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Chanel Le Crayon Khol

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Brand: Chanel / Type: Eyeliner

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    3 Reviews
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      11.10.2010 10:04
      Very helpful



      A superb khol crayon pencil


      Chanel Le Crayon Khol is a product that I discovered initially via my mum's make up bag. In the past, I hadn't used a lot of eye liner because I was quite hopeless in applying it. But when in the latter years of school, all of my friends were wearing it so I started to feel a little left out. This is why I went into her makeup bag in search of an eye liner to use. And then went and made one of my first expensive make up purchases.

      *About the Product*

      High drama in seven deep, jewel-like shades. Rich intense colour takes the seductive glance to new levels of intrigue. Perfect for a smoky eye, this soft pencil quickly achieves a dramatic look. A special blend of colour and pearl pigments provides a rich, intense line with a semi-matte finish. It is specially formulated to glide gently onto the delicate eye area and is safe for use in the rim of the eye. A companion sharpener ensures the pencil is always ready for lining.


      Prior to the eye pencil being put into use, you should make sure that it is not blunt and if it is you should sharpen it to the desired point. For an eye pencil eye liner, close eyelid and slightly pull eye outward and then line away. Begin lining at base of the inner eye and follow to the outer eyelid, keeping the liner as close to the eyelashes as possible. If you don't want the classic look and instead want your eyes to look smoky, simply smudge gently and smoke out the liner. The effects of this simple product are outstanding.

      *Price and Availability*

      Chanel Le Crayon Khol is not widely available to buy but you will find that you can buy it from most department stores, such as Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser and at some of the bigger Boots stores at their Chanel make-up counter. I have yet to find Chanel Le Crayon Khol on the internet so if you have feel free to let me know as I do like to buy online and I'm sure many other consumers also do.

      You can buy this eye liner for £17. I know, I know, this is super expensive. But, and there is a but, when you think about how long this eye pencil lasts, you won't be so quick to dismiss it I'm sure. This is an expensively priced product which can be bought at a much cheaper cost for an alternative brand however it will not be at such great quality. Like most Chanel makeup products, I think that this eye liner is fantastic value for money and I strongly urge he price not to put you off before you've even tested it.

      *My Opinion*

      The Packaging: Chanel LE Crayon Khol comes in a small cardboard box with a sharpener also included. As you can imagine, this went down very well with me as I am forever borrowing my mums and was in desperate need of one for myself. The product itself is packaged in the form of a pencil, as you would probably have expected. It is a shiny black lacquered wooden pencil, 16cm in length, with a black lid which sits on top to prevent the khol point at the top.

      I am quite a fan of the packaging as it is simple yet sleek. And the perfect size to fit in a small make up bag for when you are on the go.

      Colour and texture: The colour of the eye liner is intense and bold. There is no question of a doubt that you can tell that eye liner has been applied. And the colour is so intense that it lasts throughout the day with perfect hold. The intense colour can be toned down a little if you applying eye shadow over the top but that is your decision to make. With some of these colours, there is an ever so slight shimmer, but not with the black one that I have. Try it as the tester before you buy.

      With regards to the texture, it is unbelievably soft which makes it a real pleasure to use. It has a real smooth and creamy consistency which you would perhaps think would make it difficult to apply but this certainly isn't the case. It just means that it is accurate whilst also being gentle on your eyelid. And a precise line is the effect of this texture so I'm happy.

      Range of colours: Chanel offer seven different shades ranging from metallic jewel tones to greys and blacks. It is a fantastic range in which you should find exactly what you're looking for.

      Staying power: Chanel Le Crayon Khol has excellent staying power. It lasts almost 6 hours without having to reapply which I think is excellent. And this isn't necessarily the same for everyone as I am always unintentionally rubbing at my eyes.

      Longevity of the product: This eye pencil liner lasts forever. Seriously, it lasts an eternity which is absolutely fantastic as far as I am concerned as it means that you are definitely getting value for money. I have had mine approximately 11-12 months and have used it on a daily basis (especially before I found out about gel liners) and it still has a very small amount of the pencil left.

      Ease of use: Chanel Le Crayon Kohl is very easy to use. Thanks to its soft texture, you don't need to yank at eye area to smooth out your eye lid or press hard with the pencil. But practice makes perfect so if you don't get it right the first few times that you use it, do persist.

      Does the rich intense colour take the seductive glance to new levels of intrigue? Oh yes. The rich intense colour means that the effectiveness of giving your eyes that seductive appeal is achievable and with no difficulty.

