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Cosmetic Pen Magic Stylo Semi Permanent Pen

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3 Reviews

Brand: Cosmetic Pen / Type: Lip Liner / Subcategory: Pen

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    3 Reviews
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      20.05.2008 22:01



      This pen is not worth the money. I ordered the Golden Blond and Espresso Brown to fill in my sparse brows. Both colors looked artifcial and they have a very "drawn-on" appearance. Therefore I started to use them as eyeliners. As eyeliners they're passable except that they WILL run at the slightest exposure to water and the color fades over time. (The golden blond actually turned into a odd-looking reddish-beige). I would recommend a normal eyeliner pencil for brows or an eyeliner pen from any drug store.However, I have not tried these products for lips, but from what I have seen of the colors for eyes, I doubt the colors would look natural on any skin tone.


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      23.12.2006 06:32



      No different from any other eyeliner pen

      Fed up with eyeliners that smudge, fade or simply just disappear with the odd watery eye, and convinced by the title of "semi-permanent" I bought the Magic Stylo pen.

      At last, I thought, maybe this was an eyeliner that would stay on and not end up embarrassing me on nights out by disappearing half way through the evening, or smudging and making me resemble a panda.

      I applied at 4pm and for 4 hours all seemed to be going well .. until I yawned! At that point a little tear on the outside of one eye appeared and I dabbed (not rubbed) it away with my finger. A couple more yawns, and a couple more tears and I did the same.

      Well it's not like I was crying .. I am talking a single small tear - 3 of them at intervals. You can imagine my disappointment when I looked in the mirror to find my eyeliner had now disappeared from around that part of my eye.

      So willing to try again I actually put the eyeliner on before I went to bed, woke up in the morning to take a look - yep you guessed it, I woke up to find smudged eyeliner and my lovely unbroken lines around my eyes now broken with bits missing.

      Semi-Permanent??? I don't think so .. just another eyeliner pen like any other.


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      08.11.2006 09:11
      Very helpful



      The Magic Stylo from cosmeticpen.com

      Yes, I know that I'm reviewing this website in the on-line shopping category, but that won't tell you anything about the product being sold there. Therefore, I thought I would ask DooYoo to put up two categories so I can tell you what I think of the quality of their product, as well (and that way you have two short reviews instead of one huge long drawn-out one).

      First, you should know that Magic Stylo pens are felt-tip, semi-permanent pens that can be used as eyeliners, lip liners and eyebrow liners. By semi-permanent they mean that instead of the ink lying on the top of your skin, it is partially absorbed by your skin, making it more difficult to smudge with your fingers. However, this doesn't mean that it's more difficult to remove, since the pigment only lasts between 8 and 12 hours, and can easily be removed with any normal make-up remover. I found that this was very true and was satisfied with both the look of this as well as how long it lasted. I was also pleased that when I forgot I was wearing this and rubbed my eyes a bit that the liner didn't come off. Of course, if I rubbed my eyes too much, this did come off. Therefore, this isn't totally smudge proof.

      Because the pen has a very fine, felt-tip point, you can be very accurate with these pens, and get a more natural line than you could with one of the thick brushes you might have with other liquid eyeliners. Moreover, because this is a felt-tip pen, if you have delicate eyelids like I have, you won't feel like you're pressing hard on your skin when you apply this – as I always feel when I'm using an eye pencil. All-in-all, the total effect on my eyes is very nice, and I'm sure that using it as a lip liner would be equally successful. I'm not sure how well this would work as a eyebrow pen, but my thought is that since the tip is so very fine, if you've got some good dexterity, you could probably draw in brows to look very realistic. I've become very good at drawing in brows that look mostly natural with a pencil, so I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these pens for that purpose (but right now they're out of my eyebrow colour) since I think it would look even better.

      Because the pigment soaks into your skin, you'll probably notice it less while you're wearing it than when you use a liquid eyeliner or even a pencil. Of course, those of us with sensitive skin might be worried about this due to allergies. Well, I'm happy to inform you that product is hypoallergenic. Despite having extremely sensitive eyes that can react adversely to even hypoallergenic products, this didn't bother me at all. Remember too that I wear contact lenses, which heighten my eyes' sensitivity, and because this can't flake off, I never felt that this got into my eyes while wearing it.

      I also noticed that these pens are much larger than the ones I've purchased at Boots – both by No.17 (now discontinued) and No.7 as well as from other companies. Because of this, it also seems like there's more product in these, and while my old eyeliner pen lasts about 6-8 months, this one hasn't run out in almost a year of use. This makes this product a very good value. The regular price for one of these is US $15, which at today's rate is worth £7.91, and I paid £8.50 for my last No.7 eyeliner pen. Of course, if you get a promotional price, that makes this even more worth it, even if you do have to pay for shipping.

      Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Well, I must admit that there is one drawback to this pen. Occasionally you may find that the product comes out a bit too fast and instead of a line from the tip, you'll get a blob coming out from the side. This is because the felt tip gets clogged up. All you have to do is clean the tip with a touch of alcohol on a bit of cotton wool and that should stop this from happening. Of course, you'll only know about this after you've got a blob on your eyelid, so that can be a bit disconcerting.

      By the way, some of the colours are very interesting and they say you can use these for body art – which sounds like a very good idea, since it probably would be a fun and painless way of giving yourself a tattoo! I only think that their colour selection might be a little limiting for that – especially since they don't have colours like white or yellow, which could be used to blend with other colours to make really detailed body art.

      In sum, I found this to be a very good product. The price is reasonable, it gives you good value for your money, and even if you have to pay for shipping, it is only one amount for any shipment. They have a good selection of colours, their pens are multi-purpose, with a strong but fine felt-tip point, and lots of the hypoallergenic product inside that lasts longer than the pens I've had in the past. The only drawback is that these pens can clog up, but that's pretty easy to resolve. I'd say that this, as a product, deserves four stars – one star off because of its clogging, but I'll still highly recommend this product.

      Thanks for reading!

      Davida Chazan © November 2006

      Technical Stuff:
      If you want my review of their web page, you'll have to read that separately under the on-line shopping category.

      The webpage for this is http://www.cosmeticpen.com and their contact information is:

      Email customer service at: magicstylo@aol.com

      Call toll free # 1-877-349-9619
      Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm eastern standard time, closed on holidays

      9853 Tamiami Trail N. #107
      Naples, FL 34108


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