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Clarins Wonder Length Mascara

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Brand: Clarins / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye / Contents: 6ml / Working for: curly hair

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2013 10:12
      Very helpful



      Great for already long lashes, terrible for those with shorter lashes.

      I am going to begin my review of this wonderful Clarins Wonder Length Mascara with observations of the packaging. Why? Because I think it is stunning!

      The mascara is presented as a long, thin, and curved golden tube, with a golden Clarins stamp towards the base. It is very aesthetically pleasing and hints of luxury and class. The gold colour is very deep and the shine is beautiful! Personally, when I take this mascara out from my make-up bag I smile each time. It really does look lovely and really does feel luxurious to hold and use. The wand twists out with the cap, and is very long and thin. The applicator itself is of a good width, and has short thin bristles to apply the product inside.
      There are unfortunately also some downsides to the packaging; the gorgeous gold unfortunately marks very easily and needs a wipe to keep the luxury feel or it can look dirty. Also, the threading of the screw cap seems to get quite 'gunked' up with the product (but I do find this with other mascara's too). A quick wipe and problem solved.

      The mascara is, at the moment, £20 direct from Clarins for a 6ml tube. For the high quality products Clarins offer, and for the fact the product does last, this is a very good price. It has a recommended life of 6 months once open, but this is the case with most mascara's - you do not want old products near your eyes!

      "This amazing formula promotes extremely long, luxurious lashes, curled to perfection after just one application. Intense colours highlights the lashes and offer optimal hold." clarins.co.uk (product description)

      The mascara itself is a dream to apply. It coats the lashes very easily and I do not clog them all together. The wand separates each of them very effectively, and the length is greatly increased. I find after I have used it that I get compliments on how my lashes look, and I feel confident in their appearance. They are long, luscious, and with a definite curl. The product can indeed be applied with just one coat to a lovely effect, or also may be layered to achieve the individuals' desired effect, and can be subtle or bold. This of course is only my experience of the product, and unfortunately my mum had a completely different one to me...

      Now I will point out that my lashes are already long, and this may make the product apply much more effectively. I say this because my mum has short lashes, and she actually bought this for herself hoping that she would be able to achieve the long look when she goes out for an evening. She was, however, very very disappointed. When she applied the mascara she ended up with what can only be described as a clumpy mess. Her eyes looked bogged down with black gunk and her eyelashes if anything just looked stumpy and shorter - much the opposite of what this mascara offers. I was shocked when I saw this, and hence why I tried the mascara myself to a very different end.

      So, it appears that unfortunately Clarins may have let a few of their customers down; the customers to whom this very product is actually aimed at. For me, with already long lashes, this is a dream product. Lengthening my lashes to the skies and defining my eyes! For my mum, with short lashes and wanting an excellent lengthening product, she finds this a horror product which highlights the lack of length in her lashes, and clumps them together making a mess. It is for these reasons that unfortunately the Wonder Length Mascara gets such low stars. I indeed adore it; however, I am not in need of it. Those with shorter lashes who it is aimed at will probably be very disappointed. Please, though, do try it yourself and give it a chance if you wish.


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  • Product Details

    Active Ingredients: A polymer forms a very thin, even film that lengthens lashes quickly and curves them gently / Natural anti-dehydrating agents make lashes more supple, shiny, more beautiful along their entire length / Carnauba wax reinforces the adherence of the film for non-stop wear / This is a mascara which creates long, silky, curled lashes that still look real / Beauty Benefits: A 'true lash' effect mascara which promotes long, silky lashes after just one application / Perfectly separated, beautifully curved, intense colour, they seem endless and promote a glamorous look / Application: Apply from the base of the lashes to the tips then apply a second coat for more sophisticated results /

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