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Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades Bluhalicious Blusher

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Brand: Collection 2000 / Type: Blushers

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2013 15:16
      Very helpful



      A lovely blusher

      When it comes down to it, I guess I couldn't live without makeup as I like the extra touch of colour that it brings to my pasty skin. Although I would love to have ultra defined cheekbones a.k.a. Cheryl Cole, unfortunately I wasn't blessed in that department and I therefore rely on a touch of blusher as part of my daily makeup routine. When I recently went on the look for a new blusher, I wanted to buy something that came in a slightly larger compact than you often see so that I could really get swirl my bronzer brush over the product. I was also looking for a product that wouldn't break the bank. Looking through the Collection 2000 bits and pieces in my local Boots I came across this shimmery blusher and so popped a compact in my basket.

      This product is packaged in a square plastic compact which is translucent in finish allowing you to see the blusher from all angles. On the lid of the compact is the words 'Shimmer Shades' in italic font and this lid lifts off via a small hinge allowing you to access the blusher inside. It is the look of the blusher that made this product really stand out to me in the first instance. The blusher comes in a large square which is divided into four smaller square blocks which each house a slightly different shade of blusher. For example one shade is a shimmery deep pink, the other a paler pink, the other a peachy pink and finally a more nude pink. It is the combination of these shades which creates a lovely pop of colour which really stands out against my skin. The colours look slightly artificial in the compact however when they are applied to my cheeks the colours are definitely noticeable but look slightly more like I have been out on a cold day.

      There are two options with this product and these are a bronze based compact or the 'blushalicious' colour way which is pinks as opposed to tan shades. As I like the slightly more noticeable pink tones it was the blushalicious option that I chose.

      Applying this blusher is very easy. I prefer to take a large bronzer brush, the kind with ultra soft bristles and swirl the head liberally over the top of the blusher. I then like to slightly purse my lips and apply the blusher on the apples of my cheeks, an area where you might expect to see a flush of colour. I find that this blusher transfers easily onto the head of my makeup brush and provides a pop of colour on my cheeks which stands out from the rest of my makeup. The shimmery qualities of this blusher also mean that this product picks up the sunlight and so, when I look at my reflection on a sunny day I can see tiny fragments of sparkly particles which add a nice glow to my skin.

      I prefer to apply blusher as the final part of my makeup routine as it just adds a nice finishing touch in my opinion. Having applied my makeup I walk to work most days which is a good test of this products durability. I find that this blusher looks noticeable on my skin for most of the morning. However, come lunch time, the pink colour is considerably less noticeable, and if I was that bothered I would probably touch it up at this point. Come the end of the day, the pink flush has disappeared, and so this probably isn't the most durable of products. This rather goes against the advice given by Collection 2000 who state that the colour lasts all day from 'dawn until dusk'.

      Removing this makeup is easy, and I find that it washes off easily with my usual facial wash at the end of the day.

      Overall I enjoy using this compact as I like the flush of colour that it gives to my cheeks. There are elements of this product that I find less impressive such as the plastic compact which broke within the first week of use at the hinge edge and the fact that one of my colour blocks has worn out more quickly than others. I also find that the durability of this blusher isn't as good as other brands. That being said I feel that this blusher is good value for money and that the combination of four shades of blusher is a nice alternative to other singular products.

      This blusher can be purchased from a number of retailers including Boots and it is currently sold there for £4.19. I feel that this is a standard price to pay for such a pretty product.

      As a result of my review, this product scores a good four stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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