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Dainty Doll Eyeshadow

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    3 Reviews
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      22.07.2015 21:55
      Very helpful


      • "They blend easily"
      • "Good quality"
      • "Long lasting"


      • None

      A gorgeous range of eye shadows from Nicola Roberts!

      I was born on the same day in the same year as Nicola Roberts and I also have the same hair colour as hers! Yep, I am naturally a redhead too! I colour my hair dark but I have the naturally pale skin that comes with having naturally red hair. I was pleased to hear that Nicola was to release a range of make up for pale skin tones. I was excited to try it and bought two of the eye shadows in the range, one pink and one purple. I bought them online.

      The eye shadows are nicely presented in small round black compacts with a lift up lid. The eye shadow is highly pigmented and the colour is bold and beautiful. You can either use one shade or mix two shades together to create a two tone look. The shades blend beautifully, whether you stick to just the one colour or by mixing them. I always use a primer before applying eye shadow and luckily this eye shadow blends well over any brand of primer. It doesn't crease, fade or flake off - even as the hours pass by.

      The colour is outstanding, especially the brighter shades. The colour goes well with my pale skin. Instead of drowning out my skin even further these eye shadows manage to compliment my pale skin. I feel much more confident wearing this range of eye shadows.

      As the colour is highly pigmented it lasts all day. I usually apply my make up early on in the day as I start work early. I have noticed that these eye shadows stay put throughout the day. Having said that they are easily removed at the end of the day with a simple make up remover or a facial wipe.

      These eye shadows have never irritated my eyes and I suffer from mild sensitive skin.

      A nice range of eye shadows from my second favourite member of Girls Aloud! Kimberley is my favourite...


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      20.11.2013 12:20
      Very helpful



      Hard wearing and beautiful quality well done to Miss Roberts once again!

      Before I get stuck into writing this review I would like to point out that by no means did I buy this cos its designed, produced or whatever by Nicola Roberts (of Girl Aloud). At 39 years old I appreciate good quality make up and feel that I need it and in no way am I impressed by z lister celebs selling their wares to make extra cash. I stick to a simple philosophy. A singer is a singer and an actor is an actor, sometimes you get multi tasking celebrities but I don't think that just someone can sing that they know all there is to know about make up and usually the prices are far too high and all!

      However. This of course isn't a hard and fast rule. Victoria Beckham makes some lovely perfumes (in my opinion), Kelly Brooke does nice underwear and so on!

      This range of course is as I have touched on the brain child of Nicola Roberts. You know the woman? Pale, ginger hair and got a lot of stick when in Girls Aloud? I remember the range of make up hitting Boots and their high prices and then one minute it was stocked and next it wasn't and me I never indulged in it cos the prices were higher than the Max Factor make up I adore and so I stuck hard and fast to what I knew!

      However I stumbled across thia range recently. I was, at the time looking for a red lipstick and having really pale skin (and red hair!) I spotted a lovely shade from this range (Saucy Sailor) only costing a couple of quid and when I used it I was delighted with it and have gone on to order and now own alot of Miss Roberts wonderful offerings from this range, its fair to say actually I am now a bit of addict. Yep you read that right this is a range that I simply adore.

      The idea behind the range is quite simple. Its designed with us pale skins in mind. You'd think then that the range would be all light shades but no there's a lot of colour in the range all infused with skin loving ingredients and all are light reflecting. Now I can wear bright red lipstick without looking like a clown and you should see this gorgeous electric blue eyeshadow on my peepers! This range has changed my look entirely and got me confident to try make up shades I wouldn't normally!

      The Packaging:

      Like all of the make up products from this range this comes beautifully packaged. The compact comes in a little black, square box and on the front of it there is a cartoon picture shown of a thin ginger haired woman and we are clearly told in gold writing that it is Dainty Doll, Nicola Roberts and then on the back of the box other information listed includes being told a a bit about the product, the ingredients used, the size is stated (which is 18g) and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given. The compact is round and black plastic with being told on the top of it that it indeed a Dainty Doll, Nicola Roberts product and it flips open and close with ease. There is no mirror or applicator provided which I think is a good thing as I don't need to apply this on the go anyway and I'd rather not have a mirror and/or applicator anyway and just have the actual eyeshadow!

      The Eyeshadow Itself:

      There are eight current shades to chose from and I opted for an electric blue shade on impulse called Copacabana and when it came I was really delighted with it. The colour is really bright blue and really saturated and infused with colour, I was slightly worried at first about applying it due to the real rich blue shade that it is but whats wonderful about this eyeshadow is that you can sweep just a small amount on your eyelids or build the colour up the max....your in control with this one!

      So the eyeshadow is a powder, silky smooth to the touch, no real scent to it and you can either use an eyeshadow base or not. I find this so easy to apply and that its so hardwearing that I don't bother faffing about with a base and use a primer under my foundation anyway.

