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Clinique Almost Powder Makeup

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Powder / Sub-Type: Powders

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    2 Reviews
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      12.06.2011 14:28
      Very helpful
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      The perfect powder foundation for summer.

      I'm a huge fan of Clinique products, ever since I discovered their 'Anti-Blemish range which works wonders on my skin, and I have branched out into their make-up and other skin products ever since. Quite some time ago now I loved using a product by Clinique called Clarifying Powder. I used it on top of liquid foundation, or on its own if I was in a rush, and it was great for top-ups during the day. Clinique discontinued this item, and I tried the Stay-Matte powder but I wasn't happy with the coverage. I stumbled across the 'Almost Powder Makeup' which I've been using for over a year now, so I feel it's time to write a review!

      Clinique is a cosmetics company, and you will often see their cosmetics counters in many department stores. Their skin care range is well known for being simple, but especially catered for all skin types. I have heard some people mentioning bad things about Clinique, and I've heard those rumours that the products contain nasty chemicals which are bad for your skin. The thing is, I've tried many different skin care products for my skin type over the years, I have oily, blemish prone skin with large pores and many products I have used have completely dried my face out, or just simply not had any affect at all. The Clinique anti-blemish skin care range is the only range I have used which actually makes a positive difference to my skin by reducing blemish breakouts, helping to keep my skin clear and my pores minimized.

      Clinique do quite a range of powder foundation, and for someone who is new to Clinique it could be a difficult choice to make. I would strongly suggest discussing your skin type before purchasing one of the foundations to ensure you are getting the best one for your skin type, after all, Clinique is not a cheap cosmetics range and it would be a shame to waste money on something not suitable for you.

      The Almost Powder Makeup is a mineral powder with a long-wear formula. It's light weight and manages to perfect the skin tone and texture for a fresh and natural look. The ultra-smooth formula helps maintain the skin's moisture balance, and the anti-oxidants and SPF 15 help protect the skin. It comes in a typical powder compact with a mirror and a sponge supplied, however how you apply this product is completely up to you, you can use the sponge or a brush. For speed I will often use the sponge, yet I'm well aware that (especially on my skin type!) that using a sponge over and over will trap bacteria and not help with my blemishes!

      There's a good range of shades for this powder make-up, and it can depend on if you want more colour and coverage, or a more natural finish. I have extremely pale skin and always reach for the 'Fair' shade, and I must warn that you must have really pale skin to use this shade! I use a nice bronzer after applying to give my face some colour, but it matches my skin colour perfectly and helps gives a more natural finish. The other shades are Neutral, Neutral Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. I am considering purchasing one in the Light shade ready for my first beach holiday this year, as I do feel that the Fair colour may end up being too light if I catch the sun!

      I strongly suggest using a moisturiser before applying the Almost Powder Makeup. I do this anyway as part of my routine, but it can pick up any dry bits, however it do has a lovely smooth feeling to this powder and it will give a nice soft and natural finish to your skin. Due to my skin type, I do have some blemish marks and scars and it's rare I would go out without using a liquid foundation first for maximum coverage. I actually use Clinique's Anti-Blemish foundation, but sometimes on a morning and particularly in the summer, I don't want the more heavy feeling of a liquid foundation and this is where the Almost Powder Makeup has always stepped in for me. It's easy and quick to apply; as the shade matches my skin tone nicely I don't need to worry about it not blending in or having an awful foundation mark around the edges. The powder feels lovely and soft as it's applied, and it really gives a nice natural coverage to my face. It's one of the only powder foundations I've ever used that gives a good coverage to my face on its own meaning that I'm not afraid to leave the house wearing just this foundation! It removes any excess shine, and most importantly for me it doesn't clog up my pores or feel cakey, in fact I can't even feel the foundation once it's on as it's light weight formula really works.

      As the day goes on I do tend to get oil building up around my T-Zone, however the foundation holds well and doesn't give me a 'cakey' feeling. If I'm going to re-apply this foundation during the day I remove any excess oils using blotting sheets before doing so, and I'm back to a light-weight and fresh feeling again. I'm also pleased to say after using this powder for such a long time now, that it doesn't have any negative effects on my skin, my pores don't get clogged up and it probably skin my skin more good than wearing a heavy liquid foundation!

