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Boots No7 Ultra Perfect Lips Kit

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Brand: Boots / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2009 14:19
      Very helpful



      A must have for us busy gals!

      Anyone who regularly reads my reviews will know my favourite subject is toiletries and cosmetics to write about. Most of my cash goes on these products as I like looking the best I possible can and when I feel it I know I look it. I do own far too much stuff I'm the first to admit that and I do need to take a break from splashing my cash on stuff I don't need at some point lol!

      I adore Boots and this is my problem. I can spend hours perusing in the store and I never leave without finding an offer or a deal on something and I have never left a store empty handed. One of my biggest problems in the store is the No7 counter. Not only do I love the advisor and always end up chatting to her for an age she knows I'm lamb to the slaughter and weedles her way into making me look at stuff and her enthusiasm always gets me going and I end up buying yet more make up I don't need! I feel our friendship could be one sided actually... lol

      The biggest problem with No7 is there seems to always be an offer on the products. Buy 2 get one free or spend so much get a free goodie bag or the worst spend so much money generally in store get a fiver off the range...etc. I love bargains but am coming to realise bargains only exist when you need/want/can use the stuff lol Yes well we all live an learn! It's just taking me an awfully long time to be honest lol.

      There are two things I find really hard to purchase cosmetic wise. Mascara for obvious reasons and lipsticks/glosses. Although I wear lipstick all the time I really actually don't like it at all and that's lip-glosses as well. I always find them irritating, greasy, too dry etc and would much rather not wear the stuff but feel that I have to. So although I do a lot of cosmetic reviews I don't tend to write many about lipsticks/glosses as I haven't bought any in a long time as they are not a happy product for me to buy!

      However my advisor (as I have previously mentioned) knows me rather well now and knows the above fact and I think this is why she was showing me these kits that cost £7.99, yeah and she knew she could convince me to buy it I bet lol. I shook my head furiously when shown them but yes ultimately left with one! Tut at me lol

      The Packaging....

      Is a square black plastic compact with No7 written at the bottom in gold where there is a sort of integrated push button to flip the compact open (does this easily but it is secure). When open you are met with 3 triangles of product on the bottom of the compact, a small brush and a small pencil with gold writing on it telling me it is No7 Lip Pencil. The top of the compact has a large proper mirror. On the bottom of the compact there is a black sticky label on there telling me in gold writing that it is 'Ultra Perfect Lips Kit' that contains Lip Treatment Balm, Nude Lip Liner, Neutral Lip Colour, Soft Sugar High Shine Gloss and that it is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. There is then stuff written in a foreign language and I'm told the weight of the product (3x1g NET Wt, the recycle symbol is shown, contact details for Boots are given and there is a white-bar code on there too. All in all it's nice packaging and there doesn't feel like there is something missing from the kit. You really do have it all and it's well thought out from the lip stuff, to the brush, even having a lip liner and the mirror is great. This really is beauty on the go. These kits are also available in different colour combinations though these are only stocked at large Boots outlets. It's not a hefty size either and slips into a handbag great. I am impressed with the design of this greatly.

      Using Them....

      Well you use them as you desire of course. You can use the clear balm (in all the 'Ultra Perfect Lips Kit') on it's own as a treatment. Apply it with the brush or with a finger and it is clear and smooth but not very greasy but it is moisturising and hydrating. Personally I like to use it as a base under lip colour to create a really smooth base.

      The glosses (one is like a gloss but is actually a lip colour) are not thick or gloopy and again you can use the little brush (the brush is plastic and black and all you can see in the case is a handle and you click the button up to reveal an excellent quality brush that doubles in size) and the brush smears the colour on. It really isn't sticky at all and doesn't leave a mess in the compact after using them. It glides on evenly, doesn't smell as promised nor taste and it really feels good quality and not one bit greasy. It gives a nice shine but not a plastic, cheap trout pout look to the lips but a very nice, sophisticated and grown up appearance is all that is given.

      Again you can use the pencil which in my case is nude but is really a hint of pink. Again that is moist, comes off the pencil easily and doesn't clump up or drag. If you want it to go on even smoother than it does already use it over the top of the clear balm and then use the gloss/lip-colour.


      For someone who is not a fan of lipstick or glosses this really is the dogs danglies bits. It's such a well designed product with plenty in and I love the fact that there are two colours to choose from that you can mix and match as you desire. I've never been a fan of using a lip liner but with it in the kit I have started to really appreciate the benefits of using one as it really does define shape.

      Once on the lips (whatever way you apply the colour and regardless of using the lip liner etc) expect about and hours worth of wear with eating and drinking etc. However this wins as it's all easy to reapply and freshen your look up anyway.

      Recommended? Absolutely. It's great. Just the lip balm alone has treated my lips to a hydrating moisture surge and my lip skin has never felt smoother in general. The gloss and lip-colour are glossy without feeling like I've licked a slab of butter on the way of the door to my chosen destination and the looks achieved are grown up and sophisticated and look like I know what I'm doing with my make up. This really is on the go beauty and if like me you can go out in the morning and find yourself partying till dawn unexpectedly this is a godsend! This lives in my handbag , has lasted me ages and when I run out...I need another one! lol Brilliant!


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