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Clinique Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Gloss

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    6 Reviews
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      29.05.2010 22:16
      Very helpful
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      Clinique is a high end brand under the ownership of Estee Lauder. They produce various cosmetics, skincare and perfume items at premium prices.


      Clinique has a few different ranges of lipglosses. This one is known as Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy. It does appear that this range has been discontinued as the information is no longer available on the Clinique website.


      The lipgloss comes in a fairly soft and tall plastic tube. The tube is clear and has a screw off silver lid at the base. The lipgloss is dispensed through a spout with a small hole in it.

      The Clinique logo is in silver on the front alongside the name of the lipgloss. All other writing is in white. The back has the shade, information about the lipgloss in various languages and the address to contact Clinique in New York.


      The shade I have is 101 Beach Bunny which is a metalic bronze sort of shade. When squeezed, the lipgloss erupts quite quickly and is runny in consistency. It has a minty scent about it. It can be used alone of over lipstick to allow lips to look fuller.

      The lipgloss was produced in Belgium and is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested.

      *Availability and Price*

      As I said, this lipgloss appears to be discontinued. If you search ebay, you will find the fullsize 14ml tubes from around £6.00 - £10.00. Various shades can be purchased.

      *My Opinion*

      This is another lipgloss I received in one of my ebay bulk purchases and I decided to keep it! Until I researched for this review, I didn't realise this had been discontinued from the Clinique range.

      As I said above, I have shade Beach Bunny. It looks quite dark in the tube but not one to judge a lipgloss by its first impressions, I have been using this occasionally.

      The tube is a good size and it is easy, maybe a bit too easy to squeeze some gloss out. I personally prefer the brushes in lipglosses as I find the spout applicators annoying as they become rather sticky and minging. The lipgloss is also very runny which has its advantages and disadvantages.

      I screwed off the lid and gently squeezed the tube. The lipgloss smoothed onto my lips with easy. I certainly wouldn't agree with Cliniques claims of it being 100% fragrance free as it had a minty menthol scent to it. It wasn't tingly though.

      The colour of the lipgloss once on my lips was a lot lighter than in the tube. It had a quite neutral appearance and my lips had a shiny wet look which is something I quite like. It didn't feel sticky whatsoever. I drink a lot during the day and found this doesn't last very long but it isn't really an issue to top it up every so often.

      I don't use lipstick or lipliner so my opinion is simply on the lipgloss going on my bare naked lips. I am sure this would look pleasant over lipstick as the colour does really dilute once on the lips.

      When these were widely available, the price would have been around the £14.00 mark and I certainly wouldn't pay that no matter how long the tube lasts me but ebays prices at quite good for it!

      I recommend :)


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        02.04.2010 13:18
        Very helpful



        A good gloss, but not the best from Clinique.

        I got this lip gloss as a gift for my birthday so I'm not sure how much it costs but I imagine being clinique it's probably between £13.00 and £18.00.

        I have got this in the shade pink champagne 24. I do really like this gloss and as it was a gift I do use it but I find the smell quite weird. It doesn't have a particular scent but it smells a tad plasticy (it's hard to describe). All other elements of this gloss are really nice though.

        The shade I have got is quite a deep pink and is quite shimmery, so it does look very good. It is extremely thick and I find it quite hard to spread, but nothing too difficult, just not as easy as other clinique lip glosses. It also seems stickier than other clinique glosses, which is quite annoying if you get it on your fingers. It also causes it to get quite messy around the top, which if you don't wipe on a regular basis will get on anything it touches and make it sticky.

        I think this comes in quite a lot of different shades, and I wonder if they all smell the same, as that is what lets it down the most. The stickiness and thickness is also another element which I find lets it down quite a lot.

        This gloss does stay put for an hour or so, but I do find myslef re-applying it on quite a regular basis, I think it would be better for a night out rather than during the day.

        I think this is a good gloss, just not as good as others by clinique, it's very shimmery in some shades, but the stickiness and smell really lets it down. I would chose the long last glosswear over this one.


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          13.06.2008 23:57
          Very helpful




          I fell in love when I bought the 14ml Clinique colour surge, I usually wear Mac lip-gloss and chanel lipsticks, however I fancied a change, my friend works at the Clinique counter at my local boots store, so I asked her what she would recommend just for something I could wear for casual use.

          She recommended me this lip-gloss, I fell in love with it straight away, I think prefer lip glosses in tubes as I think it's easier to apply as you don't use a stick to apply it you just screw the lid off and apply. Simple.

          I've purchased other Clinique products such as the foundations and I really liked them so I already had a positive view on Clinique make-up as I felt they delivered good quality products with a great range of colours to choose from.

