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Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer

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7 Reviews
  • wide range of colours
  • Long lasting
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    7 Reviews
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      10.03.2016 21:11
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to blend"
      • "Highly pigmented "
      • "Long lasting"
      • " wide range of colours"
      • Beautiful


      • Expensive

      Long lasting, highly pigmented, I AM IN LOVE

      I am a big fan of Clinique products and now i am an even bigger fan of their eye shadows! The range of colours is unbelievable. All of the different shades are beautiful and there is a shade to compliment every skin tone. The wide variety of beautiful and versatile colours makes choosing which colours to buy incredibly difficult! The eyeshadows themselves are super pigmented! You only need a little bit of colour in order to build a vibrant shade on your eyelid and the product is so easy to blend on the eye which allows you to create a beautiful smokey eye effect and eliminate any harsh lines between the different eye shadow colours used. I also find that these eye shadows are incredibly long lasting. I am really impressed with how long this eye shadow lasted on my eye lids as my eye lids are very oily and few eye shadows are able to last and stay put throughout the whole day for me so i definitely think this eye shadow would be good for others with oily lids.

      The only down side of this is the price of the eye shadow in my opinion is quite overpriced for eye shadow but if it was on offer or a reduced price then i would definitely repurchase it and try other shades. Overall i would definitely recommend this eye shadow to anyone who is in need of a good quality product for their eyes and who is able to afford the price!


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      12.04.2015 18:38
      Very helpful


      • "Wide range of colours to choose from"
      • "Applies well and lasts for ages"


      • None

      Long lasting eye shadow

      I will buy Clinique make up whenever I can afford it or will ask for it at birthdays and Christmas time as although it is more expensive than a lot of others it does last for absolutely ages. I had a voucher which I used to buy this eye shadow and also a Clinique mascara and I was very pleased with my purchases. This eye shadow was £13.50 and it comes in a small rectangular case along with a sponge applicator. I like eye shadows which come with their own applicator as if you use one applicator for several colours it can affect the finished effect unless you wash the applicator regularly.

      There were about ten colours of eye shadow to choose from and I chose this Frosted Blossom which is a light plummy colour and has a lovely sheen to it. It isn't too dark so you can wear it for both day and night, but you might want to put a thicker layer on for the evening or just for your personal choice. There is a mirror in the lid so you can use this eye shadow if you are out and about and you haven't got a mirror to hand which is something I like.

      It has a sort of creamy consistency and there was plenty from one application to cover the whole length of my eyelid. I would say that it looks slightly lighter on my skin than in the tub but this will obviously depend on your skin tone, but for me it was perfect. I have never experienced this eye shadow creasing or smudging and it really does stay put for a long time.

      I found it easy to remove with my normal make up wipes but it did stay on all day until I was ready to remove it. At £13.50 it isn't the cheapest of eye shadows but it really is a lovely consistency and it goes on really well, and as it is something which I will only wear occasionally I am sure that it will last me for many years to come.


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      18.10.2013 11:02
      Very helpful



      I would recommend to a friend

      So who are Clinique exactly?

      Clinique was originally founded in 1968 by a single dermatologist who began with an assumption that hygeine and cleanliness was the beginning to treating all skin conditions e.g. dry, oily, normal or breakout skin. Since then Clinique has been self motivated to customise their products to individual types of skin to suit an individual persons needs.
      Clinique thus created a three step skin care system which consists of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. If you go into Boots and get a free skin care consultation they can point out for you what skin care products are best for your skin type and how to use them effectively to get the best results. Of course with the various different skin care providers they all have anti-aging and eye creams which were introduced in 1999.
      Why did I buy this product?
      As I was having a consultation on eye make-up I decided to go for the pink as I'm quite pale (we're talking milk bottle) and I like subtle colours on my face and the Frosted Blossom (colour 206) seemed perfect. The woman who did my eyes showed me what it looked like on and even gave me a tip or two about how to apply the eye shadow to get the best results and I was rather pleased with the result as it's feminine, flattering and goes well with my complexion. I was a little iffy at the price but being that I know Clinique lasts for ages I decided to buy one and wear it on my days off from work.

      Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer
      I asked how much the eye shadow was and was a little shocked at the £15 price mark (I'm only used to paying £1!) but being that it's a lovely colour and I trust Clinique to really impress me (and I had £22 worth of points on my boots card to pay for it) I decided to buy this and treat myself. Now on the Clinique website it states:
      "Creamy, intense colour in one stroke. Surprisingly lightweight. Ophthalmologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes. Soft shimmer finish brings day/dusk/evening drama. The end of the quiet eye.

      *Formula: Powder
      *Benefits: * Fast, intense colour payoff
      * Smooth creamy texture; easily blendable range of shades
      * Longwearing; crease-resistant"
      With the statement from Clinique the only one I can disagree with is the "drama" bit as the colour I brought itn't too bright or in your face it's just nice and subtle but you can see it obviously - basically it's not too much and to me drama would be too much but I do, however, agree with the texture being that it's smooth and easily blendable as I have tried this with another clinique eyeshadow and it looks the same as when you applied it after a full 12 hour shift - and that's doing care work - without even needing to touch up. I am actually quite impressed with how true the statement is but obviously there's always going to be one that somebody doesn't agree with.

      Now the eye shadow comes in a beige coloured box with a silver "C" and yellow circles with green. Basically it looks a little florally but not too florally (I've added pictures. Then in a dark green/near black the box says "colour surge eye shadow soft shimmer ombre á paupiéres intense satinée POIDS NET WT. .07 OZ./2.2g" then at the top on the silver tape it states "206 frosted blossom" which is the colour. On the back of the box it tells you that the product was made in Italy and that this is allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, ophthalmologist (eyes) tested and then there is of course the ingredients. The only thing that I would have liked it suitabilities and warnings because there's always going to be one numpty who will state that they didn't know they weren't supposed to eat it because it didn't say not to on the box.
      The actual eye shadow is in a case which has a transparent bottom telling you in white what the product is the number of the colour and name of the colour as well as the address of the company and how much product there is i.e. how much it weighs - which in this instance is 2.2 grams which is about average for what you would usually get. The lid is mirrored as you will see in the photos below and there is white writing saying "Clinique". Opening the small compact there is a mirror and small applicator with a sponge end. The sponge has a silver mirrored handle with "Clinique" in white and the sponge is white in colour also. The sponge feels soft and silky to touch instead of hard like a lot of sponge ended applicators that you get with eye shadows. The eye shadow then sits and takes up about 45% of the size of the compact and looks baby pink in colour or similarly to that of strawberry ice cream.

      Other colours that you can buy in this range are;
      Sugar Sugar
      Toasted Almond
      Desert Sun
      Siera Glaze
      Keylime Pie
      Beige Shimmer
      and then of course Frosted Blossom.

      As a first impression I really liked the colour and it caught my eye straight away although I didn't think it would wear all day and I thought there would be cracks and creases like there are when I wear other brands of eyeshadow (one of the main reasons for why I didn't wear eyeshadow that much). I then looked at the box and found that it looks professional and an obvious Clinique product the compact itself then looks quite posh really and I find that it's useful as there are occassions where I get up a little late and I'm in a rush and I need to do my make-up on the way out somewhere although I never do this whilst driving like some people do (that's one reason why women get slandered for driving). Without knowing at first how long the product was going to stay put I was dubious about how long the eyeshadow would last before it creased and went places that I didn't want it too and then how long before it would fade and then finally because I looked a mess and needed to just re-do all of my make-up and with a price tag of £15 there's no wonder really.
      Using the eye shadow
      I had this applied to my eyes before previously and kept the tips from the woman in my mind so when I came to do it again and then a few more times after I would know how to get the same look. So I got a little tissue and wiped the eye shadow and then picked up the applicator and swept some of the eyeshadow up from the tissue (this is just because it's more hygenic and in case friends end up wanting to borrow a little). I swept over first and then patted on gently to make the colour more intense in the areas that I wanted it to be. The colour was obvious to see by sweeping and then more so obvious when I patted it on. The powder did not fall onto the rest of my face whilst I was applying the eyeshadow and it did not go onto my eyelashes as it can do with most eye shadows. The eyeshadow felt smooth and light it's as though it's not even on when I'm wearing it and when I get an itch and I rub the eyeshadow doesn't come off onto my fingers too much and it doesn't smudge easily which is a bonus.


