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Clinique Full Potential Lips

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7 Reviews

Brand: Clinique / Type: Makeup / Suitable for: Lip / Contents: 4.7ml / Subtype: Lip Gloss / Skin type: All skin types

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    7 Reviews
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      27.10.2012 10:38
      Very helpful



      A pretty lip gloss with sheer coverage and a shimmering finish

      I'm not much of a lipstick wearer but I do like to wear lip glosses. I like to have a bit of colour on my lips and the gloss makes them more eye catching. I don't have particularly full lips and so when I saw the Full Potential Lip Gloss by Clinique, I wanted to give it a go.

      What does the product do?
      The triple action lip gloss aims to make your lips look lush and full for hours by filling in the fine lines, making the lips look smooth and plump. The product gives the lips a lick of colour, coats them with a high shine with a beautiful pearl finish.

      How do you use the product?
      The product is to be used in the same way as your usual lip glosses. It is to be applied directly to the lips as often as required. It can be worn alone or it can be applied over the top of your favourite lipstick, although when worn over lipstick it won't have the same plumping effect.

      Available Shades
      The product comes in a range of different shades which are mainly different shades of pinks and purples. They have really lovely names such as Blackberry Bloom, Cherry Bomb and Sugar Plump. I chose the shade called Sugar Plump and it is a red/pink shade.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within a clear plastic tube and you can see the product inside. You can see the colour and the bits of sparkle inside. The lid of the tube is a silver metallic colour and inside the lid is an applicator wand. The end of the spongy applicator is pointed so you can make sure that you apply the gloss accurately. It can be bought for around £14 from stores which has a Clinique stand such as Boots and Debenhams, and also from a range of online websites.

      Application and Performance
      The product doesn't have much of an aroma. It just smells a bit glossy if that makes sense and it doesn't have a lovely fruity fragrance as I was expecting. The consistency of the gloss is really thick and tacky. I have used lip plumping products on the lips before and some of them really sting! I was awaiting this sensation with product but if I'm honest I couldn't feel a thing, not even a tingle. This made me question the product right away.

      The colour translate in a very sheer way on the lips and you can still see your lips underneath. It is a nice enhancement though. It is speckled with shimmer too so it does make the lips sparkle a bit but only in a classy way. The gloss is quite tacky as you apply it but once on the lips it settles down and it isn't quite so sticky. You do have to expect some stickiness from a gloss however. The gloss does make my lips look really pretty and although I don't think the product is actually plumping up my lips, the gloss itself gives the appearance of my lips being fuller and a few people mentioned that my lips looked lovely while I'm wearing the product. It has good staying powder and it stays on the lips for quite a few hours, even when eating and drinking.

      All in all, this is a lovely lip gloss that does make your lips look fuller, even if it doesn't actually make the lips fuller. It gives a sheer and shimmering colour to the lips which is glossy and eye catching. I really like the product and as it stays put, you won't need too many reapplications which means I won't be repurchasing the product anytime soon.


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      26.06.2012 20:29
      Very helpful



      An adequate gloss but lacks 'plumping' effects!

      Not being a huge user of lip glosses, I nonetheless have quite a few in my make up box, this being the most expensive one at the moment.

      - Price and Packaging -
      It currently retails at £14.50 for 4.7ml. A small little, slim cylindrical dispenser. The bottom half of which is transparent so that you can see the colour. The top half holds the applicator sponge at the end of the silver screw top handle.

      The applicator is a sponge, better in my view than some of the glosses that I have used with tiny little brushes at the end. When you pull it out of the bottom half, be sure to wipe a little of it from the sponge at the top of the rim as quite a lot comes out absorbed by the sponge.

      - What Clinique says about the product -

      Instantly make lips looks fuller and lusher.
      Helps lips appear smoother with fewer lines.
      High gloss shine with a multi-dimensional pearl (whatever that may be!)

