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Clinique City Stick SPF15

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Deodorant Stick / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2002 10:18
      Very helpful



      After three song sets, two hours in the VIP room and five couch dances my makeup still looks like I just walked into the club. But it's not just any makeup I'm talking about,it's Clinigue City Stick foundation and powder in one. When I first started my dancing career almost ten years ago I was trying to cut corners everywhere. I bought only two g-strings that I would alternate,taped my shoes when I should of bought new and picked out the cheapest hair products and makeup I could find. After only an hour of work my g-string would be snagged ( guys please remove your keys and spare change before a dance, not all of us girls are into that whole pain is pleasure thing) my hair would be flat and my makeup GONE! Not anymore! I realized that makeup is an investment, especially in the adult entertainment business. The lights in the club help everybody out. But good makeup, like the Clinique City Stick will make you look like a beautiful film star (I'm talking about actresses like Jenna Jameson and Janine). It not only lasts forever but hides blemishes and marks too. The other night Roxanne and I got into a fight in the dressing room. She took one of my "good customers" into VIP. Normally I wouldn't of gotten so mad but he's the idiot that make s my car payment. Well, to make a long story short she had sex with him, which means from now on I will have to too, or he'll stop giving me money! So I got pissed and punched her and she hit me back. I know it doesn't sound that bad but the girl had on a big ass ring and it cut the whole side of my face. Now if I worked in a factory like my mom and granmom it wouldn't be a big deal. But in my line of work something like that can cost you a weeks wages! Before giving up hope though I decided to try the Clinique City Stick. And amazingly it covered my mark up almost perfectly! After hours under hot lights,numerous dances(some requiring more effor
      t than others)and working in a smoke filled room, I can go home with my customers and still look great. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and look at myself in their bathroom mirror. First, I congratulate myself on how much money I made.Then, I admire how my makeup has stayed on so well. Although there aren't may shades to choose from( only like six or seven)"Vanilla Stick" and "Sandy" can work on almost any skin tone. So remember grils, the more that you put into your looks the more you'll get out of them!


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