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Dior Lip Liner Pencil

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    5 Reviews
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      09.02.2016 12:52
      Very helpful


      • "Available to buy nationwide"
      • "Beautiful shades available"
      • "Makes lips appear fuller"
      • " prolongs wear of lip make up"
      • Long-lasting


      • "Little bit pricey"

      I A-DIOR-E this Lip Liner!

      Dior Countour LipLiner Pencil

      I have a little bit of an obsession with wanting bigger lips. I NEED bigger lips! It is just a phase I'm going through right now, and I am sure it will pass soon! But in the meantime I am trying anything I can to save myself from getting lip fillers - I almost booked a consultation to get the scary, expensive injections - but luckily I managed to stop myself just in time!

      I have researched online quite a few times to find out how to make my lips look fuller. There are lots of different suggestions out there on the internet and I have tried many of them. Thankfully, now though, I can finally say I have found a solution!
      I am make up obsessed, as I think lots of girls and women are, and I own so much make up I should probably feel guilty. However, one thing I rarely used, this surprises me now, was lip liners. I just didn't see the point in using them. I feel now that there are many benefits to using lip liner and strangely now feel almost naked without it! However, until quite recently this was not the case and I really did not understand what to do with the lip pencil and why I would need to waste precious time and money on buying and applying even more make up products. Ha, what a novice I was!

      Christian Dior was a French fashion designer, and founded the European luxury goods company which is today called Christian Dior SE, more commonly known as Dior.
      I love this company particularly for cosmetic products and feel really glamorous and luxurious when wearing them. I believe this is a company which manufactures all products to a fine, excellent quality. This is a company I trust, and is also one that I would completely recommend to a friend.

      Rouge Dior
      I chose the shade 'Rouge Dior' which is a fabulous, scarlet red shade which stands out on any lips and in my opinion looks really sexy and glamorous. I personally think this shade looks best worn with toned down eyes, with perhaps just a small flick of black eyeliner so that attention is focused on the lips.

      I wouldn't personally wear this shade every day and I would definitely not wear this for work. That is just in my opinion, and would obviously depend on the person wearing this and where they worked. I would love to wear this all the time, if only I had a more glamorous career! If I was a film star I would wear this everyday! On a night out this looks gorgeous and I definitely feel glamorous and think that I catch more attention with this on my lips.

      There are 15 shades in total that this product comes in, all available to buy from Boots. There is a good selection of different shades, one to suit different styles, skin tones and moods. Since buying this lip liner in Rouge Dior I am looking forward to purchasing more shades to try in the future. Next I would like to try Lili or Diorette, which look like quite neutral shades, more suitable for everyday wear. I will update the review after trying these shades.

      This can be used under any shade of lipstick, as there are many shades to choose from, and therefore also as part of any look.
      I have seen red liners worn with lighter, even nude shade lip sticks which sometimes does look lovely. However, I do personally prefer to wear the shade I bought with red lipstick shades. I use the liner to emphasise the shape of the lips. It can be used to draw on an outline which adds volume and makes the lips look bigger than they really are. This is mainly what I use this product for.

      Price & Availability
      The recommended retail price for this item is £19.00 which I feel is quite expensive for a piece of make up particularly a lip liner.
      I did not pay full retail price for this item. I love a bargain and always try to save money wherever I can and so I shopped around before buying and saved myself a few pounds, as I purchased this lip liner online from a website called AllBeauty.com where it cost me £14.95. It is worth considering whether you will need to pay delivery as well (I bought this along with a selection of other items and qualified for free delivery) if you are looking to save money by buying online. Personally I am pleased with the product and although I feel it was expensive, even at the discounted price, I am still really glad I bought this and would absolutely buy it again.
      This product is available to buy on the high street from Boots and Debenhams where it will normally cost you the already discussed RRP of £19.00.
      It is also available widely online where it can be picked up cheaper. However, I would recommend considering carefully where you buy this as I have heard that some sites do sell "designer" products which have turned out not to be genuine.

      The product arrived packaged in a thin, long, shiny black cardboard box which was very simple, with the product name on it and nothing else.

      I opened the box to find the double ended pencil and a small black pencil sharpener.
      The pencil sharpener is small and black, with the product name 'Dior' printed on the side. It works well and is a nice little extra.