      Does, this soft pencil quickly achieves a dramatic look? It does indeed. The colour of this pencil is intense and bold which means that a dramatic look is very easy to get and the soft texture means that it doesn't take long to do either. A win win situation!

      Does it glide gently onto the delicate eye area and is safe for use in the rim of the eye? It most definitely does. The ease in which this glides onto your eye lid is unbelievable. There is no hard pressing required at all. And the fact that it is also safe for use in the rim of my eye is excellent. I have yet to suffer from sore eyes were applying this.

      Chanel state that a companion sharpener ensures the pencil is always ready for lining. This most certainly is the case and it isn't a cheap, rubbish sharpener that is useless, it is a pretty decent one which sharpens the pencil effectively and ensures that you waste little of the kohl!

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      Chanel Le Crayon Khol is easily the best eye pencil that I have had the pleasure of using. Do recommendations come any higher than that? This soft eye pencil creates a smoky look with ease and simplicity. In the past I had a nightmare with hard pencils that would hurt my eye lid but this has never been the case with this product therefore if you are searching for an eye pencil that is soft and gentle to apply with maximum effect then I strongly urge you to take a chance on Chanel Le Crayon Khol.


      On the whole, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this product, except perhaps that the price could be lower. I think that it is an outstanding product which lasts a long time, has excellent staying power and helps you to achieve fabulous different looks.


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        07.02.2009 21:45
        Very helpful



        A+ for me!

        I don't normally feel the need to buy high end eye liners or kohl's as I find some cheaper to medium priced brands (namely MAC) have a great range of long wearing, creamy pencils. However that doesn't stop me browsing the high end counters of Debenhams / HoF's etc testing their products on the back of my hands and that is how I discovered Chanels' "Le Crayon Khol".

        These pencils liners are creamy and intensely pigmented and promise to 'take the seductive glance to new levels of intrigue'. The special blend of colour and pearl pigments provide rich and intense colour. They claim to 'glide gently onto the eye area' and are safe to use on the inner rim, or waterline, of the eye.
        "Le Crayon Khol's" look like any other pencil liner on first glance, sleek, simple and black with the Chanel logo printed in white along the base. They come packaged in a matching box and a sharpener is included with each one.
        The Chanel website offer seven different shades ranging from metallic jewel tones to greys and blacks, although you cannot purchase directly from this website and most retail stores seem to only stock a small selection of shades. They retail at £15.00 each.

        I own 'Noir', 'Ambre' and 'Graphite' as these are the only shades my local Boots stock currently and the only ones that really appeal to my neutral loving self :-)
        They are very easy to use and do not tug on the eye area as you apply like some cheaper, waxier formulas can. They blend easily but do not smudge much afterwards, leaving you with a long-wearing effect that lasts all day. When used on the waterline that apply easily and stay on relatively well, unless of course you have incredibly watery / sensitive eyes in which case you may need something else. But on my eyes (and many others) they still well throughout the entire day needing only one or two touchups.

        I like applying these around the entire eye before smuding with a smudge brush such as the MAC #219 or Nars Smudge, to give a subtly, smokey look that is quick and incredibly easy.

        The amount of shimmer in these liners vary by shade and the website doesn't accurately show them in my opinion so I would recommend you going to your local Chanel counter and testing them out before purchasing.
        The three shades I have however are very rich and dark with only a small amount of shimmer which is only truly visible in certain lights. So the colour selection may not be as impressive as other companies but the quality is definately there and for that reason I would recommend them to anybody who wants to treat themselves to a nice new liner :-)

        Even with regular use these products have lasted me a long time, probably around 8-9 months so far so they work out quite cheap over time. They also sharpen easily and effectively and don't jam or get chewed up so you don't end up losing product that way either.


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        24.10.2008 14:38
        Very helpful



        A soft pencil that creates a nice effect

        I originally bought this eyeliner brand new off ebay for around £8. It can currently be found a larger branches of House of frazer for £11.95, or online at La Preyer for the same price, or less if you dont want black.

        Im always keen to try new eyeliners as I find a lot of budget brands do not have a strong amount of pigment in them like this one does. Also, this pencil is softer then most so it comfortable to use unlike some which scratch your eyelids and dont leave an awful lot of colour on them.

        It has lasted me around 2 years so far and still it has not dried out or chipped in any way.

        It is available in Noir- black, Ambre- brown, marine blue or graphite grey.

        It gives a nice even line, but I would advise not pressing to hard with it as not only will you blunt the pencil easily but you will get a line thats very thick, but I guess this depends on how thick you like the line to be. It takes a bit of practice to apply it perfectly but once youve mastered it you will achieve striking results.


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      An intense eye pencil to create a seductive look /

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