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City Chick French Manicure Bare Butterfly Nails

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Brand: City Chick / Nail Care / Type: Nail Butter / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2010 15:11
      Very helpful



      At Home Nails That Look Professional

      I don't know why I didn't suggest these nails as a product earlier because this is another product that I am rarely without so it is something I have to keep a constant supply of in my house. Now I absolutely LOVE false nails and without them I don't feel like myself and obviously having them done at a salon is something I love to do but since I lost my job a few months back that has to be more of a treat now rather than a regular occurrence so I end up having to do the job myself at home. And over the last few months I have tried out LOADS of different false nails from loads of different brands and that cost a wide range of prices and I have to say I think these are the best ones which are incidentally the cheapest ones I have tried!

      Useful Information:
      Price: £1.99 (20 Nails Various Sizes, Nail Glue, Small Emery Board & Instructions)
      Stockists: I get mine from Bodycare but I think they are also sold on amazon.
      Type: These are short cut nails and are square in shape designed for petite nails/hands but they do fit most peoples nails in my experience.

      These nails to come in other designs and just bare french manicured but I think these butterfly ones are the nicest as they are just so cute without making the nails look dead tacky - I think they still look quite natural if you apply them properly.

      Now I'm certain everyone knows how to apply false nails by now but Ill write a small step by step at the bottom for those that don't these are super easy to do though and can be done in about 5 minutes if you know how. Now in my opinion these square edged nails are much better than rounded ones as they look much more natural, the look is easier to maintain and I can actually do things with them on! When I'm wearing falsies normally even though Ive been wearing them for so long I find it difficult to do the smallest of tasks - pulling jeans up is the worst but I can do everything with ease with these ones on because they are so short. Not so short it looks like your nails are tiny buy short enough not to prevent you form doing normal things.

      The design which you cant quite see from the picture is a purple butterfly surrounded by little flowers and sort of sparkles and while that is super cute it also makes them look more professional than bog standard french manicure in my opinion anyway. Whenever I meet new people they always ask me where I get my nails done and are shocked when I say I do them at home and I'm not expert believe me so these nails really are idiot proof and will look great on anybody. As far as Ive seen the design doesn't wash off or rub off at all but after about a week and a half the white tips do start to peel off and go a bit dirty from daily wear and tear but I think that's quite long lasting considering they don't fall off at all in that time even if your just going about your daily business with them on.

      My mom has never worn false nails in her life before I introduced her to these as she thinks they aren't practical especially now she has another baby but now she cant get enough of them - she even steals my leftover ones out of the packet when I'm finished she probably has more packs than me so they are great for women who wouldn't normally wear this kind of thing as they are fuss free but can make your hands look so pretty and like you've made tonnes of effort when you haven't at all. I cant recommend them highly enough and Ill never be without a packet of them because they are cheap, cheerful and actually look good. Definitely recommend them to everybody even if falsies aren't normally your thing!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x

      *Quick Application Advice*
      Never apply false nails if your wearing nail varnish or have anything on your hands/nails as the glue wont be able to work at full strength so clean off any nail varnish and wash your hands before application.

      1. Match the false nails to your natural ones. They should fit perfectly with no overlap or gaps where you can see your real nail. Then arrange them in the order you will apply them to your fingers.

      2. Always apply the nails to your dominant hand first (usually the hand you write with) and start at the thumb. ALWAYS apply the glue to the artificial nail and not your real one as that could cause damage to your nail beds. Then apply the false nail as close to the cuticle line as possible then press and hold the nail for 5-10 seconds while the glue dries.

      3. Obviously then repeat that on your other hand. Now you will need to file away any rough edges at the top of the nail always file only one way and stick to it - for example if your filing left to right don't switch as that will make the nail appear uneven. Then do that for the other hand as well.

      Voila! Perfect nails. With these ones I don't have to file them very much so don't worry if you don't want to or cant as they don't have a lot of rough bits in my experience. And when your finished with these NEVER pull them off as that could and probably will damage your nail. Soak them off in acetone nail varnish remover and then they simply rub off.


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