without flaking, clumping or smudging. It was easy to apply, which is saying something for me as I usually have to do a lot of faffing around to make sure my eyelashes stay separate but this really did just do the job for me, it lasted well and was not an absolute chore to remove either.

                    All in all I am very pleased with this purchase, as used both with and without primer it gave my lashes great volume and length without clumps. I would say that I would recommend it with the primer more than without but if you don't have any, don't get on with it or your budget doesn't afford you to buy it then it is perfectly fine without it. I will mention that one thing I did notice is that with the primer, the curl of my lashes held 100% better than they did without the primer, but without the primer they were still satisfactory.

                    This mascara is available in boots stores and online in 2 colours (black and brown), priced at £12.00 - currently comes with a free eyeshadow palette gift with purchase.



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                      08.09.2010 17:46
                      Very helpful



                      Nice Definition!

                      I bought this mascara with one of my No 7 gift vouchers, which are currently on going, though I think they are only avaliable on til the end of this Month.

                      The mascara is exclusive to Boots as it is their own brand, it costs £12, though with the £5 voucher costs £7.

                      It is their new 'EXCEPTIONAL DEFINITION' mascara, which is desigined to give ultimate definition and has 3 brushes in 1 in order to achieve this look. The bristles on thr brush are made of sturdy, yet flexible plastic opposed to the more 'fluffy' kinf of brush. The brush looks fairly skinny to look at and does not look like it would add much volume or length at all.

                      It has a one side with shorter bristle that are very closely packed to one another, to create lots of tiny ones which are designed to seperate the lashes and add definition.

                      The other side has slightly longer, more spaced out bristles which are designed to give length to the lashes. People have asked me whether it is hard to tell the difference between the two sides, however it I find it is quite easy as when looking at the brush, when comparing them both, it is easy to tell which side has the longer bristles and which one has the shorter ones. Though, despite saying this I don't tend to pay much attention to which side I am using and I still manage to end up applying the mascara fairly evenly, using both sides of the mascara.

                      It also has bristle on the end, in a ball kind of shape, these are designed to pick up any little, or corner eyelashes which are normally hard to get to. When I first saw this I thought this was a great idea as I often find that the larger brushes are too big and clumsy to get to the corner eyelashes, however, upon looking at it I could see that the ball shape was also quite large and may be diffcult to use.

                      The mascara comes in two colours, black and brown. I personally bought the black one as I prefer the more intense look and believe that the darkness of the colour adds more depth, however, if you want something that is more natural then I suggest the brown.

                      To apply I found it fairly easy to use. Due to the brush being nice and slim it meant that I could apply it to all my longer lashes and some of the corner ones with ease, though one thing I found is that the bristles (other than the end ones) didn't actually collect much masacara and I could still see the bristles through it where they hadn't been coated in mascara.

                      I found the mascara to be very thin in consistency and wasn't as gloopy or thick as others I have used, yet I still found that it struggled to coat most of my lashes and where it had they looked slightly brittle and began to clump. I also found that neither sides of the mascara / bristles seemed to do much of a different job and they both seemed to be affecting my eyelashes in the same way.

                      The little brush on the end is a good idea and does work well, however I do often find that the very inner eyelashes often look a bit silly. This is because the end of the mascara collects loads of the mascara, so often you end up putting more mascara onto the inner lashes, rather than the longer ones.

                      After using it, my lashes did have some length to them and I did love the lovely glossy, black look of the mascara, but did find it still managed to look brittle. I didn't find that it gave me any real definition and no more than a cheaper brand would have done and I would definitley not describe it as 'exceptional definition'.

                      Throughout the day of wearing it I didn't find that it smudged and in that instance it did stay in place, however I did find that it began to look flakey and parts of the mascara seemed to flake off and left little black dots just under my eye.

                      Overall, I wasn't very impressed with my purchase and don't think I would be buying this product any time again soon. I have used other cheaper brand mascaras in which I have achieved much better results and for that reason find this to be a really poor quality product from No 7.


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                      08.09.2010 17:15
                      Very helpful



                      Will be buying again...and again... and again!

                      Exceptional definition is the newest mascara by No7! When I saw it advertised on TV and in Boots, I just had to try it!
                      I've always stuck to using No7's mascara's but havn't changed the one I use in a very long time, so I thought it was time I gave something else a shot!

                      Price; ....
                      This mascara is priced at £12 in Boots, which is a little pricier than the others by No7 which are priced around £10 to £11.50, however this mascara is very different to the rest so I wasn't surprised.
                      Boots regularly do No7 and Ruby & Millie £5 off vouchers when you spend over a £5 in store, so I grabbed myself one of these which wasn't hard to get as I shop there very frequently.
                      So overall, this mascara can currently be purchased for a fantastic £7! Putting it even below many other mascara's in different brand names!
                      Also, this no7 mascara can probably be found online for cheaper if you're the type to shop around.

                      Product; ....
                      This mascara is available in two colours, brown; for paler skin to add the long lash effect without weighing down your eyes. And black to add the definition to the eyes, perfect for darker hair/skin but also suitable for others.
                      This mascara comes in a gorgeous green colour tube! I absolutely love the colour but I can see it not being a favourite with many others who don't like green.
                      But the colour is lovely, it has a metalic shine to it with very fine sparkles to the colouring.
                      No7 mascara's come in tube sizes of 7ml, however if you look on places such as eBay, you can probably find a test/travel sized 3.5ml tube for cheaper for you to try before buying the pricier normal sized product.

                      This mascara is called 'Exceptional Definition' and the tube also says 'Nutrient Enriched Mascara' which if true, is great for those of us who wear mascara almost every day!
                      I love the thought of being able to wear mascara daily whilst also knowing I'm using a makeup which contains Nutrients!

                      Use; ....
                      I have used this mascara for about a week now and I absolutely love it!
                      Before I purchased this mascara, I used two different bristle mascaras; one for the full effect, and one to take out any clumps and seperate my lashes perfectly.
                      With this new mascara, I can do both with one brush!!

                      The brush is specialy made to give you three uses... A side which holds short soft bristles which are close together to give your lashes the fullness and colour, a side wich holds longer tougher bristles to seperate your lashes and remove any clumps, and a seperate area on the tip of the brush to help you reach any lashes which are harder to get to!
                      This mascara does everything I need it to, and I no longer need to carry around two different mascaras! Which means lighter on my pocket, and on my makeup bag!

                      I will certainly be buying this mascara again, I love it! I think it's the best mascara out and deffinitely worth a try!

                      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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