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Clinique Repairwear Anti Aging Makeup SPF15

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Brand: Clinique / Type: Makeup / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15 / What it does: Repairs, Rejuvenates / Contents: 30ml / Sub-Type: Foundation

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    6 Reviews
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      14.08.2013 18:53
      1 Comment



      A good all round foundation

      I am very fickle when it comes to makeup - I will change brands at the drop of the hat! The Clinique Repairwear range however has been in my life for the past seven or so years. It is in liquid form and goes on smoothly - you never use too much or waste any due to the clever pump dispensing system. It comes in a small glass bottle which doesn't take up much space if you are travelling. I have always suffered with spots, and this foundation has always covered them up beautifully and given a smooth finish. It may seem a bit on the pricey side too, but its great value for money as one bottle has always lasted me from three to four months!

      However, I find that in the summer months that the foundation doesn't last well in the heat - I end up looking shiny and it is almost as though it has "melted" a bit! I also find it a bit heavy for the summer too.

      Basically, I feel that this Clinique foundation is best for people who's skin is problematic - spots, scarring etc and who want to cover up these blemishes.


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        09.04.2011 19:56
        Very helpful



        A fantastic foundation - very highly recommended for dry and normal skin types

        Clinique Repairwear Liquid Foundation

        I have been using this product for about a week now and I love it! I was a bit cautious about buying it at first as my skin is really dry and in the past liquid foundations have been awful with my skin but I thought I would try it out.

        *About the product*

        It is a liquid foundation and it has a quite thick texture. It comes in about 8/9 shades and I have the shade 03 fair neutral which is now the lightest shade this foundation comes in. It has a pump dispenser, it has an SPF of 15 and it is described as 'anti aging make up'. It comes in a fairly heavy glass bottle, it is allergy tested and it is 100% fragrance free. It comes in 30ml or 1 us fl oz bottle. The product also comes with a leaflet which is written in about 14 languages.

        *What clinique say about this product*

        "Natural line-smoothing finish, continuous repair. Skin looks flawless, vibrant, now and into the future. This luxurious makeup helps block and mend the look of lines instantly, and over time. SPF 15 plus antioxidants add to the benefits of all-day hydration. Moderate to full cover. Oil free." - this information is available on the information sheet that comes with this foundation and on the clinique site (link below).

        *My opinion of the product*


        I love the bottle for this product, as it is made out of glass it is really sturdy and it feels quite expensive when you hold it and use it as it is in a glass bottle - which makes me think of expensive Chanel foundations that also come in glass bottles (most of them). It is a clear see through bottle so you can see what the shade actually looks like and the text in white on the bottle is clear and easy to read. The box that the bottle came in is also quite nice also the design on it does look a little dated and some what 'old fashioned'.

        One of the best things about this products packaging is that it has a pump dispenser, which makes it more hygienic. Although there is a downside to the pump as it dispenses a bit too much foundation, I find that one pump of this foundation is more than enough to cover all of my face. So you may end up wasting a very small amount of product because of the pump and it is quite difficult to get out a small amount of foundation - but it is possible and I only need about half a pump of foundation (as it covers well and I mix it with my moisturiser).


        I have the shade 03 fair neutral, but when I was colour matched at a clinique counter in debenhams the woman at the counter said that they used to make two other shades that were lighter than this one (one of which is bare buff) and now they are being discontinued. I am really quite pale so I always buy the lightest shade in everything and this shade does look too orange for me in the bottle, but when it is on my skin it is a really good match - as in the bright natural light my skin looks the same shade as my natural skin in the light, which is great. There are not that many colours in this foundation and they are all around the fair and tanned skin tones, there are only two options really for darker skin tones and if you are very very pale the 03 fair neutral may be too dark for you.


        The texture of this product is quite thick, it has a really nice consistency but it is fairly thick for a liquid foundation. While at the counter the woman said that I should mix this foundation with some moisturiser because it is quite thick, so that is what I do when using this product and it makes it so much easier to work with and helps it glide onto my skin easily.

