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Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick

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Brand: Diego Dalla Palma / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2012 14:26
      Very helpful



      An average lipstick at an above average price.

      For my birthday this year a friend bought me a few make-up items from the Diego Dalla Palma range, having never heard of the brand before I was quite unsure what to expect from such items but was keen to give them a try. One of the items I received was a lipstick, Diego Dalla Palmer do a number of different lipstick ranges and the one I have is from the 'The Lipstick' range.

      The lipstick comes in a decent seventeen different colours ranging from bright, statement pinks, reds and purples to more neutral and subtle nude colours which mean there is a probably a shade here for everybody. It isn't cheap though, I can only find this lipstick available in Marks and Spencers and Debenhams costing £14 in both. I have shade 200 which is the deep red colour shown in the picture displayed here by Dooyoo.
      The lipstick is housed in a white plastic casing which just has 'Diego Dalla Palma' written in black along the side with a black ring showing where the lid separates from the bottom. To be completely honest I do think the mainly white casing looks like a little bit tacky but it is the product that counts and I could ignore that as long as the lipstick was decent. Pulling off the lid reveals the lipstick in all its glory and, as you'd expect, the bottom part twists to enable more or less of the lipstick to be revealed.

      I'm not too keen on the shape of the actual lipstick. It has that usual slant to it which is very steep and comes to a very sharp point. The flat surface which is available to apply the lipstick directly is quite a narrow but rather long tear drop shape and I do find it difficult to apply the lipstick directly without getting it everywhere and as a result have been using this with a lip brush, it's much easier!

      The lipstick does glide onto the lips with relative ease however does feel a little waxy. This lipstick is described as being a moisturising one and I would completely disagree with that and actually I find it to be quite drying which leaves me licking my lips constantly just to give them a bit of moisture. Another claim this lipstick makes is that is anti-aging. I've not come across an anti-aging lipstick before and at twenty I'm not entirely sure that I need one nor am I convinced that it actually is. However I will be fair to it and at least say my lips already look young enough for me not to be able to see any results in this department so I can't make a fair assessment on that claim.

      The colour result is lovely though. After applying this I am left with lovely deep red lips and the product leaves a matte look which lip gloss can easily be applied over if a shinier look is desired. The colour does fade very quickly though and that deep red becomes a much brighter red in about an hour. Fortunately, the faded colour is also quite nice and one I am happy to wear but if you were looking specifically for a dark red colour then this would obviously lead to disappointment. Once the colour has reached its faded shade though it does last for a good three or four hours despite the amount of licking of the lips I do when I wear this! This does leave me a little undecided about how to rate its staying power. The lipstick does remain bright, bold and vivid for a very decent amount of time but at the same time it has still faded very quickly so I'm unsure what to make of that! Fortunately for me, I do prefer the brighter colour which comes from the initial darker red shade so I don't see as too much of a problem but obviously, others will.

      All in all I really am quite unsure what to make of this one despite having worn it a good ten times now. If you're willing to pay £14 for a lipstick I do think there are much better out there. Having said that this one isn't completely terrible. The initial shade has turned out to be false but I guess I've been lucky in that the 'true' shade is also one I quite like and once it is on it does stay on much longer than most regular lipsticks I have tried. But it does leave my lips feeling rather waxy and dry too and whilst a little bit of lip balm does help this an awful lot and I really feel a lipstick in this price range shouldn't require that at all. If it were a tenner cheaper then my overall opinion would be mostly positive, I do think it's very expensive for the quality though.


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