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BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

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Brand: BRTC / Subcategory: Treatment / Type: Brush / Subcategory: Styling Brush / What it does: regenerates, Recovers, blemish control

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    2 Reviews
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      10.05.2013 13:30
      Very helpful



      A nice find from foreign climes

      I am really enjoying trying lots of BB Creams, finding mixed results with them so when I received a sample of the BRTC gold caviar BB Cream from a fellow beauty box addict, I was keen to try it. I had never heard of this brand before but I soon found out it is a massive brand in Korea and so I had a few concerns that the colour may not be that good for my skin tone.

      On the packet, there is an amusing possibly lost in translation explanation for this product: Enriched Nourishing BB cream for wrinkled, droopy skin to increase skin elasticity and improve wrinkles while brightening complexion. It also has SPF 50 in the formula so great skin sun protection.

      In use
      I did not find any problems with the colour of this cream in the end. It adapted perfectly to my skin tone and I can't believe how brilliant the coverage is with this, it really is excellent. I applied it with a sponge which is a bit wasteful as I find the sponge absorbs a lot of the product which is not good when it is so expensive but this was a sample so it didn't really matter as I was going to just use it up anyway. I got great coverage with the sponge and found it worked well as a concealer as well as a cover base for my skin. There was no need for any powder on top, it dried to a natural matt finish and I just applied a bit of bronzer. The cream lasted all day and worked well to cover the dark skin spots I have around my eyes.

      My thoughts
      I love this cream, it's a real find and a great multi tasking product which covers, conceals and moisturises all at the same time. I thought it was a great colour and can see why it is a popular product overseas. I can see why it is called caviar cream as it is rich in consistency and feels very luxurious on the skin. I found it very easy to apply and it removed easily at the end of the day with a cream cleanser.

      This is by no way a natural skin product. It has Tititanium dioxide / Zinc Oxide: reflects UV rays and protects skin. Arbutin: whitens skin. Adenosine: reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Caviar Extract: an anti-aging agent that nourishes and repairs skin. Platinum Powder: fights against free-radicals. Centella: reduces inflammation and promotes faster healing. Arnica Extract: reduces inflammation and soothes allergy.

      This may be a bit hard to find, it's probably going to have to be an online purchase, but I have found a tube on Amazon for around 20 dollars plus 5 dollars postage although I can't work out the size of the product, so it is a bit more expensive than other brands and will probably take a while to arrive but I promise it's worth a try!

      Final word
      I think this works out well in terms of value as a little bit goes a long way. It's probably better for slightly older skins as the moisturising properties will not be helpful on more oily skin. When you first squeeze it out it does look a bit grey but it brightens up on oxidisation and contact with the skin and I have had no problems at all with the colour. I will seriously consider buying this when my No7 runs out as I am interested to see if prolonged use will brighten my complexion and help reduce aging.


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      21.10.2012 21:09
      Very helpful



      This hasn't broke me out and has reduced the amount of products I use daily.

      I hated that I needed to apply masses of foundation and concealer everyday just to feel confident in my skin. Then when B.B creams began appearing on cosmetic brand's shelves, I have to say I was a little intrigued. However after disappointingly finding out that they're just basically tinted moisturisers, I began looking into the Korean B.B creams they're based on. I'd read that they give good coverage and help to heal your skin. I decided I might as well give them a try. I was initially going to purchase the Missha M B.B cream but couldn't find any samples for it, and I didn't want to buy a full sized tube, to then hate it. That's when I came across the BRTC Blemish Recover Balm.

      I'm not going to go into detail about product claims and such but basically the brand was developed as a cover up cream for people following surgery, and to speed up the healing process. However BRTC is now well known as a good B.B cream for people suffering from blemishes. The Recover Blemish Balm contains several plant and fruit extracts that are known for being skin-loving. The main ones being mango, grapefruit, ginger, lavender, tea tree and jojoba. Plus it has a super high SPF of 28! Unfortunately this B.B cream does contain Talc for those that are sensitive to it. Sorry guys.

      I bought some sample sachets online, enough to last a week (presuming 1 sachet per application). Each sachet has between 0.5-1ml of product in it, and I really didn't think one sachet would be enough for my whole face. However after I'd finished applying the B.B cream I still had half of a sachet left! And that was even after I'd put on a bit more of it on harder to conceal areas. Yet on afterthought, I decided that I'd probably put on too much! Wow, can't say that about foundation after using that little!

