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Collection 2000 Cream Puff

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2 Reviews

Brand: Collection 2000 / Texture: Cream / Type: Lip Liner / Texture: Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2013 10:42
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to a Standard Lip Gloss


      Right so due to my overspending habit on Makeup I came to a decision that I will only buy products that I need. Hence, I refrained from buying any more lip glosses and lipsticks for some time. Consequently, there came a time when I ran very low of glosses and felt that it was time for a top up.

      I personally think a lip gloss/lipstick does require a reapplication through the day no matter how good or long lasting it claims to be so therefore I decided to go for a Cheaper Alternative from the Collection 2000 Range. I find some of their products are really nice and some not so much. This leaves us with the question that which category does Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream falls under?

      .......... FIRST THOUGHTS ...........


      I have never used a Lip Cream before so on checking the tester I realised that the texture was in fact very creamy. It is almost like a lipstick in a lip gloss bottle. I must say that it is very different to your normal shiny lip glosses. This immediately grasped my attention which led me to my second consideration which is COLOUR SELECTION.


      There is some really pretty selection of colours to choose from. I decided to get Cotton Candy 1 and Powder Puff. I chose these colours for a natural daily look.


      Aproximately £2.99 for a bottle. This is a good price for a lip gloss but however it is not as cheap as one would think due to the size of the bottle.


      As mentioned above, my first thought was "hey this is cheap" but in fact it isn't that cheap after all because this is only a 5 ml bottle. There other bottles are usually 8 ml which gives more products. Also, because it is so creamy and the bottle is not transparent so when you take the brush out it feels like there isn't much product in the bottle. However, I still need to decide how many applications roughly a 5 ml bottle will give.

      It is a small bottle so it is good for you makeup bag but the uncertainty of how much product is left in the bottle is something I am not too keen on.


      It is definitely very matter which is something different to my usual glossy choice. I found that as my lips were dry on the day it made them looked a bit more chapped so I had to apply a little bit of clear gloss to take the flaky effect off. However, I feel if you have smooth lips then it should give a nice matte finish with the flakiness. As I applied a different colour on a "Non-Dry" lip day and it looked very nice.

      Both colours are true to their shades and I just love the way how natural and vibrant the Cotton Candy 1 colour looks.

      It does not last for hours on end but lasts a fair amount of time. There is a need for a reapplication but that is the case with majority of my lip wear anyways. To combat this problem, I do tend to layer my lip-gloss with a lipstick underneath and it tends to last longer that way.


      It is a different product from your usual lip glosses. I do like the shades and most likely to buy it again as the colours are very pretty and true to shade.


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      12.06.2012 10:52
      Very helpful



      I may be a one off, so give them a try

      I was really excited to see this when I went into Boots in Westfield because I've never seen them in my local boots because the Collection (2000) selection isn't too great in there. I picked up the only 2 colours I could find on the rack: Fairy Cake and Cotton Candy.

      I did some research before writing this review to see what the general opinion was and overall it's quite positive however I don't think they're worth the hype. The colours are indeed lovely and are very pigmented! But a lip product can be super pigmented all it wants but what's the point if it's going to last all of 20 minutes. I'm not kidding! I decided I would give them a go and reached for them and I put one on and just started browsing the internet, didn't go outside, didn't drink, brush my teeth or anything in them 20 minutes and when I looked in the mirror, my lips were clear!

      I know they only cost £2.99 each, available from Boots, but from all the hype surrounding them I really did have high hopes for them! I'm unable to comment on whether I truly believe they are moisturising because they didn't last long enough on my lips for me to judge and I don't want to just go on others peoples word.

      I would probably suggest picking up one if you're interested in trying them out because I really haven't heart much negativity about them - I might just be a one off! For £2.99 it's worth a try if you're looking for something like this and you never know, you may just fall in love like many others in the beauty community!


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