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Dior Flight Make Up Palette

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Brand: Dior / Type: Travel make-up set with blusher, eye shadow, brushes and a mirror.

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2011 18:12
      Very helpful



      A wonderful product for Dior fans!

      I have always been a Dior enthusiast, liking everything from the Catwalk shows to the perfumes and make-up. For my 18th birthday, my Mum bought me a Dior perfume and the Dior in flight make-up palette, in #002 Pink Escapade. The palette contains a mirror, a lipgloss, eyeshadow, blusher, and two applicators (cheeks and eyes).

      This palette was released in the Springtime of 2008, and the colours of the products certainly reflect the Dior looks of that time. Nevertheless, I have used this palette on a daily basis since I got it in all weathers, infact I don't think I could live without it!

      The outer packaging is no less than you would expect from Dior. It's white, and is made from an exquisite leather material, which is very sleek and sophisticated. It also has a silver metallic "D" on the front. When you open it up, you are greeted by a wonderful long mirror the length of the palette, meaning no more squinting into those tiny mirrors you get with some eye shadows/palettes.


      The blusher in the #002 Pink Escapade Palette, is a beautiful corally pink colour. It's just the right shade of pink, not to dull yet not Barbie girl either. It is so nice that I have almost used every spec of it up! Not only is the colour great, but the quality of the blusher is amazing, with it's refined speckle pigments, and I find lasts all day, giving me a healthy glow. I do prefer to apply it using my Dior Blusher brush as opposed to the one supplied, as I prefer a correct shaped brush to apply it evenly.

      Overall, it really is my favourite blusher to use in the daytime as I know I can count on it to last. It also matches my pale skin quite nicely, ensuring I don't look like a walking corpse in the morning. It's quality of the pigments ensures it's unlikely for me to apply too much, as it glides beautifully over my skin.

      Given that a Dior blush costs £28+, to have one in this palette is quite a treat, and of course avoids the extra packaging from carrying one separately.


      The colour of the eyeshadow is lilac, again relating to the whole Miss Dior spring look. I haven't got an awful lot of use out of this eyeshadow as it's not a colour I tend to go for, however the quality of the eyeshadow is quite nice. With some palettes, the eyeshadows tend to crumble in their little tins however this is not the case with this shadow. Again, it's there if you need it, especially when on the move and I have used it in such instances.


      I would imagine it's tricky to design a lipgloss suitable for a palette whereby it's not contained within a tube! The gloss is a light ribena colour, quite pinky and has a high colour pigment on it when applied to the lips. It also has a bit of shimmer and glamour to it.

      I find this gloss is best applied to moisturised lips as it can feel a little drying otherwise. The consistency is not watery such as the typical Dior glosses, as it's thicker than that. The gloss has preserved nicely in my palette in the two years I've owned it, meaning it's of good quality (I find the ones that are of poor quality start to discolour/smell funny after a while!).

      My Overall Verdict?

      This is a product which is exquisite therefore expensive, retailing at between £35-£50. It made for a wonderful birthday present, however I don't think I would have been able to afford it myself. However, for avid collectors of couture brands of make-up, I couldn't recommend it enough as I have gotten so much use of it, and have taken it all over the world on my travels (it is after all an in-flight palette!).

      If there is anything I would change about this palette, I would take out the brushes and add another eye shadow perhaps, as personally I don't get much use out of the brushes and they are easy to fall out anyway. Having said that, it's handy to have them in there if you are on the move and perhaps don't have any make-up brushes on you. I also wish you could replace any items you use up, as I'm really going to miss that fabulous blusher!

      The quality of the packaging, the mirror and the marvellous blusher this palette has, really sells it for me. It's ideal for taking on the move, is sleek and well designed. For me, it's a 5 star product.


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