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Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal

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Brand: Bourjois / Type: Eyeliner

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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2013 16:01
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      Not an eye liner I like to use

      I am a big fan and like to rock the dark eyed look but it isn't often I go shopping for new eyeliners to try. I usually don't mind what it is or the brand, I only mind that it's black shade and goes on consistently. Out shopping with my sister in Boots and we bump into a friend that works in there - a girl who also loves the dark eyed look. She recommended it to me to give it a go, at first I wasn't keen as the price put me off quite a bit. £6.99 for an eyeliner that is quite short in length so I tried a tester and I saw how black and thick it was and decided to give it a try.

      This measures only a few inches high similar to a lipstick but a little bit fatter. The packaging is quite appealing. I'm not a girly girly but this looks quite cute with a black ribbon on the top. When taking the lid off this it is very similar to a lipstick because you have to twist it and the eyeliner will pop up. It is thick and coned shape this is so you don't need to waste time sharpening it. This is really ideal for me because I'm so clumsy and drop things all the time so when sharpening my cosmetics they always break and end up being unusable so it's really handy not having to do that with the queen eyeliner.

      Bourjois say "Bring out the Cleopatra in you! Famous for intensifying and beautifying the eyes, our Queen Attitude Khol Kajal gives a smooth and perfect line every time.Cone-shaped for precision and to create an intense black line.Enriched with pigments and natural waxes for a blendable, soft and ultra- easy application.The Khol can be used on both the inner and outer rim of the eyes. Paraben-free."
      Because of the way it is shaped it is supposed to be applied at a slight angle so I have tested this out a few different ways to see the best way and the best results for me.

      Usually I have a nice thick line across the top of my lashes and a deep brown eye shadow. I decided to try and give this a go with the Khol eyeliner. I put this on before my eye shadow because I don't fully colour my eye lid I just use the colour for highlighting. Using the eyeliner at a angle like suggested (It should stay in it's cone shape this way) I found that I had to hold the outer corner of my eye and stretch it a little so a consistent line would form. I did it thin at first and then built on top in case I went wrong. This was ok but I noticed that it wasn't nearly as good as using liquid. After a little while I noticed that this was rubbing off and smudging onto my eyelid so I decided this wasn't a good way to wear it.

      Secondly I wore my normal liquid eyeliner but would put a smooth line of eyeliner on my lower last line. Again using this at an angle I found that it was too chunky in size and I either poking myself in the eye at the same time or drew on the skin below my lash line by accident. It was very line and not precise at all due to the chunkyness of the liner. After cleaning up parts of my eye I was happy with the result. It was a deep black and went on this colour straight away without me having to go over it and over it to get it thicker. However again This smudged below my eye after a few hours. This smudged on it's own without me touching my eyes. However when I'm tried my eyes water and I work early mornings so of course I'm tired.. This doesn't look great when I have huge panda eyes at work. I look like I've been on a night out rather than only just applied the make up.

      After this I gave up for a little while and I just didn't use it because I was fed up of the effects it was given me. When I returned I decided to apply a thick amount by not angling this on the outer corner of my eye and I made the line get slowly thicker. This is a really nice way of making good gothic eyes without looking like a horrible panda, or a tramp. And surprisingly this worked really well because I could use it directly for a thick line and angled it when I need it to go thinner but I knew it would soon smudge. My way to try and stop this was to apply a little black eyeshadow on the top of it.. and this actually worked!

      Finally finding a technique that worked for me I continued to use this eyeliner but I have never bought another one of these. It does wipe off straight away but it doesn't excuse all the smudges. I don't apply cosmetics for it to end up being somewhere else on my face and not where I applied it. Because of the thickness of the liner it makes it hard to achieve the look you actually want. I believe that if this eye liner was in a traditional pencil form it would of been so much better but the smudging lets it down so much.


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        04.02.2013 18:59
        Very helpful



        An intense black kohl kajal eyeliner from Bourjois, designed to give your eyes the Cleopatra look

        In the run-up to Christmas, I was lucky enough to win a few prizes from a beauty competition, and Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal is one of them. It's not a product I would ever have thought of buying for myself, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to try it. I believe that this kohl liner was launched last November, along with its sister product, the Queen Attitude Mascara. According to Bourjois' own website, the mascara is designed to 'volumise and lengthen your lashes in a sideway sweep, Cleopatra-style'.