      - My experience -

      I have the Peony Pop shade in the range although this doesn't appear on Clinique's website, I have had it for quite some time so they may have stopped making this shade.
      It appears as quite a deep pink in the holder but when applied it is a subtle pink with a pleasant sheen to it, perfect for me as I'm not bold with lip colours.
      I've used a couple of other 'plumping' products for my lips before and was expecting more of a tingle when applied. However this gloss gives a more pleasant tingle as others I've actually had to wash off with the level of tingling that occurred. A very slight tingle, no burning sensation and if truth be known, if you weren't expecting this you probably wouldn't even be aware of it, it is that mild!

      It is easy to apply thanks to the sponge but be warned that it is quite sticky which stays until it either comes off of it's own accord or is washed off.
      For me, the effectiveness of this gloss isn't it any plumpness of my lips. I can't actually see the difference, instead it is the length of time that it stays on which is a huge improvement on other products that I've used which come off in an instant or with one sip of a drink.
      All in all, a little more expensive than my usual lip glosses. No major change in the plumpness of my lips but it lasts. As stated previously, I don't often wear lip gloss, usually only once or twice a week and this product has lasted for a year without any drying out in the holder.


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      11.05.2011 23:58



      Buy it for the natural look, not if you are desperate for collagen.

      I was given this as a present. The colour I have is 02 Peach Plump.

      I was impressed with this product. Sometimes lip gloss looks great in the tube and then when you put it on it looks a little tacky. Especially when the colours turn out to be baby doll or fake icy pastels. But this is a natural looking colour (which is hard on me as I am really pale skinned) and I wear it a lot.

      It is glossy looking without making you look like a stripper. I am not entirely sure that it makes my lips look any bigger, but prettier yes. I tend to wear this lipstick when I am letting my eyes take the show, so my lips are fairly neutral coloured but still "made up". The tube and wand are up with Cliniques normally high standard. I personally love Clinique's eighties style packaging.

      It doesn't look exactly the same after lots of drinks but it doesn't smear everywhere or look like you have no lipstick on at all.


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      17.04.2010 11:58
      Very helpful



      I can vouch for the Glamour-Full colour in this range - I love it.

      Truly, honestly - I rarely used lip gloss before I bought this one. I was dubious about the "plumping" lip glosses - they sounded to me like an induced allergic reaction and that didn't seem like a good idea. Besides, lip gloss is sticky and my long hair used to get caught in it.

      Buying the Clinique Full Potential lip gloss was a bit of a whim - I was in a "I'm going to wear makeup EVERY DAY like a REAL GIRL" stage, and lashed out for the gloss after trying it out at a Clinique makeover session. While the looking-like-a-real-girl effort lasted approximately a week, the Full Potential lip gloss has nevertheless earned a permanent spot in my handbag.

      The packaging is nothing particularly special, it looks a little bit more classy than some, I guess, with it's shiny silver cap. And so it should - with a current price tag of around £13, it's not the cheapest lip gloss on the market, even among the "plumping" varieties. The writing on the side of the vial wears off over time, and this is a nuisance, as I can never remember what the names of cosmetics are & rely on being able to take the empy container to the shop when I want to buy more of something. Fortunately the shade name & number is also printed on a sticker on the bottom of the vial. I wear "Glamour-Full", also known as "Shade 03", if that helps anyone. I chose this shade because it's a quite neutral colour... goes with everything, looks like a natural lip colour - just a little bit sparkly, and the shade of pink that my lips are on a good day anyway. The gloss itself is relatively unsticky, compared to some. Plus I cut my hair short, so it can't drift across my face & get stuck in my lip gloss. The plumping effect? Well, on application of the gloss I get a slight tingly feeling. They don't go big & puffy, the effect is more that my lips are subtly more rounded & smooth - like the normal creases in my lips are just smoothed out a little. The applicator carries just the right amount of gloss to let you apply a thin slick of gloss - which definately helps with the sticky factor. The other bonus is that after wearing this gloss my lips feel smoother & softer - it's a great one to use if my lips have gotten a little dry & rough, as it seems to repair the damage after just one or two applications, without causing any stinging or irritation.