        -What skin type is this foundation suitable for?

        This foundation is specifically designed for people with dry skin, on the clinique site and on the box the bottle came in it says that it is suitable foe people who have very dry to dry skin (skin types 1 and 2 in the clinique system).

        I have very dry skin and it works fantastically for me and I also have sensitive skin due to my eczema and this foundation does not make my skin itchy, red, dry and it does not make me break out. So I would say that if you have very dry, dry or normal skin then this would be really good for you.

        -How much coverage does it have?

        On the clinique website it says that for this product, it gives full coverage but from using this product everyday for just over a week I would say that it is a medium coverage foundation. As I have eczema I have quite a bit of redness and a few red eczema bumps (which look like small red flat spots) and it does not cover that up on me. It also does not cover up my dark circles, but it does reduce them. So overall I would say that it is a medium coverage. You will get more coverage if you keep building the foundation up in layers, using this method you will probably get full coverage or near to full coverage. Although it is a bit difficult to work with and blend without using a moisturiser with it, this then reduces the amount of coverage the foundation can give. So the coverage is what every you make it, it can be reduced by adding some moisturiser and it can be built up by adding layers of foundation on areas you need the coverage.

        -How I use the foundation

        My foundation routine with this product (my new favorite foundation) is as follows:

        1. I moisturise my skin with eucerin 10% (a very heavy moisturiser, which I can not use foundation without)

        2. Pump once, or less than one pump if I can, of the foundation onto the back of my hand, then I add some of my simple rich moisturiser to the foundation (about a 20p size)

        3. Mix the foundation and moisturiser on the back of my hand and with a normal flat foundation brush I sweep the mix onto my skin - I don't blend it here, I just apply it to my skin

        4. Then I take my MAC 187 brush (previously reviewed) and gently buff/blend it into my skin in small circular motions (which with this brush only takes about a minute or less to blend all of the foundation into my skin with no marks or brush lines)

        5. You can then add a setting powder or pressed powder to set the foundation

        -Application and Results

        I like the application of this foundation, it applies really well if combined with a moisturiser. If I don't use this product with a moisturiser then it is a bit difficult to apply and it also takes longer to blend. I think that it does blend really quickly with the 187 brush and it goes onto my skin really nicely.

        When I first applied this foundation to my skin I though that it was really heavy on my skin, but I have just been using tinted moisturiser before this foundation so the change was going to be a little odd for my skin anyway. But after a week it does not feel heavy on my skin, especially when used with a moisturiser and blended.

        I love the results from this foundation, it makes my skin look fantastic, you can still see some of my redness and dark circles but I would say that it covers about 90% of my imperfections, which is great. it leaves my skin looking dewy and healthy and it leaves my skin semi matte to the touch.

        I have dry skin so I was a bit cautious about buying this foundation as all liquid foundations I have tried in the past have made my skin look incredibly flaky, dry and dull but this one DOESN'T! This foundation is great for my very dry and sensitive skin, it does not make my skin look flaky or dry or dull an it makes my skin look healthy and luminous! I do have some small dry patches on my skin but with this foundation it does not enhance them or make them look obvious - it does not caky or look heavy either.

        It gives my skin a gorgeous natural finish, it also says on the clinique site that this foundation gives all day hydration, which initially I thought it would not do, but it actually does - it makes my usually vey dry skin feel normal again, which is fantastic ater years of having tight, dry, flaky eczema prone skin (although the reduction in my eczema and improvement in my skin has been due to the eucerin lotion which is amazing) but this foundation works amazingly! I was a bit cautious about buying this foundation as it does say anti aging and I am 19 in summer but the woman at the counter said that all types of people buy this foundation and the reason I bought it is because it says it gives all day hydration - with is what my skin needs and it really does hydrate my skin!

        -Ease of removal

        I find that this foundation is fairly easy to remove. I would not just wash my face with water to remove this product - I have tried that and it left my white towels with orange foundation marks all over it! I would remove this foundation with a good cleanser and rinse well or with a face wipe.