      The eyeshadow is a baby pink colour and not obvious to the point where I look as though I'm trying out a new kind of tango look - you know it looks horrendous when girls wear that much fake tan/foundation that they look orange. The colour goes well with my skin colour and complexion and it's feminine. I love how it's soft and how it feels like. Also I work 12 hour shifts as a carer and when I've worn this once or twice it's still on exactly how I did my make-up in the morning and looks fresh (although I don't feel it). It's easy to take off and easy to apply with no trouble and I'm really happy that the colour didn't fade and that there wasn't a single crease or transfer with the eye shadow and once more I'm really happy that it didn't go on my eyelashes and cheeks like my other eyeshadows usually do.
      Warnings and suitability
      Unfortunately, Clinique have failed to give any warnings or suitabilities for this product and it's something I would have liked to see although it's more or less common sense that you shouldn't consume the product (eat) and if the product irritates you then simply discontinue using the product and consult your doctor then maybe sell the product on ebay.

      I think that this product is suitable for most people and as it's tested for even the most sensitive eyes I would say that nobody should find this product in the slightest bit irritating. I myself did not find this irritating and I do have sensitive eyes but I would always recommend that you look at the ingredients and make sure that you aren't allergic to anything and if you are then do not use the product and if you do notice any irritations then stop using the products and go to your GP for recommendations and perhaps stop wearing eye makeup for a couple of days to help prevent further irriation.
      My tips on;

      Skin Care

      *Your pillow is full of germs - think about it - you sleep for around six to eight hours on your pillow and how often do you change your pillow? It's not necessarily the case either so you may want to wash both the pillow and the case as you will actually get germs from your pillow which will clog up your pores and create spots.

      *Another thing is your phone, have you ever been on the phone and then noticed a bit of make-up on the phone? If you have then imagine what else is on your phone besides make-up. You touch your phone with you fingers and whether you realise there are germs/dirt or not you will leave bits of dirt and then somebody rings and you put the phone to your ear and the dirt is then pressed onto your face. If you notice spots more so on one side of your face then this could be why. Wipe your phone over before you make a call to help reduce this.
      *Finally - be healthy and happy. If you eat seven takeaways a week and you drink loads of fizzy drinks not only will you be packing more pounds than the bank but it'll show in your skin, hair and nails. Nails will chip easily, hair will break easily and become greasier and so will your skin therefore promoting blemishes. Make sure you eat your veg and better still drink plenty of water. You'll feel happier too.


      *If you make a mistake don't go and buy the garnier correction pen it's much cheaper to get a bit of tissue or the edge of a sponge and remove it gently with some of your make-up remover - it's effectively the same thing only it wont cost you around the £5 mark.
      *When you apply eye shadow remember that when you sweep you're getting a thin colour so if you want it to be more obvious then pat the eyeshadow onto your eyelid gently and be careful not to pat too hard.

      *If you want to make your eyes look a little brighter then apply a white eyeliner in the corners of your eyes - this will help to make them look a little whiter.
      *If you want a thin line of eyeliner then find a good liquid eyeliner with a thin applicator and brush along the eyelashes - think of when you draw a straight line down the center of a book using one side to make that straight line, it's the same technique and can be done to make a thin or a thick line.