      It applies silky and not one bit patchy or blotchy. I did think that being a fine powder that it may send its dust all over my face but it certainly doesn't do that at all and it clings to my make up brushes perfectly. Its infused with Vitamin A and E which is said to help ease the appearance of lines and wrinkles and I do think it does that. It certainly doesn't sit in any creases I have around my eyes and once on it doesn't smudge or fade or anything adverse at all and stays put all day (or night!) long.

      To say I am pleased with this eyeshadow is a massive understatement. Using this very often indeed now and getting quite creative with it I did think this would make a huge dent as to how much was left in the compact but it really hasn't a such a small amount of it goes such a long way!

      So I hope I have managed to convey to you what a superb little buy this is! I think its suitable for any woman of any age and although aimed at paled skinned women I think anyone could use this cos you can build the colour up to how you want it anyway. I think alot of older women could be put off purchasing this because of the name of the company, Nicola Roberts begin involved with it and it not being readily available on the high street but seriously ladies this is a superb line of hard working make up products oozing with good quality and very easy to purchase online (there is a website too Daintydoll.com).

      The RRP of these single eyeshadows is £11.50 though Google online for a list of stockists and the best prices I have found to buy these is on Amazon where my colour cost me just £2.35, NEW!


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        03.05.2013 17:15
        Very helpful



        Nice product, I use it every day

        I have been more than intrigued about the direction Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame has taken in creating her own make up range known as "Dainty Doll" so was thrilled when I got the chance to try some of the make up in this line.

        Purchase decision
        I chose an eyeshadow base in the shade 001 which is described as "Frankie Girl beige" as the neutral base in my eyeshadow palette that I use every day is all but gone and whilst I like a bit of colour on my eyes, I do like to start with a plain base to brighten up the skin there, highlight the brow bone and give a base before I apply colour. This product fulfilled all the above and more.

        The eyeshadow compact is a black plastic round container with a clickable lid. I have to be honest and say it doesn't feel very premium. Inside the lid it looks like there should be a mirror in there but there isn't. I don't mind this as I probably wouldn't use it anyway but there is a shiny spot that looks like glue might have been there. The product also comes boxed in cardboard with a red headed cartoon lady wearing fishnets and red shoes (!).

        The claim
        The product is a colour correcting base for longer lasting crease proof eyeshadow wear. It can be worn with make up or without for natural but fresh wide awake eyes. Contains rice bran wax to condition and protect, shea butter helps protect and restore, beeswax, vitamins A and E rich in antioxidants and vitamin c to help reverse wrinkles and age spots. Help your shadow go a long way. The product is not tested on animals and is made in the UK yet packed in China (what a footprint eh!).

        In use
        I find a tiny amount covers a large amount of skin and it goes on a different colour to how it looks in the compact (which is a bit yellowy). On skin it is more of a white shade and this needs to be blended carefully unless you want to look a bit ghostly! On its own I think it looks a bit strange on me but it works well as a base and definitely helps colours cling to your eye lids without creasing for a longer time.

        My thoughts
        I like the concept of this eye base and must admit that I bought it blindly as it was sealed in a packet so I just went by the name trusting it would be a shade I could use. I wasn't spending a lot so it was a small gamble. I definitely like the way it helps eye make up to last and you do use less I think as well which is good if you are using premium and costly brands. I think my pot will be lasting an amazingly long time based on the amount I have used so far and I have used it lots of times and you can't even tell. This product may only be suited to lighter skin tones as it is quite chalky in consistency although it is quite creamy in texture when you rub your finger on the top. I haven't used brushes to apply this, just fingertips as I find it easier to blend this way but I think you could achieve a different look using brush or sponge applicators.

        I think I stumbled on a real bargain here as I bought it in Poundworld and I was spoilt for choice with other colours and items from the range. I will definitely go and have another look now I have tried this one as I think they are nice quality items and definitely worth this level of spend!

        Final word
        I think this is one of those products that once you start using, you get quite hooked on it as it is a great multi tasking eye product which is also helping to protect and nourish the skin around your eye. I have had no problems in removing this make up at the end of the day as well. I am not a red head but will definitely be revisiting the Dainty Doll range of make up. I think this definitely compares to the quality and performance of Benefit make up so am happy to recommend it to others looking for an eye base that doubles as a highlighter.


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    • Product Details

      Nicola Roberts's handpicked selection of new Dainty Doll Eyeshadows have already been dubbed as a 'makeup artist favourite' as these heavily-pigmented pots of colour have been created in hues to flatter and intensify every eye colour / Dainty Doll Eyeshadows are perfect for smooth application, a long-lasting finish and contain Vitamin A and E to soothe tired eyes / Dainty Doll Eyeshadows contain skin-loving ingredients vitamin A, E and C to limit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles /

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