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Collection 2000 Nail Care Nail Rescue

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Brand: Collection 2000 / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2010 18:51
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      Doesn't get my vote unfortunately - I wish it was better

      I've been using this nailcare product on and off for the last few years now. The reason I've only used it on and off is because it's designed for weak and brittle nails. In the beginning, I only tended to remember to use it when my nails had got in a bit of a state but in recent months, I've noticed that my nails are looking and feeling more like this since I've started wearing nail polish on my fingernails more often. I came across this in a drawer a month or so again and thought I'd give it another go to see if it could sort my nails out.

      It's a predominantly clear-looking nail varnish and when it's on your nails, it doesn't look much different to clear nail polish. According to the short blurb on the side of the bottle, it contains vitamins A and D and a moisturising agent. It's a very similar consistency to regular nail polish too and it's not particularly runny so it's not as messy as some nail polishes, which is good as I'm not the best person at applying nail varnish!

      Just like regular nail polish, this tends to flake off and as it does, it seems to actually make my nails look worse than before as the skin underneath also comes off in small patches with it. To stop my nails looking flaky and unsightly, I resorted to getting out my nail buffer and literally sloughing away the flakes. Obviously this isn't the best approach but the other option would have been to keep reapplying it every time my nails looked a mess. I've tried applying it when my nails haven't been looking so dodgy but I can't say that my nails have looked any stronger and have still been prone to splitting and chipping and when they are in

      It's been a while since I bought this as the bottle has lasted well, probably due to the fact that it was used on more of an intermittent basis by me in the first few months. I went onto the Superdrug website as I'm pretty sure that I got my bottle from there, only to find that it's not got a listing. I typed the product name into Google and found a few third party sites that are selling it for around the £2 mark but it doesn't seem as readily available in the shops or even online as it was when I purchased it.

      I had high hopes that this would be a good product to address the fact that my nails are often weak and brittle but it just hasn't worked for me for some reason and I'd go as far as to say that my nails actually worse when it's been on than when it's not been on. I'm still looking for a nail product that will strengthen my nails but I don't think that this particular product is even remotely it. When I've got a bit more money to play with, I'm inclined to try out some of the Sally Hansen products if the reviews of those are any good but I wouldn't recommend this one personally.


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