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Clinique Lash Building Primer

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Makeup / Sub-Type: Foundation

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    5 Reviews
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      07.04.2011 16:43
      Very helpful



      A good product but I don't think I would buy it - would be good if you have short or fine lashes

      Clinique Lash Building Primer

      I went into debenhams a few days ago and as I spent over a certain amount of money at the clinique counter I received a free gift, which included loads of travel size (and one full size) items from clinique. One of the items in the large set that I received includes this product.

      *About the product*

      It comes in a normal mascara packaging, although I have the travel size version which is 2.4g or 0.08 us fl oz. The Packaging is white with silver text on, although it does not actually tell you how to use the product on the tube.


      The packaging is really nice, it is a white tube and the silver text on the tube is clear and easy to read. The version I have is the travel size although it does come in the same mascara tube the larger one would come in - it is just smaller.

      The applicator wand is the same as a normal mascara wand, as it is a medium sizes brush with bristles that are quite spaced out. The wand is the same size as the maybelline colossal volume waterproof mascara wand and it is quite big - it is a good size to cover my eyelashes.

      -Colour and Scent

      When I first used this I did expect the colour of the primer to be black, like a normal mascara, although the actual colour of the primer is white. It looks really weird when you put it on as the product makes your lashes look grey/white, which looks a bit odd at 18.

      The product does not really smell of anything really. All clinique product I have used, say that they are fragrance free and this is the same. It does not say on the tube that it is fragrance free, but it does not scent strongly of anything. It has a slight plastic scent but they may just be the tube.

      -How to use

      On the clinique website it says "Apply generously to lashes in an upward motion and immediately follow with mascara".

      It is really easy to use this product, I just use it like a mascara, as it has the same wand. I just brush the product through my lashes, although I don't apply a lot as you really don't need that much product. I then just apply my dior show waterproof mascara afterwards.

      -My opinion of the product - application and results

      I have been using this primer for a few days now and I like the application of this product, as it is easy to apply, it glides on to my lashes quickly and easily.

      The actual primer is quite nice and it does not pull on my lashes although when I have been applying this product, the primer has been a bit clumpy, but when you brush the product through the clumps reduce.

      I find that my lashes are quite long but not thick and this product just lengthens them which is not really a product I need, but it is quite nice and it makes my mascara apply more evenly.

      The primer is supposed to add length which it really does but on the clinique site it says that this product also conditions the lashes. I find that when I apply it, it does not feel very conditioning, it feels a bit heavy on my lashes and with the addition of mascara on top, my lashes can feel quite heavy - especially as sometimes I don't wear mascara at all.

      I find that taking this product off is really easy, I have been using the clinique eye make up remove solution (another free gift) and it works really well at taking my mascara off and also this product under neath my mascara.

      Although when I use this product as well as a mascara I find that it does end up pulling some of my lashes out - it does not hurt at all, but there are some on the cotton pad after I have removed the products. This does not really happen when I just use mascara on its own and remove it so it may be the primer.

      I have been using this product for a few days now and I have to say it works! I noticed from the first time I used this product that it really lengthened my lashes! I find that I didn't need a lot of product to lengthen my lashes quite considerably - I only needed about two coats to three coats of this primer and my lashes became a lot longer, lifted and volumized too.

      I do like the results from this product, it makes my mascara go on more evenly and it really lengthens my lashes (apologies for the rather scary close up pictures!). So I would recommend this product if you have short lashes or if they are quite fine - as it would build them up and lengthen them. But if you are like me and have quite long lashes any way, this is not really needed in my opinion as for me it does not condition my lashes.

      -Price and availability

      As I said at the beginning of the review I received this in a bonus time large set, so it was free (although I did end up spending quite a bit of money anyway). Although it can be bought from the clinique website for £10 and it is also sold at boots, john lewis, debenhams and house of fraser for the same price - £10 for 5g which is only 2.6g more than the small travel size version I have.


      Good points

      *Easy to apply
      *Makes my mascara glide on more evenly
      *Easy to take off
      *Nice packaging and good size mascara wand
      *One of the cheaper clinique products
      *Really lengthens my lashes quite considerably and lifts them too

      Bad points

      *Takes some of my lashes out when removing gently
      *I don't really need this type of product as my lashes are quite long anyway when wearing mascara alone and it does not feel like it has conditioned my lashes

      Thank you for reading my review - this review will be posted on ciao under my user name labellavita1992 - I have also uploaded photographs of the effects of this product on my ciao account


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        07.03.2011 10:53
        Very helpful



        Great for protecting lashes but I might skip using primer in the future.