      The pencil is shiny and black and not particularly thick or thin. It has the name 'Dior' printed in silver in the middle and then has some more descriptions printed along the side and near the bottom, also in silver writing. This tells you that the product was 'Made in Germany', contains '1,2g NET WT. 0.04OZ' and also gives the product name and shade.
      On one end of the pencil is the lip liner, which is protected with a shiny, silver lid.
      On the other end, protected by a transparent plastic lid, is a soft brush.

      The Brush
      The brush feels very soft to touch and feels lovely when stroked across the lips. It is quite thick which means it is perhaps not so suitable for blending the lip liner in most accurately around the edges (works best when sucked a little bit), but is more suited for blending across the middle of the lips. Lips can look very unnatural if the line is visible (this is known as 'Ring Around The Lips') therefore it is very important to blend.

      I actually prefer not to use this brush to blend in the lip liner itself as I feel that it is quite difficult to blend in, unless you absolutely cover your lips with it and put loads and loads on but actually there is no need to put too much on. I mainly tend to use my finger to blend in the liner as I can press harder and find that to be more effective.
      I use this brush for applying lipstick onto my lips over the top of the liner. The brush is soft and comfortable and applies any of my lipsticks perfectly and with ease. I feel that in my opinion this brush is best for enhancing the Cupid's Bow which gives a sexier, more kissable shape to the lips. The Cupid's Bow is the V shape at the top of the lips, just below where the nose is.

      Pretty Pout . . . not Trout!
      The product glides onto the lips softly, smoothly and evenly. You do not need to press hard at all to get it to stick on the lips as the consistency of the liner itself is soft and smooth, perhaps just a little bit thicker than a lipstick. I have used cheaper liners in the past which scratch and push onto the skin but this does not do this at all. It glides on easily and comfortably.

      It is advisable not to overdraw your lips. To enhance without turning yourself into a trout, it is best to follow your natural lip line, and perhaps just go a tiny bit bigger if you really want to achieve that fuller look. Try not to go too much higher than the Cupid's Bow and personally I also try not to go anywhere near the sides of my mouth as I have less lip there and I feel that once this goes too far onto skin it is easy to go wrong!
      It is also best to use the pencil when it is a little bit blunt. Therefore, after sharpening, what I do is run the tip over my hand just a little so that it looks more natural when drawn on. I feel that sharp lines anywhere on the face just look too harsh and unnatural. The thinner the liner is, the harder it is to blend as well, which again can lead to the dreaded 'Ring Around The Lips' - not a good look!

      Long Lasting
      I have found that wearing the lip liner underneath lip stick or lip gloss prolongs the wear and ensures that the colour stays there for much longer than it would without having this product on underneath. This lip liner is probably the longest lasting lip product I have ever used. It seems to last hours, whether I am out for drinks, or out eating a meal, it doesn't seem to budge. I recently wore this on a night out and found that by the end of the night I had only reapplied this once, and to be honest that wasn't because I had needed to, but more because I was in the loos touching up my eyeliner and just felt like putting more on! Whereas normally I am in and out of the ladies' all night redoing my lips, when I'm wearing this I would say I don't need to reapply once!

      Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. I would even go as far as to say that this is my best make up buy of 2015! I didn't used to bother with lip liners but since purchasing this one I would have to say I am a changed woman! I would never go without this on a night out now, I love it! I can definitely see a difference to my lips when I compare my lips when wearing this with when I am not wearing this lip liner. With this on I think they look bigger, with more volume and a more emphasised shape. When I am wearing the lip liner I feel more glamorous. The liner also helps to prolong the wear of lipsticks and lip glosses which means that I hardly need to reapply my lip make up, even after eating or drinking.

      I feel that the price tag of this product is the only drawback. At almost twenty pounds I do feel that this is expensive. However, it does come with a couple of nice little extras, the lip brush and branded pencil sharpener. The fact that the brush is attached to the end of the pencil could also be considered a positive as it means that it is more difficult to lose it! I would absolutely buy this again and I am actually already looking forward to purchasing more shades to try out in the future. This is a lip liner which is excellent quality and from a luxury brand. I believe it is worth paying a little bit extra for and therefore this gets a full five stars from me.


