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Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour

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Brand: Chanel / Type: Lip Liner / Subcategory: Lip Colour / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Hydrates,

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2013 13:49
      Very helpful



      A nice product but doesn't worth the fuss about

      I love Chanel products although I mainly use Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume. Chanel make up products have been hailed as a top of the notch products and I always wanted to try out their make up products; the only problem is, of course, they are very expensive and I don't really have money to splash around. However, I was accompanying my aunt with her shopping for beauty products and she saw me looking at Chanel lipsticks. As a treat, she bought me the above Chanel lip stick for helping her out with her shopping. I must say that's a very nice treat.

      My first expression of this Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour is its sleek and luxurious look of the product. As shown in the picture, the lip stick comes in a sleek black tube with Chanel logo on top of the lip. The colour I bought is Paradis, which is a warm coral colour and looks very lovely on the lips. My aunt paid £24.00 for this, and she herself bought one. Personally, this is the most expensive lip stick I have ever used. Since it's Chanel and it's so expensive, I have high hopes for this product. I have to say I wasn't wrong but I wasn't quite right either.

      When I tried this lip stick on at the beauty counter, I love the look and feel of this on my lips. It does hold the candle to its declaration as the 'Hydrating Crème' lip colour. The lips do feel moisturised and hydrated. Since I tend to have dry lips, I always have to wear either a lip balm or a lip stick; otherwise I risk having cracked lips that would occasionally bleed. This Chanel lip stick helps with this problem by keeping my lips moisturised for long. As an added bonus, the lipstick is very fragrant: it is scented with the smell of mild spring blossoms and a touch of fresh water. It is quite hard to describe but I absolutely love the scent of this lip stick.

      However, the drawback of this Hydrating Crème lip colour is that it doesn't really keep my lips hydrated for 8 hours as it says on the package. Provided that I do eat and drink within that 8 hour time frame, but the lip colour would start to wear off within 1-2 hours even without eating or drinking. So if I'm wearing this throughout the day, I would need to touch up a few times.

      Overall, this Chanel Rouge Hydrating Crème lip colour is one of the products I would be willing to try again despite its extortionist price. The lip colour is not long-wearing but I have yet to find one lip stick that stays on for more than 3 hours without making my lips feel like glue. Also, this Chanel lip colour is scented wonderfully. I would put this on my list of things to buy at the airport.

      Thank you for reading and reviewing. :) x


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      08.04.2013 14:25
      Very helpful



      A costly mistake - definitely won't be purchasing again!

      I was given a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick for Christmas by hubby as a stocking filler gift in shade 21 "Rivoli" as he likes to randomly buy me things like this that he thinks I'll like (and because he tends to think it'll be good because it's expensive)!

      WHAT IS IT?

      The Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick range is marketed as a "hydrating crème lip colour". Now my husband likes fashion but really is not quite the makeup expert he would like to think he is, I've told him countless times that expensive does not always equal good quality. But this is not the first, second or third time that he's ignored by advice and bought something because it's got a good brand name. And let's face it; Chanel is not a brand you expect to be of below par quality.


      Getting back to the lipstick itself, it's packaged simply enough with the CHANEL name written in white quite clearly across the black box with the rest of the text on the box being in gold or white. With an ingredients list printed and taking up almost the whole of the back of the box in such a small font that I couldn't even read it (and I don't need or wear glasses, I have my eyesight checked regularly), I gave up trying to decipher the ingredients list from the box itself. The side of the box tells you in 11 languages as well as in English that this is a "creamy satin lipstick" and that the product is made in France.

      The actual lipstick is housed in an elegant looking black casing with gold metal. Gently curved sides make this lipstick comfortable to hold and apply. The distinctive Chanel logo on top of the casing makes this the sort of makeup accessory that people will recognise when you pull it out to use!

      When I first opened my new lipstick I loved the look of the colour, a deep dark red, almost burgundy shade which my husband knows is one of the shades I prefer, so full marks for getting the colour right. Across the lipstick was the word Chanel and it looked so cool that I thought I might not want to use it for fear of eventually wearing out/off the wording! Hah, that worry didn't last long as I wore this out for a Christmas party.


      Being a creature of habit I've used my favourite lippie for years and it's a long lasting one that I can wear to work all day, have lunch, drink endless glasses of water and the lipstick is still there when I get home after say 10 hours. I don't even have to think about reapplying during the day and normally this isn't an issue on an evening out either. This was so not the case with my new Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick! On visiting the ladies a couple of hours into my evening out I noted that most of the lipstick had worn off and it wasn't exactly evident from tell tale signs left on drinks glasses (for which I was quite thankful at least). I quickly retouched the lipstick slightly disappointed. I found myself having to reapply several times during the evening. The marketing claims are that this lipstick gives you "8 hour hydration" - it doesn't even last half that time in my experience to date.

      When I'm at home I don't wear lipstick (as I expect most other lipstick users don't either) unless I'm having company round. I found my lips to be rather dry the next day and found myself having to resort to using lip balm (which I rarely ever use). I didn't put this down to my new lipstick at this stage, just down to the fact that it was a cold day. When I wore my regular lipstick this was never an issue. I have to categorically say here that on the 5 or 6 occasions I have worn my Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick out during the evening and/or to work I have had to reapply several times during the day/evening and have suffered from really dry lips afterwards. Having gone back to using my normal lipstick in between I have not experienced problems with dry/peeling lips afterwards whatsoever! I can only think that Chanel Coco Rouge is not a hydrating product as it claims to be, or that one or more of the ingredients does not agree with me!
      I would add here that there is no discernible scent to the lipstick (always a good thing) and no noticeable taste either (also a good thing).


      Because of the above I cannot give this product more than 2 out of 5 stars which is a real shame as it glides on so beautifully and the colour is absolutely gorgeous and I do feel so awful about not being able to rate this at least average or above as I do have a lot of respect for Chanel products generally. The claims of the product giving 8 hour hydration are unfortunately completely untrue in my experience.


      Chanel Coco Rouge lipsticks are available at stores which stock Chanel cosmetics; mine was purchased from Debenhams for £24 and also available at Boots, Selfridges, etc, although at the time of writing it seems to be around the £30 mark. The net weight is 3.5g/0.12oz. There are currently 30 shades available, examples of colours which can be found here: http://www.chanel.com/en_GB/fragrance-be​auty /Makeup-Lipsticks-ROUGE-COCO-96009


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