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Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Perfect Finish Eye Shadow Applicators

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1 Review
  • Apply eye shadow evenly
  • Short handle
  • Sometimes come apart
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    1 Review
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      19.11.2014 10:39
      Very helpful


      • "Apply eye shadow evenly"


      • "Short handle"
      • "Sometimes come apart"

      Soft foam eye shadow applicators

      I like to use applicators to put eye makeup on. I used to buy a long-handled, foam-tipped eye shadow applicator from Boots, but unfortunately they seem to have discontinued it, so I recently had to go looking for an alternative. I bought a pack of Cosmopolitan Perfect Finish Eye Shadow Applicators.

      These applicators come in a pack of ten. The applicators have a short plastic wand and a soft foam tip for applying eye shadow. I prefer foam-tipped applicators for eye makeup as I find it gives me the most control over how much eye shadow I am applying and the actual application of it - brushes lead to too much eye shadow falling off the brush and on to my face.

      Cosmopolitan applicators are very simple to use. I normally start by pressing the foam pad gently into my eye shadow to get a small amount, which I apply and then repeat until I've applied the right amount. If you accidentally put too much eye shadow on the applicator then it can be difficult to fix this, so I work in small steps.

      I must admit I preferred using the long-handled applicator that used to be sold by Boots, as I personally found it easier to direct the applicator with the longer handle. The Cosmopolitan ones are fine once you get used to them, but I would go back to the longer-handled applicator if it became available again.

      One issue I have found with these applicators is that the foam tips can come apart from the plastic wand. I have had the experience of being in the middle of applying eye shadow when the foam tip has fallen off and gone half way across the floor, which is obviously less than ideal. With these coming in a pack of ten, at least you can quickly replace any that break. The quality of the foam is good and I have not had any problems with the plastic tip emerging through the foam and scratching my skin, which is a problem I have had with cheaper applicators.

      Because these foam applicators accrue some eye shadow residue, it's best to keep them apart from the rest of your makeup, or else everything ends up becoming grubby and covered in traces of eye shadow.

      Cosmopolitan Perfect Finish Eye Shadow Applicators can be bought online for approximately 3GBP for a pack of ten. I feel this is reasonable value, because they do last for a while. They're not my favourite applicators but until someone else comes up with a long-handled one, they're a decent alternative.


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  • Product Details

    Soft foam tips for super smooth application / These Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Perfect Finish Eye Shadow Applicators are the perfect tool for emphasising beautiful eyes / The soft texture of the tips ensures the ideal pick up and smoothest of applications / Cosmopolitan beauty team tips: 'Make your applicators last the distance by cleaning them monthly / Wash them in lukewarm water using your regular shampoo / Rinse well before drying off excess water with a towel or tissue and then leave to dry naturally / ' / Directions for use: Pick up eye shadow onto Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Perfect Finish Eye Shadow Applicator and tap away excess / Apply shadow over entire eyelid with gentle strokes / Pack of 10 Cosmopolitan Beauty Expert Perfect Finish Eye Shadow Applicators /

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