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Ciate Caviar Manicure

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2 Reviews
  • unusual effect
  • bobbly to the touch
  • not a comfortable manicure
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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2014 23:37
      Very helpful


      • "unusual effect"


      • "not a comfortable manicure"
      • "bobbly to the touch"

      Balls effect not great for me.

      I have come across the Ciate caviar manicure a couple of times, the first being a freebie on the front page of a magazine. I loved the pale blue polish called Ferris Wheel and the second bottle that you got was little blue and silver balls.

      I had little success with the application of the balls. They rolled everywhere and the ones I got to stick on the nail really irritated me.

      I just wanted to pick them off, they felt all uneven and bobbly!

      I like a nice neat manicure and it is impossible to get a straight edge around the cuticle with these balls. So I abandoned the balls bottle and just stuck with the lovely blue, using some water decals for extra detail without the fuss and mess of the balls.

      The next time I met the balls, I got them in the mini advent calendar I bought (it was last year's advent but I got it at a reduced price). My immediate thought was not to bother with them but then I noticed a lovely Christmas coloured set and I think I am going to have to have another go with them nearer the festive season.

      If you are really clever you can use these as a little nail art feature, doing caviar tips or patterns on the nail, you just need to be really precise.

      I haven't given up on this effect just yet but suspect that it is really not for me, watch this space!


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      18.12.2012 21:08
      Very helpful



      For a professional looking manicure!

      ~ ~ Ciaté and the Caviar Collection ~ ~

      Ciaté is a professional nail care brand with innovative nail products. This year, they launched their newest manicure sets (Ciaté Caviar and Velvet) that quickly became extremely popular. The manicure sets were sold out almost immediately at the official website of the brand and currently they can only be purchased from a few online retailers and amazon.co.uk.

      The Caviar manicure is created with microbeads applied on the top of the nail varnish to provide a three dimensional effect to the nails. The Caviar manicure is currently available in 3 collections:

      - Black Pearls: with a black base polish and dark microbeads in black, dark blue and silver shades.
      - Mother of Pearl: with white nail polish and white microbeads.
      - Rainbow: with a light pink base coat and colourful pearls.

      ~ ~ Ciaté Caviar Manicure Set ~ ~

      I was looking for a special nail polish to wear during Christmas and I discovered the new trend with the caviar pearls on the nails. I thought it was an absolutely fantastic idea to create a 3D effect with tiny pearls on my nails for Christmas.

      Ciaté Caviar set retails for £18 but it's not very easy to find their products in shops, so I went online looking for this nail set and even though it was sold out on the e-shop of the official website, I was fortunate enough to find it available on Amazon.co.uk for the same price. I also discovered that the full collection is available on Asos with free delivery.

      I ordered the Black Pearls Manicure set online and it came on my hands last Monday. Each Caviar Manicure Set contains:

      - One bottle of black Ciaté nail polish for the base layer
      - One bottle containing the pearls. Black, blue, silver and light blue microbeads with a shiny metallic finish are mixed in this bottle.
      - A plastic funnel

      The nail set is packaged in a cardboard box with the product details on the front and the directions of use at the back. The box opens to reveal the transparent plastic packaging that holds the nail polish and the pot with the caviar pearls. The top of the packaging is cleverly designed as a tray that can be placed under the nail during the manicure process, to collect all the excess beads that don't stick on the nail. A small funnel is also included in the box, used to refill the pearl bottle with the microbeads that are collected in the tray during the manicure process.A leaflet is found inside the packaging with full directions on how to complete the caviar manicure. In addition, you can find some tips and ideas on how to create new styles and make the manicure last longer.

