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Bourjois Cheeks & Lips Light Effect Gloss

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Brand: Bourjois / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2008 22:14
      Very helpful



      Not worth the money in my case, I should have tested first!

      I do love cosmetics that are multi functional and that don't take up too much room in a dainty handbag for glamour on the go. I want to have as much of an effortless beauty regime as I possibly can but still require optimal results of course!

      This stood out to me when I saw it in Boots. I was particularly looking for a lip-gloss and with my love of blusher type products as well this seemed a rather appealing product to me. I had this image of lovely, celebrity looking shiny cheekbones and pouty nude looking luscious lips. It's true to say this product excited me greatly (yes I know, I am that sad) lol

      The Packaging....

      It's a clear plastic round pot. The middle bit where the product sits is slightly sunken in so when you first use the product it's all smooth and on the same level type of thing. On the front in gold writing I'm told it's Bourjois, Paris and that it's Cheek & Lips Light Effect Gloss (Gloss Levres & Pommettes), I assume that's French as the brand Bourjois is! On the back in black writing I'm told it's 'Gloss Effet Lumiere' and again that it's levres & Pommettes/Cheek & Lips Light Effect Gloss. There there is a small white bar-code, contact details for Bourjois and that it's oddly enough made in Italy (LOL) and then there's a few symbols on there such as the recycle symbol and finally the weight of the product is stated. Very plain packaging but robust enough to throw in a handbag and it stays in good condition without getting scratched or falling apart. The lid simply flips open (it is attached at the back so you don't lose it) but it isn't as nice looking as the majority of Bourjois products as it's so plain and simple but it is functional enough to be fair.

      The Gloss....

      Well I have researched this product to make sure I give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and to give you the full picture about this product. I can't find much information about it at all and as there is no colour stated on the base of the compact/pot/thingy. I assume there is only one colour available and this is it. Basically the gloss is a peachy kind of bronze colour and is highly shimmery although I've really delved into it to see why it's so full of shimmer and I can't find any pieces of glitter in the product. I'm not saying they are not there but I can't see them and even put me specs on to take a closer look lol The consistency is kind of gloopy though not as greasy on the fingers as I was expecting. If you put your finger into it it isn't hard and it isn't runny but you can make peaks out of the gloss (easiest way of describing it I think lol) and it feels smooth to the touch.

      The smell is very light and delicate and to my nasal passages smells a little like cocoa butter lotion, but it is only a hint and not invasive at all.

      Using It....

      Firstly we will talk about it as a lip gloss. This comes with no brush or applicator. You simply have to supply your own brush or applicator or use a finger. I use a finger as I never remember I need a brush or anything and I lose them anyway or make a mess in me handbag with forgetting to wipe them after use so this method works best for me.

      You can either apply a little over an existing lipstick or simply use it on it's own and I have used it in both of these ways. If applying over lipstick do make sure your lippy is blotted before putting this on or you end up with too much product on your lips and said lips slide everywhere. You only need a small amount of this and I simply rub it over the top and this gives me no problems at all. The gloss is shimmery but not in your face and you can see most colours under it although of course not very light shades of lipstick. Once on it stays on about an hour (tops). It doesn't taste which I like about it and the smell so near to the nostrils is delicate. Once it comes off just reapply lipstick and or gloss over the top again. It's not long lasting and it does come off bringing the lipstick off also so you have to be ready to reapply.

      Using it alone is very simple of course and again it'll stay on about a hour tops. It's shimmery but almost nude and very natural looking. I can see it on me but only just. Light reflecting used both ways? Yes I guess it is but it isn't an astounding or astonishing product. I can't define or shape my lips with a nude colour and I feel I need something with a bit more colour in it for that reason. I have no bow to my lips and I feel I need to fake it just a little!

      Now they are the effects but the feel of this on lips for me is just too greasy (even with using very little product) and that's why I can't seem to keep it on. Kiss someone and they get smeared in it and it's off straight away. The only reason I can get an hour of wear out of it is because I don't drink, eat or smoke. I just sit and pout. Do something and it's off. The only good thing is that it doesn't transfer colour anywhere just this greasy looking film and it wipes off easy enough. If you are someone who makes a lot of mistakes with lip products this is fool proof because as it's nude you can't see any mistakes! I would say this is moisturising due to a high grease content and therefore great for dry/chapped lips but me? Well my lips are fine thank-you very much and I don't like the feel of using this on me at all. It feels a bit too heavy though not really sticky but me? I can't see any great effects so it's a pointless product.

      Using it on the cheeks excited me too. Glossy lips, glossy cheekbones and a natural glow wow. Well reality bites us up the a** sometimes eh?? lol Again I have used this on a 'naked' face and a full mask of make up.

      On a naked face it looks like I have splodged some butter or something on my cheekbones by accident. Having said that only in a certain light and in that light it shows up loads of imperfections you didn't even know you had. Touch cheeks and they feel a bit clammy for say an hour and then the product gets eaten by your face and vanishes in. It does nothing at all for me. I do think if you had olive or darker skin you make fair better with this but me, I'm pale and goth like and it doesn't have anything to work with and highlight. My spots under my skin were highlighted and black heads I didn't know I had became visible along with tiny broken veins. However like I say that was only in a certain light, the rest of the time I saw no effects at all.

      Using it over the top of other make up on your face is ok. I have used this on top of foundation and on top of a variety of different formulated blushers (wet and dry etc) and it glides over the top of that quite easily. A little of your base comes off onto your fingers as it gets lifted with the gloss but have a tissue hand it's fine. The results? None really any yet again. It sinks into skin a bit better than wearing it on a naked face but really, I can't see any benefits on me at all so I cant even say oh it stays on the face an hour or so. I won't lie I don't know and no one has ever commented on the product when I'm wearing it. It doesn't feel uncomfortable though and you can forget it's there but again I can't see the point in putting this on!


      I would say it totally depends on your colouring and if interested in this product do really test it out first in good light before parting with your cash. For me I just found it didn't do much on the face and on the lips I didn't like the heavy texture of it. It's too light by miles! I don't say avoid it like the plague as I can see how it would work on some people but me... well I won't be buying or using it again and I see it as yet another waste of my money lol

      I paid £7.99 in Boots for my pot but haven't seen it in the store recently. If interested you need to look on Bourjois counters but you can google it as it is available for purchase online as well.


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