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Creative Nail Design Toughen Up

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Brand: Creative Nail Design / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2008 16:19
      Very helpful



      The best coat there is.

      Who Are Creative?

      Since 1979, CND has developed professional products and services for the beauty industury, concentrating on products for hands, feet and nails. They are originally an American company, who are now just as popular all over the world, including the UK. They are one of the most popular and I must say the best brand of products for hands, feet and nails in the industury. If you go to salons quite regularly or are in the beauty industury, it is likely you will have heard or even used Creative Nail Design. I use their products for all things hands, feet and nails and will never use anything else as I know the standards of other products don't even come close.

      About Creative Toughen Up

      Creative Toughen up is a natural nail strengthening base coat. It contains 2% DMU which strengthens and toughens the natural nail and also improves nail enamel wearability. It is fantastic for preventing natural nails from breaking and helps thin, weak nails and makes them tough. It boosts nail growth and its highly concentrated nail fortifier helps thicken the nail plate and corrects nail weakness. It hardens nails on the outside, makes the nails flexible on the inside. Increased flexibility stops nails from breaking so they bend instead.

      Who should it be used on?

      Toughen Up is designed to strengthen thin, weak nails but it can be used on any nails, whether they are thin or strong. It can also be used on both natural and acrylic nails and post acrylic nails. I use this on all my clients as I think it is the best basecoat there is. Toughen Up restores and rebuilds damaged nails from the foundations to the the surface. It is designed for use on brittle nails which are very hard, inflexible, may be curved, tend to shatter or break high on the nail. It is also recommended for nails that break easily which are thin, fragile, prone to splitting or breaking and need extra support to grow. It can be used on normal nails too.

      Use and Effects

      To apply you should start with a clean, dry nail (remove any dirt or previous nail varnish with an acetone free nail varnish remover), generously apply treatment basecoat using 8-10 strokes. If desired you can apply a colour ontop after you have left the basecoat to dry for several minutes. You must make sure you let the basecoat dry before you apply another layer otherwise the lower layer will not be able to dry and can even lead to fungal infections as you are giving it a nice warm damp atmosphere to live in. You should polish uner the tip of the nail and over the nail, sealing the edges. This encases the nail and protects it from breaking or chipping.

      It helps to protect your natural nails and provides a smooth protective canvas for nailvarnish to stick to. Ontop of applying your colour, you should also apply a top coat, but you can use Toughen Up if you do not have one, I find it does also work well as this, as it protects the colour and prevents chipping, while maintaining a healthy shine to your nails. If you don't want to paint your nails a colour, you can just apply Creative Toughen Up on it's own, especially if your nails are really suffering I would recommend this, as they can still breathe with the basecoat on, but not with coloured nailvarnishes.

      Creative Toughen Up dries very quickly, in about 60 seconds. You must wait till it is dry before you apply another coat on either this or a colour, as each layer needs to dry fully otherwise your varnish will smudge and as stated above can lead to fungal infections. You can apply two coats of this for more effective results and to make sure you don't miss anything out. The only flaw with this basecoat, is that if you begin applying more than 2 layers of this ontop of each other, your nail doesn't like it and it does start to peel at the edges, so I would recommend when you are touching it up, to remove it with an acetone free nailvarnish remover and starting again, this doesn't take long though, so is not a problem. I also find it works and sticks alot better to natural nails rather than acrylic nails.

      Toughen Up paints on smoothy and isn't goopey or sticky. When applying just to your bare nails, it dries fairly matt with a faint shine, meaning you can use it on males too as it is not obvious. I use it on my boyfriends nails, to keep them healthy. When applyed over nailvarnish it produces a lovely shine. It is recommended that you clean the bottle neck with nail varnish remover regularly to avoid build up and the bottle lid sticking to the bottle. The nail varnish is easy to use, which a good sized brush. The varnish doesn't turn gloopy or clog up the brush. If the varnish starts to get thick, put a drop of nail varnish thinner in and shake well. To prevent this keep nail varnishes out of direct sunlight or warm areas.

      A 15ml bottle will last you about 8 months, if used quite regularly, so this really does last quite a long time. I purchase a large one every few months, when used at least ten times a day for 6 days of the week, so again, even that lasts a long time.

      Price & Availability

      You can purchase Creative Toughen Up in two sizes. 15ml which costs £10.95 and 68ml which costs £23.49. The smaller one is the retail size, a normal nailvarnish size and the larger one is the trade size. I would recommend purchasing the 15ml one, as that is plently unless you will be using this one many clients many times a day. You can purchase it from various beauty websites and from any salon using Creative products but unfortunately unless you are in the trade and have an account with Creative, you can't buy it directly from them.


      I would recommend this to anyone with weak and thin nails, as this really does help them, and I would also recommend it as a great basecoat for any nails. Although it is quite expensive, it lasts a long time and is worth it and your nails will thank you.


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