      As for how long it lasts... well, if I apply it before leaving for work, I'll need to reapply it at lunchtime. That's acceptable to me - if I want to have it looking like new all day then I'd probably need one or two more applications.

      Most of my makeup lives in my drawer & is pulled out for special events only - but my Full Potential Glamour-Full stays in my handbag. If I's getting ready for work & decide that my face looks a little washed out, I slick a little gloss on & feel like I've done my girly best to look presentable.


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        29.09.2009 12:51
        Very helpful




        I love buying new cosmetics, especially lip glosses, I'm always watching make-up tutorials on YouTube, someone mentioned in a make-up tutorial that the "Clinique Full Potential Lip Gloss Shine" was an incredible product which had an exceptional staying power.

        I've always struggled to find a lip-gloss that has good staying power unless their matte, so hearing that this product which is glossy based had a good staying power did surprise me and was the fundamental reason I went to the shops the next day to purchase it!
        I used to always wear lipsticks because the staying power seems to be a lot better than lip glosses, but now I'm always wearing this lip-gloss as the results are fantastic. This Lip gloss leaves your lips feeling moisturised, although I cannot clarify whether the lip-gloss has any moisturising properties, but since I've being wearing it my lips are no longer chapped, it could be the sheer fact my lipstick wasn't very good.

        What does the manufacturer say?
        Clinique claims that the lip-gloss instantly plumps up your lips upon application whilst over a period of time smoothing lines and softening lips.

        The product costs £12 for 4.7ml.

        My lips look really plump when I wear this lip-gloss. It's probably because it's a high shine gloss which will help make my lips look a lot bigger then they usually are, Light reflects from the gloss at all angles which creates the illusion of plumper lips.

        The lip-gloss has exceptional staying power; it stays on for a good few hours before I need to top it up.
        I must admit I was rather surprised at how long the lip-gloss lasted despite being told on the tutorial that it did have a good staying power, I was still rather sceptical about it as it is such a high shine gloss... but I was proven wrong on the first day of application, the gloss lasted longer than my friends matte lip-gloss, she was applying hers hours before I had to top up mine!

        The lip-gloss comes in a fairly small, transparent plastic pot with the product name and branding on the side.

        I would definitely recommend this product to anyone whether they use lipstick or lip-gloss I didn't think I'd ever choose lip-gloss over lipstick even though I have had great lip-glosses in the past I still managed to go back to my lippy, However, I don't think it would be necessary now to start using lipstick again... now that I have found a lip-gloss that lasts a long time and do


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          09.11.2008 18:11
          Very helpful



          Clinique full potential lips plump and shine provides the best pout in town

          As a real girly girl I am often swayed to buy new cosmetics and as such have a variety of products I have bought, tried and tested and demoted from everyday use to occassional use and left in several make-up bags in my bed drawers. My favourite products are kept in a small make-up bag in my en suite and are used on a daily basis. It's no secret that my favourite cosmetics are from the trusted brand of Estee Lauder or that they also own the brand name that is Clinique.

          Clinique is an expensive brand but is more accessible to people than Estee Lauder mainly due to the price. They do have a good reputation and a vast array of products not only for women but also for men. They sell not only make-up but also skincare and fragrances. As I said in a recent review I like to surf the internet on a regular basis and often browse the cosmetic websites just to see what new products are available and see if there are any special offers. Most of the time I just browse and it was on one of these such occassions that I was browsing the Clinique website that I saw this new product, Clinique full potential lips plump and shine lip gloss.

          I much prefer lip gloss to lipstick and my make-up bag will confirm that. Lipstick often has a nasty taste to it and often wears off leaving just the outline of your lipstick on your mouth, not very attractive. Lip gloss leaves your lips feeling soft and of course has a high shine to it. It can be extremely hit and miss, some glosses are very thin on consistency, lack definition of colour and can be very difficult to apply. The taste is not usually an issue after all you don't buy a lip gloss to eat it but, I have found with some of the cheaper brands that the taste of some of these glosses can be fowl.

