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Claire's Triple Pack Nail Polish

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3 Reviews

Brand: Claire's / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2011 21:18
      Very helpful
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      Good prouct to use for any occassion

      I really do love nail polish I can't go out without having my nails done unless at university I am in the kitchen in which I have to take it off which of course I don't like but it needs to be done for hygiene reasons. Anyway I was bought this nail varnish for Christmas and I do find that it is really good it does stay on my nails for about 5days that's when they start to chip but I guess it would depend on how much you use your hands and depends what you're doing. They come in a clear plastic container which is basically just to keep them together; this is good as it save having them loose you can just keep them in the container when you're not using them which are ideal.

      They are nice colours but I do find that they are a bit too light you definitely need 2 or 3 coats for them to be able to stand out but I do know that some people like a light nail varnish. They are a good price as they cost me £3 for a triple pack which I don't find dear at all as some can cost that for just one.

      I do find it a bit difficult to apply as with the colours being really light it is hard to get an even colour but it's not so bad when you apply more coats which in my opinion are needed if you want to see the colours properly. It smells like nail varnish smells thats all i can say about the smell.

      It is a good nail varnish especially for the price but could have a slightly bigger brush as it is quite small but I guess this is because the bottle is small this could also help as it would apply the varnish more evenly and I do find the price good defiantly a product I will purchase again.


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        20.07.2011 22:02
        Very helpful




        I tried to add the pack which I got to product suggestions, but the Dooyoo team wouldn't accept it and said it was already on the site, now just to let you know the pack which I got was not this pack, but since they referred me to this I will write my review here.

        I love nail polishes, and I love pretty colours, unfortunately over the last years I wouldn't say I have had a lot of them, dont get me wrong I have had a few but no where near as much as I would like!

        I was wondering through Dublin airport on the way home from OH parents and walked into Claire's, I had some birthday money and seen this gorgeous bright pack of 6 nail polishes, they instantly caught my eye and I knew I had to have them, I picked them up and paid Euro8/9.00 which would be the inequivalent of around £7.00 if bought in the UK.

        The pack which they came in is very simple and nothing special what so ever, it is a clear and plastic box in which the nail polishes are all sitting side by side, the only detail on the box is the sticker which has the price on.

        The nail polishes are only mini, they each contain 4.5ml of the varnish, they are all different colours and you can see that by looking at them, but they all have the same design look wise.
        They look like any nail polish bottle in shape, they have a black twist on lid and over the front is a simple logo ( Claire's ) wrote in a sparkly silver.
        The brush is very thin and very small and doesn't look that good of quality at first, but as you use it the brush spreads out and only two strokes are needed to cover up all of your nails.

        Now onto my favourite part, the colours!
        The colours were the reason I fell in love with these, they are the most pretty shades you can imagine, they are all pastel colour based, there is also a sparkle/glitter set available aswell if you are interested, the names I give below are not the actual names of the shades, they are just how I would describe them, the polishes do not have names for their shades, they are simply just shades!

        There is a lovely and I mean lovely, baby blue in this set, its very pale and looks like the sky on a clear day, when applied onto my nails it comes out very matte and only two strokes are needed and then two coats to give a perfect finish off to my nails. I have this on at the moment! I also think this kind of shade on your nails is very in at the moment too! Go me!

        The next colour to come along is a baby pink/peachy/coral colour, its really girly and very summery, I think this looks really nice with a white tip on the end if your up to doing all that yourself, its also a very natural and casual look for everyday.

        The next is a mint green, almost neon.. really nice colour and different to what I have seen before, never come across a shade as nice as this one, its my OH favourite colour and I have to admit its probably one of mine too, it looks glossy and very nice when on my nails, it really makes your nails stand out.

        You also get another pink in the set, buts its darker than the baby pink, a lot more toned down and quieter, I wouldn't say it goes as far as to be completely different than the rest though, its a lovely barbie pink which looks very flattering on, I also find this shade to be one which doesn't need two coats!

        Also there is a yellow, its very bright and loud when on and once again, looks great on if you have a bit of tan going on! its very vibrant and makes even the dullest days bright up a little!

        Finally, a lovely purple, which is kind of different to the rest of them if I can say that? I find it gives a less matte appearance when on your nails, more of a shiny and shimmery effect, but it still doesn't look out of place with the rest of them.

        Now as you can tell by the colours they are very summery and very bold and vibrant, and they look absolutely amazing on.
        I find these to be very opaque after 2 coats, I find that when you put on one coat of the polish it has a very thin and weird consistency too it, I was disappointed when I put on the first coat as it looked so watery and was completely see through, but after letting the first coat dry and then adding on a second coat, it looks flawless on, the colours come out perfectly and as I said, completely opaque.

        I have had all of these colours on and they stay put for around 4/5 days, then I begin them noticing too chip, but its great for them too last that long considering how cheap they are, and also its another excuse to paint my nails another one of their amazing lovely pretty colours!

        The polish takes around 3 minutes to dry completely and then your fine and ready to do what you want, okay I know this is quite long considering others only take a minute or so, but who cares? they look delicious.