      Value for money
      Like I said, I'm used to spending £1 on eye shadow but I find that this is worth every penny as anybody who uses eyeshadow will know that it lasts forever and that's something that this product does but then it lasts all day and doesn't need touch ups, you can't smudge it, you can use it towards creating a smokey look with another colour if you wish, it doesn't make a mess like many do, you don't get creases and it comes with a mirror and super soft application sponge - and to me it's definitely worth it. The only thing that I didn't particularly like was that there wasn't any warnings or suitabilities and that the box isn't really necessary - it's just killing trees for the sake of it but that is literally the only thing that I can fault the product for and I would definitely be happy to spend this amount again although if I can find it cheaper I will definitely pay less especially if I can get it for £5 although the average on Ebay is £7 but the compact is different.
      I'm going to rate this five out of five stars as Ican't fault the actual result or the product down to the box and I will definitely recommend this to a friend if they like the colour themselves although my guess would be that they'd pinch mine! It's a little pricey compared to Rimmel, Mac, Max Factor, etc... although I find it's something worth having if you're sick of the creases and the excessive powder on the cheeks and how messy it can be. I will buy this colour and other colours when I fancy a change or I run out.


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      27.06.2013 13:16
      Very helpful



      This isn't a colour I'm particularly happy with, but don't dismiss it if you think it will suit you!

      I don't spend a lot of money on eye shadow, I just don't wear it often enough to make the expense worthwhile and eye make-up (other than mascara) isn't worth paying premium prices for - for me a £2.99 Superdrug eye shadow will do the business just as well as a colour that costs £14, they invariably end up in one of the kids bedrooms anyway so why pay more? Late last year however I won a small Clinique voucher and decided to buy myself an eye shadow that I could wear to a wedding I was due to attend, after speaking to the lady behind the counter and explaining my needs I chose a Colour Surge Soft Shimmer eye shadow in Frosted Blossom. This is a pretty pale pink shade with a vague sparkle, it's supplied in a smart silver compact that includes a small sponge applicator.

      Colour Surge is a powder eye shadow which has a very creamy consistency as I apply it, as usual the sponge applicator is useless so I use a normal eye make-up brush which applies it beautifully and allows me to control how much I pick up each time much more accurately than when I use the sponge.

      Frosted Blossom is surprisingly faint once applied, when I applied the first coat of eye shadow I could barely see any pink on my eyelids at all - this surprised me a little as the pinky purple shade looked pale but reasonably vibrant in the compact and I assumed this would transfer to my eyes. I was extremely disappointed as I'm a (when I can afford it) fan of Clinique make-up and find their lip colours in particular to be full of colour, this eyeshadow is just too subtle in my opinion and didn't really stand out as well as I'd hoped or expected. I applied a second coat and that helped marginally, bolstering the pink up so that I could at least see it in the mirror without having to shine a torch directly at my eyelids! In the end I added a touch of water to my brush and tried darkening the colour that way, again it worked but once the powder had dried off again it went as pale as before so I didn't really gain anything.

      I wore it to the wedding as I had planned but ended up applying a darker shade alongside it and blending to two into oblivion to highlight my eyes, I felt Frosted Blossom left my eyes looking far too understated on its own as I wasn't aiming for neutral make-up and wanted a little colour. When used with an accentuating shade the Clinique shadow looked good for a while but seemed to quickly pale into insignificance despite the fact that I'd deliberately chosen a complimenting shade that was also fairly pale to avoid completely overpowering the pink!

