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Coastal Scents Contour & Blush Palette

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Brand: Coastal Scents / Type: Blushers

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    3 Reviews
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      13.02.2010 19:33
      Very helpful




      Having been in desperate need of a new blusher and bronzer, and having seen a couple of 'How To' videos on contouring where this product was featured and raved about, I was quick to put this on my Christmas list last year, and was so pleased to have received it.

      The palette itself is plastic and a matte black in colour, with a lid hinged at one side. This lid is very sturdy, it doesn't open with the slightest touch like some products I've had. While it does take some force to open the palette, I wouldn't say it's tough enough to break a nail - or at least I haven't experienced this yet.

      There are 6 pans of coloured powder: 1 dark brown, 2 pinks, 2 fleshy-coloured and 1 white. When seen against the black background of the palette the colours do look quite bright and even intimidating, especially if you've got very pale skin like me - but rest assured that all of these colours can be used without making you look like a clown! The pans are all a decent size, around 6cm in diameter and are fixed rather well to the palette.

      The outside of the palette has the words 'Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette' written in silver, I'm not sure if this makes the palette looks less attractive and sophisticated - however I do know it comes in handy when you've got more than one palette and have to try and identify which one you need.

      The case does pick up colour from the powder from the pans easily, however there is a clear plastic sheet inside to prevent this, which does seem to work well. My case tends to get grubby from handling it after applying foundation or concealor with my fingers - this doesn't really bother me as if I need to I can use a baby wipe to wipe it down, however it may bother some people.

      I like having all the powders I'll need for my face in one place, however some people may prefer to have them all separate, especially if you're travelling somewhere and only need a blush but nothing else, so this may be something to consider. Also, if you're somebody who takes a small makeup bag with you on a night out to touch up then this certainly isn't for you! Saying that, the palette itself isn't that huge, about 23cm by 15cm.

      This came from America, and although I didn't get to see how it was packaged for delivery as it was a Christmas present, it did survive the ordeal and my parents had nothing but good things to say about the delivery of my products, from how it was packaged to how quickly it arrived.

      If I'm not going anywhere special and just want a natural daytime look, then I will only apply the softer of two pinks (bottom right) as a blush, and then use a large brush to sweep the pinky flesh tone (bottom left) all over my face to set my makeup. If I want to look awake and prepared for the day ahead, however, then I use every colour in this palette.

      First I use the dark brown, with a contouring brush. This looks very dark, but don't be scared. This is actually a very versatile colour that can be used in a number of ways.
      -Enhancing cheekbones: if you suck in your cheeks, dab a tiny amount of this along the 'line' which appears - nearer to your ears than your mouth - and then blend it out thoroughly along this line and up towards your hairline. If you're pale use only a very small amount, you can always build up the colour if you need to.
      -Defining your chin: sweep a small amount of this colour on your neck, under the chin, to give the appearance of definition.
      -Decreasing size of nose: you can even sweep a little of this colour on either side of your nose to make it look more slender.
      Overall I've found this colour to be very blendable and easy to apply. I imagine this colour would suit a vast majority of skin tones, as I am very pale and still able to use this.

      Next I use the white, with one side of a large powder brush. This is the highlight colour, and should be used wherever the light will hit your face. I usually sweep this lightly over the centre of my forehead, down the front of my nose, along my cheek just beneath the eyes, on my cupids bow (on top of the 'v' of my lips) and a tiny dab on the centre of my chin. Again, use a small amount of powder and build it up gradually if you need too. This colour, too, is easy to blend and doesn't look as striking on the skin as it does in the pan, making it suit a variety of skin tones.

      Then I apply a mixture of the two blush colours, with a blush brush. First I apply the softer shade - to find where to apply blush, smile! The apple of your cheek can then be seen more easily, but make sure not to apply the colour all over your cheek as it won't look natural. I blend this colour into the highlight of the white and the contour of the brown, before dabbing a small amount of the brighter pink into the centre of my cheek to brighten it up. This bright pink also looks very vibrant on the brush, but blends out extremely well - just don't use too much.

      Finally, I use a combination of the two fleshy tones to sweep over my face with a large powder brush. This sets my makeup and tones down any patches of colour where I may have accidently 'overdone' it, similarly it helps to blend the colours into each other if they don't look smooth enough.

      I really love how my face looks after using this product. The colours all complement each other very well, and they're all easy to blend so you won't be left with any visible harsh lines. This palette is very versatile: you can achieve a very natural, subdued daytime look or add more colour for night time. The colours are all matte (which you want to look for when you contour) and I've found make my face look much better when being photographed. The great thing about this product is that the powders are all extremely long lasting, and don't 'disappear' like some products I have had in the past - using the flesh tones to set my makeup also prevents my face from looking greasy later in the day.