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      03.09.2015 12:14
      Very helpful


      • "Very reasonably priced"
      • "Two in one product"
      • "Good brush"
      • "Beautiful creamy lip liner"


      • "Nothing really"

      Dior for my lips

      I've always used a lip liner as I wear red lipstick which is hard to apply without first lining my lips, I'm not particularly brand loyal as I like to try out different brands - I'm using a Dior lip liner at the moment as it was reduced while I was shopping recently and it's always nice to use premium products.

      This is a double ended pencil with the lip liner itself at one end and a lipstick brush on the other. Mine wasn't provided with a pencil sharpener but I'm wondering now if it should have been after seeing Dooyoo's pic!

      I have a red lip liner and am amazed at the quality, the colour glides on beautifully and effortlessly allowing me to create a smooth and straight line ready to be filled in with lipstick. I tend to apply my lippy direct from the barrel so haven't used the brush other than to try it out, as expected for Dior the brush is of the highest quality and doesn't shed hair but personally I find it easier to just slick my lipstick on straight from the tube to save time and also to ensure I get a good coverage right from the first application.

      The only issue is the lip liner is just TOO effective - it remains visible on my lips even after my lipstick has worn away to nothing, leaving me with a rather 80s look of liner but no actual colour on my lips! Not the best look!

      £8 - £12 depending on where you buy it. A bargain really!


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      24.11.2012 14:28
      Very helpful



      A great lipliner!

      I bought this Dior lipliner pencil online a while ago.
      I usually wear lipliner with or underneath lipstick. Lipliner enhances your lips and prevents your lipstick from bleeding onto your skin acting as a barrier between your lips and your skin.
      Most of my lipliners are lipliner pencils and although this is called a lipliner pencil it is what I would describe as a lipliner crayon as the product is set differently in the pencil and has more of a crayon texture, where proper lipliner pencils are set just like real pencils and they have the same wooden smell to them.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This lipliner is available at larger Boots stores, www.boots.com and most department stores including House Of Fraser, Debenhams and Selfridges.
      It retails for £17.50 and comes in a box with a Dior sharpener to go with it.
      The lipliner comes in a large variety of different shades.

      ~ Packaging ~
      My Dior lipliner pencil is just over six inches long and has a lid on either end. On one end is a pointed brush with a clear plastic lid over it and the other end has a silver lid which sits over the lipliner nicely.
      The pencil is navy blue in colour with the letters 'CD' written all over it in a different shade of navy, the initials, of course, of Christian Dior. 'Dior' is written across the side of the pencil in silver lettering and also 'lipliner pencil' also in silver and also in French.
      The colour is written at the bottom of the pencil towards the brush. My lipliner is number 713 Mythical Brown. There is also a band of colour at the brush end showing what colour the pencil is.
      Mythical brown is a dark red/brown colour.

      ~ The product ~
      Rather than being sharp and pointed the tip of the eyeliner crayon is rounded and fairly thick, which allows you to choose to apply the lipliner either as a thick line or to angle the lipliner to create a thinner line on your lips.
      I have very pale skin so this colour stands out on my lips, but without being over the top. I use it either on the outline of my lips or sometimes I wear it under a lipstick colouring in all of my lips.
      It is really easy to apply to the outline of my lips, but I don't find it as easy to apply to all of my lips as the crayons tip is only outside of the pencil by a few millimetres, which makes it hard to colour as much of the lips at one, whereas I find with my Calvin Klein lip pencil a good half centimetre of the lipliner is exposed and it makes application to all of your lips really easy.
      Once applied, the lipliner does not budge easily and does not bleed at all, which is great. It completely stays put, but it is easily removed with a wipe or make-up remover.
      You could easily wear it instead of lipstick, but I personally don't think it looks as good. If you wear it underneath your lipstick it will remain there in between topping up your lipstick.
      I find it does not come off or run at all while you are drinking, which is also handy and is more than I can say for any lipstick I have tried!
      The pencil is easy to sharpen. I have had mine for months and have only had to sharpen it once.
      I find the brush is soft and flexible. It is handy for applying your lipstick although I do prefer applying lipstick direct most of the time. The brush will not smudge your lipliner though (I tried for this review).

