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Boots No7 Radiant Glow Foundation

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boots / Type: Foundation

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    4 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 13:51
      Very helpful



      Perfect foundation that does what it says on the tin. Or bottle I should say!

      I have an unhealthy habit of buying make up that I can no longer purchase in high street shops, online. I know your not meant to do it but as the little girl on the Oreo advert says - I just can't help myself! My latest guilty online splurge was for the No7 Radiant Glow Foundation. It is no longer on the Boots website - but not for a bad reason, it is just that after a while and when new foundations have come out they have to get rid of the old for the new - which is a bit of a bonus for me and you as it means the stock will then be sold at a cheaper price from online outlets! I chose this particular foundation as a pick me up for my skin, I have hayfever and my nose seemed to resemble Rudolph and my eyes like a very tired badger so a good foundation is what I craved! It claims to make your skin appear 'beautifully radiant in an light' thanks to the little light reflecting particles that add a much needed healthy and luminous glow to keep your complexion looking flawless all day long! On reading that I was eagerly awaiting the knock from the postman - not the film with Jack Nicholson!

      After a short while I was presented with my parcel and looking forward to trying this foundation out to perk up Rudolph. The packaging reminds me a lot of the Revlon PhotoReady with the cylinder bottle measuring roughly 4 inches in height and 2 in diameter - perfect size for a foundation in my opinion as it fits in your handbag and has a good amount of product at 30mls. Around the bottle are the instructions and the No7 branding. Make sure you READ the instructions - I know a lot of people don't as we all know how to put foundation on, but with this one you will need to as you will be disappointed if you don't. The reason being is that the instructions tell you to SHAKE the foundation for a few seconds to release the air so it can react with the formula to make it light and fluffy. If you don't and just pump some out without the shaking then it will be very runny and watery!

      So once you have shook the bottle and taken the lid off you will see a pump - something I favour when it comes to make up! I like to squeeze about a 10 pence piece amount out to give my whole face a full coverage. On your hand it feels and looks very creamy and very silky - like to would actually be good for your skin not just your looks. I applied this with my fingers as I think a foundation brush would create a harsher look and sponges would absorb too much of it away! It glides over very easily and smoothly and does not sit in dry patches or cake and appear chalky! Once on, my skin looked more awake and much more glowing I was so happy! It is a semi matte finish however I would apply some powder over the top to stop shine and help it stay for longer!

      I got the shade 15 Buff as it is the lightest shade and it really suits my skin tone without being too pale or too orange! There is also a medium range shade called 35 Almond which is perfect to achieve that golden glow tan! And a darker shade entitled Mocha for darker skin tones.

      Overall I am very happy with this foundation and hope that Boots bring it back to the stores so that I don't have to keep ordering online and waiting days for it! If you would like to try for yourself there are a multitude of online sites that sell this as well as trusty old eBay and even Amazon.


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        15.04.2007 22:26
        Very helpful



        Having realised how much this is I now know how much of a bargain I actually got!!!

        On a recent trip to Boots to fill a prescription I was attracted to the little basket of reduced make up at the side of the till whilst waiting for the prescription.

        I am attracted by any kind of reduced bin – regardless of whether or not I actually need the product. I will rummage through in case there is a bargain lurking in there. I have actually been found in Debenhams sales buckets, dangling feet first trying to reach the bottom (well I am only 4ft 11) looking for bargains. But that’s probably yet another review. Back to this one…

        Anyway, I’d run out of my favourite Clinique foundation a few weeks before and I’d gotten an Estee Lauder replacement that cost an arm and a leg so I didn’t particularly want to use it every day so I was looking for a foundation that was a bit easier on the pocket so to speak.

        Rummaging through the bargain basket I came out triumphantly with a bottle of foundation. No 7 Radiant Glow foundation to be precise. I was even more ecstatic when I discovered that it was my shade.


        This product doesn’t come in a box, or at least the one I bought didn’t. Maybe it does if you buy it at full price. There is a cellophane hygiene wrapper around the lid and the upper part of the bottle to ensure that there has been no tampering.

