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Boots No7 Nail Kit

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Nail varnish set / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2012 16:56
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      not worthy buying for one good varnish

      ==Boots No & Precious Metal Nail Kit==

      I am a big fan of nail polish although before having this little nail kit bought for me as a Christmas present a few years back, I had never tried the No 7 brand of nail polish. I tend to always have my nails painted on my toes as I have a thing about bare toe nails and being disgusted by them. Although I do paint my finger nails I often find that I do so much cleaning and things that this chips off more or less straight away what ever brand or range I seem to buy so I tend to do this less and less as it seems a little pointless.

      This little nail kit was a lovely gift to receive and I think Boots still bring out these sets each year with the four different shades of limited edition varnishes in the set. I don't know how much was paid for it when it was bought for me but I think I have seen them for around the £8 region but of course there are always the 3 for 2 on all Christmas sets that Boots offer so it would work out cheaper if being bought like this.

      The nail kit consists of four different nail varnishes which are said to be along the theme of precious metals. Each of the 4 bottles only has a small amount of the product in at 4 mls each which is a fair bit smaller than the regular bottles of nail polish bought singularly from this range. However it is like getting a little taster of each even though these shades are limited edition and it doesn't appear that they sell them in a single manner.

      Each of the little bottles is made from clear glass, allowing the shade of the nail polish inside to be seen and of course when the product is getting used up you can see it getting lower sometimes as often the polish will stick to the inside of the bottle making this impossible. The bottles are not too heavy and the little plastic lid which is a screw cap is easy to remove and replace. There is a brush attached to the inside of the lid on each of the small bottles and this is rather small but of a good quality. It is rather fine and delicate and does take a few strokes in order for the polish to be distributed over the entire nail.

      The colours that the nail kit have are gold (called Gold Dust), copper (called Warm Gold), black with gold shimmer (called Night Night) and a wine colour (called Secrets). I have to say that I was instantly drawn to the wine coloured varnish out of the lot of them and my initial judgement was right, for me this was the best shade in the set.

      I have tried all the other varnishes and to be honest I was only really taken with the Secrets one. I am so upset that this isn't sold as a single bottle in the regular No 7 range but luckily have found a more or less exact colour natch from a different brand. Needless to say I have used the entire bottle of Secrets up and that has long since gone. However I do still have the renaming three bottles more or less full up in my nail bits drawer.

      I found that the gold colour was very thin in the actual colour and on application it made my nails looks somewhat yellow rather than gold. Even with several coats ( which would cause a delay in drying time and it would seem far easier chipping) the gold never really looked like gold, more like nicotine stain!

      The bronze colour was slightly better in the look of the colour although again the result with one coat was on the thin side and a few coats were needed to give this a real bronze look. The colour for me just wasn't' deep enough although it did have a nice shine and shimmer to it and I am loathed to throw it away as I think I may use the rest of the bottle up...one day.

      The black polish with gold shimmer is just not really me. It does have a much better, denser colour than the two I have just mentioned but still not as dark as I would have thought it would be. However the gold bits of glitter are picked up well and it does look rather sparkly and glitzy. However seeing as I am not really a black varnish type of girl this one has only been tried out rather than used and thus it is the one I have the most left of.

      The wine coloured varnish was just the best all round and not only did I find that with a single coat of the polish gave a great deep colour but that this would also dry in a fairly short space of time and give me a couple of days wear on my hands before chipping - this is almost unheard of for me seeing as I am always cleaning or getting my hands dirty somehow.

      Overall I have to say that this wasn't a great set, although thanks to my colleague at work who bought it for me! For the price, getting four little varnishes would ordinarily be good but seeing as really only one of the said four was the only decent one in the set it seems a lot of money to pay for a single small 4 ml bottle of varnish.

      I think I can only award a 2 out of 5 star rating for this particular set and the wonderful Secrets shade is the one which was so good it scores both them points. I can't recommend it unless you want to have washed out colours that look like you smoke 40 a day painted onto your nails!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        16.12.2010 16:11
        Very helpful



        Great little present, for yourself or somebody else.

        Part of the No7 limited edition Christmas range this year is a mini set of nail polishes. They're 4mls each and there are 4 in the set. I am so impressed with the colours, they are amazing; they do need a few coats to get good coverage (copper and gold especially) and once you've applied those few coats they have great colour payoff - well worth the extra coat or so!

        They do apply nicely but they're not quite on par with the likes of Essie, so you have to make sure you get a smooth, even coat with no brush lines before you deem yourself 'finished' but honestly, they're still great for the money.

        It's a real shame they're only mini bottles as I would happily buy full sized ones of at least 2 of them (but most likely all of them) individually or a gift pack containing them all as full sized products.

        My opinion on each of the colours:

        Gold - This is a real classy gold - not at all brash and with a satiny metallic effect. Just be mindful that you need to work a little bit with this one especially to avoid any brush marks. It is possible to get a smooth finish with a tiny amount of extra effort though.

        Copper - Love this, it's also got a slight satiny effect but also has shimmer included which emphasises the metallic finish. The copper colour is also very flattering to skin, something I didn't think it would be. I've been pleasantly surprised here.

        Black with gold shimmer - Possibly one of my favourite colours, the black works so well with the gold flecks, they reflect the light beautifully and the black provides the perfect background for them to stand out against. I find this colour to be perfect for Christmas and all the upcoming parties; it's a must-have.

        Deep red-purple - This is the one shade that confused me with this set, as I can't see the metal reference; am I missing something here? Anyway the colour is lovely regardless of its link to the metal theme. It is almost an exact dupe (but seems a touch darker) against my Essie Velvet Voyeur (autumn 2010 collection) polish so it is bang on trend.

        The polish seems to last a decent amount of time, I tried it with and without base and top coat and the first chip did indeed happen quicker without any base/top coat (1 and a bit days) but it did last a respectable 3 days with the base and topcoat, and I was able to patch it up enough to get a further day out of it. I used models own clear polish (£5) as both a base and top coat as I wanted to make sure the polish wasn't only lasting because I'd spent a fortune on the 'best' base and top coat.

        This set is perfect for a stocking filler gift, or even a secret santa - but is even more perfect if you want to keep them all to yourself (I don't blame you at all for this decision).

        Anyway, they're £8 for the set from Boots stores and also online, however they are currently out of stock on the boots.com website; and there appears to be 2 choices of colour available, precious metals as shown here (in the picture above) and smoky jewels.

        There are also swatch pictures of this set on my site (www.thebeautyscoop.co.uk) if you'd like to have a look at the colours out of the bottle.


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