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall, this is a really good lipliner. It is easy to apply to the outline of your lips and it is very long lasting and difficult to smudge. It is a nice colour, which stands out on my lips, but is not over the top.
      When used underneath lipstick it is a good base and also refuses to budge, although I do find it easy to remove when I want to take it off!
      I don't think it is a bad lipliner for the price, but I personally do prefer to use proper pencil liners rather than pencils like this, which I would class as a crayon.


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      18.02.2011 12:56
      Very helpful



      A great product - recommended! but it is quite expensive at £16.34! :)

      Dior Lip Pencil/Liner

      I love dior products, and this is no exception. I bought a dior gift set about a year ago and I love it and one of the products that came with it was this lip liner. I have already wrote a review of the dior travel set, but not this product as at the time I saw no use for a lip liner, but I started using it a few months ago and I love it.

      *About the product*

      I have the small/travel size version of this product and it is in the shade 513, also called linen or lin. The actual liner is in a wooden case (Like a lot of eyeliners), it has a clear lid so you can see the colour of the liner. It also has the shade of the liner on the bottom of the product, which is quite a good colour match for the actual product.

      *My opinion of the product*


      I bought this set when I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise (which is incredible by the way) and I didn't buy the set for the lip liner,so I didn't really care that one was included, but since I have been using it I am loving it. The shade is 513 (linen) and it is gorgeous, the colour looked really really dark a first in the set and it is but it works really well.

      Also as with a lot of products that I have reviewed lately the colour representation on the boots website is awful! The shade 513 on the site is nothing like it actually is, the shade on the site looks like a light/medium brown, but it is actually a gorgeous red/brown (a kind of light burgundy colour). So be aware of the colour/shade misrepresentation on the boots site.

      -Application and Results

      I don't use this product as a actual lip liner, I don't use this product to line my lips really. I use this product as a lip stick, I just colour in all of my lips with the pencil, although I have to do this lightly or I have to blend well otherwise the colour can look very brown and not very nice against my pale skin.
      It applies really well, although I have to say there is one bad thing about the application of this product, and it is that if your lips are a bit dry/flaky then this product will emphasise the dryness/flakiness, which is not a good look.

      *Tip* Use a lip scrub (either bough or you can make them) or you could even use a toothbrush and gentley scrub your lips to decrease the flakiness or dryness. Then follow with a intensely moisturising lip balm (such as the palmer cocoa butter one which is just fantastic!). This is what I do before applying this product and it does really really help and allows for a smooth even application of the product.

      This product covers my lips really well, it applies smoothly, evenly and is has a nice creamy texture, but it can feel a bit powdery sometimes. It stays on for a while and it does last almost all day, but it does obviously come if lightly when drinking and eating.

      *Tip* It stays on even longer if I put a very light spray of the ELF mist setting spray over it and then let it air dry.

      I also go around the edge of my lips after I have applied this product with a concealer (powder) just to try the edges up a bit and also to make the liner look cleaner and shaper.

      I find that if I press too hard with the liner or if I go over my lips to much with it, then it the colour can look quite brown and personally I don't like that, so I use a lip brush and go over the liner that I placed all over my lips and then blend and it lightens the colour.

      The finish of the product is a creamy/velvety kind of finish and a little bit matte. So I usually put some lip balm (palmers again, obviously) or a little of my clinique moisturising gloss to make my lips look less matte and more moisturised and glossy.

      *Price and availability*

      I bought this as part of a set that and the total set cost me about $50 which is the same price or a bit cheaper than it would have been to buy it in the UK. The lip liner (full size) can be bought from boots, for £16.34, although just be aware of the inaccurate shade/colour representation on the site. I think that £16.34 is quite expensive for a lip liner and I don't think that the mini travel versions are sold here, Or if they are they would be part of a set.

      Other prices for this item include:

      Cheapsmells.com: £9 (the best price I have seen by far!)
      Debenhams: £16.50

      Good points

      *Really quick and easy to apply
      *Gorgeous creamy/velvety texture
      *Really nice shade (513)
      *The colour can be built up or toned down by blending
      *Nice finish
      *Does not dry my lips out or feel heavy
      *Good staying power (Especially with a setting spray)
      *Good, high quality brand
      *loads and loads of shades to choose from - about 18
      *Full size one also has a blending brush/lip brush on the other end
      *Handy, convenient, light, thin and great for traveling or on the go

      Bad points

      *You need to scrub and moisturise your lips well before using this as it does emphasise dry areas on your lips

      This review was written by me and it is also posted on ciao under my user name labellavita1992

      Thank you for reading my review


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        09.02.2011 19:02
        Very helpful



        A great lip liner that gives your lips more definition and is lovely to apply and feels great on

        I never used to be a fan of lip liner as I could never see the point of it and worried about looking like a badly made up clown with lines around my lips. This was it I was convinced to try this lip liner by the make up artist who did my make up on my wedding day and I have to say I have never looked back since.