      Shockingly, given that this is such a pale colour, the Colour Surge eyeshadow has excellent longevity; the soft powdery finish shows barely a single crease even after hours of wear and seems to cling to my skin in the way only brighter eyeshadows would usually, while the colour fades into obscurity the actual eye shadow remains in place - which is actually incredibly annoying as you'd think a prestigious brand such as Clinique would have created a better colour to go with this super-sticking powder! If I apply it first thing in the morning (and this is very much a daytime eye shadow) by 6pm it's still there on my eye lids, this is fantastic by any eye shadow standards and a role reversal from my current Clinique lipstick which has depths of colour but lasts for approximately a quarter of an hour on my lips! Although I have my misgivings about the colour I'll continue to wear it until I've finished the compact, after all Clinique isn't cheap (Colour Surge Soft Shimmer, £15) so it would be silly to waste it - I won't repurchase this particular shade again though, the longevity means I will probably look into other shades available within the range but Frosted Blossom is just too unnoticeable for me to bother with.

      I've got to say here that just because the colour isn't right for me, that's not to say that it won't be perfect for other people. If you rock the neutral look you could probably make better use of it, or if you have a skin tone paler than mine (just boringly 'normal', there's nothing olive toned or pale and interesting about me) then the soft pink would probably suit you a whole lot better. Looking at it now I suspect it could be used to good effect as a highlighting colour; applying a sweep in certain areas would draw the attention to your eyes if you consider them to be your best feature, I felt Frosted Blossom opened my eyes up slightly when I wore it so maybe it's something to consider if you feel you need a little help in this respect. I'd say women of any age could wear this particular shade of eye shadow, the shimmer is really very subtle so I'm thinking even much older ladies than myself would look great in this particular colour - and actually the lady I'm thinking about is my nan who was 80 when she died and would have looked stunning wearing Frosted Blossom with her very delicately applied power and peach lipstick style.


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        03.06.2012 21:24
        Very helpful



        Colour surge!

        I have been a fan of Clinique for a long time now, mainly due to their skin care and although I have dabbled with a few of their make up products I have never really branched out past their basics. However, recently whilst shopping in Boots I decided to take a look at the make up Clinique had on offer and although it was a fairly small range compared to other larger make up providers I decided to give it a shot. The item I decided upon buying was that of the eye shadow, mainly due to the fact I wear eye shadow on a daily basis but also due to the fact I have not tried too many 'high brand' eye shadows and wondered how they would compare to the cheaper brands and whether the difference in quality would be that great.

        ==~~What is it?~~==
        This is an eye shadow by Clinique. They have a few different ranges of eye shadows within the colour surge range them being; soft shimmer, super shimmer, stay matte and velvet. The velvet and stay matte range seemed to be more of a matte range, opposed to that if the super shimmer which were very highly pigmented, almost glittery shade. This particular review will be on the soft shimmer range which seemed to be the range on offer which combined both parts of the previous. They were very soft powder formula shades, with an ever so slight, almost metallic looking shimmer to them.

        Clinique claim that it is a lightweight powder eye shadow with an intense colour in as little as one stroke, as well as being easily blend able and long wearing - so to me it sounded pretty much like the perfect eye shadow!

        ==~~Price and Availability~~==
        For the single eye shadow it is fairly expensive costing £15 for 2.5g of eye shadow and personally I would not normally spend that much on an eye shadow but having been impressed with most of the Clinique products I have tried in the past I decided to splurge out on one!

        Clinique products, along with these eye shadows are now available in numerous places. It can be purchased in Boots, House of Fraser, Debenhams and also all their online stores, including the Clinique online store. I always tend to buy products from the Clinique online store (though not always if it is the first time I am buying something as I like to test it out first) mainly due to the fact I tend to find they have better offers on and you also receive a couple of freebies with your order!

        ==~~Colour variations~~==
        There were a few colours on offer, most of which being a very soft, almost pastel colour which is reflected in their name 'soft shimmer'. Although the colour range was not the widest, I was impressed with and could not really find a colour that I did not like. Of course it did not offer brighter colours such as that of blues or dark colours such as blacks and greys but this was mainly due to the fact they did not fit under the same 'soft shimmer', though could be found within their other eye shadow ranges. I opted for a colour called Linen (which I think is number 18) which was an icy looking cream/white as I was after a colour that I could use both to brighten my eye duct/inner eye are and also to apply lightly just under my brow bone. Since then I have gone onto purchase man others, inclduing that of Sierra Glaze; a subtle, brown colour.