        -Positive aspects of this product

        It makes my skin look great, it looks healthy, it has concealed about 90% of my redness and dark circles and it does not feel very heavy on my skin either. It is a great match for my skin and it applies very easily when combined with a moisturiser. If you have dry skin you should definitely check this foundation out, as it keeps my skin hydrated all day, it does not enhance my dryness (although a heavy moisturiser will help with this) and it does not make me break out.

        -Negative aspects of this foundation

        I have only found that with this foundation the pump dispenses too much product which means that a little bit of the foundation is wasted. And you have to mix it with a moisturiser to be able to apply and blend it well, but other than that it is fantastic (oh and the price may be a little bit much but for me it is so worth the money).

        -Price and availability

        I bought this foundation from a clinique counter in debenhams and I would highly suggest that you get colour matched for a foundation as you may buy the wrong one and waste money on it. This foundation costs £21 for the 30ml bottle but it works so well for my skin I will definitely be buying another bottle when this runs out - which will take a while as you only need a small amount of product. It can also be bought from the clinique UK site (link below) and from boots too (the boots site or large boots stores with clinique counters).


        Good points

        *Easy to apply and blend when used with a moisturiser
        *Great colour for my skin
        *Pump bottle - more hygienic
        *Anti aging benefits, some natural ingredients, contains SPF 15
        *Does not enhance my dry skin
        *Hydrates my skin for all day comfort
        *Glass bottle
        *Not very expensive in my opinion as it works so well and you only need a tiny amount of product
        *Fairly easy to remove
        *medium coverage but it can be built up or toned down
        *Does not cause me to break out

        Bad points

        *Needs to be used with a moisturiser as it is quite thick
        *Pump dispenses a bit too much product
        *Not a great range of skin shade - especially for darker skins

        To answer my title - for me it is the best foundation I have ever used, as this is the only good coverage foundation I have been able to wear that does not make my skin look flaky, dry or dull.

        For more information: www.clinique.co.uk

        Thank you for reading my review - this review will also be posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992 with pictures


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          15.02.2010 19:14
          Very helpful



          Worth every penny.

          This foundation is so good. I've tried everything from cheap and popular brands to the more expensive stuff, including but not limited to other Clinique foundations.

          Like many other women, I find that a many foundations irritate my skin and at one point I gave up wearing foundation all-together. While this was a great move for the anti-fakery brigade, I realised that it was actually important for me to wear foundation to protect my skin from the elements.

          I went back to Clinique knowing that I could take advantage of their money back guarantee if needed. I asked for a product with good coverage and the Sales Assistant applied this gem of a product to my face.

          I was very self-conscious that she'd suggested an anti-ageing product to me as I'm only in my twenties but when she showed me the finished effect my jaw dropped. W-O-W! She barely used any product and I didn't even need concealer. I was perfectly skin-matched to the foundation and to be honest it felt like a bargain - even at £21.

          I double checked the ingredients and I was impressed with the SPF 15 and skin regenerating properties. It's obvious why this is an anti-ageing product but it can be used by anyone of any age to protect their skin against ageing and the elements.

          One small pump-bottle has lasted me over six months, and there's still some left at the bottom!

          However, whenever my skin is a bit dry the foundation does looks quite uneven. The simple and obvious solution to this is to moisturise, but I can't find a decent daytime moisturiser that doesn't irritate my skin or leave it too oily. I suppose that problem's isolated to my situation though and the product is wonderful otherwise.

          When you think about it, I was spending £10 to £20 a week trying different foundations that didn't work. For £21 this wonder in its pretty bottle will last at least 6 months.

          No contest really!