      Unfortunately something this good does come with a large price tag, this makeup costs £20, however I am pleased to say that unlike other pressed powders I have used in the past, it does actually last a long time! This is mainly because you don't actually need to apply much of the foundation for the desired effect, and I don't mind paying for my next compact because I don't need to buy it that often. It also helps when you buy Clinique products when they have a free gift offer on, or like me I stocked up in Bloomingdales in New York making good use of the exchange rate and a fantastic free gift they were giving away with purchases at the time! This is a powder I will be suing for a long time yet, and it's perfect for the summer for those that want a light-weight and natural finish, but still want coverage and some SPF.


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        20.05.2011 17:16
        Very helpful



        This product will convert you, it has the power

        I don't usually like to spend a lot of money on make up products, that's probably why the make up I end up with is usually a load of rubbish, give or take a few products that I use that have proved quite good. I was in need of a powder to set my foundation and usually buy a Rimmel pressed powder, but I have noticed that the round sponge applicator that comes with these compacts are really useless. In no time at all they just fall apart on me. I decided I would spend a little bit more on a decent powder and hopefully get a decent applicator with it.

        *Finding and admiring it*

        I searched the internet and found this "Clinique Almost Powder" on the Debenhams website. I was shocked at the price of it as I usually only pay a fraction of that price for powders and compacts etc. However I read in great detail about the product and it sounded so good, I decided to treat myself and splash out. I paid £18.00 it was reduced from £20.00 at least the postage and packing was free.

        The product arrived beautifully packed, on opening the package I was greeted with a beautiful marble effect square compact, clicked it open to reveal a round compact mirror, the almost powder product and a round applicator sponge. I was really interested in the applicator sponge and had a real good tug of it to see if it would withhold my constant use of it. The applicator sponge is very well made I cannot see where any joins have been sewn or glued together, like I can on the Rimmel applicator sponge. It is also very soft and feels nice when I brush it along my skin. I was eager to try out my new make up product so I proceeded with my usual make up ritual.

        *Using it*

        When I applied the product, which is fragrance free by the way. It didn't feel like I had applied anything onto my face at all, however when I looked closely at my face I could tell the difference, my face felt smooth and soft, I couldn't see any of the usual little blemishes, it felt really nice and I was pleased with how it looked also. The product remained the same throughout the day, my skin felt great and looked good to. It was then I began to understand why people spend that little bit more on a decent make up product. I hardly use any at all when I apply it and with the effects of it lasting all day, this product is going to last me quite a while. I feel like my skin can breathe unlike the other powders I've used, that just tend to clog up the pores and feel very heavy on my face. I use the applicator provided to apply it and it works like a dream. You could use a brush if you preferred but personally I am happy using the sponge applicator. It is so easy to apply and feels wonderful on your skin.

        *Removing it*

        When it comes to removing it, a facial wipe has no problems wiping it all away. I have noticed a lot more product on the wipe when I remove this, in comparison to when I've removed my other powders, this proves to me the product is actually lasting throughout the day and not wearing away. After removing the product from my face and going through my usual night time cleansing routine, I found my skin to feel good and look fresh.

        *Time test*

        I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and already I have noticed a difference in my face, my skin looks and feels great, the odd spot that I usually battle with, has not appeared at all on my face, so all in all I am extremely happy with my purchase. I had told myself when I ordered it that it was just a one off, just a little treat for myself, but I don't think I could go back to using what I was using before, this is really excellent stuff and I fully recommend it. Any skin type can use it so you have nothing to lose but clogged pores and the odd spot. I'd say go for it I doubt you'll regret it.

        *It's all good*

        The almost powder make up is allergy tested and contains Antioxidants and SPF 15 which protects the skin. Suitable for all skin types and comes in a variety of different shades.

        5 stars because it's so worth it

        Thank you for reading my review may also appear on Ciao


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      • Product Details

        Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF15 / More than minerals / Skin looks / acts happier / Long-wear formula helps keep pores out of trouble / Antioxidants and SPF protect skin / This natural / perfecting “no-makeup” makeup is so lightweight / you'll never even feel it / So foolproof / you can apply it with a sponge / a brush—and almost with your eyes closed / All skin types / Sponge included.

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