        ==~~Packaging / The sponge applicator~~==
        I think that the packaging of a product is very important, in particular that of a make up product as it can often sway my purchase. As with most Clinique products the packaging is very 'clean' looking in mirror style packaging which when opened has one side in which the eye shadow is in and the other in which where there is the sponge applicator. I really liked the packaging as it was very subtle, yet at the same time I found it effective and it had a very 'clean' look to it. The flip top style eye shadow was very secure and the lid has never opened when the eye shadow has been knocked about in my make up bag and neither has the eye shadow cracked so I do think they have designed it very well.

        I personally never tend to use the sponge applicators as I often find them to be of poor quality and very difficult to apply the eye shadow with, nonetheless I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this applicator. The sponge end was quite thick and bouncy in texture and was very soft and did not have the same scratchiness to it that some of the cheaper ones have. I also found the sponge applicator to be slightly bigger than some of the other ones and for this reason found that it sat very comfortably in my hand and was easy to use. The eye shadow does apply very well and smoothly when applying this mascara and although I do prefer to use my eye shadow brushes, this sponge applicator is great for when out and about or travelling as the quality is very high.

        ==~~Applying the eye shadow~~==
        As stated, I prefer to use my eye shadow brushes when applying eye shadow and so this is what I used when applying this eye shadow also. The eye shadow transferred very well onto my eye shadow brush, just using simple swirling motions. Although this was not a loose eye shadow, I did find that it was very soft and for this reason did not have to be worked too hard to build up colour. When applying the eye shadow to my eye it felt incredibly light and very smooth, almost silky in texture. Despite it being a very light eye shadow, I was pleased to see that there was no fallout when applying the eye shadow and for that reason it was very quick to apply.

        The colour was very intense and opaque in just the first 'coat' of eye shadow and I found that I didn't really need to build up the colour. I found that despite the eye shadow being a powder formula, it did have a slightly creamy feel to it and for that reason was very pleasant both to apply and wear. The colour Sierra Glaze was really lovely to apply and was an almost red based brown colour and was extremley warm. It was a slightly darker colour that I used to apply to my crease and I was so happy with the way in which it blended with the other eye shadow I was wearing. It blended very quickly and almost effortlessly into the other colours to create a very soft looking colour, whilst at the same time was able to maintain the intensity of the colour enabling it to still define my eye. I was not sure how a brown based colour would look with a shimmer in it, as I often tend to opt for matte based browns otherwise I find that they can look gold rather than brown; this was not the case of this colour. It remained looking brown and even with some of the slightly golden based shimmer particles in it the colour remained very intense and worked well both to define my eye and bring out my natural eye colour - despite that being very dark!

        I found the original colour that I bought, being Linen, worked very well for both the inner eye area and the brown, it was bright enough to really stand out on my eyes and the soft shimmer to the eye shadow softened the slightly icy look to it, yet it was not too bright so that it was hard to blend.

        Since buying Linen and Sierra Glaze, I have gone on to buy a few other shades and have been equally impressed in the way in which they apply to the eye.

        I was very pleased with the results of this eye shadow, which is why I have since gone on to buying a few other shades since purchasing my first. The colours are very soft looking on the eye and although they do all seem to be quite pastel based, the colours are still very intense and in no way do they look faded on the eye. I love the 'soft shimmer' they have to them as it is not too glittery and neither are they completely matte. Although there are some very slight glitter particles in the eye shadow, these are extremely subtle and reflect the light perfectly without looking too sparkly.

        I was very impressed with the longevity of this eye shadow. I found that it lasted all day on my eye (even when going to the gym!) and neither did it crease or fade on my eye. My eyes can sometimes be a little watery and so when wearing eye shadow on the underneath of my eye I can find that it often smudges or wears off throughout the day, however this eye shadow remained in place all day and I found that there was no need to reapply. Even the slightly darker, more intense colours did not lose any of their opaqueness - so would definitely agree with Clinique's claim of them being long wearing!

