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Bourjois Levres Contour

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Brand: Bourjois / Type: Lip Liners. These smooth, creamy liners won't flake or bleed. Use to outline and define the shape of the lips with this non-drying and smoothing texture. Each shade complements the Bourjois lipstick ranges for long-lasting colour. / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2010 20:55
      Very helpful
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      A great investment lip liner

      I only ever use lip liner for nights out and special occasions, and even then I prefer a very subtle look. Some lip liners I have used in the past have been too stark or not very easy to blend, and I was looking for a product that would be creamy and blend in with my lip colour. Having heard good things about the Levres pencils, I decided several months ago to invest in one.

      The Levres Contour lip pencils are available in a number of colours/shades:

      - Piquante
      - Extravagante
      - Explosive
      - Exaltee
      - Fantaisiste
      - Audacieuse
      - Coquette
      - Enjoleuse
      - Facetieuse
      - Glamsage
      - Spirituelle

      Unfortunately the titles of the shades reveal little about the colour, and the language barrier also goes some way to preventing the consumer from picturing the colour also. However, my own liner is entitled Glamsage, and is a dusky, almost fleshy pink. Similarly, Extravagante is a deep scarlet, bordering on chocolate, while Facetieuse falls somewhere between dark red, orange and brown. With the lid attached the pencil measures just over 13cm in length, and regardless of the shade you select the lid is dull silver in appearance. The text on the pencil is a similar shade, and contrasts nicely against the background colour. The pencil is recyclable, and each one weighs 1.14g.

      To use the pencil you merely have to pull off the cap and apply the tip of the pencil to your lips. You need apply only a small amount of pressure for the product to transfer a slick of colour onto your lips. The first thing you notice about the liner is how creamy it is, and what a comparatively thick layer is transferred onto your lips from the pencil. Because it is so soft it is easy to blend into your lips, although you should be careful about how much product is already present on your lips when you apply the liner. If you have applied a lot of gloss prior to using the liner you will find it is a messy task attempting to blend the two together, and the effect will not be as good as if you apply a small amount of gloss, then liner, blend, then apply the final touch of gloss. With lipstick it is a different story: you should apply a primer to your lips, then a coat of lipstick, then apply a shade of liner that is both complimentary to, and slightly darker than, the lipstick you have used. I find the easiest way to blend the liner into lipstick is by smudging the line upwards, as this makes it 'bleed' into your lipstick and creates a subtle plumping effect.

      One of the best things about this product is its longevity. Providing you are not wiping the entire underside of your lip against your glass every time you take a sip, I find I do not have any need to reapply the liner on an evening out. True, it will diminish in appearance slightly, but if anything I find this only makes it look more natural on my lips. This impressed me a lot, as the Glamsage shade I owned is one of the paler shades in the range, and for it to remain on my lips at the end of the night when it was so subtle to begin with is quite a feat. Even better is that removing it is not very difficult, either. Most of it will transfer off your lips with a cotton pad, providing you apply some pressure. Should any traces remain, which the do occasionally, depending on how thick a slick you use to begin with, these can be removed with a touch of cleanser applied to a second cotton pad.

      I was very impressed by the Levres lip liner, although given its £6.00 - £9.00 price tag, my expectations were high. I paid £6.00 for the Gramsage liner, purchasing it online from uk.strawberrynet.com. Although I love the texture and consistency of the product, I feel that its tendency to transfer so much of the liner onto my lips at one time can sometimes be wasteful, and I have to wipe some away. Applying less pressure does not always lessen this, either. Its many other positive attributes have led to some fun experimenting however, and with so many shades to choose from you are certain to find a shade to suit your needs. Being so easy to blend and creating so glamorous a look, this is great investment product. Recommended.


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        17.06.2009 10:56
        Very helpful



        A natural looking defined line .

        Are there any benefits to using lip liner ?

        I would suppose that everyone has there own theory on this subject, if lip liner is applied well and the right colour choice is made then not only can it make thinner lips look much plumper but it can ensure that your lips become a focal point.
        But lip liner can also work in reverse too, if you have larger lips and you would like to make them look smaller then a light lip line worked just inside of the lip - again being careful to choose the right shade - can make your lips look far smaller.

        I would think that a lot of women tend to steer clear of lip liner thinking that it looks so `wrong` or artificial, but if it is applied correctly it can look so right.
        Always take care of the skin on your lips, treat the skin in exactly the same way as you would treat the skin on your body. Make sure that you moisturise your lips each day and keep the skin as smooth and supple as you possibly can.

        Inexpensive lip lining pencils are a bit of a waste of time and money, usually the cheaper lip liners come in bog standard colours and once they are applied they look harsh - I know because I have tried it and it just doesn't work.

        Bourjois offer nine different shades in their Levres contour lip liner range so they have given us a shade to match most lipsticks.
        I cannot tell you that the lip liner looks any different to any other on the market, after all it is difficult to make a lip lining pencil look anything different than what it is !

        The Bourjois lip lining pencils have been coated with a colour that closely matches the colour that is contained in the pencil, so this gives you a good indication when choosing a new pencil.
        You really need to buy your new lip liner with a specific colour of lipstick in mind, always make sure that you choose the pencil in a shade that is marginally lighter than your lipstick.

        Bourjois have given us a good selection to choose from. I chose `Piquant` it blends in so well with brown tones. Don't think that you can use a blunt lip lining pencil, it just won't work, put the pencil into the fridge to let it cool and then use a pencil sharpener to get a fine point.
        You will find that the Bourjois pencil sharpens easily and it doesn't keep breaking off midstream, continually wasting the pencil.

        Bourjois have ensured that the lip lining pencil is soft enough to glide along the edge of your lips but strong enough to allow you to create a good strong defined line.
        As long as you have moisturised you lips you should have no trouble in achieving an unbroken line.
        Don't forget you want this line to blend into the lipstick, you don't want it to stand out in a crowd.
        The Bourjois lip liner feels sleek and creamy as you apply it, it has no smell or flavour but is able to create a good defined line.

        Once you have finished outlining your lips then you can apply your lipstick using it straight from the tube or by putting it onto a brush.
        Bourjois lip liner doesn't bleed so when you apply your coat of lipstick then you have effectively sealed the lipstick inside of the liner.
        This is another benefit of using lip liner, it does stop lipstick bleeding into small lines around your mouth, if that happens it can be really ageing.

        So, Bourjois have offered us a good soft and creamy lip lining pencil that is easy to apply. They have made sure that the range comes in a good collection of colours that will compliment most lipsticks.
        It is not as inexpensive as some but it is far more effective than many and I think that it is well worth shelling out for.
        If you decide to try one then take a goood look around at the prices, you can pay as little as £3 on eBay or as much as £7 from a chemist, so have a good hunt around.


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