          The clinique full potential lips plump and shine lip gloss makes a few bold claims. It claims to instantly plump your lips upon application whilst over a period of time smoothing lines and softening lips.

          It comes in 19 different shades for nudes, tawnies, pinks and violets and the colours can all be viewed on their website. It costs £12 for 4.7ml. Clinique advise on their website that it is best applied on clean lips and users may feel a tingle on application.

          The reason I purchased this lip gloss was for infact several reasons; I like Clinique products, I like lip gloss and it is available in numerous shades and because it claims to plump and smooth your lips. Up until one year ago I was a smoker, yes I know a filthy habit but there you have it, and with that I had noticed some small feather lines above my mouth which I was not at all pleased about so I decided to do something about it and with that I stopped smoking (actually it wasn't all that easy) also, as you get older your top lip thins a bit and you notice it becomes increasingly difficult to apply lip gloss without it bleading, spreading out of you lip line. I hoped this product would be effective for these issues.

          The results were really pleasing, it does plump your lips instantly and provides full lush coverage without bleading and no tingle. The consistency is quite thick and strange and tastes slightly odd but not horrible. The colour is rich and vibrant and has indeed a high gloss finish. It is not transfer resistant and repeat applications are necessary which is a shame but it does after a few weeks usage leave your lips more naturally plump, smoother and my tiny feather lines have been dramatically reduced. The colour definition is very good and you can feel content that your £12 expenditure has indeed bought you a top quality lip gloss.

          Packaging wise it does not fail either, it comes in a small clear plastic pot with clear product name and branding on the side a long with a silver coloured mirror finish screw on lid with fixed applicator wand. The applicator wand is of very good quality and does not deteriorate after usage.

          I have no hesitation in recommending this product as it does as you would expect from the product briefing on their website. I have fuller, smoother lips and and all without painful cosmetic surgery, makes your £12 expenditure seem an absolute bargain now doesn't it?!

          Thanks for reading.


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            24.05.2008 17:20
            Very helpful



            ok for a quiet daytime no good for a busy old night out!t

            I adore 'expensive' make up. I adore it but lets be honest I can't as a rule afford it. I tend to buy alot of decent stuff out of bargain bins or online but very rarely do I decide to buy something I really desire and through this kind of shopping it's very hit and miss indeed. Some things I get home and I hate others I love to bits but can't afford ever again! I actually hate it when I fall in love with products cos I want to use them all the time but I'm scared to for fear of going into the red and never seeing daylight again!

            So my looks are mixed and match and my make up bag is full of odd and unusual colours and concepts as well as brands!

            However, occasionally I do splash out. Although I own loads and loads of cosmetics I long to go somewhere and pick out something that's truly 'me' from time to time. When this happens (as it doesn't very often) I spend hours perusing what brand I want, what kind of item and in what style. So Clinique is one brand I do like. Simple colours, long lasting products and simple packaging.

            The one thing I believe that brightens up and modernises a look and gives you an overhaul is lipsticks and the like and getting the right shade and texture ladies, as we all know is a bit of a minefield and that's being polite about it! I can't tell you how many times I've bought lipsticks and the likes just in the past couple of months on the cheap, got them home and either they feel too heavy, too sticky, not long lasting enough, drying and that's not even allowing for the pmt buying of bright orange lipstick (seemed a good idea at the time of course!). I find getting the right lippie really hard!

            So off I trotted to Debenhams and came across the Clinique range. They have a host of helpful staff and I told them everything I just told you!

            In the end I settled for this product, Clinique 'Full Potential Lips, Plump and Shine'.

            The Packaging....

            See through plastic 'tube' with shiny silver screw on/off lid that contains a 'wand' and a small white sponge angled applicator. On it I have written in silver writing what it is and who it is by. On the back stuff written in foreign languages contact details for Clinique told it's made in Canada and the size (0.16oz).