        Despite the fact they lasted all day, they were still very easy to remove and I found that there was no need to scrub my eye. Even when wearing some of the darker colours, such as that of a brown, I found that there was no stain left behind by the eye shadow and found that a just a make up wipe removed it all.

        Overall I have been thoroughly impressed with this eye shadow range and would not hesitate in recommending them. I know they are a little expensive at £15 per eye shadow, yet I do believe the quality is truly reflected in this and for the results it is worth paying this price. I have also found that they last ages and I have barely made a dent in mine after using them almost every day for the last 3 or so months, which again makes them good value for money.

        I really loved the soft shimmer finish to these eye shadows as I believe the subtle glitter gave just enough depth to the eye shadow without making it look overly sparkly or obvious. I think that this high brand of make up is far better than others I have used previously and although some high street brands may come close in quality, I don't believe they quite match up and for that reason believe that the difference in quality is far better than I had expected it to be.

        This is an eye shadow that I would definitely recommend, as it has met both my expectations and the claims of the products and I am looking forward to trying some of the other ranges of eye shadows that Clinique have on offer!


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          06.08.2009 23:01
          Very helpful



          Worth shelling out for an eye sheadow with superior performance

          My sister asked me earlier in the year if I wear pink eye shadow (it was just before my birthday and she was putting together a present). I immediately said no - it usually makes me look puffy eyed. However, she ignored me and gave me a Clinique Colour Surge Soft Shimmer Eye Shadow Duo in Victorian Pink shade. The eye shadow was in plain green packaging, not the usual classy Clinique presentation, so I suspect this was a free gift - that and the tell-tale 'not for resale' stamped on the back of the package. Nevertheless, it is the Colour Surge Soft Shimmer product, despite the packaging.

          The first thing I noticed when opening the eye shadow was the colour of the two shades - neither could be described as pink. One colour is a light shimmery beige colour, whereas the darker colour is a muted light brown. Both are neutral in tone and definitely more suited to me than pinky shades, so I was very pleased.

          The eye shadow comes with a sponge applicator, which looked of a pretty standard quality - nothing special. However, I always use a proper eye shadow brush so I haven't used it myself. I usually find that sponges put too much colour on and leave the colours harder to blend.

          Before I first applied the eye shadow, I prepared my face as usual, moisturising, foundation and powder. I then used the lighter colour, sweeping it over my lower lids, highlighting my inner eye area and applying it slightly above my sockets. The shadow went on easily and gave a good even coverage, with a soft shimmer as promised. I secondly put the darker colour on, just along my eye socket line. Again, I was impressed with how easily I could apply it. I was also pleased at how well the two colours complemented each other and blended together with ease. The overall effect gave a nice sheen, but was not too glittery - I would feel comfortable wearing it to work as well as for a night out.

          However, application of the eye shadow is just one test in my opinion; I usually use a much cheaper shadow and I always find that by the end of the day it has clumped together in my eye socket. The true test of a good eye shadow is its staying power throughout the day.

          On the day of my first application I had a number of tasks to undertake; I was going to meet some friends in town for an outdoors event. In the evening I was going to a party. When I was in town, I was twice caught in rain showers and it was rather windy. However, when I checked my makeup before heading off to party, it had miraculously not shifted! I was very pleased. However, by the end of the night of a few drinks and dancing, there was some slight clumping in the creases of my eyes, although nowhere near as badly as cheaper products I usually use. I also have tested the shadow at work, and am pleased to report that after a day in the office, it didn't shift. Therefore, I am very impressed with the product.