          What does the promo say?
          This Colour Surge super glossy gloss that comes in 15 shades, divided into nudes, tawnies, pinks and violets, will look great on any mouth. Very wearable and very comfortable.

          I spent £11 on this product, this pricing is reasonable as its made by a reliable make-up brand and the after effects of this lip-gloss are excellent.

          Because there is 15 shades available in this product which is defiantly an advantage as you are bound to find a colour which will suit you.
          And if you like the product so much as I do you can buy more than one colour.

          ~~~ Pout power ~~~
          my lips look so plump when I wear this lip-gloss. It's probably because shiny which made them look a lot bigger then they usually are. I think it creates a really glamour pout as light reflects from the gloss at all angles.

          The lip-gloss stays on for hours! I was very surprised as it's so glossy I thought it would come off quicker especially when id consumed food and drink, but nothing would budge this gloss, it lasted about 4 hours which is tough staying power.
          This is what really makes the lip-gloss worthwhile as you don't have to use much of the lip-gloss up as it lasts so long.

          Taste and Scent
          the taste isn't too bad compared to my other lip glosses.
          The smell isn't that bad either, I've bought lip glosses in the past and the taste and smell were revolting.

          My verdict of this product
          This Clinique lip-gloss is one of my favourite lip glosses. My lips look very glamorous and leave my once dried lips looks moisturised with the high shine gloss.
          I love the light-weight feeling of this product it's not too heavy and my lips don't have that cheap sticky feel to them.

          The name "Impossibly Glossy" I'm sorry, but how true!


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            15.03.2008 12:33
            Very helpful




            I have always loved Clinique products and use a lot of them all the time, I seem to have got to that stage in my life now where I know what products I like and don't really change from them, very rarely anyway, however I do experiment a little with Clinique products are I find them so good and friendly to my skin, so adding something to my collection is always nice and gives me the opportunity for change.

            I know what colours suit me these days, I think we have all been through the phase where we like a particular colour or shade to look at and think that it will suit us, when applying it clearly doesn't and gets added to that huge bag of unwanted cosmetic items that we have accumulated over the years. Now I stick to my browns, possibly greys when I am going for that smokey effect when I am off out and thats about as adventurous as it gets. Over past years I have never like pinks however pink seems to be the only colour lip gloss that I wear these days and I normally use Clinique's Glosswear for Lips.

            They discontinue so many products quite quickly really and then eneter another similar colour to their collections which annoys me because I have to go through the buying process again of what to actually choose and I am not a typical women when it comes to shopping, I know what I want and I just want to get it, not spend hours window shopping and going back to the first place that I go to to get that outfit.

            So when I went into my local Debenhams department store to buy my favourite lip gloss I was horrified when they told me it was out of stock and in fact more than likely had been discontinued, so again I had to choose something different. I shade I normally had in my usual product was still displayed so they hadn't got round to phasing it out and bringing in a similar shade which really annoyed me again, deceived by the fact that what I want was still there but I was never going to have it ever again.

            Thats when I saw the colour surge product and they had got a very similar colour that I was looking for. Very bright colours that loked a lot more shiny that the one that I normally used, so I never can be bothered with all that trying the colour on your hand me larky, I just asked the assistant to pop one in with the other bits and bobs that I was buying.

            The product itself comes in the normal Clinqiue boxes, and inside the box was a tube around 6 inches long, with a silver screw cap on it. The tube is see through so you can see the colour that you will be applying. When you remove the lid, there is a small puncture hole in the top of it, so you can squeeze the middle and the gloss will come out of the top. This didn't really appeal to me really as I don't like to apply that way as you don't get even coverage so I went in search of a little brush to try it out. I find you get a lot of wastage through this aswell as too much always comes out of the top no matter how softly you squeeze.

            The product itself went on very nice, however my first thought when applying it was not how it actually looked it was the taste of the product, it was disgusting. It tasted of something familiar but not pleasant at all and it really out me off when I first applied it. I have never come across a gloss that tastes horrible in the way that this one did. I had made my mind up already that I wouldn't be making a second purchase of this product purely because of that aspect.

            The colour itself wasn't too bad, it was very shiny and gave off a clear type looking colour with a hint of colour, but wearing it I found it to be too sticky and nothing like the ones that I like and I am used to. You couldn't apply to much off this as your lips would stick together and I have seen plenty of women around that go mad with this type of product which when they talk they have quite clearly applied too much leaving stringy effect when they talk. Not attractive at all.

            Unfortunately this has took a place in that make up bag that will never be thrown away, just gets hoarded and given to people when they look through it and take their fancy to something. For a great mnaufacturer of products this has got to be by far the worst product I have ever purchased from Clinique, i made my mind up about that when I tasted it for starters. I wouldn't dream of going out with this on, you never know who you might be kissing at the end of the night and I certainly wouldn't dream of puckering up to anyone with this on my lips.


