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Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Palette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Collection 2000 / Type: Palette / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      23.07.2013 23:53
      Very helpful



      Only good thing is the price

      I bought this after a trip recently to my local Boots store. As a makeup junkie I love nothing more than browsing the aisles of Boots or Superdrug. Although I usually favour high end makeup, I hate the pushy sales assistants, which you don't get on the high street. I wanted to pick this up as I like the range of colours in this palette. Many smokey eye palettes will consist only of greys, silvers and blacks - which although give a very dramatic look, can be a bit harsh looking on my pale skin. This palette also contained some wearable brown colours and a cream shadow for highlighting the inner corner of your eye. Unfortunately, there was no tester, so I couldn't try out the shadows before I bought them, but for only £4.19 at least it wasn't a huge amount of money down the drain if I didn't like it.


      When I got this product home I swatched the colors on the back of my hand. I was quite impressed by the pigmentation. It wasn't as good as say Urban Decay eyeshadows, but definitely better than most drugstore eyeshadows. The problems came when I tried applying it to my eyelids. When I tried applying it to my eyes the colours, especially the paler ones barely showed up. I tried using an eyeshadow primer underneath which made the colours stand out a bit more, but the pigmentation wasn't very good. I found that for the colours to show up on my eye, I had to swirl round my eyeshadow brush quite a lot in the individual wells, which was difficult because the individual wells were quite small. Over time I would imagine this would waste a lot of product. I also was not impressed with the applicator that came with the palette as I prefer brushes over foam applicators.


      I was drawn to this product because the packaging was a bit different. I liked the cut out shapes on the front which let you see the colours inside. However, I have to admit, it looks very cheap. I think it would maybe appeal to teenagers, but I can't see this appealing to older women. I would have much preferred if they had a closed cover with a small mirror inside because this is useful for touching up makeup on the go.


      The only good thing about this product I believe is the price. It costs £4.19 so less than 50p an eyeshadow. However, in this case you get what you pay for, and that is not very good quality and cheap packaging.

      In the end I ended up giving this palette away as I own far too much makeup to keep something which I don't really use. Might be good for young girls starting out with makeup but not for anyone else who values quality products.


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      27.05.2013 18:53
      Very helpful



      A great smokey eye pallette

      I love the smokey eye look and when I was at University I had a friend who would do my eye makeup for me but now she and I don't live together I have to do it myself so am always on the look out for a new product to help me achieve the smokey eye look. This is how I came across this product as I saw it on display in Boots and liked the look of it.

      ***The packaging***

      I have to say the packaging of this product looks very high end. It comes in a cardboard palette with pictures of eyes on it and instructions on how to apply the shadow on the back. It has 8 eyeshadows with a brightening eye cream as well as with a nice applicator including a thicker and thinner side. The only thing I would say about the packaging is that the shadows sometimes breaks up a bit and can mix a bit in the palette a bit so after a while it can look a bit gunky, especially the eye cream but the others are still usable and you can then use other highlighters instead.

      ***The product***

      According to the Collection (the company has rebranded itself to Collection from Collection 2000) "Smokey Eyes Eye Palette contains 8 complementary dark, medium and light shades and an eye-brightening cream to give the look that extra hint of glamour. This palette even includes easy-to-follow instructions to help you acheive the perfect Smokey Eye"

      The idea is that there are three colours in each section (apart from the light which has two pale colours) so you pick a colour from the dark section, medium section and light section and blend it together and they are complementary to each other.

      According to the instructions: you sweep the medium colour over the eye lid, you then brush the darker shade from the outer corner and blend into the centre of the lid and for an even more dramatic look you can apply it over the lower lash line. Once this is done you need to use the lighter shades to highlight the brow bone and then you can use the eye cream to brighten the inner corner of the eye.

      The instructions are very easy to follow (helped by the fact that every colour is marked so you will know what you are applying) and because there is a good range of colours ranging from blacks to browns with silvers and pinks. It applies really easily and blends well making it very easy to achieve the desired effect and because it is adaptable looks different every time. I also find it is very long lasting and will last a night out with ease and won't need reapplying which is great.

      ***The Price****

      At £4.19 from Boots and places like Superdrug this palette really is a good buy as you get a lot of shadow for your money. I am however, knocking a star off for the fact that my highlighter is now too gunky to use beyond that it is a great buy.


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      03.08.2012 11:02
      Very helpful



      Practising the perfect smokey eye!

      As my previous reviews will indicate, I am a slight makeup junkie and I get my fair share of pleasure from just browsing the beauty aisles of my local Boots looking for new makeup products that I have yet to try. Recently invited to a family reunion party, I decided in my infinite wisdom that a new dress was simply not enough for this special occasion but that a different splash of colour around my eyes would add some instant glamour, plus I consider my eyes to be one of my best features and so wanted a product that would make my eyes look bigger and more doe eyed than usual. I have my fair share of eye shadows but each was beginning to look slightly jaded in their separate cases and so a new set of eye shadows was in order. I admire anybody that can make the smokey eye effect look good and polished (not like you have a black eye) and was therefore keen to see if I could find anything that could give me this look.

      The Product

      My eyes were instantly drawn to the slightly cheaper end of the Boots makeup ranges, not because I was particularly concerned with saving money but because if you can get a cheaper product to do the same job as a more expensive brand then why spend more. Collection 2000 do a large range of relatively inexpensive beauty buys which range from mascaras and eye shadows to lip glosses and blushers. In the past I have had a good experience of the Collection 2000 range and so was keen to see what they could offer.