      This palette costs $18.95, so that's what, around £12? I think this is amazing price for this product, especially when one powder alone can cost more than this, let alone in conjunction with two blushes and a 'bronzer'.

      You will have to add extra for delivery though. I'm not sure how much it is at the moment but if you go to their website (search Coastal Scents) then you can find their rates - they have a variety of options to suit your needs. I believe you can also purchase this product from ebay, but as a general rule I prefer buying from the company itself so I'm not sure how much they cost there.

      -Overall Opinion-
      I'm a huge fan of this product. It's easy to apply, lasts all day, is versatile, affordable, and has everything I need in one place. I've been using this a lot since I received it and still have a lot left, I can see this lasting me a long time! My only criticism would be that it doesn't have a mirror like their eye shadow palettes have - it would be useful to have one on this palette too, for the times when you just want to apply some powder and a sweep of mascara.


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      02.09.2009 18:42
      Very helpful



      A very good all in one face defining set.

      The contour and blush palette is a collection of 6 matte powder shades suited to define and sculpt the face, adding depth and colour often lost when applying foundation. it is available from coastalscents.com, and also on eBay. If buying from coastal scents it will have the CS logo, otherwise it will likely be plain. The CS site has it at £12 ($19) but postage and tax will add another £20. eBay is probably the best place to buy it from the UK, though be aware that most sellers are from Asia so there will be a longer postage wait, but it will cost around £10 including postage.


      The case is 230x160x10 mm matte black plastic. The plastic is sturdy, but easily collects dust and smudges and because it's matte, once it's dirty it will never look as clean as when you first take it out of the box. Probably doesn't bother many people but it drives me crazy! It opens at the side, you just pull it open but it's quite tricky and tends to hurt the fingers a bit!


      The pans sit glued in the palette surrounded by dense foam. Like the case, the foam will not clean well, and the powder sits in it never to be removed again. The pans are about 63 mm diameter, wide enough for even the largest powder brushes. There are two blushes (both shades of pink) and four contour/highlights.

      *MY USE*

      Your own skin tone will determine what you use each shade for. My skin is very pale but I still use the dark brown for contouring-a small amount will blend without looking odd. The white serves as a highlight but because I'm so pale I often use it all over my face. The other two shades I will use for various sculpting and blending. I don't use the blushes however, I have to admit disappointment in them because they are both varying tones of the same pink, one darker one lighter. I prefer peachy blush and these are far to harsh for my pale skin tone.


      These are all matte (you shouldn't use shimmer for highlighting anyway) and are very fine powder. It is easy to get "model perfect" results because they transfer from brush to face well, leaving an even colouration that is light enough for layering. They blend well and are not intrusive on the face. There seems to be a good level of pigmentation that prevents over application. Overall I am very impressed with the quality of these. I only wish they'd skipped the blush and added more highlight/contour shades instead.

      This does take some practise so be patient with it!

      © L Wade 2009 - submitted only on dooyoo.


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        15.04.2009 18:30
        Very helpful



        nice but the shipping is a pain

        ****Coastal Scents Contour & Blush Palette ****

        When it comes to make up i have to say that i would normally just try out eye shadows and eye liner and the rest of my face would get neglected. Recently though i have felt that my skin has looked a little washed out so i decided to get some blushers. Looking around on various review sites i saw this was mentioned as being good by several people and so i decided to try it.

        **Coastal scents**
        An online company where you can buy foundation,eye shadow,brushes etc .They have quite a wide range and one thing i really liked about the site was that you can buy empty make up cases and fill it with colours of your choice.

        **The case**
        The matt black case this comes in is very similar to the mac cases you can get from the pro site. It holds six large make up pans. I think the products are held in place by a magnet. One thing i don't like about it is that coastal scents in plastered all over the case and the web site address . I think it would look a lot better if it had been left blank.The Pan Size is 6.2 cm .

        The most important thing to note here is that all the products in the case are matt. This palette is soo amazing!!! I use different colours on different areas on my skin and it works very well. I have found it works on all my friends aswell and we all have different skin tones so i would say that this works for everyone. The product starts off quite light and it is easy to build up colour. The white makes a great highlight for your brow bone whereas the pink on the top row is great for a bright pink blusher-i love the pink!!! If you are still not sure go check out youtube where loads of people show you how to use the product.

        This costs $19.95 from coastal scents but beware this does not include postage and if you buy other stuff as well you might have to pay customs tax which sucks:-(. I still think that it is worth it as this is a great product and i think it will last ages.


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        6 large pans for contouring, shading, blush and concealing /

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