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              30.09.2007 16:27
              Very helpful



              i love it

              I'm 20 and I use Clinique since i was 14....so it colud be correct to say that I love EVERYTHING's product by this brand.

              It's the first time that i buy a Clinique lip-gloss and i'm very satisfied about my purchase... its perfect for my all sophisticated requirements! As the other clinique items, this gloss is quiet expensive... i live in Rome, Italy, and prices are very high in here! =)

              I've paid about 15E for this small, pretty, gloss.... but i would do it again in the future! (i hope, anyway, it will last along!)
              The confection is cute and contains everithing you must know about the gloss and the brand.... the main characteristics, the ingredients, ecc..... is quite small, so you can conserve it for any kind of trouble or requirement!

              Is important to remember that the main prerogative of Clinique is to product only fragrance free cosmetics, all of them allergy tested. Is even for this reason that i trust in it! (and its one of the principal reason of their prices).

              As i just said before, im totally satisfied of my new gloss, first of all because its pretty, sparkling and has a good last. I can see the difference between this and the other lipsticks i've tried in the past!
              I think its the best i've ever tried at all....

              Its available in many colours, i've chosen the n°111, also called "camisole" (i have no idea about what does it mean!) that is a sort of brown/pink...... its perfect for me =)!

              You can choose between "nudes", "tawnies", "pinks" and "violets" tonalities.... they're a lot, so im not gonna write all of them in this Review! Its better to test them directly on your lips! =)

              I suggest it to everybody, even to those girls who want to buy a lip-gloss for the fisrt time and dont know what to choose..... the colours are so delicate!

              The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is the price....... but quality is expensive, you know! =)


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                15.06.2007 21:39
                Very helpful



                Highly recommended

                A trip to America before Christmas by my parrents led to some very exicting Christmas presents for me. One of them was a tester pack of Clinique Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy. In the pack came eight of these little beauties and as I loved them so much, I ordered a full sized one when they next visited the States.


                Clinique is well known for being quite pricey and I would be reluctant to pay the prices in this country! I think its about £11 or £12 over here but in the States its only about £7.50 - much better!


                Clinique can be easily found in Boots and big department stores like John Lewis and House of Fraser. It can also be bought via their website (www.clinique.co.uk) or on discount make-up sites.


                Well my little selection included 8 colours:

                02: Prettiest Pink - a sparkly, light but bright pink colour.
                08: Cream Soda - a sparkly, almost rusty colour.
                15: Cherry Apple - a sparkly dark pinky red colour.
                17: Loveable Plum - a sparkly plum (surprisingly enough) colour.
                21: Azalea - A sparkly bright pink colour
                24: Pink Champange - A sparkly salmon pink colour.
                25: Luau - a sparkly light pink.
                27: Grape Sorbet - a sparkly dark pink colour.

                As you may be able to tell, there is a definate theme of 'sparkly' running through these! The colour is most noticeable on the redish ones once they are on and these are my least favourite. I like the pink and brown colours more. My favourite was the cream soda variety so this was the full size one I ordered and therefore the main one I'll be reviewing.


                The gloss comes in a Clinique box with its usual flowery pattern. Inside there is a plastic tube with a silver lid. You get 14ml of sparkly gloss in the tube. The applicator is part of the tube. It is slanted with a hole for the gloss.

                MY EXPERIENCE:

                I tend to keep this for special occaisions and wear a cheaper gloss during the day. The gloss goes on very smoothly and evenly. Once on the effect is stunning. Mu lips look fuller and very (yes.....you guessed it!) sparkly! However, the sparkles are not too much (like some of the teenage products available) and would suit most ages. The colour is not too overpowering which is good for me as I normally like having a dramatic eye look with more subtle lips. This makes my lips look amazing but not overpowering.

                As this is a gloss, it definately does not stick to my lips like glue. It does, however, stay on for a little bit longer than cheaper glosses. I really didn't mind that this did not stay on all evening as I wasn't expecting it to.

                Once on the gloss was not sticky at all which you can get with cheaper glosses. It also made my lips feel moisturised.


                You can probably tell that I love these glosses. Cream Soda is my favourite but I think I will be investing in other colours in the larger size. It is pricey but for special occaision wear or if you're lucky like me and can get it cheap (duty free/Europe/USA) then this is well worth the money. You really can tell the difference between this and some of the cheaper glosses. It makes my lips look so gorgeous and kissable (well, so Mr Tart tells me!).

                Thanks for reading x


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              • Product Details

                Please apply to bare lips, or layered over lipstick / To extend wear, partner with Sheer Shaper for Lips or Quickliner for Lips / Using a gloss over lipstick will help make lips look fuller /

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