        My favourite combination with these is rainbow! Most of the time my nails will be every colour of them, bar one since there is 6! so I will have 5 pretty colours on my nails, and I always get told how pretty and well looked after my nails look when I have this on!

        You honestly have to pick up a pack of these if you love great value and amazing pretty colours like these, and when you think of how much you are paying for each one its a bargain and your money needs to be spend on these! if you hate, I will give you your money back!

        The only downfall I could find with these, is that they are really small considering the amount you usually get in a typical bottle of polish, but then again the price is so low for each one I guess if you think of it like that its absolutely grand.

        Please go to Claire's and buy this, you wont regret it.


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          24.04.2009 18:33
          Very helpful



          Wouldn't rave for these!

          I absolutely love nail polishes. I own loads and loads and usually buy Boots No7. It's my preferred brand when it comes to the quality and durability and even the ease of use. However I don't mind paying more for colours I know I will often wear. Of late though with slightly warmer weather appearing and investing in loads of cute peep toe shoes, 5 inch heels (which are also peep toe though I stagger about in them lol) and pairs upon pairs of gladiator sandals I've wanted to be a bit more 'out there' with my colours choices and I'm limited with the No7 range.

          I've bought a George (Asda) bright yellow polish, a Collection 2000 bright blue and them type of purchases I don't want to pay more than a couple of quid for but still I need great results and usually when buying cheap you get cheap results and I have terribly bad nails that chip, flake and break easy so I still want something that isn't going to hurt any of that.

          I was on a mission the other day to get a few, new bright colours as I was going on a date. I was going out quite demure with a lovely new simple dress on and stuff, quite understated. However my shoes were bright purple and I wanted clashing nail polish for my tootsies (I bite me fingernails so I don't bother with high lighting those lol).

          I was walking past Claire's and on a rack, near the main entrance I spotted their nail polish collection and decided to take a nosey.

          There was a lot to choose from at about £3.00 a bottle but I went for a triple pack which set me back £3.00 as it gave me 3 very different colours to play with and I was impressed that although they are small in size that means I haven't got to to cram yet a load more stuff into my already overcrowded bedroom lol.

          The Packaging....

          Firstly there are a few colour combinations to choose from but none have names as such. All you get is three 2.5ml (really small pots) of clear bottles (you can see the colours through of course!) and all say in small silver writing on the front that they are Claire's Cosmetics and on the back of each bottle you get told they are nail polishes, weight is stated and your given contact details for Claire's Accessories. They all have black plastic tops that contain really short black coloured 'wands' and a reasonably thick and good quality black brush at the end of them. The 3 polishes are lined up in a see through box that has a hanging hole to the top of it and on the front in silver lettering I'm told they are Claire's Cosmetics. The black sleeve at the back of the box gives me a list of ingredients, weight is stated, warnings are given and finally once again I'm given contact details for Claire's Accessories. Cute little pots, these are. I loved the dinkiness of them and for me a great handy size which even though they are small I know I'd get a lot of applications from them!

          Using Them.....

          My results were a mixed a bag really. My colour choice was a dark purple, turquoise green and a navy blue colour so dark it was almost a black.

          Firstly the application of these is totally rubbish. These might be great for little or young people with little hands but as an adult they're a pain because the brush is far too close to the handle not giving any flexibility to the application.

          All the nail polishes smell exactly as you would expect them to and from what I saw from the colours on display in my local shop they all very glossy.

          I think it's fair to warn you here in my review as well that I do really feel a base coat is necessary when using these polishes. All the colours without base coat lasted a couple of days on my toes but if you want them to not fade, chip or stain your nails (they do badly) you really do need a base coat. Without base coat my nails went yellowish after a couple of days and my nails needed repainting. With a base coat I got 3-4 days perfect wear.

          Saying that I got perfect glossy wear with the purple and the turquoise. I found the consistency good and I used a base coat with both colours, then 2 coats of polish and I did use a top coat as well with one of the colours just to see if it made any difference but it didn't. I was perfectly happy just with the polish.

          It was tricky to apply and I had little control over the brushes but I found mistakes easy enough to correct at the time of doing them however you really do need 2 coats of any of the polishes to get a completely even colour. However both colours gave me glossy nails that were full of the colour so I couldn't complain.

          However the really dark colour (the navy) was just too hard to make look decent! Because it was dark the mistakes were tricky to remove and some colour got under my nails and I simply couldn't remove it. It was so thin in consistency (after really shaking it and all-sorts) it basically went on drippy and like water and showed every imperfection I had on my nails. It was nothing like the other two polishes and was very disappointing and so bad were the results I achieved I removed it, tried again and still felt my nails looked bad lol.


          These work out at a pound a pot for 2.5ml. If they were spot on brilliant then sure I wouldn't mind paying that but these really are too expensive for what they are. Nowadays if want funky colours that are out of the ordinary I can get them for about £1.46 (large sizes too, say from Collection 2000) so we're not limited to paying this much for something that is so hit and miss.

          I wouldn't buy them again although the two colours out of the three were pleasant enough they just didn't last as long as I would like, the bottles are tricky to handle and use and one colour was simply a nightmare!

          Only available in Claire's Accessories.


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