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Dior Shimmer Powder

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Brand: Dior / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Powder

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2010 15:12
      Very helpful



      A lovely highlighter for those who don't like glitter

      A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review on Guerlain meteorites and mentioned a product from Dior (rose diamond shimmer powder) which I'd used before purchasing meteorites. Writing a review on Guerlains highlighter reminded me how much I'd enjoyed using Diors shimmer powder so I started searching around online to see if I could find a site that stocked the limited edition product. I was quite surprised to see that quite a few sites were offering it including Boots and the powder was also available on Diors website. I'm almost certain that the product was Limited edition when it was released around two years ago so I'm assuming that it proved to be quite popular and was made part of the permanent collection. After finding out that I could still get my hands on the pearly pink highlighter I headed off to my local counter to pick one up.

      What is Diorskin powder shimmer?

      Powder shimmer is a brightening and highlighting pressed powder that is designed to add a subtle sheen to skin. There are two shades available in the range, Rose diamond 001 and Amber diamond 002, both of which do the same thing but give a slightly different effect.

      Rose diamond contains five different shades of powder, a white, a very pale pink, two slightly bronzey pinks and a brighter pink on the end. These add really delicate highlights to the skin and leave a translucent glow on the areas the product is applied

      Amber diamond contains five colours, a pink, two slightly different golds, a bronze and a deeper brown. The earthy tones brighten and leave skin with a tanned, healthy glow.

      The two powders also have a diamond design etched in to the surface and the Dior logo which makes them very pretty to look at and they are oil free and suitable for all skin types.

      Price and availability

      Both powders are currently available on the Boots website where they are priced at £31.50 for 10g of product and also from House of Fraser where they are priced at £28.35 in the sale. There is a note on the product page on House of Fraser stating that only three are left in stock so it might be best to order soon if you decide you want to purchase one at the reduced price. The powder is also available through various other sites online where they seem to vary quite a lot in price and occasionally on e-bay. I would imagine you would also be able to find the powders at your local Dior counter which is where I purchased mine (Boots).


      I own both shades of the powder and both are housed in exactly the same dark blue glossy compacts. The compacts are rectangular in shape and have a silver Dior logo stamped in to the top along with the letters CD which are let in to the blue plastic and can only be seen when the compact catches the light. The back contains a small sticker with the product shade, size, where it's made (Italy) and a product code. The compact is opened by pressing a little concealed button which is situated on the front edge and inside is the pressed powder and a large mirror. The products also originally came with a Christian Dior box, instruction leaflet and a navy, velvet pouch which seems a little bit pointless and is something I haven't used. I imagine the pouch might be quite useful if you're taking the compact travelling and are worried about it getting damaged.

      Dior is one of my favourite brands where packaging is concerned. The navy compacts are sleek and simple and feel heavy and well made and I love the fact that Dior haven't tried to make room for a brush inside it. I have noticed a lot of brands try to do this which results in less room for actual product and the brushes are often too small to apply blush or powder properly anyway. I also like the fact that the mirror is large enough to use with ease and that the shiny plastic never seems to become scuffed or scratched no matter how much it's thrown around in my make up bag.

      How to use

      The shades in either compact can be used individually with small brushes or fingers or swirled together and mixed before you apply to skin. I have used the shades in Amber diamond in this way as eye shadow before and found the bronzes and browns worked quite well. Used this way on their own they create a really sheer wash of colour and used over the top of other shadows they create a shimmery finish. I have also used the white from Rose diamond to highlight inner corners of eyes and brow bones but haven't found any of the pinks particularly useful as eye shadows although they do make a nice highlighter when applied to your cupids bow.

      When I use the powder as a highlighter I use a soft fluffy brush to sweep across the top of the five complementary shades and when I've picked up a suitable amount I apply to all the areas I would normally add highlights to such as, cheek bones, nose and chin. The powder is very fine and whatever brush I use grabs enough product without too much sweeping or effort and also without too much fallout or a cloud of product filling the air. The colours blend together on my brush but don't seem to mix too much in the pan which is great as the individual shades stay in their own little blocks or lines and the product stays prettier for longer. The etched diamond design really is a thing of beauty and the fact that this remains on top of the powder until it really does start to get low and run out is excellent.

