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Bourjois 10 Day Nail Polish

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Brand: Bourjois / Type: Nail Polish

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2013 20:07
      Very helpful



      Comes with a great brush for top ups - just as well as it doesn't stay chip free for long

      The amount of excuses I can come up with to justify buying a new nail polish is as long as your arm, but recently I used a holiday as a good chance to buy a couple more because I would have my nails painted every day.. Anyway, I bought the Bourjois 10 day Anti Chip nail polish because I liked the idea of painting it on and forgetting about it for the majority of the holiday. I went for colour number 15 which is a rosy mid pink that I thought would go with a lot of what I was packing. The colour really is lovely but sadly, the polish is a let down in almost every other way..


      The polish may be called 10 days but a closer look at the bottle says "up to". I didn't mind that as I don't usually get varnish to last half that time, and I always take the makers claims with a pinch of salt anyway. On reading the back of the bottle I discovered the words "including touch ups". This was a bit more disappointing as I could claim many of other nail products last 10 days if I didn't count the top ups but they don't tend look as good as simply staring afresh. On the Boots website they say that the first polish application would last up to 7 days, and the top up would extend the finish for a further 3 days. The other main product claim is the fact the polish is enriched with "pro-silicium" which is supposed to leave your nails up to twice as strong.


      The polish costs £5.99 for 9ml. It has quite a distinctive shape bottle as the lid has a end that looks as though it has been pinched flat. This is of course the brush handle - a fact that makes it easy to grip and manipulate. The really innovative thing about the brush is supposed to be it's head which does indeed have an unusual form. It is quite thin and flat, and the end is slanted to make touch ups easier. It looks as though it has been cut across at an angle so all the bristles are not the same length. At first I must say that I couldn't really get on with this brush at all. The features that made it good for the touch ups seemed to make it awkward to use for actually painting your nails in the first place. The bristles stay neat and do not flare out much and you can use the small wider part of the end to gently fix minor nail edge chips with a lot of accuracy. The result looks smooth and even and it really doesn't look like a repair. The downside is I kept forgetting the brush was not level at the end so neither were my brush stokes when I was putting on the polish initially. I had a gap near the cuticle where the shorter bristles were. In the end, I found the best results come if you use the brush at a slight angle. Should you have any gaps, don't be tempted to fill them in straight away. This is because the polish goes to the "tacky" stage of drying very quickly and smudges are easy to produce if you to correct the finish immediately. Frustratingly, the polish stays at that slightly sticky stage for well over 5 minutes so it isn't especially quick drying in the end.


      The pigment is fantastic and the depth of colour looks great even after just one coat. The finish is slightly glossy but I don't think it would appeal to those looking for a really high shine finish. You could of course use a glossy top coat. I do like the look of my nails though, especially the smoothness even after you have done a chip repair. The colour also looks incredibly even which is great as I have sometimes found this isn't the case when you apply too much colour "patching".

      10 DAYS LATER..

      Never mind 10 days later, how about 24 hours! The number of chips at the nail edge stood at two by then when I first used this. (With two coats plus a base.) I decided I hadn't been fair by not using a top coat so I popped one on, and the perfect finish lasted exactly 1 more day. I was very disappointed because I had done none of the things I normally do to upset my varnish, due to having some days off work. No gardening/typing/even washing up. I could and did repair the damage but I had to continue doing so almost every day- at the nail edge and after 4 days I removed the polish altogether as I had a larger flaked off piece in the middle of two nails. What is strange is I also bought the Bourjois 1 Seconde polish at the same time and I found it actually lasted longer than this so called 10 day one. On a positive note, it does come off perfectly easily with a basic remover and left no staining behind. I can't tell whether it has made my nails any stronger - there is no obvious evidence of that, but I did not have very weak nails in the first place.

      OUT DONE

      When discussing this polish with a friend, she recommended that for really long lasting nails I could either layer up the base coat and polish several times - eg use a base between coats as well as on the nail first off, or I could try the NYC Expert Last nail polish. Being lazy, I choose the easy option and bought the NYC polish. I am afraid it puts it's more expensive Bourjois version to shame. One coat, yes just one, with no top coat remained chip free for 4 days whereas 2 coats stretched that to 6. I have had some on my toe nails for a good week and it still looks great.


      I wouldn't say this polish came close to living up to it's claims as regarding a long lasting finish. I love the top up brush, at least when used for repairing chips. I intend to clean it up when I have done with the Bourjois polish so I can use it with other brands. I wouldn't recommend you buy it if you really want a long lasting finish, partly because I have found superior products for that purpose as mentioned above. However, because the depth of colour is excellent and the finish good while it lasts, I am not going to rate it to harshly. If you like one of the 11 or so shades and don't mind re-applying often, it is worth trying, but I do feel that at £5.99 it is a bit over priced.


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