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Bourjois Anti Shine Blotting Sheets

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Brand: Bourjois

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    2 Reviews
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      24.05.2011 21:43
      Very helpful



      Really Rubbish Blotting Sheets.

      The sunny and hot weather is something I adore and yet hate at the same time. Obviously I love the sunshine and the warm weather but I hate what it does to my hair - turns it frizzy and my face - turns me into a sweaty, bright red mess who's make-up seems to run like a waxwork - not a good look I think you'll agree. Now I can combat most of the shininess and redness by using my usual shine free powder and most of the time that seems to do the trick but in very hot weather I dont think theres anything you can do to stop your face sweating/your make-up fading or running. But I decided to try and find a product that would help stop any excess shine in this warm weather and these 'Bourjois Anti-Shine Blotting Sheets' were what I opted for. Why do I never learn to read reviews before I buy - these are rubbish, you can save yourself a few pennies by reading this review!!

      Useful Information:
      Price: Around £7 - 50 blotting sheets.
      Stockists: Amazon - I THINK these may have been discontinued now so they might not be that widely available to buy in high street stores.
      Other Info: The main aim of these sheets is to keep your face looking matte and fresh all day. These promise to get rid of any excess sebum or oils on your skin without removing any make-up - these can be used on any part of your face BUT they are recommended for - your T-Zone, nose and chin.

      *Now I dont suffer with oily skin under NORMAL circumstances but something about the warm weather plays havoc with my face - normally I wouldnt have any use for these. Thank god!!*

      The packaging for these sheets is actually the main thing that attracted me to them in the first place and actually remains the one thing I like about the product! These come in a cardboard envelope shaped package that is covered in giraffe type print - or leopard print depening on how you look at it and one things for sure it definitely eye catching as thats the main reason I bought it! On the front and back of the box is all the information you could need on the product (apart from the fact that they dont work!!) - directions for use, shelf life etc and there is also an additional address to write to should you have any additional questions or queries. The blotting sheets themselves in basic terms look like small squares of tracing paper - they look and feel EXACTLY the same very thin and they dont feel like they would be very soft on your face but I still decided to carry on and see if they worked any better than the felt/looked. I do like the packaging though as the size and design makes it perfect for carrying around and using on the go so its just a shame the product inside isnt so brilliant.

      So to use these sheets you simply dab or blot them onto the area(s) where you feel you have excess oil or shine - for me thats usually my nose and T-Zone but I guess that will vary depending on the person and you can use these ANYWHERE on your face not just the usual areas. As I mentioned this feels and look exactly like tracing paper in the packaging and sadly it feels just the same on my face - I assumed this would have to be a bit thicker to soak up the oil because when I was blotting with these they just seemed to slip about my face rather than stay in one place long enough to soak anything up which should have been my first clue that these were not up to the job. They are far to thin and made of a very strange material - if it was thicker and not so slippy I think these would have worked much better. Thats a serious design flaw in these blotting sheets in my opinion.

      To put it bluntly - these do not work. For a start they dont remove any oil or shine from my face at all - my nise in particular still looked shiny like it did before I used one of these sheets and I could notice not one bit of difference in my appearance ... well maybe one. These sheets SERIOUSLY smudged and rubbed off my make-up. The fact that they claimed to be as effective when used with make-up was the main reason I bought these but that claim could not have been more wrong. After I used one of these sheets my foundation looked oddly patchy where the sheet had been blotted and there was clear foundation all over the paper - I then felt the need to apply more make-up which obviously didnt do any good for my already oily and shiny skin. These simply dont work and because they were so rubbish for me I wouldnt recommend them to others - Id give them no stars if I could as they are a waste of money. And they dont do anything they claim to!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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        16.06.2008 22:38
        Very helpful




        I paid £7 for the "Bourjois anti shine Blotting Sheets"
        It includes 50 sheets

        What does the promo say?
        The booklet that fights against unwanted shine! Lightly press the blotting sheet over shiny areas (the T-zone: forehead, nose, and chin). The sheet will absorb excess sebum without removing your make-up!

        Perfect to carry around in your handbag for quick fixes. 50 non-powdered sheets.
        My experience
        Blotting sheets purpose is basically to keep your skin clean, fresh and matte. The sheets are supposed to blot up breakthrough of oil-even through makeup. They are supposed to prevent touch ups during the day as you have removed the oil from your skin; however I had to do more touch ups as this product removed my make-up instead.

        You're supposed to remove one sheet from the packaging and Blot the sheet against skin in oily areas.

        I won't be buying this product again, as when I dabbed it onto the oily areas of my skin, make-up came off on the sheet and no sign of oil just foundation.
        So basically it doesn't even do its job, I tried using the product without make-up so I could see it working, and there wasn't at all any oil on the sheet.
        And it removed my foundation when it actually says on the packaging that it wouldn't remove make-up.

        The packaging!
        A problem with the packaging is that the cardboard evelope they come in is far too small, so when I take a blotting sheet out of the envelope I can't put it back in if vie taken more than what I need.

        I think I prefer the way Mac packaged their blotting sheets by using a compact case, if the cardboard has a tiny bit of water on it can look damaged and soggy.

        I expected the oil blotting sheets to be amazing as I've bought clinque products before and I've being truly satisfied with them.

        I think Bourjois could of tried a little harder on this product, I defiantly would recommend any of their other products such as the wonderful skin care range they have to offer but I'm afraid this product didn't satisfy my needs what so ever.


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      • Product Details

        Fight against shine! The booklet that fights against unwanted shine! Lightly press the blotting sheet over shiny areas (the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin) / The sheet will absorb excess sebum without removing your make-up! Perfect to carry around in your handbag for quick fixes / 50 non-powdered sheets /

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