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            26.04.2009 17:57
            Very helpful



            I'll keep looking

            My very pale skin makes finding a suitable foundation a real challenge as a lot of foundation ranges just don't go pale enough in their shade ranges. I had mostly been using Max Factor's Miracle Touch in Creamy Ivory for the past couple of years but sometimes found it difficult to blend in around the hairline and thought I would see if there was anything good that had come out since I started using Miracle Touch that would improve on it. I suppose it's a case of the grass is always greener. I went to look at the Clinique stand as I used to like their Superbalanced foundation very much but sadly it was too dark for me so I thought I would see if they had any new pale colours which they did not but the sales girl said they had a very pale foundation in one of their other ranges so I thought I'd try that out.

            The product comes in a cylindrical clear tube with a nice silver pump on top and a clear lid. To use you just pump some out onto your hand and go from there. Be wary about being too over-enthusiastic with the pump though because you can waste quite a bit if you're not careful. On the plus side the pump is more hygenic than pot foundations where you have to keep putting your hands in. This can be applied with the hands which I do, with a foundation brush or with a sponge though I fear this would soak up a fair bit of product.

            The colour I tried was 01 Alabaster Breeze which looked suitably light for my very pale skin. On sight it looked quite creamy in my hand. When I applied it to my skin I immediately noticed that the coverage was indeed quite thick as the girl had mentioned. It did cover up any redness or blotches without any trouble so I was impressed by that. But I didn't find it very easy to blend because though it looked so on my hand, it wasn't that creamy compared to the Superbalanced I had used before. It wasn't the worst I'd tried by any means but it did take some effort to blend round the edges and that would slow me down in the morning which is something that I try to avoid with products as I always run late anyway. One of the problems with this is that due to the thickness of the product it does feel somewhat cakey on the skin and you can definitley tell you have it on. So then I went to check it in my bathroom mirror as it has better natural light and was disappointed to see that it had already started to go orangey on my skin which really shocked me as it was the lightest shade they do in all their ranges and moreover, it looked sufficiently pale in my hand. I could see a noticeable differene between my face and neck which is a no-no for me so I took it all off, which wasn't easy, might I add. Now from the name of the product you can probably guess that this product is aimed at the older market. It is meant to smooth out lines and cover wrinkes. I can't comment on this aspect as I don't really have them yet but it certainly is thick enough so I imagine it would do that job.

            This will cost £21 for 30ml at any Clinique counter but check on ebay as you can get it quite cheap there. So in my opinion I would say that I was happy with the level of coverage but the fact that it was not that easy to smooth out put me off a little and then the fact it went orange straight away really kind of put the nail in the coffin. I think I'll look elsewhere...


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              09.02.2009 23:31
              Very helpful



              Out of the uncountable foundations I have tried, this by far succeeds them all.


              Hell, I admit it. I am a self confessed 'make- up junkie'. My obsession stemmed from the tender and naive age of eleven, where pale skin was 'so passé' and it was all about the bronzer. Lets just say like most obsessions, it became unhealthy. Like an onion, you could probably have peeled off layers of make up from my face. Even more embarrassingly nauseating was the fact it propelled my already existing problematic skin from minor spots, to spots the size of Mount Everest. It was a viscous cycle; more spots meant more coverage which meant yet more spots. Why did my skin get so bad? Using the wrong foundations.

              I remember these words as if they were said yesterday: 'An anti-aging foundation are you crazy? I am only seventeen!' Trying dozens and dozens of foundations, my optimism was somewhat tainted in my quest to find the perfect product. My cynicism was often propelled by the misdirection of makeup assistants Therefore you can understand why I may have thought the assistant at the Clinique counter had indifferently picked up a foundation as if it was from a lucky dip.


              With meticulous care, the assistant found my perfect shade and was ready to reveal her finished piece. Any spot or hyper pigmentation was airbrushed away into oblivion. My face looked vibrant, healthy and it dramatically improved the uneven texture of my skin. Most importantly, it felt light on my skin and provided an even and natural looking coverage. It is a liquid founration and classed as 'full coverage' but don't be put off. There is no 'cakey' effect; it has a natual matte finish and a little goes a long way. It is for type I and II skin essentially, meaning it is best for people with dry skin or dry combination (oily) skin. This is because Repairwear also has moisterising protection to nurture your skins balance. Therefore if your skin is too oily, you may want to look into a similar but different Clinique foundation for your particular skin type. After I saw my reflection I breathed a sigh of relief. My history with foundation has been a rocky struggle. Foundation can either be your best friend or worse enemy, but through years of trial and error I have found the ultimate foundation for any skin type. (It may have took 50 different brands of foundations and hundreds of pounds spent to find it, but I had got there in the end at least)