        The packaging of the kohl is lovely, and quite quirky - certainly different to the usual pencil shape. I believe that it is meant to reflect a traditional kohl container, and checking online, I have found similar products using the same packaging design. The container is black, with blue and gold lettering. One end is flat, so that you can stand it upright, while the other end is domed and flaunts a stylish piece of black ribbon. There is 2.5ml of product, it is good for twelve months after opening, and the packaging is recyclable.

        The kohl itself should be twisted up, almost like a lipstick bullet, and it comes in the form of a long slender cone. This has been designed for precision application and also so that it never needs sharpening. You are supposed to apply it at a slight angle, as this will apparently help keep the point nice and sharp.

        The information I found on the product page of Bourjois' website tells me that this liner is 'Cone-shaped for precision and to create an intense black line. Enriched with pigment and natural waxes for a blendable, soft and ultra-easy application'. It also explains that this liner can be used on 'both the inner and outer rim of the eyes', and that it is Paraben-free. It is only available in one colour, Intense Black.

        Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal is designed to give you a Cleopatra-like dark and intense eyeliner. Kohl has been used in one form or another since 3100 BC, so it's obviously a look we like! The relative softness of this kohl means that it is beautifully easy to apply, and makes it easy to create quite a bold look. It does not pull or drag on the delicate skin of the eye. However, I found that although it was very easy to apply under my bottom lashes, the same was not true on my upper eye. I found it quite difficult to apply a neat and steady line here, and my efforts got a bit thick and messy. I don't have the same problem when using a pencil eyeliner.

        This kohl liner does help to give you a dramatic, smokey-eyed look, and it has also been formulated so that it will work well, without irritation, on your waterline. I don't normally wear liner here, as I find that it irritates my eyes and my skin, but I did practise when preparing to write this review. The kohl went on very easily, and stayed in place well. Because the Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal is so soft, I think it's ideal for using on the waterline.

        When I began using this product, I tried it first on a 'naked' eye. I usually use a couple of dabs of pressed powder to prepare my eyelids for eyeshadow and eyeliner, and lately I have been alternating between a couple of liquid primers from ELF and Urban Decay (having read excellent reviews of both). I found that when I tried to apply a thicker line above my upper lashes (trying for the Audrey Hepburn look), the kohl wore away fairly quickly - but not before it had transferred itself to my upper eye with some dark smudges. So I tried again, using either powder or a primer. Although it took longer to wear away, and the effect wasn't quite as noticeable, smudges did once again transfer. With Urban Decay the residue on my upper lid was noticeable after half an hour. The ELF primer did a better job. I should point out, though, that this only happened after applying a thick line. A more restrained application - a single line of colour - stayed nicely in place. I found that this eyeliner is removed fairly easily with a make-up removal wipe.

        However, even though - at the age of 57 - my upper eyelids are starting to droop slightly, I still don't want my eyeliner to wander upwards. Nor do I want to have to apply a primer every time I wear eye make-up. While I liked the intensity of colour that this kohl liner provides, I don't think it's for me. Although I'm glad to have had the opportunity of trying this product, I'm going to stick to my Holy Grail eyeliner, Estee Lauder's Automatic Eye Pencil Duo.

        I'm a huge fan of Bourjois cosmetics, but I'm afraid I found this kohl a bit of a disappointment. I prefer an eyeliner product that can be applied with rather more precision, and that stays where it is put. However, if I wore liner on my waterline, I think the Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal would be ideal. As I haven't persevered with this product, I'm afraid don't know whether the cone keeps its shape after prolonged use.

        Boots currently sell Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal for £6.99. As of the time of writing (4th February), there is an offer there of 'Buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected Bourjois cosmetics', and there is also a free gift (Bourjois Paris Sparkle and Glam Face Jewel pack) when you buy two or more selected Bourjois products. However, the free gift is currently showing as out of stock online. You can also buy this product from Superdrug (£6.99), Tesco (£5.00), and Asos (£6.99 - they offer free delivery and returns). I found one current auction on eBay,although it didn't offer much of a saving.

        I'm going to give this product three stars. While it works really well beneath my lower lashes, and on the waterline, I found it hard to apply a clean line above my upper lashes.

        (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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