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Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure Wonderland

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Brand: Ciate / Type: Manicure Set

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2013 14:59
      Very helpful



      Simple nail art

      I'm always on the look out for nail products that I can try out and use, especially those that appear to be alittle on the funky and creative side. If I leave the house with kids in toe looking like I've been dragged out of bed, if my nails are at least the only thing that looks half decent, then I don't feel like a complete fashion failure. I bought this kit direct from Ciate's own website for just over £6.00, was being sold for £18.00 previously. Other retailers of this kit or similar are QVC, ASOS, Boots etc.

      Why did I buy this?

      I bought it for afew reasons. I tried a full sized polish from this brand as it was a freebie from a magazine ( review put on this site ), and to be honest I wasn't very impressed with the colour and application. I was happy to try other products from the same brand if the price was right, and when I looked on their website afew months ago. They had a 50% off sale on nearly everything ( plus I had an additional code that came with the magazine I got the freebie with ). This kit caught my eye because I've always been interested in foils as a form of nail art, and I've used them many years ago. But knowing how trends and technology changes products in the nail world, I really wanted to try this to see what they were like and if they would create effects I would enjoy wearing.

      What do you get?

      1x full size polish 13.5ml called Cream Soda
      30 x sheets of metallic effect foils ( gold, silver, holographic gold, green, purple and holographic silver )
      5ml foil glue
      Nail wheel

      How to use

      1. Apply base coat to all 10 nails.

      2. When dry, apply two coats of base colour and wait for each layer to dry.

      3. Apply a thin layer of foil glue to wherever you want the foil to be on the nail. White for a minute or two for the glue to go from white to clear. This is when the foil is ready to be applied.

      4. Place the foil shiny side up onto the nail and place down firmly, while the glue is still tacky. Lift foil from nail to reveal your artwork!

      How do I find it?

      I love the idea overall! It's a fun way to be expressive and create something completely individually that no one else will have on their nails as the effects can't be recreated the same all the time.

      In regards to the kit itself, I'm very disappointed there was no small base or top coat. I know its minor, and most people will have these items anyway, but when you buy a ' kit ' like this, I want to be able to use this and give it as much longevity as possible, which will be increased by a base and top coat. If they can provide a teeny weeny bottle of foil glue, they can do the same with top and base!

      The base colour-not great. The colour I find uninspiring and a very flat dull pale grey colour. It doesn't go well with all skin tones and it doesn't stand out on the nail. Its quite cold in regards to the shade it is and could be much more shiny in appearance when placed on the nail. Not an issue when you're placing foils on top, but will be when you may want to wear this alone. I'm not too sure why they thought this would be a good colour to use as a base, as I've used this one and a black polish ( from a different range ), and the effect with the darker colour was more striking and more interesting. It really made the foils pop! Application of polish was ok, but found even after two coats the coverage could have been better, but dried in a relatively decent amount of time.

      The foils-wow! Vibrant, bold, colourful. I thought the collection and variation was fantastic, and not for the shy and retiring in regards to colour! Very much statement items.

      The foils are quite thin in depth, which is what you want, as it makes it easier to use and also easier for application. You want them to sit quite naturally on the nail, not stand out and be raised at all.

      I'm still very unsure whether I like the foils being in squares, or in a roll ( as I've used them in the past in a roll ). The squares I liked because you don't have to cut them up, you simply use the foils over and over again, until all of the colour/pattern has gone. You don't want to be flapping around with huge pieces as its going to get in the way. But storing them is a bit of a nightmare. When they came in the kit, they were in a little envelope all neatly stacked up against each other. Now I've been using them, I can never get them all neat and precise to put them back in, so I simply shove them back in the box ( not good as it can damage them ). Also, they now have started to stick together, because I've used some of them and the layer of colour has come off, so I found when doing my nails with these recently and trying to choose which foils I wanted, I had to gently pull afew of them apart.

      Overall foils are a good quality, lovely colours and the colours compliment each other and are very much statement for the nails.

      The overall effect

      As mentioned, I got much more of the wow factor when I used my own dark colour. But the effects that you can achieve vary depending on what you can go for. Some of the effects you can go for are as follows:

      1. Funky alternative to a French manicure-paint the nail as instructed but place the foil glue around the free edge, where the traditional white section would be when a French manicure is performed. Place the foil over this section. Follow with top coat.

      2. Stripes-you really have to be steady with this, although the brush with the foil glue is reasonably thin, you could paint diagonal or horizontal stripes then place the foil on top. Follow with top coat.

      3. Spots-dab the glue ( not too thickly ) over the nail and create small spots. Probably best to use a dotting tool to make it much more circular in shape and smaller. Follow with top coat.

      4. Full coverage-very much possible. Paint the whole nail with foil glue and place one coloured foil over the area and lift. I've done this and its quite impressive the look you get as you can't see any base colour at all, just the foil. But you have to make sure the glue is all over the nail and not to miss any bits. Again-don't forget to top coat.

      5. The ' Random ', which I currently have on my nails as I type! Random strokes over each nail, first foil that went on was the holographic gold, more glue randomly applied, then the green. I stopped there, and then only put a touch of glue on my thumb nails and added the purple foil, to create two accent fingernails. This effect is great when you're layering and want to add colour on colour, and its probably the most striking, as you get to play peek a boo with the base colour just popping through ( do you understand why I said the base colour included was so wrong? ).

      Only today did I have someone physically grab my hands and say ' what have you got on your nails? Is it crackle? What is? Its gorgeous! Was it hard? '. So if you want to be noticed this is a great kit to have.

      Hints and tips

      Don't apply the glue for the foils too thickly on the nail or they won't stick properly, and you will be peeling the glue off the nail, making it look messy.

      Don't overlay the foils too much as that would cause issues with longevity. When I say too much, I mean placing layer after layer after layer on the same spot.

      Please, make sure top coat is appiled after application of foils. If not, the foils will start peeling/coming off, the polish will start look dull and dirty and overall it simply won't last very long nor will it look good. Also, the top coat will provide even more shine and sparkle to the overall design.

      Who is this kit good for?

      Anyone that loves colour and to be noticed in regards to their nails. Someone who finds polish boring.

      Someone who already has polish on, but wants to ' pimp it up ', without starting all over again.

      People who like the idea of nail wraps, such as Kooky, Trendy, Minx, but don't have the budget or the skill to perform such nail art. But foils, if not encased in gel, don't tend to last as long as the mentioned wrap system, as they are different materials and can be used differently.

      Who is this not for?

      If time isn't on your side and your in a rush-it can take awhile. Somebody who just wants a standard block colour all their nails ( although as mentioned it can give full coverage, but unsure of the longevity of that ).

      Would I buy this kit again? No. The best part of this was the foils, and foils can be purchased from any good shops that sell nail products, especially online. The same with the nail foil glue. In fact both can be quite inexpensive and you can get all kinds of different colours, patterns and effects. The actually polish I thought was poor and not well though out ( I wont be using that again! ) and the nail wheel although a great addition to the kit, you can pick up very cheaply if you want to practice any designs ( a nail wheel tends to be made of palstic, circular in shape and at the end has pretend fingernails on them. Perfect to use if you want to display nail art or standard polish colours. Even better just to practise on! )

      Please don't get me wrong, this is a lovely kit for someone who wants to experiment and I've enjoyed using it and I will now source and buy more foils to continue experimenting. How much this cost was a bargain, but the base colour is poor and their should've been top and base coat. But I will still give this kit a high score because I know the majority of people who would use this would find it fun and provide some simple creativity for the nails!

      Great starter kit, but I need to move onto something a little more special.


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