        Clinique Lash Building Primer

        I am addicted to eye makeup. I wear it every day, so much so that I'm worried my eyelashes will all fall out completely one day. Thankfully that hasn't happened yet, so will relentlessly traipse on until that fateful day of eyelash Armageddon.
        Although I do wear a lot of eye makeup constantly, I also wear contact lenses so I'm often a bit wary trying to new products, preferring to stick to the old favourites. However I was very lucky to receive this primer as a sample so I thought, why not, let's put my eyes at risk and see what happens.

        ***WHAT IS PRIMER?***
        Eyelash primer is applied to your eyelashes before you put mascara on. The idea behind it is that it builds up your lashes, giving more surface area for your mascara to stick to and thus giving the appearance of fuller lashes. Clinique states on their website that their primer "conditions and protects lashes". I personally couldn't tell you if my eyelashes are conditioned or not, just taking Clinique's word for it.

        Clinique's Lash Building Primer looks just like a little tube of mascara. The main cylinder is white, with a sleek silver cap. The brush is thick at one end, and tapers down to a little point at the end, presumably to help reach the tiny, corner-of-your eye lashes. The primer itself is white in colour.

        I did a little bit of research and you can use Clinique's primer as a base for pretty much any mascara brand, although of course they recommend using their own "for best results". Hmm. I tried it a couple of times, once with my Clinique mascara and another with my trusty Maybelline - to me, the result was the same with both. That versatility is great, but I would probably stick with the same brand for primer and mascara as they're specifically made to be compatible.

        I applied my primer exactly as I would do my mascara, to both my top and bottom lashes. It's important to do this when your eyelashes are completely clean, and not on top of previous mascara build-up. The primer turned my lashes white (which is expected), and was not gloopy or gooey. It was a bit trickier on the bottom lashes, but the shape of the wand actually made it relatively easy to get the corners. The primer itself was easy to apply and wasn't heavy at all - it simply made my regular lashes white. I then applied my mascara immediately after the primer, which is recommended.

        ***THE RESULT***
        I would love to be able to say that my lashes were transformed into a mega plump lash fest, but sadly not. The main difference for me were my bottom lashes, which did appear slightly fuller, but I think only I would notice that difference and it wouldn't necessarily stand out to people who look at me.

        ***WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT?***
        One thing I did notice with the primer was when I wanted to touch-up my mascara later in the day. Of course you wouldn't expect mascara to slide easily onto pre-mascaraed lashes, but it proved far more difficult than usual, to the point where no difference was made whatsoever so I gave up. Because of this, by the end of the day my eyelashes actually looked smaller and thinner than if I hadn't used the primer so was able to successfully reapply mascara. I was also worried that because you're supposed to apply your mascara directly after priming, that some of the primer would actually stick to my regular mascara wand and go back into my mascara tube. I'm unsure if this happened but am thinking it probably did.

        ***WHAT'S GOOD ABOUT IT***
        Sadly, not too much. It did make a slight difference to my bottom lashes but that's probably it. I guess also it makes you more aware of covering all your lashes in mascara, as you're trying to cover up all the white left by the primer. However it was easy to remove at the end of the day, with make-up remover.

        Unfortunately the primer did sting my eyes. Not hugely, but enough to put me off. I have quite sensitive eyes so can't say if this would happen to everyone. But it did cause me bother, I ended up removing my lenses halfway through to clean them and put them back in after I'd finished applying all my eye-makeup. This is a nightmare if you're in a rush as I ended up smudging my makeup all over my face in an extremely sexy fashion.

        I was lucky to get this primer as a sample, but you can purchase Clinique's Lash Building Primer for £10 on the Clinique website. After a quick scout around the web I found it at £9 from John Lewis, or £10.21 from Boots. I'm also under the impression that the primer will last about the same length of time as your regular mascara, if you use it every time you apply eye-makeup.

        Overall, if primer does protect your lashes then that's an absolute bonus, however when trying to achieve a fuller look I might just skip the primer part of the process in the future.


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          09.09.2010 22:22
          Very helpful



          I love it!

          If you're looking for full, long lashes then stop right here as I have found just the product you need, Clinique's Lash Building Primer. The blurb on the Clinique website states that this product 'boosts the benefits of Clinique Mascara as it conditions and protects lashes' but what it doesn't tell you is that it offers so much more than just nourishment and protection. It volumises and lengthens them whilst also helping to hold the curl longer and doesn't make your lashes clump together at all - in fact they look more separated than ever before.

          For me, it has given a true false lash effect (without the need to be 'styled with inserts' as favoured by pretty much every advert for mascara that I have seen before) with all mascaras I have tried with it, not just Clinique's. I've tried it with cheap mascaras (ELF ones) and higher end ones and have had the same result with each one, a result I am really very happy with. The only one I found it didn't work quite as well with is my Blinc mascara that creates silicone tubes around your lashes - and I expect this is down to the fact that it is a completely different kind of mascara with a different chemical composition to most others.

