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CND Super Matte Topcoat

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Brand: CND / Varnish. / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Coat

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2011 20:55
      Very helpful



      Terrible, do not buy unless milky nails is the look your after.

      After taking a little shine to the world of nail art I decided to go wild and spend a few bucks on some nice new top coats from CND. In my rush to buy it, it cost me near £6-which for myself and my nails is a splurge...especially as I bought a few things.
      Like a child every night I would run home awaiting the arrival of my new toys! Evetually it arrived!!

      Very well wrapped up and it was a wrestle between myself and the bubble wrap trying to actually get my hands on this polish! But in the end the bubble wrap lay burst on the floor, me standing triumphant.

      *~* The Product and Packaging *~*

      Bascially this topcoat is meant to transform your favourite nail varnish by taking away it's shiny finish and turning into an on trend matt finish.
      The topcoat arrive in a little box with aq wee window so you can see whats inside. The packaging gives all the general info, what it is, directions etc...
      The bottle itself is clear and I actually like the design, it has a flat back for reasons unknown, but i like that feature. Perhaps if it was on a slanted shelf or stand it would sit nicely with the name still facing the front.

      The fluid inside looks like watered down PVA glue...not too promising but I assumed it would dry to give the matte finish.

      *~* Using The Product *~*

      I had this product opening an on my nails with in five minutes of tossing that damn bubble wrap in the bin!
      The product is as easy to use as any other nail varnish. Just apply to your nails after you have already put on your chosen colour of polish. The brush bristles are quite stiff but allow for an easy even coat. I found you had to do a few strokes though to evenly cover the nail (not the desired 3 strokes and your done test I like to use with my polishes).

      It takes a while to dry which was quite annoying as you would need to sit still for a very long time, I found even near an hour later it was still getting smudged by my finger.

      However, the waiting time was not my biggest worry.....

      *~* The Results *~*

      I sat waiting for this topcoat to dry thinking surely it's going to look better when it's dry...but it never did.
      The product went on milky- to be fair I did put a lot on as I was a bit over excited but none the less- and did not dry any better. There was no sign of a matt finish to my nails at all. The colour now underneath was now just slightly toned down by a cloudy and! shiny film of varnish. I would even go as far to say except for the colour difference you would never know I had this on in terms of shine.
      If is was possible to give this no stars I would as this was just waste of money and excitement. It cannot be used as a normal topcoat and definitely not as a matte topcoat, which is why I bought it. I have yet to find another use for it, but I hope I do as otherwise it shall just be tossed in the bin which is an even bigger waste.

      *~* Why Reviews are So Worthwhile *~*

      Sadly only after buying this product did I look up reviews. The flurry of buying new things I didn't even stop to look if it had been reviewed online! If I had I would have seen the same problems I experience and would never have bought it!

      Lesson learned!


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