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Creative Nail Design Cuticle Eraser

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Brand: Creative Nail Design / Suitable for: Cuticles

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2008 15:09
      Very helpful



      A must have for people who suffer from hangnails

      Who Are Creative?

      Since 1979, Creative Nail Design have developed professional products and services for the beauty industry, concentrating mainly on products for hands, feet and nails. They are originally an American company, who are now just as popular all over the world, including the UK. They are one of the most popular and I must say the best brand of products for hands, feet and nails in the industury. If you go to salons quite regularly or are in the beauty industry, it is likely you will have heard or even used Creative Nail Design. I use their products for all things hands, feet and nails and will never use anything else as I know the standards of other products don't even come close.

      What is Creative Cuticle Eraser?

      Creative Cuticle Eraser is an alpha-hydroxy cuticle treatment, containing a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, these are also more commonly known as A.H.A.s. The A.H.A.s work by mirco-exfoliating the cuticles and conditioning the nail plate and the surrounding skin. Now this does sound scary, but A.H.A's are all natural ingredients and the blend in this product is made from sugar cane, fruits and milk, so the only problem I can see is if you don't like using products derived from animals.

      Use & Effects

      Creative Cuticle Eraser is used to help prevent cuticle build up, condition the skin and prevent hangnails. It can be used on fingernails and toenails and is also safe to use on acrylic nails as it doesn't contain any ingredients that could damage them. It is recommended for use daily, if you can but if you don't have time then several times a week will suffice. It can be applied day or night, but it is fantastic if you can apply it before you go to sleep every night as products work their best at this time. It can be used on both females and males, and you men should still make sure you care for your hands and nails just as much as females. It's so quick and won't make you any less of a man, as some of you think! Even if you don't have much time, a few applications are better than none. It is quick and easy to use. To apply, take off the lid and using the specially designed nozzle for precise application 'squirt' a small amount of the thick and creamy white cream along your cuticles, rub in and massage over your nail plate too. Remove any excess if desired. As well as applying this to your skin daily, every few days, or every week you should apply as stated above and leave on for several minutes then push your cuticles back. Applying this will loosen any dead or excess cuticle from the nail plate, allowing easy removal therefore preventing you from damaging your cuticles or nails. If there is any excess cuticle after pushing them back, then use some cuticle nippers to 'snip' the excess off. Now, this all may seem a bit daunting, but it really is quick and easy. Removing the excess cuticle allows your nail to grow and breathe healthily rather than having the dead cuticle pushing down on it and not allowing your nail to do this.

      It is soothing to your skin due to the content of Lactic acid,which is suitable for sensitive skin. It doesn't sting or irritate, it feels cool and refreshing on your skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky smooth to the touch afterwards. Your skin doesn't feel greasy or oily after use, as your skin absorbs the product quickly. You are able to use this on skin, so it doesn't matter if you get this on your skin but I wouldn't recommend using it for soley that purpose, you should use a special body exfoliator instead. Cuticle Eraser contains prune oil which has high moisturising content leaving your nails, cuticles and surrounding skin feels moisturised after use and do not feel tight. After continued use, your nailbed appears brighter, redder (meaning your nails are recieving more oxygen and nutrients from the blood supply), and will grow at a faster rate than they did before. It improves nail flexibility too, meaning your nails are less likely to break as they will be more supple and flexible. Cuticles are left in much better condition, with repeated use you will notice they don't require to be pushed back as much, and they will be smoother and less ragged and you will no longer get painful hangnails or peeling skin around the nails.

      My mum has always suffered from painful hangnails that bleed and make it difficult for her to do things with her hands as the hangnails are so painful. I started using this product on her nails, and after two weeks of daily use there was a big difference. Her fingers were no longer sore, or bleeding and were soft and supple - she could now do things that she couldn't before with her fingers without the worry of painful hangnails getting in the way and stopping her. There were only one of two hangnails remaining but they weren't bleeding or sore, and with continued use these dissappeared too, she now very rarely gets hangnails and this is all thanks to Creative Cuticle Eraser.

      You don't need to use much at all and you will get used to the correct amount in your first application. Due to only needing to use a small amount of the product, and even with daily use a 0.5oz tube of this will last you about 6 months. The nozzle doesn't get grubby and clogged up, neither does the lid as luckily the product doesn't squirt out on its own. The 14g tube is also small enough to carry around in your handbag for you to use on the go.

      Price & Availability

      Cuticle Eraser is available to purchase in two sizes 0.5 oz.(14 g)and 1.75 oz. (141 g). The 14g tube costs £8.95 and the 141g tube costs £18. The larger size is mainly for salon use, I use it in the salon I work in and I find the smaller one is more than enough. It may seem slightly expensive to pay, but as it has so many benefits and lasts so long, it is worth the investment.


      Creative Cuticle Eraser is the most intensive daily treatment available for dry rough cuticles and the prevention of hangnails. I would recommend this to both females and males. It is soothing and moisturising to your skin whilst ensuring they remain healthy and in tip top condition.


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