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Boots No7 Liplicious Moisturising Balm

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3 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Balm / Type: Lip Balm / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Moisturizes, regenerates,

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    3 Reviews
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      04.12.2012 21:36
      Very helpful



      Good balm

      With the cold weather beginning to set in so my need for a good supply of lip blams starts to grow and this particular lip balm from the Boots Number 7 range is a good product however it is a bit hard to get hold of in the store so you may have to look online for it. Priced around the £10 mark this is not the cheapest on the market but it is good quality and has a great moisturising quality to it.

      There are a number of shades to choose from and I opted for a pale pink colour which suits my complexion, although the colour is very subtle it is still nice and rich and the gloss effect leaves my lips looking very full and soft. There is also a slight glitter effect to the blam that gioves my lips a little extra sparkle however just like the colour this is quite a subtle effect and you will not be left looking like Jesse J.

      The plastic tube that the balm comes in is clear so you can see how much of the product you have left. To apply the balm you simply squirt a little bit onto the tip of your finger and then smooth it into the lips, this I find easier than using the plastic tipped applicator which is a bit rigid and not so easy to use as it seems to release too much balm which is wasteful and a bit messy.

      There is a smoothness about this balm when applying it that I really like, it has a nice thick texture which means you do not need to use a lot of it for a single application. The look of my lips is really good, they are moist and full which a nice tint of colour to them. It also alsts a long time on the lips, a good three or four hours by my reckoning which helps spread the cost a bit.

      Overall this is a good product and I'm pleased with the results.


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      02.12.2012 17:39
      Very helpful



      Sweet n' pricey

      I got this No.7 liplicious moisturising balm as part of a No.7 gift set a while back.

      Mine appears different to that pictured. It is a clear squeezy tube with No.7 liplicious in gold lettering.
      The lid is made from clear plastic and underneath the lid you can see a clear plastic tube, which is slanted at the end. When you squeeze the tube the balm comes up through the tube and can be applied to your lips.

      I have this balm in a light pink colour called Marshmallow.

      The lip gloss costs £10.00 for a 12ml tube from Boots No.7 range.

      ~ My thoughts ~
      On application it smells really sweet, perhaps of marshmallows. I really like the scent because it reminds me of make-up products I used in my early teens. I realise that that isn't the best advert for the scent, especially as the make-up I used in my early teens would have been incredibly cheap stuff, but I like it.
      The light pink colour shows up well on your lips and it appears glossy. It is not really a sticky gloss, more of a shiny gloss, that to me is thinner than the sticky lip glosses you get.
      It looks really nice on drawing attention to your lips without being over the top.
      I am not the biggest lip gloss fan, but I really like this one.
      It does wear off if you are eating or drinking, but otherwise it lasts on your lips for a few hours. I don't usually get more than that out of a lip gloss.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I really like this lip gloss. I like the tube that it comes in and I think it smells lovely and looks lovely on your lips. It also lasts well for a lip gloss.
      It is not a thick and sticky lip gloss. I have been rather impressed with this product.
      I think that £10.00 will always be out of my price range for a lip gloss. My limit for a lip gloss is probably about £4.00 as I much prefer to wear lipstick as I find it longer lasting and more comfortable on my lips.
      I would not buy this lip gloss at that price, but I do like it and would recommend it to anyone who can afford or justify blowing £10.00 on a high street brand lip gloss!


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      27.09.2012 11:21
      Very helpful



      A lovely moisturising balm

      Recently in Boots their No7 make up range went through a complete make over so before this new transition they had a half price sale across their make up range. Of course I made full use of this sale and stocked up as much as I could. I really do like No7 make up as I do find that the majority of their products I have used are decent in quality and seem to be worth the slightly higher price tag so of course when seeing them all half price I just couldn't resist!

      One item I bought in the sale was the No7 Liplicious Moisturising Balm but having looked in store and on the Boots website it doesn't seem to have made the cut and is no longer available. I do like any lip product which will promise moisturising properties as I can suffer with dry chapped lips if not careful and when it is a moisturising product which has a sheen/gloss and colour to it I find it far more appealing than just a tin of Vaseline! Originally they were £10.00 but I managed to get mine in the sale for £4.00 which I thought was very reasonable.

      No7 is Boots own range of makeup, toiletries and cosmetics and is older sister to the Boots No17 range. The No7 range is much more grown up and sophisticated and with this comes a higher price tag but not too expensive for you to gasp in horror! As stated above the No7 range has just had a complete make over from the packaging to the display stand that they all sit in. They do have an extensive range of products so suitable for everyone.

      The No7 Liplicious Moisturising comes/came in a wide variety of shades ranging from the ultra deep purple hues to the incredibly subtle pale pink tones. The only thing in common the shades have is that they are all filled with a very fine almost iridescent glitter which is incredibly subtle. The shade I opted for was Sherbert Twist which to look at through the tube looks quite like a deep coral colour but on the lips it is far more subtle with a pink hue. Not too colourful by any means but provides just a little extra colour to the lips with a gentle shimmer.

      The moisturising balm comes in a long, clear plastic tube which is quite soft and flexible. Because the tube is completely clear you can easily see the colour of the balm together with the shimmering glitter. The top is simple and black and just snaps on and off. All the No7 packaging is very basic and is generally black and gold and there is no difference with this lip balm tube. The applicator is plastic and slanted which is not my preference for a lip balm. The No7 logo is of course on the side of the tube in gold together with small amount of information on the product.

      For me the applicator is a bit troublesome as it is plastic so there is no flexibility in it when applying the balm onto your lips so you almost have to instead of applying it with the applicator you have to put a small amount on your finger to apply as the plastic applicator has a hole in the top which just seems a little too big and lets out a bit too much balm for my liking. This is only a minor gripe about the balm but when you end up leaving a lot of the balm on the applicator when you've applied it you do feel that you are wasting the product.

      The moisturising lip balm is quite thick in consistency but does spread evenly and easily over your lips when applied so you do only need to use a little to get a lovely soft sheen to the lips. Of course if you like the full on gloss look you can apply as much as you like but I do prefer the softer look rather than the "I've just snogged a chip pan" look! The glitter is ever so subtle and because it is so fine it almost gives a metallic look to the balm which does look lovely when applied to the lips.

      Other than the applicator the only issue I do have which is only very minor is the stickiness the balm is quite stick and may not be ideal for everyone. Personally, although I don't like sticky lip balms I don't find this too bad as once it has eventually worn off the lips it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind. It does have a decent staying power as it will probably last for a few hours before it completely disappears and would need re-applying which is absolutely fine by me as there ar no promises that it would last for 12/24 hours! There is no major aroma either which is nice although it does have a typical lip gloss smell if you really smell closely!

      Does it keep the lips moisturised? Well yes it does. I use mine every day at least twice as it sits on my desk at work so I can re-apply it easily and since I've been using it (bearing in mind I do use other lip balms and lip glosses) my lips haven't been dry and do look like they are being looked after. It certainly doesn't dry out the skin and does seem to protect my lips which is exactly what I bought it for so all in all I am really happy with it despite its slight stickiness and poor applicator. It's just a shame that they seem to have discontinued it.

      Overall, if you can get your hands on one then I'd definitely recommend it to try. I really like it and will be scouring the make up websites to try and find another one in a different shade. For the full price of £10.00 I don't think it is worth it but for its sale price of £4.00 I would happily buy it again. 4 stars from me simply due to the applicator.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: No7
      Size: 12ml
      Availability: Boots - but may be discontinued
      Price: Was originally £10.00
      Misc: SPF15


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