        The bottle is clear glass so you can see the actual shade of the foundation that you are buying. The bottle is topped with the signature No 7 black top. In Grey lettering on the front of the bottle is the name of the product and on the back is the shade number and name along with it’s claim.

        The bottle contains 30ml of the product.

        The Claim

        Well No 7 claim that this foundation will help you ‘look beautifully radiant in any light’ and that the ‘light reflecting particles add a healthy luminous glow to keep skin looking naturally flawless all day long’.

        It then has the directions for use underneath this bit.

        I hadn’t read this before I got home but when I did I immediately thought ‘Blimey best not wear this with my Skinlights or else I’ll glow like a beleisha beacon!’

        So did it live up to it’s claims – let’s find out…

        The foundation

        I have very fair skin and don’t like to look too made up so I always opt for a nude shade and this is the one I chose from No 7. It is shade 15.

        No 7 state on the bottle that this foundation has SPF 15 and is hypo allergenic.

        I took off the cellophane and removed the black cap which just pulls upwards. Underneath the cap you have essentially a white pump mounted on a gold screw mechanism. After pumping a few times I managed to achieve a 5p blob of lotion which was more like streaky water.

        ‘Nice’ was my first thought. ‘No wonder it was bloody cheap’ was another thought as I stared at the streaky blob on my hand.

        Then I read the destructions on the back of the bottle and realised I hadn’t shaken the bottle before I pumped any out. After shaking the bottle I went back to pumping. Ah yes – that’s how it’s meant to be. A nice, even shaded 5p blob of lotion.

        It doesn’t smell, which I found rather odd as all other foundations I’ve had have had a slight or strong smell but this was noticeably absent from this foundation. The lotion is of a smooth consistency and not thick but not thin either so it keeps it’s shape when pumped out.


        I pumped out the 5p sized blob and then read the rest of the instructions. It says ‘Shake before use. Blend on smoothly and evenly with your fingertips or a sponge.’

        I actually dip my finger into the blob and splodge a bit on my forehead, chin, nose and each cheek before dampening a latex sponge (from Boots) and blending in the foundation.

        Make sure that you blend right under the chin and over the neck down towards the chest and again out into the hair line so that you prevent that hard make up line.

        I had a maths teacher at school who wore loads of make up and she always had a ‘tide mark’ on her neck where her foundation shade was wrong and she hadn’t blended properly. But back to my review..


        The lotion is of a nice consistency so you can easily splodge it where you want it and then blend away with a sponge. I feel it would look too heavy if you used your fingertips but maybe that’s just me as I like the less is more look, when it comes to makeup.

        I blended the foundation in really easily with the sponge as the consistency means that a little goes a long way and it really tones with your natural skin colour.

        After I’d finished my skin looked great. A more even skin colour (I have a typical English rose complexion) so I was pleased that my natural rosiness had been toned down. My skin kind of glowed and I didn’t need to use my Skin lights as usual. I just applied a little more foundation with the sponge under my eyes to relieve the dark circles and I didn’t even need my concealer after that as the foundation did the same thing!

        This product really does deliver exactly what it claims. I dusted over my translucent powder and stood back to survey the results. I looked so much better. My skin looked as good, if not better than when I’d used the Skin Lights for the first time. I literally glowed. There was a dewiness to my skin that hadn’t been there before. My skin felt soft to the touch and I didn’t look like I’d layered it on with a trowel. Really pleased with the results I set about applying the rest of my make up.

        Value for money

        For me this has been excellent value for money as I managed to get it for £1 in the bargain basket. I only need to use a couple of pumps of the product (about 10p size) for it to cover my whole face and also do the same job as a concealer and my Revlon Skin Lights in one product.


        Yes. Yes, Yes – even at full price you cannot fail to go wrong with this product. Yet another triumph for No 7 branding that previously to trying this and their moisturiser I wouldn’t have touched with a barge pole. What a turnaround.


        Boots stores

        This product is priced at £12.50 for 30ml bottle.


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          06.11.2006 20:49
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Lovely liquid foundation, just a shame about the shades on offer!

          Having run out of foundation and going out on Friday night, I nipped down to the local Boots during my lunch break. It has to be said that this branch isn't huge but it stocks most of the basic things that we expect from Boots.

