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Colourworks Day To Night Compact

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Brand: Colourworks / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Colour

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2009 13:31
      Very helpful



      A great on the go product for us busy gals!

      Years of having mad mates and even madder bf's has taught me one valuable lesson in life. Be prepared! lol. Quite often I will go out for a coffee say with a friend and end up sharing a bottle of wine and a bite to eat and then we decide to go pubbing or clubbing later on. Now that's ok with me I like spontinatity and usually it's my idea! So if meeting said friends or my bf and it's in the day I will always wear light make up and an outfit I can customise so that I feel dressy for later!

      I always carry around a make up compact. I don't want a bag full of clutter so I like something neat, tidy and small and it's a bonus if it has a mirror and brushes within it. I look for compacts that contain eye-shadows, blusher and a lippie and I already have mini sized mascara's and eye liners so I feel like I have a full kit but it doesn't weigh that way to cart about with me.

      I own several compacts and plop them in my handbags and boy have they served me well! I can go from Plain Plain to Glam Annie in a matter of seconds with the right kit and I am dressy up girl so I appreciate that!

      So When I saw this in Superdrug at £5.00 I simply couldn't resist it. A compact named 'day to night' really grabbed my attention from the off. Now when I picked my compact up I thought I had bought the night compact. I almost went back to Superdrug to get the day compact because I never realised till I decided against buying the other one and was on the bus examining my wears that one side of the compact is the night side and the other side is the day so that was a huge bonus! lol

      The Packaging....

      Black cardboard case that's oblong and quite deep. In gold lettering on one side it says Colourworks Pretty Day on it and the other side it says Colourworks Party Night. As I said I thought I had the party night compact but what happens is each side seperately flips open to a tray containing the make up which is the same in layout both sides but are different colours. You can open the whole thing out and if you so that you have a z shaped compact. It's not very heavy considering you have 10 make up items and a mirror each side and a eye and lip brush and a blusher brush for each side.

      Each Compact....

      Ok so as we have established we have two compacts in one here. It opens as you would a book and the other side doesn't flap about or annything. On the left hand side you have a square mirror. A proper one. Under that in white writing your told what it is and what is in the compact and ingredients are listed for each product clearly. On the right hand side there is a black plastic tray and in that we have two square powder eye-shadows, under that an oblong blusher, under that there is a a small sponge eye-shadow applicator one end and a lip brush the other, under that a small black blusher brush and under that two squares of lip gloss. Neatly presented and I like the order of the products and that I have lots of product for each item. The products are quite deep and the eyeshadows and lip glosses are about the size of 10p coins so it's a lasting compact!

      Pretty Days....

      The colours in this one are, as expected designed for day time use although still contain colour and all the colours really do match up well and don't look cheap and tacky at all. The eye-shadows are a light beige which has a shimmer to it and a light beigy/brown (also shimmery) colour which is slightly darker. They are powders and they go on the eyes smooth and silky soft. They are rubbish to apply with the given applicator as it's so small so either take out a brush or use a finger is my advice! Once on the eyes they are none irritating and last all day long with no problems at at all. No fade, none creasing and no smudging with these at all. These colours I feel would actually suit anyone. They're arnt harsh or dark but quite light but really do lighten up my blue eyes!

      The blusher is a deep, rich pink. Again it doesn't look cheap and nasty, it is a powder and basically again it's very easy to apply. If you want more colour then you build it up gently of course. It's not glittery so it is totally suitable for daytime wear and it really doesn't leave harsh lines. Again the blusher brush is way too tiny to use and never in a million years would I use it for fear of mistakes! lol

      We have two lip-glosses as well! One is a shimmery but quite a transparent deep pink colour and the other is a very shimmery white. Wear one or the other or use the white over the pink to highlight etc, these really are great and that's coming from someone who hates lip-gloss! It's incredibly easy to apply and for this the applicator supplied is great but I don't mind using my finger. It's slightly greasy but once on loses that completely and lips feel very smooth and hydrated. If you do nothing at all (i'e no snogging lol) the gloss will stay on about half an hour. They don't hang about but then I won't moan I've always had this issue with glosses! I do like the consistency however (it's not at all gloopy and/or runny and you simply smear the colour on lips).

      Overall the daytime compact really is great. The colours all compliment eachother so well and I've used them many times now. I can't see who the colours wouldn't suit and I like the quality too! Top marks for this compact!

      Party Nights....

      The night-time compact is of course the same in layout as I pointed out earlier as the daytime side of the compact. You still have a mirror this side and separate applicators, 2 eye-shadows, a blusher and two lip-glosses. The colours are darker now and the idea is to use this for night-time or reapply over your day-time look to instantly get a party look all glam for the evening. Let me tell you first this compact has no problems working on your face alone or you can happily apply this over your existing make up with no issues at all! It's right handy!

      The eye-shadows in this side of the compact are a light grey and a dark grey. Both again are shimmery and soft and although darker colours are incredibly easy to blend and last hours once on with no creasing or anything once again. These colours though won't be to everyone's tastes I'm sure. Me I love them and again I can apply them as light or as dark as I wish. They do give a great smoky look for the evenings and I like the fact that although dark they still arnt too dark and don't contain glitter!

      The blusher is a pinky shade and looks to me actually a shade lighter than in the other side of the compact which surprised me. It's slightly more pinky but still not a rosy immature pink but quite dusky and still contaning no glitter. Easy to apply once again and once on I find like the day-time blusher it really does stay put for hours and I don't have to touch up or reapply this throughout the day at all.

      The lip-glosses once again in this side of the compact won't suit everyone in my opinion. One is a bright cerise pink and one is like a shimmery dark amethyst colour. To me I think the shades are quite old fashioned really but they do suit me so I don't mind using them but I wouldn't purchase these shades by choice type of thing. However once again I do like the texture of them and they really arnt gloopy or thick to apply so you can smear a little colour on to give a hint of colour and smooth and soften the lips all at the same time. The less you apply and use as a lipstain the longer I find they last on the lips. Of course again, you can build the colour up for more vivid colour if desired and you can mix together the colours and stuff to your wee hearts content!


      A terrific mix and match compact. Mix up the eye-shadows and lip-glosses and play around with them. Use the blushers as eye-shadows and the lip-gloss with some blusher to create a sheer look on the cheeks. There's so many ways to use it! Even if you don't think the colours are for you, if you have a brain you can create your own shades with this with ease if you put your mind to it. For me this is an essential compact to own and I really love it. My only sadness is that it only comes in this colour combination and isn't available in different varieties or I'd stock up and purchase them all!

      Perfect really for any age and any colouring it's a little gem, and it's really good quality make up that lasts once it's applied!

      I have only seen this sold in Superdrug, at £5.00!


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