      Both shades are quite sheer when applied normally but I've found both can be applied with a heavier hand to add more colour instead of just glowiness. Amber diamond definitely works better for this and when more product is used it can be built up and makes a really nice bronzer. Rose can be used in the same way and makes a lovely fresh pink blush and also works well over the top of matte blush when you want to brighten up a cheek colour.


      What I'm left with after I apply Rose diamond is slightly shimmery, glowy, glitter free skin. The pink tones in the powder add just a subtle hint of very pale pink almost translucent colour that looks incredibly natural. The shimmer is noticeable but only up close and from a distance my skin just looks healthy and slightly flushed. Amber is a shade I use more often in the summer when I want more of a bronze glow on my pale skin. I get the same glowy effect but instead of the translucent pink that I get with rose I get a shimmery bronzey finish with subtle copper tones.

      Both powders give a really beautiful finish and have enough shimmer to illuminate skin without making your face look like a disco ball. The pearlescent particles also manage to reflect light without emphasising pores or flaws which I normally have problems with.

      Lasting powder

      Lasting power is excellent. When I apply over the top of my normal foundation and loose powder the product stays put until I take my make up off at the end of the day. I get slightly less wear when I apply on bare skin or straight on to foundation but I find this is the case with almost all highlighters and blushers on my oily skin. The 10g of powder you get in a compact I think is actually a really generous amount and I got a good year and a half of daily use out of my original rose compact before I needed to replace it. I know the product is pretty expensive but considering it's a multi use product and most blushers from higher end brands cost at least £15.00 for less than 10g of powder it's really not a bad price.

      Would I recommend?

      Yes I would. I mentioned in my meteorites review that the balls were a decent substitute for rose diamond powder but not quite as nice and after using rose diamond again I have decided that I really do prefer Diors powder. Meteorites are more of an all over face powder and give me a much more subtle effect than Diamond powders do. I also feel that I get a much better glow out of the shimmer powders and although Guerlains packaging is very pretty, the fact that Diors comes in a pressed compact makes it much easier to use and more travel friendly.

      If you like to add a glow after applying foundation or even on bare skin I highly recommend giving Dior diamond shimmer powder a go and as I mentioned above Rose works as a really beautiful blush too. I'm really glad that the product has been added as a permanent product and as long as Dior continue to make it, I'll continue to purchase.

      5 out of 5 stars from me


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        29.06.2010 21:41
        Very helpful



        Good quality bronzer which is what you would expect from Dior!

        For some reason or another I had a bit of an addiction to Christian Dior so when my usual Bodyshop shimmer run out, I decided to opt for a CD replacement.

        At a price of £38.00 compared to my Bodyshop £14.00 it is very expensive but at the end of the day its Dior!

        The product itself comes in a box which when you open it, there is a black velvet type pouch which then contains the shimmer powder compact. The compact itself has Dior written in it in silver on the front and when you tip the compact you can see a hologram of CD underneath the Dior sign (this is why you pay the extra!)

        Its easy enough to open as there is a 'button' at the front which you press in and it releases the lid which you then open... Inside the lid is a mirror and in the base is the shimmer powder... There is no powder brush with this product though, which I must admit is now becoming a regular thing with Dior products much to my annoyance...

        There are two colours to choose from: Rose Diamond which as the name suggests has pinks/mauves/pearl/plum/soft pink and Amber Diamond whch has ivory/champagne/tan/bronze/peach. I have the Amber colour..

        The colour palette starts off pale on the left and then gets darker as it goes across to the right... The product is essentially a pressed powder which is enriched with Jeweled Microdust (hence the name) There are five tones within each colour palette which highlight your complexion.

        As for application, it depends what you use it for.

        The best thing about this product is how versatile it is... you can use it as an all over bronzer on your face or on your chest or decolletage... you can also use one or several of the colours as eyeshadow, blusher or highlighter. Having said that it does shimmer well so I wouldn't use it for daytime myself unless it was subtly used on my eyes or cheeks...

        I've had my palette for just over a year now (I think!) and there is still alot left..Admittedly I don't use it all the time but it did get alot of use last summer so I've been really pleased with how little you seem to use. I also find that it does last all night once applied on your face although it doesn't last as long on my eyes..

        Is it worth the price? Well...it looks lovely in my make up case and it does do what its supposed to...so if your a slave to labels I would say yes but I must admit my Bodyshop alternative did hold its own so maybe in this economic climate I'll go back to my cheaper version when I run out..


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