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Cynthia Rowley Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick

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Brand: Avon / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Enriches,

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2009 14:43
      Very helpful



      This lipstick is good but the tube's design is not cool.

      My Avon representative told me that there are Cynthia Rowley Collection items on sale offered by Avon. I ordered some items and one of those was this Cynthia Rowley for Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick which was originally priced at £6 but was on sale for £2.50.


      Cynthia Rowley for Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick comes in a tube that bulges in the center. The top part of the tube which serves as the cover has a purplish-pink colour. The cover has the print 'Cynthia Rowley for Avon' in black along with flower petal prints. The print seems to be a handwriting of a kindergarten pupil.

      The black bottom part of the tube is the lipstick holder. Just like other lipstick tubes, a clockwise twist pops the lipstick out and a counterclockwise twist hides it.


      Cynthia Rowley for Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick has vitamin E and Jojoba that hydrate the lips. It has gorgeous colour that gives a voluptuous look to lips with a satin-finish.


      I got the 'Rose Petals' shade. The colour is lighter than what appears in the catalogue but I was expecting that. True to its name, this lipstick is very rich in colour. Just a single application gives full coverage on my lips which is equivalent to two coats when compared to other more expensive lipsticks.


      This lipstick doesn't feel sticky on my lips and it is non-greasy.
      It is fragrance-free so those who are too picky on smell like me don't really have to worry on buying this one. I usually throw away lipsticks due to their scent. Some smell like skin-burn ointment and some are just too fruity which remind me of kids' aspirin syrup. But with this lipstick, I haven't gone wrong with the scent.

      Glossy and full lips are sexy. This lipstick makes my lips look voluptuous and pouting with luster.


      Well, Cynthia Rowley for Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick doesn't really stay that long on my lips. I have to retouch after 3 hours. My 'Rose Petals' shade would look like a very pale pink colour after about 3 hours.


      This lipstick is designed by a renowned American fashion designer and a style icon herself, Cynthia Rowley. I used classic Ultra Color Rich lipstick in the past with its plain black tube and the former packaging looked classy though simple. With this new designer-collection packaging, Cynthia Rowley seemed to convert the packaging into a kiddie lipstick with its kindergarten-like prints.

      Although I love the richness of this lipstick's colour, I don't think I will do a lipstick retouch in a public ladies' room. It will be awkward for me to be seen using a teeny-like lipstick at my age. I'm quite certain that Avon Color Rich lipstick doesn't belong to Avon catalouge's teens' page so this designer-collection packaging quite frustrates me.


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        29.04.2009 19:32
        Very helpful
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        A nice lipstick from Avon.

        When my sister brought me my latest Avon order she had popped a few extra bits and pieces into the bag, as a longstanding representative she gets lots of freebies which she is happy to pass on to her best customers - and her sister, of course!

        One of the items was an Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick designed by Cynthia Rowley, she knows I am not one for wearing make-up but will occasionally put some on for a special occasion and she said she'd thought of me when she saw the pinky Plum Orchid shade that Avon had sent to her.

        The packaging is lovely, I've used the Colour Rich lipsticks in the past and am not sure whether this is just one of those in a Cynthia Rowley designed tube or whether she actually had a hand in developing the shade and/or formula. The tube is black at the bottom with the long lid being a lovely pale pink and decorated with small black flowers, it's certainly more attractive than the plain black tube this lipstick usually comes in.

        The colour is very nice indeed, it looked to be rather too dark in the tube for my liking but after application I was pleased with the mildly shiny pink colour. I have a fairly ruddy complexion which is paler than I'd like and I found this lipstick gave me a little colour without making me look like mutton dressed as lamb, you have to be so careful at my age as what you think looks nice in the mirror can easily make you look as though you've raided a clowns make-up box. Happily this lipstick is pale enough to suit my overall colouring, yet contains enough colour to brighten my lips and make them appear a little fuller.

        It has a normal lipstick texture, frankly I don't know enough about lipstick in general to be able to give you a full run down of the greasiness/non-greasiness of it but it applied smoothly and I noticed it didn't bleed into the small wrinkles around my mouth as some slippier lipsticks do. I'd say it's a great texture, the lipstick didn't drag across my lips and it covered the area with colour with just one application.

        I applied my lipstick at around 1pm and removed it before I went to bed at around midnight, there was still a little colour on my lips which I was surprised about as I had been eating and drinking during this time. I remember looking at my lipstick after a few hours and being impressed by how much colour was still there as this is not marketed as a long lasting lipstick as far as I am aware. The depth of colour was also still apparent which again was surprising as Avon lipsticks are, in my opinion, notoriously one dimensional in shade.

        I am impressed with this lipstick and will keep this one to use whenever I need to apply some for a night out or party, it's probably not special enough for many people and I'd suggest this particular shade is more suitable for older ladies than the funky packaging would lead you to believe. It usually costs £6 which to me is a huge amount of money for a lipstick, but my daughter assures me this is a reasonable price for this kind of lipstick so I shall just have to take her word for it!


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