      Located in the general eye makeup area of the counter I saw a couple of new items which had been added to the range and these included the Smokey Eyes collection of eye shadows. The nine separate eye shadow colours are packaged neatly inside a square cardboard palette which is illustrated with a picture of a pair of eyes on the front and four transparent sections within the lid to illustrate the colours within. A useful feature of this palette in my opinion is the little pink circle on the front of the case which tells you that the product contains a 'How to use guide' on the back of the box. Indeed, turning the palette over there is a clearly illustrated step by step guide on the back which makes this eye shadow almost idiot proof to apply.

      Price and Availability

      In my excitement over finding a product that could give me an instant smokey eye look I popped one of the palettes into my basket immediately. The palette cost me £4.19 from my local Boots and can be bought for a similar price from Superdrug stores. Although I have yet to see this product in my local supermarket it can also be bought online from retailers such as Asos for the same price. Considering that you get nine eye shadows in total plus a how to guide, I consider this price to be a bargain given that it works out at only 47p per eye shadow colour.

      Inside The Palette

      Once home, I eagerly tore off the plastic wrapper which housed the palette to have a good look at the colours inside. Each eye shadow is contained within a small circular insert within the palette and is protected from the lift open lid by a clear film of plastic. The nine colour options are graded according to the darkness of the colour and white text at the side of each colour indicates whether the colour falls into 'cream', 'light', 'medium' or 'dark' categories. On the right of the palette houses a line of the lightest shades available and these are as follows:-

      1. A white eye shadow, this is the lightest of the colours and is pearlescent white in colour with a slight sheen once applied to the eye socket.
      2. A light pink eye shadow, this colour is a baby pink and works well in my opinion as an everyday eye shadow.
      3. A cream eye shadow, this colour is almost nude and the one which I feel goes best with each eye shadow variation.

      In the middle of the palette the darkest colours are housed and these vary greatly in darkness depending on the look to be achieved and the occasion be it night or day. Again the colours are as follows:-

      4. A black eye shadow, the darkest of all the shades this is a deep midnight black which works well in achieving an evening look in my opinion but is too dark for my colouring during the day.
      5. A mid brown eye shadow, this colour is a medium brown tone and has a hint of sparkle through the shadow.
      6. A dark brown, this is probably my favourite of the three dark shades as I find it the most versatile.

      The middle tones are located on the left of the palette. Slightly strange in my opinion, as I expected the palette to have a gradient of colour from left to right but nonetheless clearly marked so that the order of the colours works with the step by step instructions on the back of the palette. The medium tones are as follows:-

      7. A silver grey, this is silver grey in colour and has a good amount of sparkle to ensure that the colour looks fresh.
      8. A slate grey, this is a slightly darker grey tone but again has a fair amount of sparkly fragments.
      9. A light silver, the lightest of the medium tones this one is a very light silver and works well as a day colour in my opinion.

      In addition to the eye shadow contained within the palette, there is also am applicator wand which sits underneath the colours. This wand is rather basic in construction with a transparent sparkly body and black foam tips at either end but allows for the application of the eye shadow should you not have an eyeshadow brush to hand. Whilst I find that a brush is the best way to apply my eye shadow I do find the wand useful when I am out and about to give a top up of colour.

      How to Use

      As mentioned previously, the step by step instructions at the back of the palette make it relatively simple to use, if not in the way that I would have applied it should there have been no instructions included.

      Step 1

      The first of the four steps instructs you to blend a medium shade over the eyelid. This is shown in the picture as being primarily over the eyelid area and not extending to the brow. As there are three medium shades available within the palette it is up to you to select which colour works best for you however in my opinion the best of the three is the silver grey which gives a sparkly finish.

      Step 2

      Secondly we are told to use one of the dark shades. This shade should be applied from the outer corner of the eye into the middle of the eye lid. For maximum impact it also states that you can use the colour underneath the lower lash as an eye liner.

      Step 3

      In this step we are told to use our choice of the lightest eye shadow tones. I was surprised when I initially read these instructions as I would have opted of for the lightest tone first but nonetheless I followed the instructions on my first attempt. We are told to use the lightest shade to highlight from the eyelid up to the brow bone.

      Step 4

      The final instruction requires you to apply the cream tone to the corner of the eye. To complete the look I then find that a sweep of mascara finishes my dramatic look.

      My Experience

      I have enjoyed using this palette, both as an aid to applying my eye makeup and as a fun tool to play around with the various colour options. Although there are not any dramatically bright colours within this set, each works well together and complements my green eyes. Additionally I can imagine that the neutrality of the colours would suit all eye tones therefore making this a versatile kit. The quality of this eye shadow is good and I find that the colour goes onto my eyelid easily and without pulling, leaving the colour set in place for a good few hours before reapplication is needed. The darkest of the colours can be slightly smudgy if used under the eye in my experience and I therefore find that a good eye liner in an appropriate shade is easier that using eye shadow for this purpose.

      The best thing about this palette in my opinion is the choice of shade options and the fact that it gives a good smokey eye effect. The colours can also be used individually for varying effect and I do like to use the lightest of the colours for everyday use, particularly to brighten the inner corners of my eyes when I am feeling particularly tired. Although my palette is now beginning to look a little smudged and the lighter colours are significantly more used than the darker colours, the price of this palette means that I do not have to worry about a costly refill.

      This is a great palette and the price means that it is great option for people with a smaller makeup budget. As a result it comes highly recommended particularly for a small eye shadow compact to use whilst travelling or staying away for the weekend. As a result of the above this product scores an excellent five stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading!


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