            All in all nice, simple packaging but one problem. I've owned mine a week now and the writing is already getting worn off by just my putting it the pocket of my handbag so therefore it does looks a bit scruffy which isn't really very nice considering the amount I paid for it! I want to whip it out in pub toilets in full view of people proudly but it looks shabby and I give it another week till all of the lettering has completely vanished. If you don't like scruffy looking products this is rather unimpressive and I'm not best pleased with that at all as I like my stuff to stay looking nice and I look after my things.

            What The Product Promises....

            Triple-action plumping gloss instantly and gently creates a fuller, lusher look. The plush effect lingers up to 6 hours. With continued use, peptides prompt skin's natural collagen production to foster a smoother, more defined look. Builds moisture cushion, too. With all the comforts of Clinique.

            How To Use....

            To see the greatest plumping effect, apply to clean, bare lips. At first, you may feel a mild tingle. Can also be worn over lipstick for a lip-magnifying shine.

            My Experience.....

            Well I've used this alone and over lipstick and I personally prefer to use it alone. The colour I'm particularly talking about is 'Pink Champagne' but there is a large range of colours to choose from under the headings of Nudes, Tawnies, Pinks and Violets and there seems to me more in the pink range to choose from.

            So why do I say I prefer it alone? Well firstly consistency. It's really clammy. Now I say clammy rather than sticky because it isn't like glue or anything but you can tell your wearing it and it does just feel a bit clammy and you can really feel it on the lips and lips feel a bit slidy and they actually do feel a bit bigger (you become aware of lips more, I guess is what I'm trying to say).

            On application you have total control of course of how much you apply and when you pull the applicator out of the tube to apply it, it does look rather thick and gooey and not at all runny but it doesn't go on as thick as it looks and it's easy to shape and define lips with the applicator given although it is spongy. There is absolutely no taste or no smell and what about the menthol tingle? Well I'm sat with it on my lips now as I've just reapplied it and no I can't feel any tingle at all and until reading up about this product on the Clinique website prior to writing this review I didn't even know to expect a tingle! So for me that feeling is none existent.

            It goes on very smooth indeed and when Clinique say that over time lips feels smoother well I've been using it a week now and yes I do agree with this statement they do actually. When I remove it off lips (if it hasn't melted), they feel moisturised really well and because this is a soft gloss it doesn't give me dried out chapped lips. Whats more as it's fairly thick if you do have imperfections on the lips i.e bits of dry skin not only does it hydrate and moisturise them it covers them really well.

            However where Clinique reckon this can last up to 6 hours.... how????? Its quite a wet gloss on the lips even being skimped on to give a bit of colour and shine but this stands no chance of being long wearing at all. 20 minutes after application it's vanished in my case. Ok I'm having a drink and a fag etc but even for me that's record timing of something upping and leaving me!

            When on the lips it does give a very defined and plastic look. Not in a bad way but that plastic look stays moist but really does give lips shape an definition. My color in particular looks really pretty and very natural and is shiny in a grown up and none glitter way and is suitable for a really classy look rather than in your face. This is rather glamorous.

            As Clinique say this can be used over lipstick. Well if your going to do this I suggest wiggling the applicator about to get some gloss and put it on a finger and sort of rub a little on rather than using the applicator and getting the gloss dirty with mixtures of lipsticks that you use. I find this difficult because I use moisturising lipsticks and then with this over the top I find I have way too much product on my lips and the gloss itself is quite heavy without lippie as well and I get in a right old royal mess!


            Overpriced for what it is. It doesn't deliver most of its promises.... sadly. It feels quite odd on the lips but at the same time it does feel expensive' compared to many other bands I have tried in the past and the present. It has a nice range of colours but would I shell out again on it?


            There's much better out there and for something costing me so much I expected more from it. I simply don't want to have to keep applying lipgloss or anything else all night long and if I'm out hours (like normal) this would be a real pain in the bum. Probably best suited for someone who doesn't drink, eat or smoke but me I have a life to lead so not for me again!

            £12.00 per tube from the Clinique website or places like Debenhams.


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