          I also found that it seems to keep my mascara in place for a lot longer; even non-waterproof types, as demonstrated at V Festival when my mascara lasted the whole day with no smudging, running or disappearing into thin air. My lashes looked exactly as they did when I applied my makeup.

          The product itself is a fairly runny white fluid that is easily applied with a wand, just like you would a normal mascara, and whilst it does go on ever so slightly white too it is a lot less opaque than it seems in the tube. When applying it you will notice how easy it is to get a good finish, it goes on smoothly and needs very minimal evening out (just a little sideways wiggle is needed), it really is a complete dream to apply.

          Once applied you'll also notice that the lashes immediately look longer and more separated but because of the slight white tint I would still say that you do need to apply some kind of mascara over the top of it to disguise this, especially if you're heading out as it's not a hugely flattering look when left without. I should also mention that you need to leave the primer to dry a bit before applying any mascara; it doesn't take long though.

          You may be expecting this product to cost a fortune, being that it works so well and that it's made by Clinique but I bought this at the surprisingly low price of just £10 from Boots. It might be worth noting that it's currently being sold for £9 in Debenhams in their 10% new season sale and also John Lewis (a price reduction that seems to have come off the back of the Debenhams sale) so if you hurry (as I don't think this price will last long) you may get it even cheaper than I did.

          All in all, I can't recommend this product enough as it has completely excelled my expectations and will have a permanent (or at least very long term) place in my makeup bag.


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            05.11.2008 19:14
            Very helpful




            This product costs around £12.00 which is cheaper than most others in its range.

            Wow this is a fantastic product! I was shocked at how good this product is as i have tried other products like this including Shiseido's which is good but this one is much better!
            You apply a light coat of this white looking mascara and wait a few seconds and then apply your regular mascara. When you apply it it goes on smoothly and easily without clumping or irratating my eyes. When I use the primer I end up using way less mascara, it seems to build immediately with the first few strokes whereas before using this it took more coats of mascara to build dramatic lashes. This product gives the effect of fake lashes, adding volume, length and prolonging the curl of your lashes! I do not find this difficult to remove either coming of with merely warm water, but this may be the only downside of this product it also makes your mascara come of much easier great for removing your makeup but not so if you get caught in the rain, crying ect then not so great!

            fantastic product!


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            16.03.2008 22:42
            Very helpful



            A nice primer for your lashes that doesn't look fake and ridiculous

            Clinique Lash Building Primer is basically a conditioning base coat for your lashes. It costs £12 and can be found at Clinique counters in department stores or online at Clinique's website.

            Clinique say that this primer thickens and lengthens lashes, conditions to make lashes stronger, and fortifies to extend mascara wear.

            To use it you just apply it to the lashes in an upward motion like you would with a mascara. I tend to wiggle it from side to side as I move it upwards, as this helps to avoid clumping with any lash product. You can then apply your mascara over the top.

            The primer comes in a white tube with a silver lid, it just looks like a mascara tube really and that's essentially what it is. Inside the tube you have your usual type of mascara brush with soft bristles arranged in a spiral pattern.

            The primer is white and it seems thinner than the consistency of most mascaras. The brush is quite large as mascara brushes go, but it doesn't cause any problems. The primer goes on easily and smoothly and it's easy to get to all of your lashes with it. When you put the primer on your lashes you can see it is white but it doesn't look as white as in the tube, it just makes my lashes look a lightish grey colour and the lengthened bits look white.

            This primer lengthens the lashes really nicely, and thickens them a little too, but it isn't really over the top like you would get from one of those false lash mascaras which has a primer in. It dries quickly so you can put your mascara on straight away over the top. It also feels really nice and light on the lashes, they don't feel weighed down like they can with mascara on.

            When you put mascara over the top it gives a really nice effect. The lashes look longer and thicker, but you do need to be careful what kind of mascara you use as some I tried over this made it look like I hardly had any lashes at all as they all stuck together. This seemed to be mainly volumising mascaras that had this awful effect, all the others seemed to be OK.

            I'm not sure whether this does extend the wear of mascara or not but I haven't noticed any difference, my mascara tends to last all day or night whether I use this or not. It does make my mascara more difficult to remove though, it can take a while to get off even with a really good makeup remover.

            I like the idea that using this conditions my lashes but there's not really any way to test whether it actually does or not, but overall I'm happy with this primer and will probably buy it again.



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          • Product Details

            Clinique 4.8g lash building primer / All skin types / Pencil.