              For the readers who are wondering about this foundations anti-aging properties (and why the assistant recommended it to a seventeen year old), my mother can vouch for its effectiveness. The foundation certainly smoothed out existing lines and wrinkles and provided a more youthful look. However, Clinique claim that the foundation can also help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles over time. My mother still remains dubious to this pretentious claim but states that it certainly slows down the aging process with its SPF 15. Harmful rays abound even if the sun is behind the clouds so this foundation protects your skin on a daily basis, resisting the suns aging effects. Foundations provide a shield against nasty toxins and chemicals. Unlike most foundations though, it also contains antioxidants to further fight against the cell-damaging effects of free radicals. Now I didn't feel so insulted in thinking the woman mistook my age...by 30 years. After all, prevention is the best cure. In the words of my mother, 'I have been using this product since it came out and so far aging hasn't taken its toll too badly. My face hasn't shrivelled up like dried prune yet.'


              Choosing the right foundation should not be a shallow decision. Foundation packaging may seem alluring, especially if it is from a popular label, but do not be fooled by its deceiving veneer. Even if you have perfectly clear acne-free skin (I hate you all by the way) as the wrong foundations can contain nasty chemicals which are detrimental to the condition of your skin. The chemical 'paraben', has been linked to cancer. Even the supposed 'miracle mineral makeup' contain high levels of Bismuth Oxychloride which can cause breakouts for problematic skin. The minerals have to go through stringent chemical and purification processes in order to eradicate any toxins so it is debatable as to whether natural mineral makeup is indeed natural. Furthermore, some brands of mineral make up contain 'nano-sized' particles. Once these particles permeate the skin, it is frighteningly thought that they may have unlimited access to all tissues and organs. This may cause cell irrevocable cell damage. Even to the brain.And quite frankly, spending too much time on dooyoo has fried my brain enough as it is) Being an avid product geek, I have tried both 'Sheer Cover' and 'Bare Minerals'. They are extremely expensive for the lack of product you get. They say 'a little goes a long way' but you had to brush on nearly half the pot for any difference on just one cheek. It rubs off easily to the point where when you hug someone, you leave your face on their shirt. Never nice.

              Repairwear Anti-Aging Makeup eradicates every possible cause of potential skin problems. It is oil free, paraban free, alcohol free, suitable for sensitive skin. Instead of contaminating the skin with nasty chemical, its antioxidants prevent it. Most importantly for my skin, it doesn't block pores. My acne used to get worse from such foundation labels as Collection 2000 and Rimmel, but Clinique products are true to what they preach.


              Beware to products which claim they are 'Dermatologist tested'. Again, 'dermatologist tested' can be a meaningless statement. It may simply be the case that a small number of individuals claiming to have sensitive skin have been tested and demonstrated no reaction to the product. The testing may not be scientifically valid due to lack of participants tested. Also there is the extraneous variable of everyone reacting to substances differently.

              However, I know dozens of people who wear Clinique make up for their sensitive skin because like me, every other type of brand has caused unsightly effects. My skin is extremely sensitive and this is quite possibly the only product that hasn't turned my face as red as a tomato as soon as I removed my make up; and alas, no breakouts.


              If like I was, you are desperately seeking for a foundation to provide that desired 'airbrush effect' we all emulate celebrities for, then I highly recommend Clinique Repairwear Anti-Aging Makeup SPF 15. This product will not rub off throughout the day and is the perfect canvas for the rest of your make up to create a beautiful piece of art work. Men so wish they could get away with wearing make up. The only downsides are that it costs a pricey £27.50. Do not despair my friends! Mine lasts a good 8 months if not longer. Also its claim to reverse wrinkles is a bit incredulous. It does however convert dull skin to a youthful radiance and slow down the daunting notion of aging from taking its toll. My quest is over and my unhealthy, thirsty obsession in finding the perfect foundation has ben quenched. (Time to find the perfect mascara!)

