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Boots No7 Poppy King Lipstick

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Brand: Boots / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      06.08.2011 21:44
      Very helpful



      Good quality lipstick in a nice range of shades.

      I'm not a great lipstick wearer and when I do indulge I am inclined to veer from the sublime to the ridiculous - bright red to barely there. Well on this occasion I had run out of my previous neutral shade and I was perusing the No.7 counter in boots clutching my £5 voucher to see what I could replace it with.

      I noticed a stand of limited edition lippies and lip glosses by Poppy King in lovely retro polka dot boxes. The lipstick itself is in a silver tube.

      This limited edition range comes in 7 shades each in a lipstick and a lip gloss:


      I went for Intrigue as it's a nice nude/pinkish colour. I chose the lipstick as I'm not a fan of lip glosses. I have very long hair which likes to glue itself to glossed lips if there is any hint of a breeze. Even though I chose the lipstick it's moisture rich and goes on easily. It's a lovely shade that just enhances your normal lip colour making you look healthily natural. I'm quite fair skinned and a brunette and its suits a paler complexion and the hint of colour stops me looking half dead like normal.

      I find it last very well and only needs reapplying once or twice a day. As the shade is so natural it's even easy to apply without a mirror.

      The silver tube is smaller than normal lipsticks but only by a small amount. This doesn't bother me too much as lipstick lasts me for ages though it loses a star for that. There's a nice touch with the Poppy King signature on the tube under the lid.

      This lipstick roams freely in the bottom of my hand bag, the lid stays on and hasn't cracked and the lipstick is perfectly protected so it's certainly sturdy.

      It sells for £12 a tube which is a tad expensive for the size - however if you wait until you have a No.7 £5 voucher then it's definitely worth getting.


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      17.07.2011 12:17
      Very helpful



      A good range of lipstick shades, ideal for the lipstick beginner

      I've recently started to wear more lipstick, and I was intrigued by the announcement that No7 (the well-known Boots brand of makeup) and Poppy King (an Australian lipstick specialist who created the high end Lipstick Queen line) were joining forces to create a new lipstick range. The seven shades looked interesting and I decided to pop into Boots to check the lipsticks out.

      There are seven lipsticks in the range, and each has a matching lip gloss. The colours each have name designed to reflect the inspiration behind each shade and the mood it is designed to create. The lipsticks are priced at £12 each (lip glosses are £11) and are attractively packaged in matte silver traditional tubes with polka dot boxes. Apparently the polka dot design was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot! The packaging is pretty and vintage-looking.

      The seven lip colours are as follows:
      History - red
      Power - rose
      Glamour - pink
      Seduction - blackberry
      Intrigue - pink nude
      Confidence - nude
      Allure - peach

      I bought the lipsticks in History, Glamour, Seduction and Allure, so these are the shades I can talk about in detail. Originally, I only bought History and Glamour, as these were the colours that immediately stood out for me. The others didn't attract me straight away, as they looked quite similar to each other and not as pretty. However, after really liking the two shades I chose I was impressed enough to pick up some more.

      History - History was designed as a red shade to represent the history of lipstick through the decades. Certainly, red is the 'classic' lip colour and it's very vintage! I'm really into red lipstick at the moment so History was an obvious choice for me.
      This red is slightly darker than what I would describe as a 'true' red. It can be applied lightly for a light wash of colour suitable for the day, or applied more heavily for a night-time look. I'm normally too cautious to wear red lipstick in the daytime, but I feel I can get away with this shade as it's so wearable. It's an ideal day-to-night shade.

      Glamour - This shade was inspired by the feminine 1950s and is described by Poppy King as an 'Antique Doll' shade. It is meant to be a flirty pink that adds a lighthearted note to your look. I chose this as I really wanted a pink lipstick, and was rather jealous of a friend of mine who's recently discovered her perfect pink lippy - I wanted my own perfect pink shade!
      This shade of pink is bright without appearing over the top or childlike. It really brightens my skin and I feel I really suit this shade of pink. It's feminine but not overly girly and I really like it.