      The application itself was pretty straight forward. When I opened the sachet, the first thing I noticed was that this does have a very obvious tea tree scent. Although this does die down after a few minutes. Personally I like the smell of tea tree so this isn't an issue for me. But I do know it wouldn't appeal to everyone's noses, so I thought that worth a mention. Also the product isn't particularly easy to blend. I'd recommend applying a bit at atime to avoid tugging at your skin. I did find though, after applying to one or two areas, I got used to it and applying the cream became pretty simple. However I 'm used to wearing Revlon Colorstay foundation which is often noted as being hard to blend. But I can imagine anyone who hasn't used Revlon Colorstay would find the the blending difficulty of this a bit of a surprise.

      The shade selection of this B.B cream is none existent. Yes, that's right, it only comes in one shade. This of which is very light. I usually buy Ivory shades in foundations and I'm about an NC20 in MAC, and this B.B cream is only a little to light for me. Although this isn't too much of an issue for me either, as I always apply powder afterwards just to set everything, plus it gives this a bit of a warmer colour. Anyone two or three shades darker than this probably would find this to be way too light for them. However most people who have tried this commented that it did oxidise to match their skin tone after about an hour. Obviously you wouldn't want to look like a ghost for an hour, so I'd suggest wearing a bronzer with this. I'd also recommened wearing bronzer because, although this has a pink undertone to it (which is fine with me) the colour is a little dull and may give a bit of a grey cast if you don't wear some sort of powder. A lot of people complained about the lack of shade selection, and the fact that the only shade they do have is very light. In defence of BRTC, the Blemish Recover Balm was developed in Korea, so this was to be expected. Although I do think they should develop more shades now that B.B creams are becoming popular in other countries.

      The coverage is actually very good! It's a lot better than I expected anyway! I'd read that they had better coverage than the B.B creams we can get from Boots or somewhere, but even so, I was expecting the coverage to be more like that of a light coverage foundation at best. How I was wrong. All I did was apply my usual moisturiser etc. and then I applied this B.B cream straight from the sachet. I did build it up in a couple of areas that needed that little extra coverage, but other than that I could have easily got away with wearing no concealer whatsoever. One of my favourite things about this B.B cream is that I don't need to use even half as much concealer as I would with a standard foundation. Plus it covers my under eye circles pretty well. It completely covers up any redness and the majority of my blemish scars. Can't complain at that!

      The staying power of this cream isn't that great, but it isn't bad either. With a powder on top this lasts for easily 6-8 hours before you may need to touch up a couple of blemishes with concealer. And I'm sure it would last even longer with a primer underneath. I can't say how long it would last without a powder to set because I always use powder. This particular BRTC product is aimed at those with oily or troubled skin. Because of this I was worried that it would be too drying for my skin, as I don't have oily skin, but it hasn't done so far. I just make sure to apply moisturiser beforehand. A few people claim that this really halped to prevent breakouts and treat ones they already had. This product is also apparently pretty good for oil control with those with even really oily skin only needing to blot once or twice throughout the day. I am glad I decided to get this one instead of one of the other BRTC B.B creams.

      Whetehr this really does help to heal blemishes and get rid or blemish scars, from personal experience I think it's too early to say. However I have read reviews where people have noticed an improvement in their skin within the first week of using the product. I hope that it does do something for that with all the skin loving ingredients it has in it! Either way I really like this B.B cream, I only need to use a tiny amount to get the coverage I need, so I can imagine a full sized tube of this stuff would last a long time! Also it now means I don't need to apply loads of foundation and concealer everyday, so it cuts down the amount of makeup products I use. Plus it's high SPF is great for days when you forget the sunscreen. What's more it has saved me a lot of time in my makeup routine overall.

      FGor anyone who is fair skinned, and suffers from breakouts, or just wants a product that is light yet still gives a medium coverage, I would highly recommend to try this. You can easily find sachets of this on eBay etc. so you don't need to worry about wasting a lot of money on a full sized bottle.

      I do apologise for the very long review, especially when I've only been using this product just under a week. But I was that impressed by it that I thought I need to share it sooner. I honestly didn't think I would care that much for this, but it has completely proved me wrong. So now I'm off to buy a full sized tube. :)


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