          Due to the size of the store, the cosmetics on offer are relatively limited although I'm certainly not a cosmetic connoisseur!

          No7 Radiant Glow Foundation

          - Price -
          I was surprised by the quite high cost of this, £12.50 for 30ml.
          Boots.com have currently got a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment if you find that you truly love this foundation and want to stock up on it.

          - Colour Range -

          There are 6 shades available in this foundation:
          * Ivory
          * Buff
          * Blonde
          * Almond
          * Tan
          * Suede

          The store didn't have testers available in all of the shades but I knew that Ivory and Blonde would be too light for me. I tested a few on my hand and didn't find an exact match, I never do but plumped for the Almond as on my hand this appeared to be the best match.

          - Packaging -

          This comes in a good quality black box. Inside there is quite an elegantly shaped glass bottle with a large black lid.

          The foundation is dispensed from a push down nozzle which can be unscrewed for when you get to the last remnants of the foundation and the pump action doesn't get all the last bits out. It's generally for this reason that I prefer tubs as there is never any fear of waste!

          - What do Boots say? -

          * Look beautifully radiant.
          * Moisturising foundation.
          * Light-reflecting particles add a healthy luminous glow.
          * Keeps skin looking naturally flawless all day.
          * Blend in with fingers or a sponge.
          * SPF 15

          - My experience -

          This foundation has a pleasant smell, almost like a gentle moisturiser.

          It is a thin liquid which is very easy to apply.
          In the past some other foundations have needed a little bit of help in terms of me applying a little bit of moisturiser beforehand in order for them to be rubbed in gently and evenly distributed. Not so, with this one.
          Boots are right in their statement that the foundation is moisturising. It glides on so easily and doesn't dry out my skin at all.

          I'm not sure what the light-reflecting particles are all about but I have to say that this foundation doesn't give me a 'healthy, luminous glow'. It does even out all the imperfections of my ageing skin but I most definitely do not look beautfully radiant with it on, but hey, that's not the fault of Boots, I blame my genes!!

          My main gripe about the foundation is that it looks so much paler on my face than it did when I tried the tester. To me, Almond suggests quite a dark colour and so did the small colour code on the packaging but this really isn't the case.

          So as not to waste it, I use this alongside my darker nivea tinted moisturiser which is quite dry and the combined products give just the right shade!

          - Other No7 Foundations -

          No 7 boast 7 foundations:
          * Radiant Glow
          * Intelligent Balance Mousse
          * Stay Perfect Compact
          * Stay Perfect
          * Intelligent Colour
          * Uplifting
          * Essential Moisture

          - My Verdict -

          This foundation has a lot of plus points: moisturising, long lasting (i.e. no need to re-apply all night), easy to apply etc.. However my main reason for buying foundation is to even out my complexion and since this is too far off my natural skin colour, making me look very pale then it isn't ideal for me. If you were to find the correct shade then I'm sure you'd be happy with it. I think No7 need to look at their shades in this range as the almond is definitely paler than the shade shown on the box.

          Despite this I have given it 4 stars as the quality of the liquid foundation is very good.


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            31.07.2006 22:26



            Easy to use pump action bottle

            I love the easy to use pump action bottle, which is ideal for me with bad arthritic joints.

            The colour range is quite varied. The foudation is niether too shiney nor too dull. Gives just a nice sutble shimmer to the skin.

            Easy to blend with fingers or cosmetic sponges. Well moisturised skin helps this product to blend much better. I use both No7 skincare and make-up because I know they have great variety of colours and there products are ideal for dry sensitive skins as they are Hypo-allergenic and Frangrance free.

            Easily fits in most handbags, however if you take it out with you and get it out in the toilets then if you drop it then it can easily break, the best bet is to transfer a little into a small clean empty plastic pot (can use old eye cream pot or easily buy them for 99p from boots or superdrugs) Ideal then to pop into your handbag, whilst having a big bottle at home for home use.


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        • Product Details

          Look beautifully radiant in any light with this silky, moisturising foundation / Light-reflecting particles add a healthy, luminous glow, while soft, lightweight colour keeps skin looking naturally flawless all day long /

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