        What is it?
        The lip liner is part of the Dior make up range. I think it comes in a sliver cardboard box like other items in the make up range but I have long since discarded mine and can't remember what it looks like. The lip liner comes with its own separate sharpener which I think is a great little addition as I am for every losing make up sharpeners. The liner itself is very elegant in design with black outer part to the pencil with Dior monogrammed across it in a matt effect and it has Dior written on it in silver writing. Unlike a lot of lip liners on the market this one comes with its own lip brush at the opposite end to the lip liner crayon. Both ends have their own sliver caps to protect the brush and crayon. The design of the pencil used to be blue and gold before Dior did some re-branding of its make up range. I have noticed that some companies still have the old blue and gold packaging but the liner design ie brush one end and crayon at the other and the contents are still the same.

        In use

        One of the first things I love about this lip liner before I even start using it is the inclusion of the make up brush. The reason for this is it means that when it is in my make bag or handbag I can easily use the liner and brush together without losing one or the other bits.

        Dior make 21 different colour versions of this lip pencil, the colour that I have is called Earth. This is a brown matt colour with a pink tint to it. This colour I find is actually quite a natural looking colour and is a few shades deeper and richer than my natural lip colour. I personally tend to wear a more natural looking lipstick the majority of the time so this colour tone suits me as I can use it an assortment of brown and pink lipsticks. An example of the lipstick I have found this to suit has been Lancôme's Rose Esthete lipstick.


        This lipstick glides on to your lips effortlessly I find the pencil gives a good sense of control for the application. There has never been lumps come away from the lip pencil as I apply it as has happened with some other brands. I think the reason for this is the crayon element is very soft so it seems to go on very smoothly without breaking or crumbling The feel of the lip pencil on your lips is strangely pleasant really it feels really matt and smooth. It does appear to take any dampness that is on our lips out of them. Once I have made my lip line I then tend to put some liner across all of my lips and then use the brush to blend any harsh looking lines out. I find by doing this is that it actually seems to provide a matt surface for my lipstick to stick to and then the lipstick tends to stay on longer. The brush element of the pencil is very soft with fine bristles this gives it a supreme feel on your lips and an excellent control and defining capability. I also use the lip brush on the pencil on occasions to apply my lipstick and by using this brush it provides a smooth and polished look to my lips.

        Staying Power
        I personally find that the lip liner lasts a full evening out without me having to reapply it at any point if I am just out for drinks if I am eating a meal then I often find a quick retouch is needed. If I am wearing it all day then often I will need to apply it and my lipstick after lunch but just the once seems to be enough. What I do notice is by putting it on my lips my lipstick lasts longer and there is no "bleeding of my lipstick" onto the rest of my face. This is something I have noticed as I have got older that if I don't use a lip liner then I do get the little bleeds of colour and I think this is down now to tiny lines in my lip area.

        The claims
        I do think it lives up to the claims of creating clean lines and providing a good long lasting coverage. Equally the claims of it being easy to apply stack up in my opinion. As to the claims of plumping up volume I think rather than giving you a trout pout look, what it does do is to create and optical illusion of fullness as your lips are more defined they then appear to look with a nice glossy lipstick fuller and more rounded.

        This is a high quality lip liner that is lovely to apply to your lips and it stops cracks and bleeds occurring with your lip stick. The inclusion of a brush at the other end of the pencil is a wonderful touch as it means you can blend the pencil lines to stop you creating a clown face smile. I also like the inclusion of a sharpener is a nice touch. The feel of the pencil on your lips is not horrid in anyway and it pleasant to wear. Though these costs between £13-18 depending on where you shop it does last a very long time as the pencil never seems to crack and break when you are using it. I have had my current one for about 4 months now and the last one last me around 2 years so I personally find it is a good investment make up buy. I would definitely reccomend this to other people.


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