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Dior Powder Eye Brow Pencil

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Brand: Dior / brow pencil - powder / Type: Brows / Subcategory: Powder / Pen / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2011 12:26
      Very helpful



      A fantastic brow pencil which gives fantastic results.

      When asked which make up product they couldn't live without, a lot of women seem to say mascara. I do like mascara and wear it on a daily basis but if I could only have one item from my make up bag, I would definitely choose my brow pencil. I think eye brows make a huge difference to the face and when sparse brows are groomed, shaped and lightly filled, the effect it can have on your face can be quite dramatic. Well groomed brows can lift and open your eyes, make you appear younger, balance features and in my opinion generally make your face look more polished.

      There are a lot of different products out there to make keeping your eye brows in check an easier task including, waxes, powders, mascara type products and of course brow pencils. I've tried all of them in some shape or form and the two I tend to use the most is powder and pencil. I find wax products messy and hard to apply and mascara type products aren't precise enough, don't give me enough control and seem to work better on thicker or fuller brows. Pencils allow me to fill in any sparse areas of my brows with ease and I find powder products give a softer look so I generally use a combination of both to define and shape.

      Finding a powder in a suitable shade wasn't a particularly hard task as I've found eye shadow (particularly MAC) works equally as well as products made especially for eye brows but finding a pencil to match my brows was slightly harder. I've found that most pencils seem to be red based which is a problem for me because I have no red in either my hair or eye brows and these types tend to look very unnatural and slightly gingery. I have tried various offerings from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Benefit etc which have all been nice but always slightly off colour wise and only found a really decent match recently in the form of Christian Dior's powder brow pencil.

      About Dior powder brow pencil

      Diors powder eye brow pencil is similar to most other pencils designed for the same use but is different in the fact that it's gives a slightly powdery finish. Some pencils draw a very hard, opaque line which can look too harsh but Diors pencil has a soft powder texture which allows you to draw natural looking lines and create soft looking brows. There are five pencil shades available in the range, blonde is designed to work on light hair and brow colours, sand is light neutral brown with no red tones, brown is similar but slightly darker, chestnut is darker again and is richer than brown and Black is designed to work on very dark brows.

      Price and availability

      The pencil can be purchased from most Dior counters where it's priced at £16.00 and is also available to purchase from many online sites including, Boots, House of Fraser and John Lewis. The product seems to be similarly priced at most sites but is currently priced at £14.40 at Debenhams and the pencils can sometimes be found for quite a bit less on sites such as e-bay so it's worth shopping around before you buy.


      The pencil comes packaged in a long, dark blue Christian Dior cardboard box which also contains a nice Dior sharpener in a matching shade. The actual pencil is silver coloured and printed all over with a CD pattern. The Dior name and the product name are printed over this design and a small strip or coloured band is printed at one end along with the shade name. Both ends of the pencil are covered with a protective, silver metal lid or top, one covers the point or tip and the other covers a brush or brow groomer.

      The product is pretty standard in design but Dior have added some nice little touches. The groomer is really useful and is much better quality than others I have used that have been attached to pencils in the past. The sharpener is also handy as is the fact that the brush is also protected by a lid which prevents it becoming damaged in my make up bag.

      How to use

      The first thing I noticed when I used the pencil for the first time on the back of my hand is how soft the lines are which it draws. When used on skin in this way, a fair amount of pressure is needed to create anything more than a faint line and even when you do press down hard you still only end up with a subtle strip of colour. When the lines are gently rubbed or blended together they actual look very similar to a swipe of soft, powdery eye shadow. Every other brow pencil I've purchased has been creamy in texture and sometimes almost similar to a pencil eye liner which is fine but can sometimes make it difficult to fill in brows subtly.

      You are instructed in the enclosed leaflet to apply the pencil/colour to brows using soft, short strokes and to work from the inside out. The powdery texture seems to draw much better and with less pressure on to brows than it does on to skin as brow hairs seem to grab the soft formula. The product really is quite simple to apply and I find the precise point (when properly sharpened) makes it easy to fill in sparse areas and define brows without much effort. When I've finished filling I use the brush or brow groomer to tidy and then take a slanted brow brush and blend the colour which I've applied to give an even softer look. I sometimes choose to add a little bit of brow powder at this stage which softens even more and gives an even more natural looking result than the pencil used alone and I find this works really well with the already powdery formula of the product. Brow waxes also seem to work really well over the top and don't seem to interfere with colour or lasting power either.


      As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, most pencils I have purchased and used seem to have red in them which tends to look quite unnatural on me, the first thing I noticed after using Diors powder pencil is how natural the colour looks. The shade I purchased (Sand) has no red in it and seems to match my medium brown eyebrows and hair perfectly. My brows look even and defined without looking harsh or overdone and stay that way until the end of the day when I remove my make up.

      The pencil itself seems to stay sharp for quite a long time before it needs sharpening which I imagine is down to the fact that such a small amount is applied with each use and that very little pressure is needed to draw. I have found when it does need sharpening it's easy to get a decent, soft point and have had no issues with the crayon breaking or snapping providing I don't over sharpen.

      Would I recommend/buy again?

      I can't imagine using another brow pencil now I've discovered such a great colour match with Diors and I'm extremely happy with the unusual but effective powder formula. I haven't found the need to repurchase yet because I've used such a small amount of the pencil even with daily use but I'll definitely be visiting my local Dior counter when my pencil runs out.

      I highly recommend trying this pencil if you've been unhappy with results from similar products in the past. It's easy to use and apply, comes in a great range of shades and does an excellent job at helping to create groomed and defined brows without giving the dreaded sharpie eyebrows or drawn on look.

      The product gets 5 stars from me.


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