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Constance Caroll

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Brand: Constance Caroll

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2009 00:21
      Very helpful
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      CCUK manufactures lots of make up products and all comes in diffrent colours and shades.

      Constance Carroll also known as CCUK are a make up manufacture. What's so special about the company is that they make cheap make up products which most of them are of good quality.
      Their make up ranges from lipsticks, nail varnish, eye liners, blushers, eyebrow definer, eye shadows, nail polish, lip liner, lip gloss, mascara, face powder and many other make up products.
      Their lipsticks, mascaras, nail polish, lip gloss and blushers all come in different colours including blue, black, gold, red, colourless, white etc. The colours all depend on the type of product you are buying e.g. colourless will only be found in their lip gloss and nail polish ranger.

      ==FACE POWDER==

      I have always bought their deep bronze face powder which is light brown in colour, whenever I have the chance. The face powder comes in a 17g dark brown container which golden writing s on it. The face powders comes in many different shades to suite everyone's skin colour. I actually bought mine when I visited my sister up in the midlands and it only cost me £1.50. I thought this was very cheap considering the quality of the face powder.
      Unlike collection 2000 face powder, the CCUK face powder actually comes with the pad to apply the face powder. The face powder is compressed, suggesting that it's not powdery, therefore does not spill everywhere when you open it.

      Applying the face powder is very easy, all you do is rub the pad onto the compressed powder and apply rub it on your face evenly. The face powder is actually perfumed, therefore smells rather nice.
      The face powder contains, UVA & UVB sunscreen, vitamin e and silk. The face does last long although if I am having a busy day I find my self applying the face powder twice or three times at times. For £1.50 I can't really complain, as the face powder really does its job in leaving my skin looking flawless and soft. I prefer to apply the CCUK face powder after I have applied foundations as it makes my face looks extra flawless.
      If the foundations runs out you have an option to buy a refill. Under the foundation container there is a little hole which enable you to push in a pin or anything small like a match stick, which will push out the empty base and you could just put in the refill. I prefer to just buy a new one as the refills cost about the same.
      The face powder does last quiet a long time, maybe not too long if you use it everyday. The face powder can be easily taken off by a wet towel or make up remover wipes.


      CCUK's 'lashes of colour' black mascara are a total bargain costing just £1.50. However, the blue coloured mascara tends to cost more than the black one.
      The mascara comes in a 8ml black and gold container which is rather long and slim.
      The mascara is a bit watery when comparing to other mascaras I have used. Being watery actually helps my lashes not to stick together after I apply the mascara. When I use the CCUK mascara my lashes are left looking extra black and looking fuller without any lumps of mascara on my lashes. The mascara stays on the whole day and does not irritate me at all.
      The CCUK can be applied just like any other mascara and has a standard brush which is neither big nor small.

      The mascara is not waterproof therefore crying is not an option or if anything goes into your eyes and you rub your eyes, it smudges everywhere. However CCUK does sell water proof mascaras which only cost £2.50 or possibly less depending were you buy it. I don't know why I never bought the waterproof mascara. The mascara does have a weird smell which smells neither bad nor good. The mascara contains keratin, conditioning and provitamin B5.
      The mascara does last a long time as you only need to apply it once a day unless if you happen to cry, suggesting that you may need to apply the mascara again as it's not waterproof. The mascara easily comes off if you use a wet towel or make up removers.

      What I don't like about CCUK products is that the printing on the products tend to rub off pretty quickly, leaving the containers looking blank. If I buy their face powder I know that the following weak the printing on the container would have started to fade. However on the mascara the printing seems to last longer but does fade at some point.
      I would however recommend CCUK make up products as they are a total bargain. I haven't really seen a high street shop selling CCUK products. I have only seen their products being sold on the market, eBay or hair saloon shops. Most of their product prices start from 75p to £5 or less and they can be easily recognised by the CCUK logo on their products which is normally gold in colour.
      If you are looking for a bargain or on a tight budget check out their products on your local market.

      ---Constance Carroll are also known as CCUK and all of their products always have the letters CCUK.

      ---Their products are manufactured either in the U.K or China. They manufacture a lot of make up products from eye liners to nail varnish (you name it).

      ---Their products come in different colours and shades to suite every skin colour.

      ---CCUK make up are cheap but the prices of the products vary depending were you buy them from. Their products tend to be cheaper in big cities rather than mall towns.


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        26.07.2000 07:43
        Very helpful



        Is there any cheaper than this range? Haven`t heard of it? Well this range is usually found in `pound shops` or on Market stalls. It`s the sort of thing you walk past, turning your nose up to, because anything this cheap must be rubbish..wrong! I`ve tried some of it. The Nail varnish`s are about 50p each, and I can tell you they are no different to any standard Nail varnish. They are no good if you want real good quality. But for me whichever one I use, it has to be renewed after a couple of days housework, so I`d rather use a 50p one. It`s like any thing, you get what you pay for & if you want inexpensive make up that does the job, then try it, if you don`t like it then you have wasted much.


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