      The Ciaté nail polish comes in a beautifully designed transparent glass bottle that holds 13.5ml of product. The deep black nail lacquer is visible through the clear glass bottle. The large curved paint pot is easy to hold and has a tall, slim lid. A black bow is attached to the front side of the bottle, right above the oval shaped label with the brand logo. The product details are displayed at the back. The top lid with the brush is easy to twist, with the flat brush attached to the lid inside for precise application. It's a good quality brush and I find it very easy to control the amount of product and for best coverage and precision.
      The pearls come in a similar bottle and the mini funnel is made from plastic, with a wide top that narrows at the bottom so that it fits inside the Caviar pearl's bottle.

      This unique shaped bottle with the curved design, the chic bow and the tall top lid gives the overall bottle the look of a high quality professional nail polish.

      ~ ~ My opinion ~ ~

      The Ciaté Caviar manicure set is a professional product and it's more expensive than other brands. Since it is a highly priced product, I expected something very special from the Caviar experience.

      Generally, I am a fan of dark shades for the winter and I ordered this manicure set to give it a try. The "Black Pearl" caviar set has a deep black nail polish that's used for the base layers, and metallic pearls that provide a different, festive look to the overall manicure.

      The Caviar Manicure can be created on top of all the nails, however I applied the pearls on the ring fingers only, and I painted the rest of my nails with the black nail polish. I think that the look of the caviar pearls on all of my nails would look perfect for the Christmas Day or New Year's Eve, but it's not ideal for my every day look.

      I realized that this black nail polish is a professional product from the first layer that I applied on my nails. On application, it runs smoothly and the brush is well-designed and easy to control. I need to apply two layers in order to achieve the desired deep black shade on the nails. The nail polish itself dries very fast. In 5 just minutes after applying the top coat, my nails are dry and they look gorgeous.

      However, the nails with the pearls need considerably more time to dry out. Ciaté recommends 15 - 20 minutes drying time but I was extra careful with the pearled nails all day long. I would say that this is a special occasion manicure, appropriate for holidays when you don't have to do housework or use your hands for cleaning, washing dishes etc.

      The nail polish definitely needs a top coat to last longer. However, I wouldn't recommend a top coat layer on top of the pearls. It looks better if you apply a clear nail polish only at the tip of the nails to keep the 3D metallic effect of the pearls. This way you can achieve the gorgeous effect of individual pearls sitting on the nail, while the top coat layer will make the pearls look like they are stuck together.

      ~ ~ The Pearls ~ ~

      The application of the pearls is very easy. They are applied on top of the second layer of the nail polish. Place your finger over the plastic tray provided with the manicure set and sprinkle the pearls over the wet nail polish. Make sure that the pearls have covered the entire surface of the nail and lightly press them with your fingers into the wet polish to ensure that they are kept in place. Once finished, apply a top coat on the nail tips and leave your nails to dry completely. Place the mini funnel into the pearl bottle and pour in the beads that were collected in the tray. This simple process should be repeated for each nail, however I applied the pearls on the ring fingers only.

      The manicure stayed relatively chip free for around a week. I am really satisfied with the longevity of the nail polish itself. I am also using the nail polish without the pearls and it lasts even longer. I was reading many reviews about the pearls, saying that they don't last but from my experience they looked great for at least 3 days.

      Since I am right handed, some pearls started to fall off my right hand nail on the third day but my left hand manicure remained in a very good condition for a week. I think that the top coat around the end of the nail worked well and increased the durability of the manicure.

      Removing the nail polish using a regular nail polish remover is very easy, but I found it quite difficult to remove the beads and I had to soak my nails in the nail polish remover liquid.

      ~ ~ Summary ~ ~

      Overall, I am very pleased with the results of this manicure set. The end result is very much what I expected when I purchased the product, it looks professional and I was surprised by the high quality of the black nail polish. It is a little impractical for daily use but it's an amazing idea for special occasions and in my opinion, it's the ideal manicure for Christmas day or New Year's Eve.

      Even though I am very happy with this product, it is an expensive manicure set. Next time, instead of buying a new set I intend to buy colourful beads from the local store and use them with the high quality nail polish that I own.

      Thank you for reading!

      This review is also posted on ciao under my username sweetybi.


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