              N.b. Be VERY cautious in choosing the right colour. It is always better to have an assistant help you. Also shop lights can be quite bright. My trick is to receive the foundation make over and then pop outside quickly and take a look at the colour in natural daylight.
              Clinique also offer other products within their age resisting range.


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                07.02.2009 12:40
                Very helpful



                A foundation which does as it says on the tin

                My sister hasn't done herself many favours she has a really awful habit of picking her spots and has done since she was a teen, she is now 39 and as a result her face is scarred and pitted. She covers it with various types of foundation and tried this one. It didn't give her the coverage she wanted so she passed it on to me. Now, my skin is normal, the only thing that I suffer from is a red nose and black bags under the eyes. Still since I don't have £20 for a new foundation at the mo I started to use this.


                The Anti-ageing Repairwear foundation is meant to cover and repair lines. According to the clinique website this claims to 'help block and mend the look of lines instantly, and over time.' It also has a sun protection factor of 15 helping to stop further ageing from the effects of the sun.


                I applied this using a make up sponge and was throughly amazed, it is very thick, but not at all greasy. I used colour number three, fair, and it was a nice match (my sister and I can always get away with the same foundation luckily). However if you don't blend, blend, blend you will look like a clown! I had to literally brush it into my hairline as it was so thick it could be seen really obviously. Not a good look!


                After and during use my skin felt fine, no tightness and no spots. Great news. It was very heavy though and when I blew my nose it did transfer to the tissue. My sister found it clogged her skin and didn't help the spots so do go careful, might be worth having a try at the counter if you suffer from acne. I have no lines so I cannot comment on the line hiding effects but I hope the product will repair any that are threatening to appear!


                This was amazing, it covered my bags under my eyes making them look the same colour as the rest of my face, my nose also looked less red. I did find I needed a quick sweep of blusher as I wasn't used to my face being all the same colour! On the whole I was thrilled with the results and taking more care putting it on really isn't a bad thing.

                *The Packaging*

                I really love the bottle it comes in, it is glass with a pump dispenser. I use two pumps for my whole face when using the sponge. This is plenty. I find that Clinique pumps get 90% of the product out and the rest has to be removed by shaking the bottle like a mad woman. This is a bit of a pain!


                If you don't wipe it this foundation will last all day but is very easy to remove at the end of the day. I also found a hidden benefit, I am terrible at smudging my mascara under my eyes, with this foundation on it is easy to wipe off and you cannot see where you have wiped. I don't need to use concealer at all with this foundation which will save me quite a bit of money.

                *Price and Availabilty*

                The RRP is £21.04 on the Clinique website but Clinique always have offers on for free products which is worth going for. They frequently have free bags of sample sized items when you buy 2 products. Always a winner. You will benefit from Boots points too if you buy from there. It is also available from Department stores.

                It comes in 11 colours but no darker ones. I am very pale skinned and use 3 so there is something for the lighter skins. It is oil and fragrance free. The range includes lipstick, and various lotions too.

                Will I use it again? I don't know it is lovely but I am such a make up floozy that I'll probably try something else first and come back to this. I hope my sister wil be donating something else again in the future too!

                Mroe information can be found at www.clinique.co.uk


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              • Product Details

                Clinique Repairwear Anti-aging Foundation SPF 15 30ml / Natural line-smoothing finish / continuous repair / Skin looks flawless / vibrant / now and into the future / This luxurious makeup helps block and mend the look of lines instantly / and over time / SPF 15 plus antioxidants add to the benefits of all-day hydration / Moderate to full cover / Oil free / Dry/ combination skin / Full Coverage / Satin Finish / Anti-wrinkle / Anti-ageing.

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