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Champneys Super Plumping Lip Gloss

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2 Reviews
  • No effect
  • A bit to much heat
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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2014 23:09
      Very helpful



      • "No effect "
      • "A bit to much heat "

      Steer clear

      This is a product from Champneys that I didn't expect them to do so I was surprised when I received this free after placing a large order with them.

      I am a fan of Champneys, but this product didn't work at all and for a SPA company, for me, it didn't fit their image very well for me as a long time customer.

      The product says it provides multiple benefits from this lip plumping product such as:

      Super Moisturising
      Super Conditioning
      Warms up your lip [?]
      Hyaluronic filling spheres [again?]to plump
      Maxi lip- natural peptides
      Gloss effect

      The company provides a more detailed list on the website- CHAMPNEYS.COM, If you're worried about chemical than you should read this. I'm not going to pretend I know what they all are but the list looks a bit too long and precarious for my liking.

      You apply this product as you would a lip colour. The product is styled as a pen, white with a lid, when you remove the lid there is a whitish brush very soft and you twist the bottom of the 'pen' to release the gel, which is clear.
      It glides across your top and bottom lip softly and applies the products very well.
      You don't need much only a coating.

      Hold on to your hats.
      I applied a thin layer to my top and bottom lip and waited for a few minutes for me it took ten minutes for anything to happen and that's when the heat kicked in.
      It wasn't boiling or painful, but the effect was unusually hot for about twenty minutes! I would say it was unpleasant and I think the heat applied by this product gave the plump effect.

      After the ten minutes I could see the gloss on my lips and it didn't sink in, it just sat on the surface of my lips.
      Eventually, the heat died down and so did my lips, nothing, it did nothing. On one hand I was ever so grateful because the heat was not a comforting experience I was slightly worried on the other, this retails at £8 and what a terrible price for a load of nothing, thankfully this was a freebie.

      The product claims to be super moisturising, no it wasn't my lips felt very sore afterwards and dry, very dry that I had to apply cold water and then vaseline.
      I thought maybe I had, had a reaction, but two of my friends tried and exactly the same thing happened, they weren't happy with me for asking!

      It also claims to be super conditioning, but the next day like I mentioned dry I had no issues with dry lip until I used this.
      Apart from the heat you can feel the peptides working as in other lip plumping products, so I knew that part was working however again after the heat had died down there was nothing to show for the discomfort.

      I would recommend you find a lip plumping gloss from another company, one with more stars.:(


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      16.04.2009 13:27
      Very helpful
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      Didn't work for me.

      Champneys products are available in most Sainsburys stores which is where I purchased mine - luckily reduced. It comes in a pen style applicator about 12cms long. Remove the cap and twist the base of the pen to release the product and apply. Champneys claim it "Volumises, boosts collagen and conditions lips". It has a pleasant perfume and a very slight pink tint which could still be used over your usual lipstick if required.

      I'd query the first two of these claims as I haven't noticed any particular difference. One of the ingredients, derived from tree resin, is supposed to stimulate your lips and cause them to gently swell, giving a tingling sensation. Sounds worrying? Well, maybe it's just my lips that are numb but I've never noticed any tingling at all and I've been using it every day since I bought it about a month ago.

      It does stay on well, gives a nice gloss and conditions lips prone to dryness but I wouldn't say it has made any difference at all to the plumpness of my pout!


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    • Product Details

      Contains a lip tingling ingredient derived from tree resin to stimulate the lips to gently swell them for a plumping effect /

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