          To summarise, I was pleasantly surprised by this initially unwanted present. The colour is definitely not as described, which is a bonus; however, it is available in lots of different shades, so there is bound to be one to suit you. I know that Clinique is an expensive brand, and this eye shadow retails in the region of £15. However, in terms of staying power, it far out-performs cheaper brands. I would also add that eye shadow is not a product that needs replacing often - usually one palette will last me about a year, despite wearing it every day. Therefore, the cost difference is not that great between cheaper and premium brands such as this. I would definitely recommend it for its excellent staying power!


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          07.05.2008 23:36
          Very helpful



          A great eyeshadow for day or night time use!

          I've never owned any Clinique and it's a brand that I've always wanted to try cos when I was younger 'posh' people always used it and purchased it in posh department stores, of course this was in the days before we got inundated with lots of different brands to choose from!

          Now I must point out that Clinique do make a couple of different 'colour surge' eye-shadows. (colour Surge, Colour Surge soft matte eye-shadows and the one I'm reviewing is 'soft shimmer' opposed to 'super shimmer'. Yes it's confusing but I just want to clarify which one I am talking about lol SOFT SHIMMER is mine!

          I got mine off Ebay as well and from what I can tell from websites is that the packaging has changed or mine is a promotional item as mine is green and marbled looking with silver Clinique written on the front in small letters and on the back I'm told on a silver label that it is Clinique, Eye Palette and I'm told my colour is strawberry fudge. Basically that's it. Now in my oblong plastic case I have 3 colours and a plastic shimmery silver applicator with a sponge on the end and Clinique inscribed into it.

          Soft Shimmer eye-shadows are available in single, double and in trios and quads. (3 or or four colours), depending on which one you purchase also depends on which or how many applicators you get!

          Using It...

          Well as I stated mine has 3 colours in it and what I will say after doing a little research on the compacts that all these combinations of colours are designed to go together, darker on the bottom of the lid then going lighter to the brow and then the lightest 'dotted' round near the eyebrow to highlight. Of course you can buy each colour singly etc.

          So these are a powder but not in the conventional form you expect. When I put my applicator in and take some powder off it doesn't go everywhere and flake and make a mess and go crummy, nope, this is as smooth as silk and goes on the applicator with ease.

          As for applying it again easy peasy. It goes on quite thickly but still very light once on the skin. It gives even coverage and blends easily with other Clinique eye-shadows and also with other powder eye-shadows of your choice. This is none 'chalky' and once used you will see that it really is just pure quality. This has lots of shimmer to it though it says 'soft shimmer'. It is soft and not in your face and contains really tiny particles of glitter (specks) but because of that shimmer it just looks moist on the eyes which looks amazing on and really hides a multitude of sins due to its thickness. It doesn't transfer if touched once on the eyes cos it sets but it doesn't look set if that makes sense!

          Really perfect for my sensitive eyes I can't even feel I'm wearing it though I can put lots on for a night time look and make my eyes look really dramatic.

          Easy to remove as well. Clinique recommend to remove this eye-shadow using their own eye make up remover but that's only to sell more of their products and is a marketing ploy cos you really don't need to purchase this from them and any gentle eye make up remover will remove it. Personally I don't use separate eye make up remover to get this off but just my usual cleanser and toner is fine.

          It doesn't hurt my eyes and doesn't cause dry eyes or irritation or anything.


          Not cheap, however now I've worn this it's made me look at other eye products I use because this really is class make up and I can't believe I've only just started to wear it! Perfect for long evenings out and this particular one I'd be happy to wear in the day time and just add more for an evening look and could do it with confidence knowing it wont irritate the hell out of me. Even with one application I find this doesn't budge until I choose to remove it and after hours of being out and coming home my eye make up still looks as fabulous as when I applied it!

          Perfect for any woman but particularly for someone who wants something easy to use and to forget about it. It's up to you whether you want to use it subtly or go for a more dramatic look.

          Highly recommended from me just take a deep breath when handing your cash over lol.

          My Trio in Strawberry Fudge costs £17.00 in Debenhams.


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