      Seduction - this colour was designed to be seductive and mysterious. A rich blackberry shade, it is the darkest of the bunch. I wasn't sure about this one initially but took the plunge after liking other shades from the range. Dark lipstick has never appealed to me since I was obsessed with a horrible brown shade while in my early teens. However I decided to risk it!
      I actually really like this colour as it flatters my skin tone. One sheer coat is light enough to wear during the day but I can layer the shade up for the evening. It's quite an unusual shade for me to wear and I like it because of this. If you're a bit nervous about trying dark lipsticks, this is an ideal one to pick as it is very wearable.

      Allure - this shade is the most subtle one I chose and is described as a soft peachy shade, similar to a natural lip colour. After choosing a red, pink and blackberry shade I felt I could do with something a little quieter, and this colour is meant to draw people to you by whispering, not shouting.
      I really like this shade as a light lipstick for the summer. It goes well with light eye makeup and complements my skin well. It's an ideal shade to wear during the day because it is so natural, however there's no reason why you shouldn't wear it at night too.

      Although I was attracted to these lip colours and the philosophy behind them, I did initially take much of the spiel with a pinch of salt. However, after trying these lipsticks I think many of the claims are justified. The range of colours contains something for everyone and they seem to be designed to suit every woman. A point I should make here is that I am very pale skinned, as is Keeley Hawes (who advertises No. 7 and models this range of lipsticks on the website). I feel that anyone with a pale, English rose type of complexion could carry these shades off, but I can't speak for those with tanned, olive, Asian or black skins. It would certainly be worth giving them a try, however. Though I wasn't overly impressed with the range of colours to begin with, I've come to realise their subtle differences are their strength and there is truly something for everyone whether you're after a red, pink, darker or more neutral shade. The colours can be applied lightly for a subtle hint of colour, or layered for a more intense look. They aren't especially shiny but neither are they wholly matte. I'm beginning to think that Poppy King deserves her title of 'Lipstick Queen' as she really seems to know what she's talking about and has shunned bright, obvious colours in favour of something that is incredibly wearable and really suits women.

      The lipsticks are actually smaller than normal lipsticks, but I find this to be a positive thing. I have quite small lips and a smaller lippy is much easier to apply without going over my lip line and making a mess. In addition a smaller tube is easier to fit in a small handbag! The lid clicks on very securely so there's no danger of it coming off in my bag.

      I find that with a quick, slicked-on application, the lipstick lasts for a couple of hours and if I prep my lips by exfoliating, moisturising, using a lip brush and blotting the colour it can last around three or four hours - though less if I am eating and drinking. When it does wear off it tends, provided my lips are well moisturised, to wear off evenly, rather than in flakes or lumps, which is a definite plus! The lipstick isn't as moisturising as some I've used, but it doesn't dry my lips out either. I don't find that this lipstick bleeds, or goes over my lip line, and I tend not to bother wearing a lip liner with it. When I do, I use Too Faced's Borderline lip pencil which is a clear pencil you can use with any lip colour.

      I think these lip colours would suit anybody but they are ideal for someone who is new to lipstick or nervous about it. The shades really are so easy to wear and although you can prep and prime your lips to apply this lippy, you can also just slick it on and it still looks good. It feels really natural and light on your lips, and though it does transfer to cups when you're drinking (like any lipstick) it doesn't do this to a massive extent, and it doesn't have a tendency to stick to your teeth either which is a definite plus!

      I'm going to give this lipstick four stars. I've deducted a star because it is quite expensive, especially considering it is smaller than most lippies. In addition, it doesn't have the best staying power of any lipstick I've tried (though in fairness I've found that the lippies that last longest are around the £20 mark). However, it's still a worthwhile purchase and as I mentioned would be an ideal starting point for someone who is new to wearing lipstick.

      Poppy King lipsticks (and lip glosses) are available online at boots.com and in larger Boots stores. You can get hold of them at a reduced price by using a £5 No. 7 voucher or as part of a 3 for 2 offer if one is available.


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